This page links to you to papers and work generated on various business and management topics. Each underlined link in the tables below will take you to a seperate page within this site.

TOPIC: Human Behavior in Organizations

Group Forces and Dynamics
Working Teams and the Organization
Perception and Individual Decisions
Basic Motivation Concepts
Application of Motivational Concepts
Experiential Learning Paper
Power and Politics (powerpoint)
Conflict and Negotiation
Values, Attitudes and Job Satisfaction
Team Process (review)

TOPIC: Price Theory and Industrial Policy

Pre-Classical Thought
Classical Thought
Neo-Classical Thought
Ordinal Utility
Influential People
  Cost Analysis
  Profit Analysis
  Trade Economics

TOPIC: Statistics

Term Paper: Questions Regarding Golf and Alcohol Consumption.

TOPIC: Macroeconomics

Study Questions - How well do you know your Economics. Soon to be posted.

TOPIC: Legal and Regulatory Issues

Questions to Exam # 2 - Legal entities in business.


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