Pagan Kids' Corner

Pagan Kids' Corner

This is a source of activities, rituals, stories, games, links and articles for Pagan families in general, and Pagan kids in particular! I've included pictures of my own family and articles about Pagan parenting.

Cool Kids' Links!
Not recently updated, but most of the links should still work...

Tarot Decks
Suitable for Children

NOTE: Please, simply use the BACK button on your browser to return to this page. Some images *may* depict mild nudity in some form; you may want to review for content first. I've tried to choose those decks which are completely kid-friendly, but occasionally, I make mistakes. :)

For a full representation of all decks available for viewing, visit The Tarot Pages!

The Meagan Stories
by Kat Dyer

"From here you can get to Kat's stories for pagan children. As you can see she has one story for each of the major holidays," reads the introduction to this page. This is an incredible page for kids, with stories that help children to learn more about the Sabbats, written in language that the wee ones can understand.

The Pagan Colouring Book

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I'm always looking for more activities - E-mail Me with suggestions!

Pagan Parenting Articles and Items

I've written a couple of articles on Pagan parenting for the local PAN newsletter. Those which have been completed and submitted are provided.
Should I Raise a Pagan Child?
Dispelling the Myths

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AND ... A WebRing specifically for Pagan families!

This Pagan Parenting Ring site is owned by
Angie Nash.

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Jaz Gordon is my hero! She's the originator of this ring, and maintains an award-winning website. Visit *HER* PAGAN Parenting Page...the Links are a MUST-Visit!

I've also compiled a small list of Links for Parents which includes various TAG (Talented And Gifted) sites, among others.

Pictures of the Kids!

Rebecca ("Becky" - April 6, 1986) * Brian ("Brian" - November 3, 1989) * Katherine ("Kate" - December 17, 1987)
Watch here, soon, for brand-new and updated pages for all three kids!

December '98

The Rest of The Family...

Gravy the BOSS! * Thor the Monster Noggin!

In Loving Memory

Kashmir and Raia

The Love of My Life

The man, NOT the dog...but she's the love of HIS life!

And finally, the one who does the webworks!

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