Loved Ones Lost

So many people have lost loved ones, never to be reunited.

Is there someone out there you would like to find?

My page is dedicated to helping bring people back together.

If you send information on the person you wish to find, I will

post it to my page. If you have a picture, send it also.

Perhaps someone will see it that knows the person, and will

get back to me.

Contacting me with the information is simple.

Just click on the button below and send it to my email.

I will try to have the information and any picture you wish

for me to use posted within 48 hours.

After that, I will save your email address in a

data base, along with the information on the person you

are looking for, and if that person is found by someone

who views my page, I will contact you.

I'm doing this as a free service, and I will not search for

the person for you. I also take no responsibility for

anything that takes place after the person is found.

I simply want to do what I can to help bring people

back together.

Good Luck.

For information on people being searched

for, please click on the button below.

The link button below will lead to a part of my page listing

other sites to assist you in your search.

If you like my page, or have any suggestions to make it better,

please let me know by signing my guest book.

The button below links to web pages done by friends and family.


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