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Asian University of Bangladesh (AUB) is the largest university in Bangladesh in the private sector with respect to student population. The President of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh is the Chancellor of AUB. It is a private university in its legal entity, especially financially. Otherwise its academic programs are approved, supervised and constantly monitored by the Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (a Government office to guide, supervise and monitor all the universities of the country, both in the public and private sectors).

AUB has dual mode of education: campus mode and distance mode.

AUB has three campuses in the country, the Uttara, Dhanmondi and Rajshahi campuses. At the moment, it has five Faculties (Schools), while some other Faculties are in the pipeline. The existing Faculties are as follows.

(1) The School of Business.
(2) The School of Sciences and Engineering (previously The School of Sciences and Technology).
(3) The School of Social Sciences.
(4) The School of Arts.
(5) The School of Education and Training.

Academic programs are offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The academic curricula of AUB are similar to those of US universities. It follows the full credit hour semester system. The Bachelor's programs are of 4 years duration requiring 120 to 135 credit hours, depending on the departments and programs. The Master's programs are of 2 years duration, requiring at least 60 credit hours.

The admission into AUB programs is highly competitive. For instance, more than 2,000 candidates applied for 200 seats in the Business and Computer departments alone for the January intake, 2000. The admission is based on the previous academic records of the respective students, a written test, and a viva examination.

About 99% of the textbooks used at AUB are those which have been authored and published in the USA or UK. As many students cannot afford to buy such books, AUB lends textbooks to all students for each and every course every semester. This is a unique library policy adopted by AUB.

The medium of instruction at AUB is strictly English. (Those students who are week in English have to go through a remedial intensive program in the English language for the entire first semester, to be followed by the required English courses of the regular program, before they can go to core courses).

AUB has linkage with a number of overseas universities and is a full member of APICS, an international accreditation body based in Switzerland.
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