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Dara Joy is currently working on her first book for Avon, but she hasn't forgotten the Matrix series. Dara says, "I want to assure everyone that, yes, Traed will have his story. There are many, many more Matrix books to come."

Katherine Sutcliffe has just finished VANISHED, a contemporary romantic suspense. Katherine states, "That baby came in at nearly 750 pages. You'll definitely get your money's worth!

In October, look for Karen Ranney's AFTER THE KISS. "It is the most sensual novel I've ever written," Karen comments.

Kathleen Korbel is working on the third book in her Kendall series, SOME MEN'S DREAMS, which follows JAKE'S WAY and SIMPLE GIFTS. She is also planning a fourth book in the series (Zeke's story).

Theresa Weir has a new two-book contract with Signet. The first book, to be marketed as a thriller, will be out in late 2001.

Denée Cody is no longer writing historical romance and has decided to write mainstream historical fiction instead. "It is what I've always wanted to do," Denée says. "It was a difficult decision to make, since I enjoy writing romances as well, but I can't manage to do both."

Loretta Chase recently told Bookbug, "I'm currently working on a contemporary-set horror novel. However, it should be not too grossly horrific, because (a) I scare easily, and (b) I am not a big fan of the 'yuck' school of writing, no matter what the genre. Also, an idea for a historical mystery/suspense book set in early 19th-century England is simmering (I hope) on a back burner of my brain. There is also a partially-completed historical romance in my life, but it's in a coma, and I am not sure whether or not it will ever regain consciousness. I know that some readers are not happy about my moving into other genres. However, there will be humor and some kind of romantic element in whatever I do—and so I hope that those who like my writing will not mind reading something different, as long as I do a good job."

Congratulations to Alice Duncan, who sold a four-book series to Kensington for their "Ballads" line. The books are set during the days of the early film industry (early 1900s) in Southern California.

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