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Summon Satan
Draconis Blackthorne's Shadowmantium

A n t i - x i a n A r c h i v e s

The Circus Maximus

A N T I - X I A NThis section is now closed. I feel blindlight religions have sufficiently proven My points. By word, thought, & deed, the xian & otherwise white~light, death~cult feign have manifested their glaring hypocrisy unto Myself, & to the world at large.

Indeed, the lower-life forms of the blindlight feign have demonstrated their incompetence & hypocrisy redundantly, & this author sees no further need to reveal their rottenness, as they have done so themselves. To continue to keep tabs on the blindlighters would only be kicking a dead horse, & a waste of time & energy.

However, I do recognize the entertainment value of The Anti-xian section, that it has been appreciated by many a darkling. For those of you who have enjoyed these blasphemous frivolities, found truth therein, & wish to experience them again, please click H E R E.

Again, I feel The Anti~xian section has served its purpose, as a veritable Circus Maximus - the xians have been fed to the lions. Evolution has proven its course. And now on to more pressing & pleasing Satanic manifestations!

In Nomine Satanas,
Draconis Blackthorne.

Draconis Blackthorne