Antique Reproduction Dolls by Patricia Loveless

This started out as a generic reproduction doll page, but it's turned into a Patricia Loveless Fan Club page!! If you find you're a fan like me, please sign my BRAND NEW "Dolls by Loveless" Guestbook below! Her mastery of the reproduction doll is unsurpassed and I'm really enjoying collecting her dolls. To understand part of my passion for this particular type of doll, you need to understand that I live in an old two-story house with beautiful architectural detail that cries out for these dolls. I have always loved dolls and I've always loved old-fashioned things, but I think my home is what has started pulling me to the actual antique reproductions as opposed to just dolls dressed in pretty, old-fashioned outfits (which I also have a lot of!) If you're the proud owner of a Loveless doll not yet featured here, please submit a picture and description for inclusion in this overall look at the work of a true artist!

About the Artist

Patricia Loveless Patricia Loveless is a naturally gifted doll artist who has specialized in antique doll reproductions and unique "old fashioned" doll designs since 1982. Her dolls have been shown and widely appreciated and demanded. All costumes are designed by Patricia and are exquisite works which convey the most desirable features demanded by doll collectors. She has a depth of appreciation and understanding of the original antique dolls that she communicates in her reproductions through her desire to accurately bring these dolls back to life for the modern collector.

New!! Collette
on the Home Shopping Internet Site

Collette is a Bru 15 reproduction which is one of the largest Bru molds. She is wearing an historical 1887 costume in a lovely pale pink with taupe re-embroidered lace overlay. The bodice of her gown is decorated with silk flowers, rosettes, and pink ribbon. She has on an ivory dress skirt and pantaloons with ivory ribbon and taupe lace trim as well as ivory lace stockings and pink leather boots. She holds an ecru colored embroidered bag with lace trim and a faux pearl handle. Collette has brown eyes and curly auburn hair with bangs adorned with a matching pale pink hat with taupe re-embroidered lace overlay, silk flowers, white feathers, and pink ribbon. I guess I'd better start saving my pennies again!!


The latter part of the 19th century was an exciting time in European doll making history. One of the best known and most sought after French dolls is the Bru. The Bru Jne. & Cie. doll company was founded by Leon Casimer Bru in 1866. The Bru was produced until 1899 when many of the existing French doll companies merged to form SFBJ. The Bru doll has a round face and full brows. Her lashes are delicate strokes, and her eyes are glass paperweight. Leon Casimir Bru was among the most talented of the French doll makers, and his classic Bru Jeune dolls remain among the most desirable antique dolls of today. The subtle, blushed tinting of the bisque, the light brushstroked eyebrows and eyelashes and the slight parting of the lips are all hallmarks of a Bru Jeune. Often abbreviated as Bru Jne, the molds were numbered according to head size, hence the mold names Bru Jne 11, 13, 15, etc. Perhaps it is the quiet and contemplative looks of these bebes, perhaps it is the combination of the chubby cheeks with the large eyes . . . whatever the hidden quality is, you will find yourself drawn to spend time gazing at the wonderful faces Monsier Bru has left as his legacy to the doll world. Other reproduction Brus include the Circle Dot Bru (named from the original mold markings which were a circle with a dot in the center) and Smiling Bru -- each representing different molds (and doll types) made famous by this manufacturer.

Ambrosia is a reproduction of the Bru Jne 11 face. My doll is #612/2000. I recently purchased two of my dolls from a site I stumbled across on the internet when I was doing a search for Patricia Loveless since she's made quite a specialty of these dolls. I discovered I bought Ambrosia from

Bethany (with a Bru Jne 6 Face) is absolutely breath-taking. Her big blue eyes, blond hair and custom-designed outfit set her off as a doll to be noticed! My doll is #470/2000. She was also purchased from at I was a little skeptical about buying anything from an individual off of the internet like this (I've heard all the horror stories!), but Holly was helpful beyond words and the dolls arrived looking even more beautiful than the pictures.

Camille is a reproduction Bru Jne 13 and is another of the small dolls. She has on a specially designed dress of pink taffeta trimmed in yards of an exclusive reproduction antique lace pattern. Pearls and satin roses are utilized to create an image of elegance which characterized the period dolls. The outfit is complimented by the finishing touches of the matching hat and custom designed slippers of lace and pearls and matching satin rosettes. I bought Camile from antiquesgc on eBay. Camile is #293/1500.

Christienne is a reproduction of the Bru Jne 11 face and is another magnificent example of Patricia Loveless' art. She is 26" tall with long blonde hair and violet eyes. Her outfit is wonderful--the dress is of cotton faille, black, purple and magenta stripes with gold accents. The bodice is adorned with hand sewn beads, and the matching hat has wonderful black feathers and gold rosettes encircling her face. And she has matching gold shoes! I bought Christienne from magicjoann on eBay. My doll is #19/2000.

Desiree is one of the "Portraits from a Golden Age Series" dolls. With green eyes and brown hair, her face is set off to perfection. Desiree's costume is a breathtaking ensemble in mauve and black. The mauve dress is lavishly trimmed with several different black laces and black sequins. The black ribbon sash sports a mauve fabric rosette. The heart-shaped hat is spectacular with the ruffles, rosettes and feathers. Being a stickler for detail, Pat has carried the color theme into the "undies" as well with the colors reversed -- black with mauve trims! Another eBay find, Desiree was purchased from onlyhuman and is #340/2000.

Dominique is a reproduction of the classic original antique porcelain doll, Bru Jne 13. She is dressed in a beautiful example of the classic early French original costume styles with fully coordinated accessories. Her ensemble is composed of an ivory lace dress and a maroon jacket with elaborate lapels which are accented in ivory lace. Her outfit is trimmed with laces, and about one hundred hand sewn decorative bows. The dress design is highlighted by a beautiful gathered front panel with chemise and pantaloons trimmed in ivory lace. Dominique's dress is complimented by elaborately decorated shoes and hat. Each is specially designed to match the coloring of the dress to achieve an overall look of perfection. Dominique is truly amazing because of the presence of so much detail in such a small doll. I bought Dominique from lindajea7241007 on eBay. My doll is #756/2000.

Victorian Romance has been described as Patricia Loveless' signature piece and it is easy to see why. I purchased her from britusa*. My doll is #362/2000.

Dolls of color are very rare in the antique doll market. Casis by Patricia Loveless is the beautiful reproduction of just such a hard-to-find doll -- she is an African American (26" tall) with lovely grey eyes and long dark hair. She has an open/shut mouth with two teeth and pierced ears. Her costume is reminiscent of the late 1800s and is a very bold, basically monochromatic maroon silk trimmed with lots of white Victorian-type lace. The satin has been overlayed with dyed-to-match velour and lace accent creating an amazing texture composition. The dress features French pleating for the skirt and "leg o' mutton" sleeves which are again trimmed in lace and velour. Underneath it all, she wears a full cotton and lace slip with matching pantaloons and cream lace tights. Her bonnet tops off the ensemble while her feet are encased in lace stockings and little French leather shoes (brown). In addition, Casis carries her marvelous lace parasol so she's ready for rain or shine! (It really opens!!)

Margaret by Patricia Loveless (20" tall) is a reproduction of a Circle Dot Bru. She is wearing an intricate costume featuring an ecru dress with lace overlay and rich royal blue at the collar and pleated skirt. Her matching royal blue jacket is trimmed with cording, ribbon, and lace. She also has on a shimmery gold slip with lace trim, tan knit socks, and tan shoes with silver tone buckles. Margaret completes her ensemble with a gold tone beaded necklace and earring set along with a coordinating royal blue hat adorned with feathers, flowers, ribbon, and lace. She has bold blue eyes and shoulder length curly brown hair. The bright blue and contrasting cream in her costuming make a strong fashion statement calling attention to yet another beautiful doll. All I can say is that the pictures do not do this doll justice -- but then that's true of all the dolls!! My doll is #127/2000.

Smiling Bru by Patricia Loveless is a totally different mold from the Bru Jeunes which are so popular. This is a "lady" doll as opposed to the "child" face. The face and body are both different in this doll. This is the type of doll French dressmakers would use as a mannequin to model their designs so clients could see the finished product before ordering a dress. Smiling Bru's dress is befitting that role as it represents the height of 1880s fashion. The dress is a deep burgundy silk overlaid with black netting to deepen the color. The bodice is trimmed with black lace and rows of a beaded braid work with two dusty rose fabric rosettes on either side. The leg-o-mutton sleeves are made with the same fabric combination for the full part at the top, but the tight-fitting part of the sleeve is black satin. The waist features a braid medalion and the front skirt is trimmed with more of the beaded braid work, rosettes and black netting ruffles around the bottom of the skirt. The open overskirt is trimmed with flat braid and lace work in a decorative zig-zag design. The back of the skirt is accented with fabric and netting bows suggestive of a bustled skirt. The bows are further enhanced by dusty rose dried flowers. The elaborate hat sets off her partially upswept blonde coiffure. It is constructed from more of the dried flowers, fabric rosettes, gold "leaves" and black netting. This is a truly unique doll and even more special because she was personally signed by the artist--a double treasure!! Similing Bru is #310/2000 and was purchased from The Home Shopping Network.


The Jumeau doll company was founded by Pierre-François Jumeau in 1845, and was known for it’s beautiful French Bebe’s throughout Europe. In 1874 Pierre’s son Emile Louis Jumeau took over the firm, and he led the company until 1899 when it merged to form SBFJ. Jumeau produced a number of beautiful dolls including the Tete, the EAJ, and many character and mechanical dolls. The Jumeau’s are known for thier lushly painted lashes, and their brushed stroked and multi feathered brows.

Jacqueline is an exquisite reproduction Jumeau. Her off-white costume, hat and jewelry accents are absolutely breath-taking. The wide band of lace around the skirt completely captures the flavor expected on the costume of a doll of this type. This is a real beauty and one of my favorites (like there's one of these that's NOT a favorite!)!!

Simone is a Tête Jumeau reproduction. Her green eyes are huge and dominate her face. This is one of the earlier Loveless dolls. Simone's original costume is an elaborate antique green "drop waist" dress with an ivory lace overlay trimmed in dozens of strands of hand sewn ivory pearls and hand made satin roses. Her hat is created in elaborate satin and lace trimmed in satin roses and ivory pearls as the supreme finishing touch to her costume. Simone was purchased from antiquesgc on eBay. My doll is #471/1500.

Tory was created by Patricia Loveless as a gift to her collectors in response to being named the first winner of the Tori Award. Tory is approximately 28 inches tall, dressed in pale green with antique-gold lace accents. She has huge brown eyes and curly brownish-red hair. She also comes with a blue ribbon award with "1996 Tory Artist" written on it in gold. Another special feature about Tory is the box she came in. Pat created it as a reproduction of the boxes Jumeau's dolls were packaged in in the 1880s. Another eBay find, I bought Tory from bar77. My doll is #620/2000.

The "H" Doll

The H-doll is a "mystery" doll marked only with a size number and an "H". No one knows the maker of this rare and beautiful doll. They are so scarce that only a few collectors have the original dolls. The face shape, body and workmanship of an H-doll do not resemble that of any other doll. The pierced, applied ears are a unique design. They are made separately from the head and attached after the head is removed from the mold. Heads on H-dolls were made of the finest translucent white porcelain. They were pressed into the mold rather than poured. Pressing was used for making heads before pouring became popular. Lips and noses were filled with porcelain. They did not have the even thickness obtained by pouring. Lips were painted a delicate color, with a little white space between them. They were accented with a slightly darker shade. Eyelashes were fine and black. Brows were soft with feathering. A soft blush, or rosy color, covered the cheeks, backs of hands and other parts of the doll's body to give it a soft glow. The same color was shaded over the eyes.

I found Felicia, also by Patricia Loveless, from ArtistDolls on eBay and couldn't resist her exquisite beauty. Her costume is a lovely shade of lavender (to match her eyes) and is adorned with LOTS of lace and flowers. My daughter assisted with her purchase and I really appreciate her help in obtaining this beauty to add to my collection. My doll is #144/2000.

Another beauty by Patricia Loveless, Gillian is a reproduction of the "H"-doll. She was puchased through First Auction. Gillian is #693/2000.

Patricia Ann is not only a reproduction of the famous "H"-doll, but she is also one of the USPS commemorative dolls complete with her very own Victorian mailbox. Not only named for the artist (her Valentine theme celebrates the artist's 14th birthday), she also commemorates 1998 as one of the few years that the U.S. Postal Service has not issued a "LOVE" postage stamp. Patricia Ann comes dressed in a red velvet overcoat and hat trimmed with white faux fur (and a large white feather on the hat) befitting the Valentine's Day, but underneath the coat she has a beautiful white satin dress with an embroidered net overskirt trimmed with pink and white flowers and accented with a blue ribbon suitable for year-round wearing. She has long, dark brown hair and beautiful big brown eyes. The finishing accents are the mail box and a Valentine post card that she is ready to mail.

A.T. / A.Thuillier

Very little is know about A.Thuillier, the doll maker of the famous antique "A.T." dolls. We do know that he made dolls from 1875 to 1890, and that they ranged in size from 12 to 32 inches. "A.T." antique dolls are among the highest priced, and the most sought after by collectors. Most A.T.'s feature softly beautiful and expressive faces, with softly painted brows and delicate blushing. The original dolls were made on leather bodies with bisque hands, and later dolls were made on composition bodies, typical of their time.

Carmela is #699/2000. She is dressed in pink and blue satin trimmed with lace and pearls. Everytime I look at her, I think of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice because she so completely fits my mental picture of some of the characters! Carmela was purchased from nanaluvsu off of eBay, as well.

Mandelia is one of the smaller Loveless dolls I've purchased. She's dressed in a soft pale green silk dress with pink satin rosettes, victorian lace and a victorian "puffy heart" at the neckline. Her gorgeous matching hat frames her face with ruffles, lace, pearls, dried flowers and berries. She has the face and the costuming, but what sets her apart is her hobby horse! I bought Mandelia from antiquesgc on eBay (as I have the majority of my dolls!!) Mandelia is #139/2000.

Mon Petit Shu (My Little Cabbage!) is a wonderful doll. She has that magical balance of simplicity and elegance that can't be surpassed. Another eBay find, Mon Petit Shu was purchased from compnut and is #20/2000.

Mein Liebling

The Kammer Reinherdt doll company produced many types of dolls from 1866 to 1925. They produced character babies, pouties, toddlers and baby dolls. One of the best known K*R’s is the Mein Liebling, which was patented in 1901. This German Child doll makes an adorable boy or girl simply by changing the wig and clothing choices.

Lucinda is Pat Loveless' version of the Mein Liebling. With large blonde sausage curls and big brown eyes, Lucinda is dressed in a beautiful rendition of the classic early French original costume styles with fully coordinated accessories. Her dress is a beautiful combination of teal and pink fabrics befitting the exquisite quality of this special design. The drop waist dress is of the palest pink lace over a silk-like fabric. The jacket is designed in teal and trimmed with lace. Lucinda's costume is complimented by an elaborately decorated hat, lace stockings, and shoes. Each is specially designed to match the trims and coloring of the dress to achieve an overall look of perfection. Lucinda was another eBay find and is #876/2000.


With a lovely reproduction Steiner face and magnificent pink and white original Patricia Loveless costume, Daniela is a classic with a turn of the century look. Her elegant outfit is stylish with a pink and white striped fitted jacket trimmed with lace and pearls. Her dress has a lace overlay, and her matching hat is tied with a pink ribbon. She carries a parasol and wears lace stockings and shoes with pink ribbon roses. Daniela is a beautiful example of Pat Loveless' consummate skill in the art of reproduction doll making. Purchased from eBay, Daniella is #132/2000.

Felicity's face is a reproduction of the classic original antique porcelain doll, the French series A bebe by Jules Steiner, circa 1885. This most beautiful antique reproduction face has a wondrous and appealing soft rose complexion with a uniquely expressive mouth. She has blonde spiral curls and big blue eyes. Felicity is dressed in a beautiful rendition of the classic early French original costume styles with fully coordinated accessoreis. Her dress is composed of layer upon layer of aqua taffeta and matching lace with extravagant trim in faux pearls and satin roses. The dress design is highlighted by an aqua lace "bib" style bodice offset by a gold filligree lavaliere. Her sleeves are most distinctive in that they are fashioned in an unusual "legamuffin" style cascading down to neatly trimmed lace cuffs at her delicate writs. Another eBay find, Felicity was bought from thrull. My doll is #198/2000.

Schmitt & Fils.

Schmitt & Fils (French for son) were Parisian doll makers from 1863 to 1891, at about the same time as other famous names like Jumeau, Bru & Gaultier. Although they are not as famous as other companies, they were awarded a silver medal in the 1878 Paris Exposition, and were issued a patent for "Bebes in Porcelain" in 1879. Schmitt & Fils dolls display the soft look and luminous eyes typical of French dolls of their time. They were known for their attention to detail, which made their faces so enchanting and alive. Unfortunately, Schmitt & Fils went out of business in 1891. While it is sometimes difficult to place an exact date on an antique doll, collectors know that a Schmitt & Fils was made prior to 1891, and they are very rare and valuable.

The only Schmitt & Fils reproduction Pat has made, Cornelia is one of my favorite Patricia Loveless reproduction dolls. That's my sister's name and my sister bought her for me from The Home Shopping Network. My doll is #249/2000.

Clementine is an original sculpt by Pat Loveless instead of a reproduction doll, but it only seemed appropriate to include her on this "Pat Loveless" fan page!

I hope you have found these dolls as fascinating as I do. Each one represents beauty and history in such a fascinating way. I love having them in my collection, but I also love just having them in my home -- collecting aside. Who wants to grow up anyway?!

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