Volume 1


The story starts with King Bharat choosing a commoner  as the crown prince.  He felt that his nine sons were not suitable. 

King Shanthanu marries Ganga. Ganga gives birth to 7 chidren, and releases them from their curse, by immediately drowning them. 

The 8th Child  lives to fulfill his curse. (He is Devarata)

Ganga returns Devarata to Shanthanu.  One day while riding Devarat defends Hastinapur from the the aggressive Shalva King 

Shanthanu meets Sathiyavathi. Shanthanu asks Sathiyavthi’s father Dasrat for his daughter’s hand.  Dasrat wants his grandson to be the crown prince.  Shanthanu refuses this proposal. Devarat goes to is this Dasrat? and takes an oath that he will be a bachelor and make Sathiyavathi.s son the crown prince.  (Bhishmas oath)

Sathiyavathi names Devarath as Bhisma.  Bhisma takes another oath that he will serve anyone who ascends the thrown of Hastinapur  Sathiyavathi gives birth to two sons Chitrangan and Vichitraveerya



                             Volume 2


Chitrangan was crowned as the king.  He died in a war.  Then Vichitraveerya was crowned as the king.  Kasi king’s three daughters(Ambika, Ambalika, Amba) were getting married, He did not want to invite Vichitraveerya, the king of Hastinapur.  Bhisma arrives at Kasi and takes all three princes to Hazthinapur.  Shalva king stops Bhisma on the way.  Bhisma defeats him.  Amba tells Sathiyavathi that she wanted to marry Shalva Kumar, the Shalva King.  Bhisma sends her back to Shalva Kumar but he refuses to accept her. So she returns to Hastinapur. and said that Bhisma should marry her. But Bhisma refused,since  he was bound by an oath.of celibacy. Amba takes an oath that she will be the cause of Bhisma’s death and leaves. Vichitraveerya died of illness. Sathyavathi wanted Bhisma to marry Vivhitraveerya’s wives. But he refuses. Sathyavathi calls Viyasar who is her eldest son, born to Parasar(this happened when Sathyawati was a young girl helping her boatman father in rowing peole across the river). Sage Viyasa was in the jungle doing meditation (Tapas);Sathyavathi asked Viyasar to use his powers to grant children to  Ambika and Ambalika. Viyasar tells her to wait for one year, but Sathyavathi insists it be done immediately.. When Ambika sees Viyasar she closed her eyes out of fear.Her child is born blind. While Ambalika gets scared when she sees Viyasar. Hence her child will not be healthy. The maid has a healthy baby. Dhiritharastra, Pandu and Vidur are Ambika, Ambalika and the maid respectively. Dhirithararata gets married to Gandari and Pandu gets married to Kunti. When Kunthi was a young girl Sage Duruvasar gives Kunthi a manthra to summon any god from heaven. She tests the manthra on the sun god.  The Sun god comes and gives her a son called Karna.How ever she abandons Karna as a baby to avoid getting a bad name.  Pandu extended the borders of Hastinapur.  He takes the hand of  Madri as his second wife.  Pandu and Madiri go horse riding.  They meet Rishi Kindam.  Sage Kindam blesses Kunthi and Madiri to have good sons.


Volume 3


Sathiyavathy tells Dhiritharasrata to call Pandu back from the forest.  Madiri sends Pandu to kill a tiger.  Pandu aims an arrow, which kills sage Kindam and his wife.  The sage curses Pandu that he will die the moment he embraces his wives.  Pandu tells Dristharasrata about the killing.  Pandu goes to the forest to do penance and gives the crown to Dristharasrata.  Pandu and his two wives go to the forest.  Pandu meets some sages who were going to Brama Loka.  They said that Pandu couldn’t go with them because he hasn’t got any sons.  He tells about this to Kunthi.  Kunthi tells Pandu about Sage Duruvasa’s gift to her.  Kunthi calls Dharamarajah.  He comes and gives her a son.

Yudistra was born. Kunti calls wind god. He gives her Bhim.

Crown Prince Kansa harasses every body. King Ugrasena was ruling Mathura. The citizens come and complain about the crown prince Kansa. Kansa makes his father abdicate. He imprisons his father. He gets his sister Devaki to marry Vasudev. He imprisons them when he heard that Deveki’s eighth son would kill him. Kansa then kills Deveki’s sons who were born in the prison.  He had killed 6 sons.  Devaki transfers her 7th pregnancy to Vasudev’s first wife Rohini.  Devaki conceives her 8th child.  A light enters the prison.  Krishna is born.  A voice tells Vasudev to take the child to his friend Nand.  The guards fall asleep and the doors open.  Vasudev takes the baby and goes. He wades across Jamuna.river. A cobra comes and protects the baby from the rain.  Vasudev goes to Nand’s house.  He gives Krishna to him.  Nand gives his newborn baby to Vasudev. Kansa was informed that Devaki gave birth to a girl.  He hires Putana to kill all the babies.  In Gokul all had a dream that Krishna asking them to bring them butter.  Putana disguises as a beautiful woman and goes and kills the entire woman in Gokul.  Putana goes to Nand’s house.  She takes Krishna.  When she tries to give Krishna milk Krishna kills her.  Yasotha and Nand go to Kanna and saw that Putana was dead.  Kansa gets angry and burns Gokul.  Devaki gives birth to Subatra. 


Volume 4


One day Yasotha caught Krishna eating mud.  When she made Krishna open his mouth she saw the universe in his mouth.  Krishna plays the flute and entertains the cows.  Krishna chases the snake Kaliya away.  Krishna puts a stop to the delivery of butter to king Kansa.  Kansa gets angry and told his soldiers to steal all the cows from Nandagoan.  Krishna stops the people from doing puja to Indran.  Hence Indran gets angry and started to rain continuously.  Krishna lifts the Govardhan Mountain and supports it on his little finger.  The town people take shelter under it.  Kansa hears about it and sends Akru to bring Krishna to him. 



Volume 5


Krishna goes to Matura with Akru. In Matura he heals a woman’s hunched back.  A washerman tries to hit Krishna but the stick goes through him.  Krishna strings the Shiva Danus bow.  When the bow breaks it makes a loud noise.  On hearing this noise Kansa gets scared. Kansa gets a wild elephant to kill Krishna but they salute him.  Then he gets some wrestlers to wrestle with Krishna.  Krishna and Balaram beat all the wrestlers.  Kansa tries to crush Krishna but Krishna throws Kansa and kills him.  Krishna frees his parents and his grandfather from the dungeon.  Ugrasena becomes the king of Matura.  Nand leaves Krishna in Matura and goes to Nandagoen.  Krishna and Balaram go to Rishi Snadhipan to study. 

Pandu dies in the forest.  Madiri immolates herself in Pandu’s funeral pyre.  Kunthi and the five children go to Hastinapur.  Sage Vyasa took Sathiyavathi, Ambika and Ambalika to the forest.  Kripachariya teaches the Kaurava Princes.  Vidur brings the Pandavas to the school.  .iaratra’s charioteer wanted to leave because he wanted to educate his adopted son Radheya.  He introduces Sanjaya to Dhrisraqtra.  Karna was generous from childhood.  He tells his father that he wanted to learn the art of war .  Duriyodhan poisons Bhim, Bhim feels sleepy and falls asleep. Duriyodhan and Dhushashan wrap Bhim and dump  Bhim into the river Ganga.  Shakuni is happy that Duriyodhan and Dhushashan had followed his orders.  Bhim is taken by Nagas who are living under Ganga.  The chief of the Nagas is Kunthi’s grandfather.  He gives Bhim a potion, which made him very strong.  Bhim tells his brothers and mother that Dhuriyadham had poisoned him.


Volume 6


Only Vidur was able to guess what had happened to Bhima.  He tells Bhishma about it.  Krishna is studying in Ujjain.  One-day Krishna and Sudhama go to the forest to gather firewood.  They get caught in the rain.  They both climb a tree.  Sudhama eats all the food that he should have shared with Krishna. 

One day when the Kauravas and the Pandavas were playing with the ball it fell in to a well. Dhuronachariya saw this and told the kids to bring some long grass blades..  He joins the grass blades and pulls the ball out.  Arjun  tells this incident to Bhisma and Bhisma goes and greets DuronoChariya.  Dhuronachariya agrees to teach the Kauravs and the Pandavas.  Dhuronachariya’s son Aswathama joins his father.  Duronachariya’s wife Kripi also joins him.  Adirath and Karna met Duronaschariya.  Adirath asks Duronachariya to teach Karna warfare.  Duronachariya refuses to teach Karna saying that the school is only for the royal princes.  Arjun sees Duronachariya teaching Aswathama and goes and joins them to learn.  One day Duronachacariya plans a game and makes an artificial  crocodile attack him.  While all the other princes run away Arjun attacks the crocodile and saves his teacher.  Duronachariya blesses Arjun for his bravery. 

Ekalva practices archery.  He had made an image of  Duronachariya and uses it as his guru.  Since Ekalva was the son of the minister from a neighboring country Doronachariya felt that Ekalva was a threat to Hastinapur and wanted Ekalva’s thumb from his right hand as his guru daksana.  Karna was learning warfare under the guidance of Parasurama.  Aswathama gets jealous and complains to his father.  So Duronachariya had a test and prove to Aswathama that Arjun was his best pupil.   . Duronachriya informs Bishma that all the princes had completed their studies and that he would like to have an exhibition to show their talents.  A beautiful arena was built.  .  All the princes exhibited their talents.  Karna arrives at the arena and says that Arjun is not the best archer.  When Kripa chariya said that Karna cannot duel Arjun because Karna is not a prince, Duriyodhan gave Karna his Anga kingdom  to Karna and made him a king. 


Volume 7


 Pandavas and the Kauravas offer their teacher that they would like to give Guru dachana(offerings to the Teacher). Duronachariya says that he would like them to capture The kingdom of Duropad(with whom Duronachariya had a long standing grudge)  The Kauravs go first but fail to capture.  Then Pandavas  capture Durupad and take him to Duronachariya. 

After finishing the studies Krishna and Balaram go to Mathura.  Kansa’s father-in-law was attacking Mathura  Krishna and Balaram  save Mathura.  Krishna suggests that they leave Mathura and create a new city called Dwaraka.  The celestial architect Vishvakarma was called for this purpose.  People of Mathura  settled in Dwaraka. 


Sakuni sends spies to find out whom the public prefer as their crown prince.  The public preferred Yudhister. One day some criminals were brought to the palace to be  sentenced.  .  Both Duriyodhan and Yudhister were asked to give judgement.  Everybody preferred Yudhisater’s judgement.  Hence Dhiritharashtra made Yudhister the crown prince. 


In Dwaraka the people were looking for a groom for Rukmini.  They had arranged Sisupal to marry Rukmini.  Ekalavya takes the letter of invitation to Sisupal.  Rukmini writes a letter to Krishna and asks him to come and save her.  Krishna marries Rukmini and takes her with him.


Volume 8


Shakuni is making a wax house for the Pandavas at Varanavat.  Shakuni got a builder called Purachand for this purpose.  The Pandavas were returning from their victory tour.  Bhim stayed with Balaram and studied mace warfare.  Karna discouraged Duriyodan regarding building the wax house.  Dhiritharashtra wants to send Yudhister to Varanavat to attend  Lord Shiva’s festival, on his behalf.. Bhim is not happy about the house that Duriyodhan had built for Yudhister.  The Pandavas along with Kunthi decide to go to Varanavat together.  Vidur sent his spies and found that the house that Duriyodhan had built is a wax house.  Then Vidur drops a hint  by asking  the Pandavas which animal is not afraid about forest fire.  Then Yudhister tells him that rats are not afraid of forest fire because they can hide in their hole during a fire.  Early next morning they left for Varanavat.  Vidur tells Yudhister to look for exits in the house.  Yudhister understood Vidur’s warning.  They arrive at Purachand’s house.  They found that the house has no back door.  Vidur had send a miner to do the digging.  Duriyodhan had sent his senathipathi(commander) to check on the Pandavas.  When Bhim wants to help the miner, the miner tells him that there is no need for him to help.  Duriyodhan had planted his men around the house to stop the Pandavas from escaping once the house catches fire.  Vidur’s spy informed him that Shakuni is planning to start the fire on the moonless night.  Arjuna informed the miner to finish the work a day before the moonless night.  The tunnel opened in Yudhister’s, s room.  The miner told them to conceal the hole and left.  Ghandhari has a nightmare.  She dreamt that Lord Shiva danced the dance of destruction and opened his 3rd eye.  She also dreamt that the fire god came and told her that her house is going to get burnt.  She said that she called Lord Indra to come and rain and put the fire out, but he just kept watching her.  She tells Dhitharashtra that it was not an ordinary dream.  Dhritharashtra tells her to go to sleep.  Shakuni had planned to kill Purachand too.  Karna tells Duriyodhan not to go ahead with the plan of burning the Pandavas.  Purochand and all the people who had helped him to build the house aare poisoned are drugged..  The Pandavas opened the tunnel and left the house through it.. Bhim had started the fire before leaving.  Purochand got caught in the fire and died.  The Pandavas had escaped through the tunnel.  Shakuni’s spy tells him about the Pandavas death  Shakuni tells Dhritharashtraabout the Pandavas deathDhritharashtra tells Bhisma about the death of the Pandavas .  On hearing this Bhisma locks himself in his room and goes into mourning.. Assuming that the Pandavas are dead, Duryodan is made the crown prince of Hastinapur.


Volume 9


In the forest Bhima killed the demon Hidumba and Bhim married his sister Hidumbi.    The Pandavas diguise themselves  as wandering Brahmins(priests) and beg for food.  Gatagacha is born to Bhim and Hidumbi..  After the birth of his son Bhim goes back to his mother.  Where the Pandavas were living there was a demon living near the forest.  Once a week the people in the village had to send some food and a human for the demon to eat.  One day it was the turn of the house where the Pandavas are staying.  Kunthi says that she will send Bhim.  Bhim goes to the demon with the food.  Bhim eats all the demon’s food.  Then Bhim kills the demon.  After that the Pandavas left the city. 

Dritharashtra wanted Duriyodhan to marry Duraupathi.  In the forest some sages visited the Pandavas.  Kunthi gave them some food.  They told them about Duraupathi’s suyamvaram(ceremony where princes from different kingdom vie for the hands of the Princess by taking part in various competitions)  King Durupad had obtained Draupathi as his daughter from the fires of a Yagna performed by  sages for him..  –Arjuna enters the competition and wins Draupathii.  Kunthi without knowing had said they should share everything equally among the five of them.  Hence, Durupathi marries all five Pandavas. 


When Driritharashtra learns that the Pandavas are alive he sends Vidur to bring them back. The Pandavas go to Hastinapur with Draupathi. 


Volume 10


Bhisma feels the tension in the palace and goes to see his mother, Ganga.  But she doesn’t appear.  Bhisma pleads with his mother to come.  Eventually she appears.  His mother tells him not to come to her all the time he has a problem because he took all the oaths without asking her.  There was a grand welcome for the Pandavas.  Since there were now two crown princes Bhisma decides to partition Hastinapur.  Shakuni is not happy about the partition.  He is planning to get Kandavaprasth back.  He advises Duriyodhan to befriend Balaram.  Duriyodhan takes Balaram and shows Hastinapur.  When Arjun was aiming his arrows at a tree due to his anger because of the partition, Bhisma tells him that no one should hurt anything, which cannot defend itself.  Duriyodhan asks Balaram to teach him mace warfare.  Balaram agrees to that.  Yudhister gets crowned as the king of Kandavaprasth.  After the coronation the Pandavas along with Krishna go to Kandavapreath.  The Pandavas turn Kandavapresth into a fertile and prosperous kingdom.  Vishvakarma the celestial architect builds them a palace.  Balaram wants his sister Subatra to marry Duriyodhan.  Krishna tells Arjun that he should elope with Subatra.  Krishna tells Subatra to go to the village temple.  Arjun goes to the temple and Subatra goes away with Arjun.  Balaram gets very angry when he finds about it.  Krishna calms everyone. 



Volume 11


Arjun marries Subatra.  Draupathi gets very angry when Arjun Brings Subatra to Indrapresth Arjun tells Subatra to dress as a cow maid.  .  Then Subatrta goes to Draupathi.  Draupathi accepts her.  Krishna tells Yudhister to perform the Rajasuya yagna.  Krishna says that King Jharasandth may create a problem Krishna, Arjun and Bhim dress as Brahmins and go to see Jharasandth. Krishna tells Jharasanth to free all the 86 Kings he is keeping as prisoners to sacrifice to Lord Shiva.  Jharasandth refuses..n Krishna challenges him for a duel. Jharasanth chooses Bhim for a duel.  The duel takes place.  Bhim splits Jharasanth into two and throws the two parts away. But the  body joins and becomes a whole body.  Then Krishna tells Bhim to throw both the pieces in opposite directions.  The body could not join.  The Krishna  frees all the prisoners.  He made Jharasanth’s son the king.  Shakuni is not happy about Jarasanth’s death. Krishna’s aunt gives birth to Shisupal.  When she finds out that Krishna will be her son’s killer she  pleads with Krishna not to kill her son.  Then Krishna tells her that he will forgive 100 of Shisupal’s mistakes, before killing him.  Shisupal grew up.  Vyasa comes along with other sages to Indraprasath(the name Kandavaprasath has been changed to Indraprasath).  The Rajasuya yagna takes place.  When Shisupupal objects Krishna being honored, Krishna kills Shisupal because Krishna had forgiven 100 of Shisupal’s mistakes.  he entire guests bless Yudhister.  Karna wonders who he is, and who his parents could be. Duriyodhan is angry that Yudhister had performed the Rajasuya yagna..  Duriyodhan goes around to see the palace of the Pandavas..  Duriyodhan falls into a pond in the palace.  Draupathi sees this and laughs at Duriyodhan.  Duriyodhan gets very angry.  Shakuni tells Duriyodhan to invite the Pandavas to Hastinapur.  Duriyodhan tells his father to invite the Pandavas to Hastinapur or he will attack Indrapresth. 


Volume 12


Dhiritharashtra sends Vidur to Indrapresth to invite the Pandavas to play dice in Hastinapur.  When Vidur invited Yudhister to play dice he accepts the invitation.  Shakuni gives his dice to Duriyodhan and asks him to use it for the game.  Bhishma is very unhappy about the dice game.  Bhishma goes to see Ghandhari and tells her to ask Duriyodhan not to play dice.  Ghandari tells him that no one will listen to her.  The Pandavas come to Hastinapur to play dice.    Duriyodhan asks Shakuni to throw the dice on his behalf.  One by one Yudishter looses everything.  He then stakes his brothers and loses them too.  Then Yudhister stakes himself and loses him too Then he stakes Draupathi and looses her too. .. Duroyhodhan sends his servant to bring Draupathi to the recreation hall.  Dushashan tries to disrobe her but by the grace of Lord Krishna his attempt fails. 




                                                VOLUME 13


Duriyodhan wants to attack Indrapresth.  If he is not allowed to attack he wants to play a game of dice.  Bhisma tells him that only the king can decide what to do.  Ghandari scolds Dhiritharashtra for allowing Draupathi to be humiliated.  Bhisma and Duriyodhan come to Dritharashtra.  Duriyodhan tells his father what he wanted. Draupathi tells the Pandavas that she will not braid her hair until she gets Dushashan’s blood to wash her hair.  The Kauravas invite the Pandavas again to play dice.  Dhiritharashtra tells the Pandavas to play another game of dice and that if they loose they will have to go to the forest for 12 years and another 1 year of living in anonymity.  If they are found out in the 13th  year they will have to go the jungle again for 12 years.  Yudhister accepts the game of dice and looses the game.  The Pandavas go the jungle.  Duroyodhan is wondering what to do after the 12 years are over.  Sage vyasa came to see Dhritharashtr and tells the king to advice Duriyodhan to make peace with the Pandavas.  Kiripachariya tells Bhisma that the future of Hastinapur is at a risk.  Duriyodhan puts up a camp next to the Pandavas hut in the jungle to irritate them.  While in the jungle Duriyodhan molests the Gandava Princes.  The Gandavas get angry and surround Duriyopdhan’s camp.  Duriyodhan’s bodyguard escapes and asks the Pandavas to help.  Arjun and Bhim rescue Duriyodhan from the gandavas.  Arjun preys to Lord Shiva and gets a divine weapon.  Then Arjun goes to heaven to get Indra’s blessing.  Karna conquers adjoining kingdoms and expands Hastinapur’s territory.   Bhisma advises Duriyodhan to make peace with the Pandavas.  Sage Durvasa comes to Hastinapur.  Shakuni suggests to him to see the Pandavas. 




Sage Duruvasa came to Pandavas. Sage Duruvasa tells Yudhister to have lunch ready and goes to bath.  The Pandavas ask Duraupathi to prepare lunch.  She tells that she has no food items to prepare lunch.  Dear readers you may remember that when the Pandavas had to live in the jungle they were given the Akshya Pathram(Pathram is vessel, Akshaya means wish fulfilling) by Krisna. They were told that all they have to do was to put a small quantity of cooked food into the vessel and it will then yield enough food for all to eat.  However this will only happen once a day. Draupathi’s dilemma is that the vessel had already fed them for the day, and will not yield any more food  until the following day.  Sage Durvasa is  notorious for his temper and the Pandavas were worried.  Draupathi resorted to prayers 7 asked Krishna to help.  Then Krishna comes there.  When God is on earth every act(leela) of his is significant.  Krishna asks for The sages finish their lunch and get ready to go for lunch.  When Krishna eats the grain of rice, which Duraupati gives him the sages, fell full and does not come for lunch.

Bhim meets Hanuman.  Hanuman teaches Bhim about the ethics of war.  Some travelers were going through the forest.  Ghatogach stops them.  Bhim tells Ghatogatch to take him for the sacrifice.  Bhim scolds his wife for sacrificing for the God.  Arjun is in heaven.  There Lord Indra tells Arjun to learn dancing from Chirtrasena.  Arjun learns dancing.  Urvasi tells Arjun that she was in love with him.  When Arjun refuses Urvasi, she gets angry and curses Arjun to be impotent.  Lord Indra tells Arjun to use Urvasi’s curse as a shield for the year of hiding.  Abimanu grows up in Krishnan’s care.  Arjun returns from heaven.  Nakul tells Arjum to show the power of the divine weapons.  When Arjun was about to use it the angels tell him not to use it.  Arjun returns the weapon.  Jairath sees Duraupathi in the forest and kidnaps her.  Her husband come and saves her.  Jairath goes and preys for Lord Shiva to obtain a boon.  While wondering in the jungle Duraupathi becomes thirsty.  Nakul goes to get water for her.  In the river a demon asks him a question.  Nakul does not answer the demon and drinks the water and dies.  The same thing happens to Shahadev, Arjun and Bhim.  Then Yudhistre comes to the river.  The Raksha asks him the questions.  When Yudhistre answers all the questions the Rakasha tells him to choose one of his brothers to live.  Yudisdhister tells him that he would like Nakul to live because he is Madri’s son.  The demon became pleased with him and revives all the brothers.  The Pandavas had escaped the spies of Duriyudhan.  Dhiriratra has a dream where all his ancestors come and scold him.  The Pandavas join the Virat king in disguised.  Arjun became the dance teacher to Uthara.  Shahadev takes an oath to kill Shakuni. 



                                    VOLUME 15


Shakuni’s son Ulluk comes from Ghandar.  He asks his father to come with him to Ghandar.  Shakuni refuses to go.  Karna goes to see Duronachariyar.  He tells  Duronachariyar about Parasuramar, s curse.  Uthara’s parents come to see her dancing.  Keechack sees Duraupathi and tries to molest her. Duraupathi tells Bhim to kill Keechack.  Bhim kills him.  Duriyodhan realizes that it was Bhim who had killed him.  He prepares to attack Matsuya Desa.  Duriyhodhan asks his friend Trikat to attack Matsaya first.  Trikat looses the battle.  Then the Kauravas attack Matsaya.  Arjun goes as Uthara’s brother’s charioteer.  He refuses to fight.  Then Arjun fights and defeats the Kauravas.  Duroiyhodhan says that he had recognizes the Pandavas.  Bhisma tells Duriyodhan that the one-year of hiding is over.  Uthara’s brother takes the scarves of the Kauravas to Uthara’s dolls.  Virat king gets angry when Yudhistre tells him that it was Brinhala who had actually won the war, and throws the dice and hurts her. 



                                    CHAPTER 16


King Dhiratra comes to see Bhisma.  He tells Dhisratra that the Pandavas have finished the one-year of hiding so to give Indrapresth to them.  King Durupath goes for Abimanyu’s weeding.  Duraupathi’s sons come to meet her.  Abimanu gets married to Uthara.  After the wedding the Pandavas sends the chief priest of Kampiliya to Hastinapur as a messenger.  The messenger goes to Hastinapur.  The Kauravas scolds the priest and sends him back.   Dhirstrater sends for Sanjay.  He sends Sanjay to Yudhistre to tell him to stay wherever he is without coming to claim Indrapresth.  Sanjays delivers this message this message to the Pandavas.  Yudhistre tells Sanjays to tell Dhirstra to return Indrapresth to him.  Sanjays returns to Hastinapur.  He tells Dhirastra to return Indrapresth to the Pandavas.  Dhirstrtra calls Vidur.  He tells Vidur what Sanjay had told him.  Sanjay goes to the court.  He tells the court what the Pandavas had told him.  Shakuni came and told Duriyohdhan to ask Krishna to fight for him.  Shikandhi is waiting to get revenge of Bhisma. Vidur comes to see Bhisma.  He tells Bhishma that Krishna is coming to Hastinapur.  Bhisma tells Dirsatra to accept Krishna’s peace proposal.  Duriyodhan wants to arrest Krishna.  Bhisma tells him not to do anything foolish.  Karna comes to see Bhisma.  He tells Bhisma that he can’t forsake Duriyhodhan.  Krishna comes to Hastinapur.  Krishna tells them that he wants to have lunch at Vidur’s place.  He tells Kunthi that her five sons will be safe.  Krishna tells Duriyhodhan to accept peace. 

                                    VOLUME 17


Krishna visits Hastinapur and stays with Vidur.  Krishna comes to the king’s court.  and requests Dhritharashtra to return Indrapresth to Pandavas.  Duriyodhan interferes and refuses this request.  Then Krishna asks for five villages.  That too he refuses.  Duriyodhan wanted to arrest Krishna.  Then Krishna takes his real form with full powers(Vishwa roopa).  The aura blinds everyone in the court except Bhisma, Vidur and Duronachariya.  War is imminent.  Lord Indra is worried about Karna’s invincibility because of the armour and earrings he was born with.  One day when Karna was sleeping Sun god tells Karna that Lord Indra is planning to ask for his shield and earrings.  Karna tells him that if Lord Indra asks him for those he will give them to him.  Then sun god advices Karna to ask for Sakthi weapon from Indra.  One day when Karna was praying to the Sun god, lord Indra dressed as a Brahmin comes to Karna and asks for the shield and the earring.  Karna cuts them from his body and gives them to Lord Indra.  Lord Indra gives the Sakthi weapon to Karna but tells him that he could use it only once. 

Krishna tells Karna who his mother is.  Vidur resigns his primeminister post in the Hastinapur court. Kunthi meets Karna.   Kunthi asks Karna to join his brothers(Pandavas).  Karna refuses this, but tell that her will not kill anyone but Arjun.  Therefore Kunthi will always remain a mother of 5 sons.  Kunthi blesses Duriyodhan with long life , but refuses to bless him to win the war.  Dhistaythyama(Draupathi’s twin brother) is chosen to be the commander for the Pandava army.  Ghandhari tells her husband to stop the war. 



                                    VOLUME 18


Pandava and Kaurava armies march towards Kurushetra, which is the battle ground.  The rules of the war had been laid out by Bhishma and all parties are bound to follow it. Duriyodhan tricks and makes the King of Madra to stay in his camp.  Yudhister waits for his uncle King Shalya(king of Madra).  When king Shalya finds out that he had stayed in Duriyodhan’s camp he tells Duriyodhan to ask for a boon.  He asks King Shalya to be the commander for his army.  Dhistathyama sees his brother Shikandi poisoning his arrows.  He asks Shikandi what he was doing.  Shikandi tells him that he was Amba in his previous birth.  When Bhisma insulted her she went to Parasurama.  Sage Vyasa gives Sanjay(King Dirtharashtra’s chrioteer) the ability to see the battle from the palce, so that he can keep the king(ie Diritharashtra) informed of the progress of the battle.



                                    VOLUME 19


Arjun changes his mind about fighting against his clan and teachers(gurus).  Then Krishna delivers Bhagavat Geetha to the Arjun (and the world).  Yudhister visits the elders of the Kaurava army and gets the blessing from them.  The war begins.  Abimanyu asks Bhisma’s permission to fight against him. 



                                    VOLUME 20


Arjun fights with Bhisma.  Bhisma’s arrows wound Krishna.  Arjun kills Bhisma’s sarathi(charioteer).  Duriyodhan is angry that Bhisma is not killing Arjun.  Krishna scolds Arjun for not killing Bhisma.  Krishna tells Arjun that if he not killing Bhisma then Krishna will kill Bhishma.  Then Arjun apologizes and fights properly.  In the end Bhisma gets wounded.  With the help of Shikandi(remember Shikandi was Amba the princess in aprevious birth).  Arjun makes Bhisma fall.  Bhishma is on a bed of arrows.Then Drona is made the commander.  He asks Karna to join the war.  Karna goes to see Bhisma lying on a bed of arrows.  Then Bhisma tells him that he knows that he is Kunthi’s son.  Then Karna asks him why he did not allow him to fight in the war.  Bhisma tells him that he did not want him to fight his brothers.  Duriyodhan asked Dronachariya to imprison Yudhister.Duronachariya promises that he will catch Yudhistere. A spy comes and tells Dhistathyama(commander of the Pandava army and Draupadi’s twin brother)



                                    VOLUME 21


A Pandava spy who found out about the plan capture Arjun using the wheel formation is caught by the Kauravas.  Abimanyu tells Uttara(his wife) that he knew only how to enter the wheel formation but does not knows how to exit. .  The next day Trika brothers engage Arjun in a duel and take him away to another spot in the battlefield. Drona and the Kaurava army close in on the rest of the Pandavas using the wheel formation.  Abimanyu enters it along with the 4 Pandava brothers(without Arjun, who is the only one who knows how to trounce enemy using the wheel formation).  Abimanyu gets caught in the wheel trap.  Jegarath prevents the other Pandavas reaching Abimanyu to help him.The Kauravas got together and killed Abimanyu, breaking the rule of war which requires that at any one time only one person can attack another.  Arjun vows that he will kill Jhagarath before sun set the following day, and if he fails he will immolate himself.



                                    VOLUME 22



Karna fights with Bhim.  Karna beats Bhim, but did not kill him because he promised his mother(Kunti) that she will always have 5 sons.  Arjun goes in search of Jagarath but is unable to find him in the battle field.  Jegarath is surrounded by the Kaurava army, and Arjun is thus forced to fight off the army surrounding Jegarath.  The day drags on and is coming to an end, and Arjun does’nt seem to be able to kill Jegarath.  Krishna covers the sun with clouds.  Jhegarath thinks that the sun has set and comes towards Arjun, and taunts him.   Krishna moves the clouds and the sun comes out.  Arjun’s arrow severs Jhegarath’s head and makes it fall on Jhegarath’s father’s lap(remember Jegaraths father is a sage who had blessed his son that any one who causes his son’s head to fall on the ground will be immediately consumed in fire).  On seeing his son’s head falling on his lap, the father gets up.  The head falls on the ground.  This causes the father to die also. 


Bhim’s son Ghatakach joins the war(remember the son born to Bhim and the devout demonness Idumbi, when the Pandavas were in the jungle).  He kills many of the enemies.  No one in the Kaurava army is able to stop Ghatakach.  The day’s war ends with heavy casualities on the Kaurava side.  The following day Karna kills Ghatakach, using the Sakthi weapon(remember the Sakthi weapon when used once will return to lord of heavens,Indra)..  Duronachriya kills the king of Virat.  98 of Duriyhodhan’s brothers have died in the battle so far.  The Pandavas decide that Dronachariya has to be killed if the war is to be won. Krishna tells Bhim to kill the battle elephant named Ahwathama.  Then Bhim tells Duronachriya that he had killed Ahwathama(remember Drona’s son is also called Ashwathama).  On hearing this Drona goes and asks Yudhister whether it is true.  Yudiister says  “Aswathama the elephant has been killed”.  Yudhister mumbles the word “elephant” softly.  Thinking that his son his dead, Duronachariyar threw all his weapons on the ground and sits in prayers.  Seeing this Dhistathyama kills him(thus fulfilling the reason of his birth).  Karna informs Bhisma(who is lying on the bed of arrows) Duronachriyar’s death.  Karna is appointed the Kaurava army commander.  Karnas asks the king of Matura to be his charioteer.  Bhim fought with Dhushashan and killed him.  Then he took Dushshan’s blood and gave Draupathi to wash her hair with it(fulfilling one of his two oaths that he made in the dice hall).  Karna fights with Arjun and gives him a good thrashing.  When he was about to kill Arjun the sun sets.  Karna stops the war for the day, since the rule of war is to stop fighting at sunset, for rest and clearing the battlefield of the dead and wounded.  The fighting armies are also allowed to mingle with each other after sunset.



                                    VOLUME 23



Duraupathi pushes Arjun to kill Karna.  Karna has a disturbing sleep.  Kunthi comes to see Karna.  Arjun and Karna start fighting the following day.  Karna is unable to invoke his divine weapon because he forgets the Manthra to be chanted to invoke it(remember his teacher Parasuram’s curse on Karna that he will forget what he learnt when he needs it).  The chariot also gets stuck in the ground.(remember the curse of the Brahmin who’s calf was run over by Karna’s chariot; the Brahmin cursed that the same wheel that killed his calf will let down Karna in a crucial moment).  Karna climbs down from the chariot to push it out of the ditch.  At this moment Arjun killed Karna.  Duriyhodhan makes the king of Matura the commander.  Yudhister kills him.  Shahadev kills Shakuni.  Duriyodhand goes to Bhisma and informs him about Karna’s death.  Then Bhisma tells him that Karna was Kunthi’s eldest son.  Kunthi cries over Karna’s body.  Yudhister saw his mother crying and asked her why she was crying, over the dead enemy.  Then she tells who Karna was. 


Ghandhari tells Duriyhodhan to bathe in the river Ganga and come to her in the nude to receive all her accumulated prayer energy for his protection in tomorrow’s fight.  Krishna comes to Ghandhari.  Then Krishna tells her that Karna was Kunthi’s eldest son.  She curses Krishna that the Yhadava dynasty will be destroyed.  Krishna sees Duriyhodhan going towards his mother’s tent naked.  Krishna tells him to cover himself even though he is seeing his mother.Duryodhan thinks about it, and goes to his mother covering his waist area with leaves.  She opens her eyes.  Her vision makes Duroyhodhan’s body strong as iron.  Her vision could not make the part of the body, which was covered with leaves strong(this the thighs).  The Pandavas go to cremate Karna, their elder brother.  Duriyhodhan stops them.  He said that he has more right to cremate him.  Krishna tells that Durioyodhan has more right. 


The following day Duryodhan does not turn up at the battlefield, baffling the Pandavas as well as his own army.  A hunter tells the Pandavas where Duriyodhan was hiding.  Duroyhodhan was hiding inside a bubble that he had created inside a lake.  The Pandavas make him come out and fight, with Bhim using the mace weapon.  Bhim breaks Duriyhodhan’s thighs and fulfills his oath.  Ashvathama comes to see Duriyodhan, who is lying wounded on the ground, unable to move because of the broken thigh.  Duriyhodhan appoints Aswathama as the commander.  Duriyhodhan dies.  Sanjay looses his divine sight when Duriyodhan died.  He cannot give a commentary of the war to king Diritharashtra. Aswathama goes to Pandava’s camp.  He killed Dhistayama when he was asleep.  Then he killed all five of Draupathi’s sons thinking that they were the Pandavas.  When Aswathama went to tell the news to Duriyodhan he found him dead.  Sage Vyassa tells Aswathama that he had killed Draupathi’s sons.  Then Asvathama sends the Brahmasthram to kill the Pandavas, Arjun sends his Bramastharam.  Sage Vyasa stops both the weapons. Vyasa tells them to call back their weapons.  Arjun calls it back.  Aswathama tells them that he does not know how to call it back.  Sage Vyasa tells Aswathama to change the direction of the weapon.  The redirected weapon enters the womb of Uttar(Abhimanyu’s widow) and kills her yet to be born child.  However later Krishna gives life to the child when it is still born.  The child is called Prachit.






Vidur comes to see Diritharashtra. Diritharashtra tells Vidur about Duriyhodhan’s death.  Vidur tells him that it was his(Diritharashtra’s) fault for not guiding his son.  Vidur advises Diritharashtra to bless the victorious Pandavas. Pandavas arrive at the palace to receive Diritharashtra’s blessings.  He asks them to come to him one by one.  When Bhim’s turn comes Krishna tells the Pandavas by sign language to place the statue of Bhim (that Duriyhodhan used to practice mace warfare)in front of Diritharashtra.  Though puzzled the Pandavas do as Krishna told them. Diritharashtra hugged the image and broke it to pieces.  Thus his wicked plan to kill Bhim was exposed by Krishna. Then Diritharashtra repents and he blesses the Pandavas.  The Pandavas along with Kunthi came to Gandhari for her blessing.  Coronation takes place.  Yudhister appoints Vidur as his primeminister. Diritharashtra, Ghandhari and Kunthi plan to leave to the forest.  Draupathi stops them from going to the forest.  The Pandavas along with Krishna go to see Bhisma.  Krishna tells Bhisma to teach Yudhister.  Bhisma advises Yudhister on the rules of good governance.  Krishna tells him that he will place the earth on Bhisma’s forehead.  Then Bhisma says ‘OM’ and leaves his body.






Aswathama’s Bramastharam goes and kills Prachit who is in Uttara’s womb.  Prachit was born as a stillborn baby.  Krishna gives the baby is life.  Yudhister ruled Hastinapur for 35 years. Ghandhari’s curse started to take effect on the Yhadavas.   They started to fight with each other and kill everybody. Balarama left his body and went to Vaikunta to wait for Krishna.   Krishna knew that his time had come to leave the human body (which GOD had taken to relieve the world of evil, in response to the prayers of the righteous and the sages).  He sat behind a bush and kept his hand above his head like horns.  A hunter who was passing by saw this and thought that it was a deer in the bush and fired an arrow in that direction.  The arrow killed Krishna.  Arjun who had gone to help Krishna to stop the fights of the Yhadavas was very sad when Krishna left his body.  Arjun took Krishna’s family and children to hide from killers belonging to Krishna’s own Yadhava clan.  When they were passing through a forest some thieves came and attacked them.  Arjun was very old at that time, and when he aimed the arrows at the thieves they fell just in front of Arjun.  The thieves killed all of Krishna’s family members. When Arjun returned to Hastinapur, Yudhister asked about Krishna.   Arjun told him what had happened.  When Yudhister learned about it he felt very sad.  Yudhister knew that it was time for them too to leave the worldly life.    Then the Pandavas crowned Prachit as the king of Hastinapur and left for Himalayas.  While climbing the mountain Draupathi left her body.  Yudhister said that even though all of them loved her very much she loved Arjun more.  That was why she could not go to heaven with her body.  Then Shahadev left his body.   Then Yudhister said that Shahadev was too proud of his knowledge in Astronomy.  That was why he could not go to heaven with his body.  Then Nakul left his body.  Yudister said that Nakul was very proud of his looks.  That was why he could not go to heaven with his body. 

When the Pandavas were at the foot of Himalayas mountains a dog joined them.  The dog started to climb the mountain with them.  A little while later Arjun too left his body.  Yudhister said that Arjun was very proud that he was a good archer.  That was why he could not go to heaven with his body.  Then Bhim and Yudhister continued their way to heaven.  After a little while Bhim too left his mortal coil.  Yudhister said that Bhim was too fond of food.  That was his problem.  When Yudhister reached the top of Himalayas a chariot was waiting, to take him to heaven. Yudhister told the charioteer to allow the dog to enter the chariot too.  The messenger refused.  Then Yudhister said that if the dog was not allowed in then he too would not get into the chariot.  Then the dog changed the form and became Dharma raja(lord of dharma, right action).  He blessed his son and took him with him to heaven in his human body.  Thus ended the Mission GOD on earth in the Dwapara Yuga.  The lord has declared that he will incarnate whenever there is evil dominating