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Draconis Blackthorne

The Noctuary

The Noctuary
The Devil House

"An old house said to contain an entrance to Hell, and frequented by Satanists. Shadowy forms appear and disappear in the back yard, which is overgrown with thick foliage and over-hanging trees. Chanting has been heard coming from a rear window and a red light turning on and off. Frightened locals frequently cross themselves when passing by. Walking in the front yard is said to be very bad luck. Several people who have done so have died mysterious deaths, from being choked by invisible hands to car crashes and being murdered. Car collisions seem to happen on that corner on a regular basis. Demonic faces have been seen in the windows. Approaching too close to the front door, one can feel an evil sensation, and a cold spot where a pentagram has been seen sometimes around Halloween. It even looks like a haunted house. It can be recognized by the willow tree in the front yard.

I first found out about it when a friend and I were driving by and he remarked "That's where The Devil lives!" Last time I saw it, it looked like there was a strange glow around it." - Anonymous.

Aristocratic Libertines

Upon graduating from High School, I held weekly revels, or "Sinposiums" at My residence, which turned out to be My own version of "The Magic Circle". These would consist of basically a few friends joining in the festivities with a Horror movie on the VCR, some great musick on the stereo, with conversations that ranged from horror cinema, favorite bands, to the Occult, and the libations flowed freely. I had painted My room black, and set up black & red lights, the combination which casts a really enchanting effect. Interesting to note, is that the morning after I had completed the painting, there was an unexpected eclipse, which I have since thought to be a most interesting synchronicity.

Sometimes curious parties would attend, interested in Satanism and coloquial indulgence. I would answer any question they may have had about the philosophy, and routinely played "Exposing Satan's Underground", "First Family of Satanism", and later "Speak of The Devil", and eventually "Satanis" when I finally found it, along with various other media representations. I experimented with different oracles including Tarot Cards, the I-Ching, runes, and read up on various Magical traditions including the Qabballah and Demonology. I had long-since owned The Satanic Rituals and was practicing the rites therein on a regular basis, gaining overall empowerment and sharpening My abilities to a razor's edge - and I found more potency therein that I had in the varying grimoires typically studied. [See also The Black Book of Shadows for some of the results derived by using Satanic Magic].

When The Satanic Witch was re-released, I remember placing it next to The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals, making mental notes of the knowledge therein, constructing logical and appropriate modifications to the flawless theories for My own applications. Then The Devil's Notebook was published - I found it at a local book store along with The Black Flame {each of which I since acquire upon release}, and the interview with Dr. LaVey in The Nose magazine, all of which I eagerly possessed and mentally devoured. I spent many gratifying hours reading late into the night, sometimes with others who had the benefit of accompanying Me. I also acquired Mga. Blanche Barton's books "The Church of Satan" and "The Secret Life of A Satanist", which added more gnosis to the hellfires within. I frequently re-read these edifying tomes from time to time which serve to provide Satanic meditation, perspective, and focus. These are Our crucial religious texts, and they are truly timeless.

The Animal Asylum

"Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, but more often worse than those who walk on all-fours, who because of his "divine spiritual and intellectual development", has become the most vicious animal of all!" - 7th Satanic Statement, The Satanic Bible; Anton Szandor LaVey.

Being that I have always had an affinity for the animal kingdom, much more so than for most humanimals, from pets, familiars, to watching documentaries, I once took a course on animal welfare right after high school, and as a result, landed a job with the city at the animal shelter rescuing various creatures and preparing them for adoption. Inspecting their fur, skin, paws, eyes, ears, and tongues for any trace of disease, malformation, or mutilation and sending them to be cleaned up, processed with proper documentation, and settled into their respective gated areas for adoption. Hopefully, they were adopted within a couple week's time, otherwise, it was off to the rear area beyond a door topped with a golden cross, which was essentially the death chamber, the "point of no return".

The 'dark side' of this job was left to the executioners who had to euthanize animals which were either beyond recuperation, were violent cases who may have mauled someone, or lapsed beyond their adoptability. It was a sordid dirty duty. These poor creatures were placed upon a cold metal slab and injected with a substance known as "lethal plus", a blue solution which worked quickly though their veins, on a couple of occasions actually turning their eyes a bluish hue. They would just drift into unconsciousness until rendered still, and depending upon the size of the creature, the small ones were unceremoniously slid into a crate where the bodies of their predecessors were piled, until picked up by the truck, and taken to their final resting place, which was probably incineration. The larger ones were euthanized via a syringe on the end of a stick, left to die, and kept in their cages until picked up by the same "death wagon".

I'll never forget the dog who after being injected with the blue death, incrementally went to sleep, and as if dreaming, paddled his feet like he was running free again...

Such pitiful spectacles were a regular occurrence, which eventually became too much to stomach. The gazes of these creatures looking up into one's eyes, as if communicating a plea for mercy, which was not in one's capacity to administer, due to official orders. Apart from the merciful euthanasia, animals who bite humanimals is most often due to fear and self-defense, and are otherwise following their natures, and certainly do not deserve execution, in My opinion. As to the others, they could not all be adopted, and so meet the fate of eternal sleep.

Besides, it was also protocol to euthanize kittens and puppies who were still of weening age, whose mother had perished, figuring they would die anyway of malnutrition, yet the inspections for these observations were too frequently cursory, as if to rush these bodies through a mill, which I took umbrage with whenever I could. I actually 'saved' several litters of kittens from the blue death by insisting that they would take to formula, and they always did.

Upon one October, at a time of the year when black cats are not to be placed for adoption, as a preventative measure against feline-sacrificing devil-worshippers and jokers alike, also considering that many times black cats are used as Halloween props until abandoned in November, a litter of black kittens entered the center whose matron had perished, and were sentenced to veritable death, which I would not have; so I actually took to concealing them in My jacket, and upon closing time, made My way home with them nestled therein, where they became happy and healthy residents of The Noctuary, and a couple of them familiars.

So I left in disgust, knowing that there is a system for population control, yet these spectacles of animal misery and the processing routine were grossly under-developed, and even barbaric. Such an experience did provide an enhanced perspective of appreciation for My own precious animal allies that have come in and out of My life - My cats, My Bull Mastiff 'Abaddon', doberman "Damien", several snakes, rats, and a tarantula. Hails to you all for the black flame which enriches My own, and HAIL SATAN.

Once Upon A Nocturnal Constitutional...

At the former Noctuary as I made My way to the local store for provisions, I came upon a robbery in progress, which I was not aware of at the time I entered the store. After all, I had no reason to suspect anything unusual, having made this pleasant trip on many an evening. A man who stood at the register backed away as I entered, to let Me forward, which I thought was a rather polite gesture. It was not until I exited the establishment, casually gazing back therein that I noticed the man had produced a firearm, proceeding to rob the middle-eastern teller. As I made My way across the street to head back around to The Noctuary, which usually took Me through quiet lamp lit streets and across a bridge {over "the River Styx"} through a local park, I decided to traverse an extra block when I noticed a commotion nearby.

As I went further, I saw Police lights glaring into the night, and that same man I encountered a few minutes earlier sprawled out on the ground being taken into custody.

Still another bygone occurrence transpired wherein upon boarding a transport, some riffraff which had been causing problems for other passengers suddenly became sedate, actually behaving themselves and became civil. It seems the presence of a Satanist commands respect, even amongst desperate circumstances with criminal rabble, at which point stratification becomes especially apparent.

For the Believe It Or Not Files...

Also, another time, as I went forth to use a phone booth near midnight, while completely minding My own business, what should come along, but a gaggle of thugs speeding by at relatively close proximity, shooting into the booth, perhaps in an attempt to intimidate the figure in black, yet to My surprise, not a bullet hit neither Myself nor the booth I was in, as if dematerializing into the ether. To this, I was quite gratified and strengthened, knowing full well certain energies were in operation. One can only morbidly speculate what eventually became of them...

These incidents remind Me of the amusing incident with the "holy water" which seemingly evaporated before ever contacting the floor of The Lair Inner Sanctum.

Drac Dark

One day at the former Noctuary I acquired some beer-making ingredients, and endeavored to make My own beer. With a rather Frankensteinian arrangement, I prepared it just as instructed, giving vent to the containers, and I set off to sleep by the morning light. When what did I hear, but a bursting sound - upon investigation, one of the containers blew its top, despite the recommended ventilation, spraying some of the concoction upon the ceiling, which looked like "dripping blood".

Turns out that was the absolute best-tasting beer I ever tried - rich and flavorful, blackened dark brown and much stronger than any beer commonly available. So with increased ventilation, I began brewing it up and sharing it with friends, who did remark that it was 'strong', but that's the way I like it! Amusingly, I actually affixed skull and bones labels I made for it. Perhaps I may make some more some day.

Warlock on Campus!

Being known as the resident 'Warlock' on campus, I would conduct tarot readings for a fee from time to time in-between classes for various students as well as faculty. I would be spontaneously approached by those who 'heard of' Me, so I decided to take advantage of it, eventually developing a relatively regular clientele utilizing cold reading and dramatic linguistics to enhance the experience for them. The interesting thing is, these 'prognostications' always seemed to materialize in their lives, as they would report to Me upon subsequent readings how situations played out exactly as the cards had predicted. Of course, this very well may be "self-fulfilling prophesies" wherein the person is receptive to the suggestions of the descriptions, which thereby creates a subconscious momentum building to a crescendo of self-imposed materialization.

This was of course quite gratifying, deriving both ego gratification as well as monetary accumulation and, even carnal indulgence on a few occasions...

"Die Happy"

Die HappyOne day as I was walking between classes at a hilly local campus {one of three colleges attended} which has a really enchanting view of the lovely cemetery next door, an individual walked up to Me and handed Me an unsolicited CD from a band named "Die Happy", which features a "happy face and cross bones" - rather silly, I thought; The inside sleeve depicts four or five "tough-guy" rocker 'dudes' in some dimly-lit underground {sewer?}, while on the cover, they are being radiated in the lightmare. So after class was over, I routinely would go over to the library and dig up some Occult material for personal and scholastic use, and I decided to take a listen. With "Satan Wants You" by Arthur Lyons opened before Me, and the earphones firmly on, I discovered that this was a hard rock band bordering on Metal, and also discovered that the lyrics were decidedly christian-oriented {which I suppose was the purpose of that anonymous stranger for attempted conversion}; so I ignored that and focused on the music instead, and found that there were some nice melodies here and there, and realized that the potential talents here were squandered on the jesus subculture, wherein if they applied themselves in the secular arena, they may really go somewhere. So the CD has since joined the cavalcade collection somewhere.

Later I discovered that this band were comprised of former members of the Metal band "Vengeance Rising" {I noticed the stylized "V" in their logo resembling Venom's}; and thought to Myself, "what a waste!" - how many have fallen into the mediocrity of christianity's "White Metal" {Jeff Fenholt* comes to mind - former Black Sabbath stand-in singer turned absurd show-tunes and 50's rock amalgam, where he simply replaces the given lyrics with christian overtones}; the only viable band experiencing any kind of lasting, though still limited 'success' was Stryper, who took the jesus gimmick to the limit. Blindlight muzak has always been, and shall continue to be, a weak and unoriginal imitation of truly passionate and talented secular, wordly, and therefore, Satanic Music.

* One night, I was invited by some acquaintances at the time to attend a Jeff Fenholt concert taking place at a local church. The only reason I considered going was for the potential of meeting up with some attractive females there - it was the weekend, so I was game. I was already quite comfortably in Satanic awareness, so I thought the salacious possibilities would be worth the trip. When I arrived, I was being asked by several attractive nubile females waht My beliefs were all about, so I began "enlightening" them, as it were {although not veering into Solipsism - just giving them enough to suit My selfish purposes} - so there I was, with the majority of parishoners' daughters practically on My lap. attentive to My explanations, and it payed off - I did end up having quite an indulgent time before the night was through - but I digress - after a bit of time talking with these lovelies, I decided to enter in the main hall where Fenholt was 'performing' - basically, exchanging lyrics from established secular songs with christian references, just really weak. After listening to some of this, I departed to the back again, crossing My arms about My chest gesticulating Cornus with My hands, and joined the waiting girls again {I vividly recall the expressions on some faces when they saw this - quite amusing}. When Fenholt concluded, I went back into the hall which was becoming more and more vacated, with some lingering sheeple still therein. Sometime along the way, a woman approached Myself and My cohorts and began her conversion tactics. After dictating the so-called virtues of the nazarene, one question she asked which really stands out in My mind is "What has Satan freed you from?" After a brief pause, I stated "Guilt." With that, her face contorted, and she reverted to the lowest common denominator a christian exhibits - that of the mindless "jesus loves you" tired cliche', which to Me, is a blatant admittance of failure and defeat in a debate. With that, she lifted her head and hands into the air, and began babbling incoherently - real gibberish. I smiled, and left that place of abstinence for more earthly activities.


Parapsychology: Eventually I decided to attend College as My interest was piqued by a course on Parapsychology taught by Dr. Dianne Morrissey, who is a colleague of Dr. Thelma Moss who invented Kirlian photography. All of those subjects I had read about were now being offered as a class, so I went to see if I could learn anything new from this course, which I really did not, but at least I derived some school credit for it. Of particular note, one of the exercises consisted of identifying and detailing an image within a magazine one had not previously seen, and the others were virtually astounded at the accuracy I posited as I described a scene in the country with people leaning up against a wooden fence by a tree, including their dress. It was quite an amusing class.

Philosophy: Various theories by various "thinkers", most of whom I found basically go around in circles, and what Doctor called "mental acrobatics", with very few exceptions such as Aristotle, Alexander Dumas, Nietzchie, and a choice select others. This class, along with the subsequent Humanities and Psychology of Religion, have served to confirm My analysis that Satanism is in fact the most honest and powerful religion.

Small Business Management: The basics on running a "micro-business", as it were. This class was basically a "think-tank" to contribute creative products and inventions along with clever marketing strategies, the basics of book-keeping, business law, copyrights, and some examples provided of successful small businesses becoming mega-conglomerations.

Web-Design: Just some of the basics on building a web page, submitting to search engines, just really elementary material which could be learned just as easily by experimentation on one's own computer, which is the majority of what I have done and surpassed. But again, I did receive credit for it, so I came out ahead. It was actually during this class that I conjured forth The Shadowmantium into existence.

Psychology of Religion: A comprehensive study of the mentality of those who are attracted to white-light religions, which actually did provide some valuable insights, also confirming many of My own hypotheses. Of note, a witty instructor, great conversations, interesting films, attractive female students, and field trips to various religious institutions. [ See The Black Earth for reviews | See Questionnaire from text ].

Humanities: A most enjoyable study of various cultures in history, from the Egyptians to the Greeks to the Romans, Sumerians, Chaldeans, inclusive of philosophical commentary and architectural considerations. I was again fortunate to have an instructor who is extraordinarily knowledgeable on this subject, and the manner in which it was expressed was both edifying and an honor to absorb.

Anthropology: Again, supplementing My own "misanthropological" observations on humanity, we looked at various cultural traditions, evolution, physical specimens, hunting techniques, social structures, lineages, and several major discoveries and excavations. The Instructor, in somewhat of an "Indiana Jones" fashion, related several of her own experiences and travels throughout the world. Plus, she was quite a perky little lady with very nice hair.

Geology: A fascinating study of atmospheric and earth processes, with tactile exhibits of various rocks in various stages of development from all over, under, and within the globe. Just interesting to know what is physically occurring within Our Black Earth.

Blackthorne Productions

Blackthorne Productions

Blackthorne Productions logo by Kyle Whittaker Blackthorne Productions emerged as an in-house publisher and outlet for My literature and the "Black Arts & Witch Crafts" I produce, including The Devil's Diary magazine; Books: Dracomeroth, The Devil's Scroll, Malefick Media, Vampiricon; Products: The Devil's Cord, Satan's Ouija, Satan's Runes, The Pact with Satan, and the Narrations From The Abyss CD. These ideas swirled about in My head and I decided to finally construct them for personal use, until eventually it occurred to Me that there may be other Satanists who would appreciate these as well, so I endeavored to present them to The Infernal Empire, and it has been doing relatively well for these past two years, and growing at a steady pace. Moving in The Satanic Grace, and through the process of diabolical machinations, this seemed the next logical step in My Daemonic Evilution.

The Omnis Dracomeroth {Opus Satani} was originally titled "The Omnis" and was initially written in Years XXIV and XXV A.S., as a result of My study and experimentation in The Occult, combining various traditions and "Satanizing" them, as it were, truly giving The Devil his due, and thus, was renamed Dracomeroth upon infernal modification. The rites written therein are a result of both meditation and the application of Greater and Lesser Magical principles which have proven by results to really work.

The Devil's Scroll {Opus Diaboli} is a collection of misanthropic and Satanically-philosophical essays providing insights into human motivations, social commentary, as well as counter-culture thought.

Malefik Media is a large compendium of multi-media sources reviewed from a Satanic perspective, offering philosophical commentary with a piercing pen used as a veritable sword.

The Devil's Diary includes essays, fiction and non-fiction stories, rituals, art, photography, poetry, multi-media reviews, interviews, and relations of adventures and travels from Satanists. Previous to The Devil's Diary, I published a magazine entitled "Noctuary", which included all of the afore-mentioned, although written and animated completely by Myself. Again, I thought to bring this idea to The Infernal Empire for other Satanists to participate and lend various insights.

The Devil's Cord is based on the idea of a "Witch's Cord" and "rosary", in which a Satanist may meditate upon The Nine Satanic Statements, The 11 Satanic Rules of The Earth, and the Nine Satanic Sins, while also ritualizing a wish to materialize utilizing the individual demonically-inscribed beads to enforce the will, and exercise one's Magical potency. I have found this to be very effective.

Satan's Ouija is intended as a Satanic meditation and to manifest one's psychic abilities by the use of clairvoyance and intimately connecting to The Dark Force Satan in a more dynamic manner. The Shadowmancy board is essentially a reflective tool to exercise one's sensitivity to currents and apply them towards beneficial conclusions.

Satan's Runes work much the same way as Satan's Ouija, opening the daemonic eye to reveal the true patterns of life and modifying them towards personal gratification.

The Pact with Satan is intended as a resolution and a formal gesture and commitment to the precepts of Lucifer and The Left-Hand path, accessing psychodrama which motivates one towards evolution and retains perspective.

Narrations From The Abyss is Myself narrating various essays combined with sound-effects and atmospheric musick.

Church of Satan Warlock

The Church of Satan


I formally joined The Church of Satan in Year XXXIII A.S., and have recently had the honor of being promoted to Warlock II* by High Priest Magus Peter H. Gilmore. I had the pleasure of meeting Magistra Templi Rex Blanche Barton at a TLC presentation on Satanism in which I led a ritual with Satanists from all over California, which should air sometimes later in this Year of XXXIX A.S. Several Satanic publishers of note have been gracious enough to include My work in their publications, including The Black Flame, Not Like Most, The Cloven Hoof, The Trident, and Skratte, as well as transcriptions and art being included on The Official Church of Satan site, interviews in The Feast of Hate & Fear, the Legion of Loki website, as well as a couple of interested individuals in the creative arts.

To Be continued...

Draconis Blackthorne
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