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Kennel Club of Greece
International Results & NEW LITTERS - Διεθνή Αποτελέσματα & ΝΕΕΣ ΓΕΝΝΕΣ
Welcome to the site of The Hellenic Dobermann Club. Our club was founded in 1993 and is a non profit organization. We are a member of the KCG (Kennel Club of Greece), the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) and the IDC (Internationaler Dobermann Club).
Our very brief history began in June of 1995. Following the instructions of Mr. Pierluigi Pezzano, (President AIAD and the first specialist to judge our dogs), we have been engaged in the improvement of the character and the "working" efficiency of the Dobermann in Greece, while still maintaining the morphological quality that made this breed so popular around the world.
Since then, many famous International specialist judges like :
Pierluigi Pezzano (Italy), Hans Wiblishauser (Germany), Maurizio Marchetti (Italy), Danilo Furlani (Switzerland), Josep Maria Bulo i Sole (Spain), Stefan Sinko (Slovenia), Florindo Coppo (Italy), Jean Bonniveau (France), Danny Van Roosbroeck (Belgium), Antonio Di Somma (Italy), Marianne Walker (Switzerland), Herman Mencke (Holland), Paolo Bastianini (Italy), Antonio Di Lorenzo (Italy), Norbert Daube (Germany), have been invited by our club to judge our dogs and give seminars advising us on the proper breeding of the Dobermann.
We began to import and breed from the very best of European blood lines.
We also made the Test Of Character (TOC) mandatory for the breeding suitability of our Dobermanns.
At the same time, excellent instructors-helpers like:
Roberto Donnini (Italy), Werner Prigandt Junior (Germany), Ueli Kappeler (Switzerland), Oliver Neubrand (Germany), Alexander Koepsel (Germany), Joerg Schwabe (Germany), came repeatedly in Greece to show us the proper way to teach our dogs the Dog Sports (SchH, IPO).
Famous working trials judges like:
Pierluigi Pezzano (Italy), Werner Prigandt (Germany), Josep Maria Bulo i Sole (Spain), Giancarlo de Martini (Italy), judged us and our dogs. They made clear that working with dog means love and play with dog first of all.
As a result of all the above, we are very proud to have in our country today, some very special genetically material (imported) and already some very exciting young prospects from our breeding that will put us on the correct path for the future development of the Dobermann in Greece.
Visiting our pages you will find the most important events of the last four years, which have enhanced the rise of the Dobermann in Greece.

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The Hellenic Dobermann Club - P. O. Box 52 909 - 14 601 Athens - GREECE

Our Club
Our Dobermanns
Club Events
Our Breeders
Our Favorite Links
International Results & New Litters - Διεθνή Αποτελέσματα & Νέες Γέννες
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