The Companions of the Glyph

Companions of the Glyph
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The Companions of the Glyph

The Aurum Solis and Other Companions

The Book of the Glyph


Magick, Ogdoadic and otherwise.

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Event Log & GLYPHEST info

What's this got to do with Reiki?

Is this the occult?

An Allegory from PRAXIS: The Second Book of the Glyph

Non-Glyph Related material

Magickal tools on the net

Michael Freedman Memorial Archive

Liber AL and the New Aeon English Qabalah by Frater A. I.

The Heiroglyphic Monad of Dr. John Dee

The Divine Heptarchy, the Web's largest collection of planetary correspondences in the Western tradition

The Tree of Life Project, Frater Auxilior Arti's presentation to the web, a good collection of Qabalistic correspondences in the Western tradition, being a reference built upon the Tree of Life, drawn from his notebooks.

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