Our Lady of Walsingham
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Graphic intense page. May take a while to load. I apologize in advance for any delays.

For the most part, my hompeage is text-based, with only a few graphics thrown in for effect. This page however, is solely dedicated to images of Our Lady of Walsingham and the Shrine(s) and other pictures of Our Lady, with the bare miminal of commentary. On more or less permanent display here, then, are pictures of Walsingham itself, the Shrines as well as the Images. When I have the resources, and when I have the time, I will scan some of my own pictures taken at Walsingham from my Pilgrimageand other pictures that I receive permission to display. This means that this page will be updated infrequently and sporadically.

Page One: Images of the ShrinePage Two: Images of Our Lady

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3. 4.5.


  1. Our Lady of Walsingham Shrine Logo
  2. Transparent Our Lady of Walsingham Shrine Logo
  3. Roman Catholic Image of Our Lady of Walsingham.
  4. Anglican Image of Our Lady of Walsingham, c. 1921
  5. Russian Orthodox Icon of Our Lady of Walsingham.
  6. Icon of Our Lady of Walsingham (Antiochian Shrine)
1. & 4.. courtesy of Peter Dixon
2. courtesy of St. Matthew's Church
3. courtesy of Diocese of Ballarat
5. Scanning by Rev Canon Newell Anderson
6. courtesy of Dr. Elizabeth Hudgins

Presentation and All original material 1998 Michael Lilly ECUSA Shield

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