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Darwin stringybark or messmate, Eucalyptus tetrodonta

adhar (uk -)
athar (ug -)
odndol (uk -/ug -)
ponthe (yuku -)
in Uw Oykangand
in Uw Olkola
in Uw Ilbmbanhdhiy
in Pakanh

Darwin stringybark, Eucalyptus tetrodonta

The Darwin stringybark, Eucalyptus tetrodonta (family Myrtaceae), is an abundant eucalypt in central Cape York Peninsula. Stringybark woodland (woodland dominated by the stringybark trees) cover 37% of the total area of the Peninsula.

This tall, erect tree stands 10 to 30 meters tall. As indicated by its name, the bark of this tree is stringy, rough and fibrous.

The bark of this tree are put to a wide variety of uses. The bark is used for making a messmate bark humpy, a type of shelter. The bark, and the shelter itself, is called uk algnggar.

The wood of this tree is used to make spears, woomeras, yamsticks, etc.

The bark from this tree is used to make a bark dish.

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