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     "This could be taken as a kindly invitation," a rich, deep voice comments above the swaying of the branches. "By all the Adored, it is not as if Terre Solitaire were merely an estimation of its name! There is hospitality enough there for the most esteemed... or the most infamous. It doesn't matter in either case- for if one is flawed, as we all are, one may find this solitary land open to it. Take these boughs, for instance. Each leaf is a sorrow shed either in the time it has taken me to tell you of it, or so long ago that the sorrow itself is more of memory than of deed. These forests cover much of the land, and it is both a heartening and forbidding thing, I imagine, for travelers wandering through with naught but will to guide them."

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I am an Athens Community Leader, and thereby at your service.

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***give credit where it's due... the forest pictures throughout this site are all by Douglas Shuler***