LaVey Bibliography
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-LaVey Bibliography-

The Satanic Bible_________The Satanic Rituals
The Satanic Witch___Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey___The Devil's Notebook

Satan Speaks!

Den Sataniska Beleln

{The Satanic Bible - Swedish Translation}

-LaVey Biography-

The Secret Life of a Satanist

The definitive biography on The Black Pope of the notorious Church of Satan. LaVey reveals even more diabolical knowledge & discusses more exploits in this enchanted life.

The Church of Satan

THE CHURCH OF SATAN by Blanche Barton
A detailed account of the origins, motivations, practices, & formation of the most powerful Satanic church & religion in history.

THE DEVIL'S AVENGER by Burton H. Wolfe

Devil Doctor


Anton Szandor LaVey

Reviewed by Draconis Blackthorne.

An impressive piece of work that every Satanist should study, to keep ahead of the game, & recognize exactly what is going on out there. This is truly an oracle that reveals those secrets that the media is proliferating upon humanity. There is a whole battleground out there, invisible to the normal eye, inaudible to the normal ear, a technological war wages across the airwave strata. THE DEVIL'S NOTEBOOK will sufficiently equip the Satanic Soldier to fight at the front lines, as to preserve "sanity" & purity in this mentally-manipulative era.

A deeper insight into the misty mind of The Black Pope. Therein, one shall find very amusing & interesting anecdotes, that tend to stay with you, & of which there is no antedote, thankfully. For to let these precious gems of knowledge slip, would be a tragedy. One of the more valuable bits of treasure is the text called,"Secrets Of Lycanthropic Transformation". Seeking for a great stress outlet? There it is, in all its primal glory. Guarenteed to more closely connect one with the Satanimal nature.

I came away feeling entertained & fulfilled, with additional scales shed from the eyes. With the crucial information THE DEVIL'S NOTEBOOK provides, one shall transgress unto even higher levels of development. This book goes left beside THE SATANIC WITCH, THE SECRET LIFE OF A SATANIST {the authorized biography of Anton LaVey by Blanche Barton}, & THE CHURCH OF SATAN {Barton}. THE SATANIC BIBLE & THE SATANIC RITUALS resting upon the altar, of course.

THE SECRET LIFE OF A SATANIST may be possessed by writing to FERAL HOUSE P.O. Box 3466 Portland, OR, 97208-3466.

THE CHURCH OF SATAN may be possessed by writing to HELL'S KITCHEN PRODUCTIONS P.O. Box 499 Radio City Station, New York, NY, 10101-0499 U.S.A.

THE BLACK FLAME Magazine---The International Forum of The Church Of Satan also available for $6.00.

Official Church of Satan Website

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