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The Links and Sites of the Paul's Case Homepage

The Paul's Case Homepage has a summary of the story and links to almost every other page in the site.
Paul lived on Cordelia Street in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and it stinks!
The Calvinist religion was very influential in Paul's life and ideals.
Willa Cather, the author of this story, led a very diverse and interesting life.
Paul's room is almost a parallel to the story.
Did Paul's father abuse him?
Was Paul Learning Disabled? Could that have been part of his problem at school?
Carnegie Hall is where Paul worked and felt the joy of life. How did it all come to be?
Flowers played a large role in the story. Maybe Paul was a florist in a past life... hmm?
Paul committed suicide at the end of the story (and I guess at the end of his life too). Could it have been prevented?
How would Karl Marx view Paul's case?
This is how I as a reader viewed the story/
This is my Final Analysis of Paul's Case.
Here is a full text of Paul's Case from the Organization for Community Networks' Electronic Bookshelf.