The largest and best collection of encyclopedias on India anywhere un the internet. India is one of the least understood regions of the world. This site dispells some of the mythology and folklore taught about India. It is a standard reference for both laymen and learned scholars. Some of the hyperpedias located here contain more than 100 references each. The design of the hyperpedias is such that the layman need only concern himdelf with the uppermost portions of each page, while the scholar can continue to the more difficult parts further down the page. Several mistakes made in standard textbooks are corrected.

However, the site is still under severe construction.
There are several volumes of Lexica Indica; nnot all are yet available:


IndoGeographic Home

Geography of India

Dictionary of Indian Historical Geography

Demography of India

Indy History

Indy History Home

Chronology of Indian History

The Indus Valley Civilization (4000 BC - 1500 BC)

The Brahmanic Ages (1500 BC - 1000 AD)

Hindustany Caliphate of Delhi

European Colonialism

Post-Colonial Era

Rajastany History

Deccany History

Lingua Indica

Lingua Indica Home

Dravidian Languages

Indo-Aryan Languages

The Hindustani Language

Dictionary of Hindustani Slang

Theologii Indologii

Theologii Indologii Home

Vaishnavism : ARYAN RELIGION


Shaktism: Purbi and Bengali Religion

The Surya Cult: Rajput or Scythian Religion

Home Indicus

  • The Sudroid (Indo-African) Race

    Scientific Indian

  • Brahmanic Science in the Vedic Dark Ages

    Socio Indigo

  • Women in Indo-Aryan Societies

  • Indian women still awaiting Independance - by Sonali Verma

    Slavery in India

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