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Archive Circa XXXVIII Anno Satanas

  • The Shadow Gallery: Wastrels. Lower life-forms infesting the earth; weaka & xianity in bed together. The newage xianity metaphorically "in bed together", as the foolosophies are basically the same with minor differences. The 'Goddess' really wishes for The Dark Side, but cannot divorce herself from hypocritical self-deceit.

    The Devil's Diary VI: Halloween/Winter Solstice XXXVIII A.S. XII/XXV\XXXVIII
  • Blackthorne Productions: The Devil's Diary VI Out now! Issues will now be on a Halloween/Winter Sostice and Walpurgisnacht schedule, due to the plethora of events and information constantly manifesting. Order your copies today, and have it delivered to your door hot off the Hellish Presses! Inclusions include works by Le'Rue Delashay, Goat of Mendes, Kali Sekmet, Kyle Whittaker, Paul Hill, Rex Set, and others, with cover work by Tim Bishop. Always accepting contributions, so keep on sending in those submissions! For Ordering Information, please contact The Editor:
    [ Click on cover to see it larger. ]

    XII/XXI-XXIII\XXXVIII: Winter Solstice
  • Let us recall the traditions of the Northern climes, as we celebrate The Winter Solstice and perform The Homage To Tchort at fern-bedecked Altars. May the Hell-fires warm you on these wonderfully cool nights filled with indulgence and absinthe-laden elixers. The skies shall rumble and flash, rain and snow and wind and fog offer a comforting embrace outside our windows this Yuletide season. And may the longest night offer solace amidst candlelight and fireplace enchantments. HAIL SATAN!
  • Church of Satan Solstice Greetings.
  • Added seasonal appropriation to Main Entry Page.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Satan Claws I & II. Colorized Sketches of Old Nick.

  • Spechtreum: Church of Satan Interview Archives.

  • Malefik Musick: Magus Peter H. Gilmore's 'Threnody For Humanity' review in Messages From Hell.
  • Black Heart Poetry: The Mail At Midnight.
  • Darkling Poetry: The Monster In The Bathroom.

  • The Devil's Web I & II / Satanism/Satantra: Satanic Lust eZine for the Satanic Sexual Connoisseur .

    XI/XXII\XXXVIII: Black Book of Shadows Updates.
  • The Black Book of Shadows: "Look At What Happened To Brenda" & "Supernatural Evidence I" update. HAIL SATAN.

      XI/XX\XXXVIII Malefik Musick Reviews
    • King Diamond: The Puppet Master; Midnight Syndicate: Dungeons & Dragons; Type O Negative: Life Is Killing Me.
    • Nefarious News: Added "Today In Twisted History" box.

    • Notable A&E presentations for the month of November
      * Monday, November 3, 2003: 7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Dahmer: Mystery of the Serial Killer: A chilling investigation into the thoughts of serial killers. Focuses on the sensational case of Milwaukee's Jeffrey Dahmer, who was convicted of murdering and dismembering 15 young men and boys.
      * Tuesday, November 4, 2003: 8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Charles Manson: Profile of the drugged-out, hippie-like guru whose followers murdered actress Sharon Tate and six others in 1969. Includes interviews with Manson and three of his gang, prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, and author Dominick Dunne, who describes the fear that gripped Los Angeles after the murders.
      * Wednesday, November 5, 2003: 7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Disappearance of Madalyn Murray O'Hair: At first there seemed to be little prayer of discovering the truth when the founder and family of the American Atheist Organization vanished into thin air. This is the story of how an enterprising reporter, a private investigator and federal authorities unraveled the mystery behind the 1995 disappearance of Madalyn Murray O'Hair, her son and his daughter. Interviews with detectives, press and those closest to the case discuss how justice was finally served.

      X/XXXI\XXXVIII: Halloween XXXVIII Anno Satanas.
    • Milk-white days and cool dark nights, autumnal demonic winds blowing the orange-hued leaves, scraping across the ground, fallen from skeletal trees shadowed black against the thundering clouds of purple and blue - the Gothic tapestry returns amidst the lambent glow of the harvest moon. The scent of jasmine and burning mesquite permeates the environment, as we embrace our loved ones and familiars in our darkened Lairs 'neath the eyes of Baphomet gazing down from The West on high.
      Halloween is all-year 'round for The Satanist. We preserve the glory of the Halloween Spirit by Our very being. The Majesty of The Alien Elite, The Superior Predator. As we look out upon the teeming masses, with their cheap plastic and lycra costumes, veritably, sheep masquerading as wolves, beggar's night shall be accompanied with a serious trick if they dare approach Our doors. Tonight is a night of feasting, revery, and indulgence. Preserve the treats for yourselves, perform The Sabbath rites, as The Darkness deepens and grows. The Hellfires burn bright tonight! Let The Celebrations Begin! HAIL SATAN.
    • The Shadow Gallery/ Loki's Laughter: Humorous inclusion entitled Ghoultime. Scary stories told to ghouls in the dead of the night.
    • Halloween Pages: Night of The Ghoul, Halloween At The Noctuary.

      Threnody For Humanity X/XXX\XXXVIII
    • The Infernal Empire: Updates on several Satanic Multi-Media appearences and resources.
    • Malefik Musick: "Threnody For Humanity" by High Priest Peter H. Gilmore is now available at The Emporium!
    • Magistra Barton will be on Tech TV. Check the site for broadcasts in your area.

      X/XXIX\XXXVIII: Anton Szandor LaVey, In Memoriam.
    • Doctor's Presence looms as an omnipresent spechtre haunting The Halloween Season - and as the world ambles to and fro in the aptly named "Amateur Night", the one time of year when the boorish herd gets but only a glimpse into Our World, we raise a glass to Our Founder, still very much alive in the brains and sinews of those Powerful Iconoclasts and Individualists in this Infernal Cabal known as The Church of Satan. So ignite the Black Candles, lift The Cornu unto the Daemon Szandor, and summon those evocations in His name this day of observation. Hail LaVey! HAIL SATAN.
    • LaVey Slideshow: New images added!
    • Malefik Musick: Type 0 Negative "Life Is Killing Me" new release.

    • Reviews of The Cloven Hoof #131 & The Trident #11 added to Satan's Scroll. HAIL SATAN.
    • Notable A&E Listings for The month of October
      * Monday, October 27, 2003: 10-11pm - CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Horror in Amityville - After six members of the DeFeo family are murdered in their home in Amityville, New York, by the oldest DeFeo son, George and Kathy Lutz move into the house and claim to experience a series of bizarre, supernatural events. They write an account of their experiences and the tale becomes the basis for the famed movie "The Amityville Horror". Narrated by Paul Winfield.
      * Monday, October 27 & 28, 2003: 8-9pm - BIOGRAPHY® - Linda Blair Profile of the actress who suffered bad press, unfounded rumors, and even death threats after she starred in the ultimate horror movie, "The Exorcist". Includes an interview with the film's director William Friedkin and rarely seen behind-the-scenes footage from the film.

      The Puppet Master X/XV\XXXVIII: Malefik Musick.
    • KING DIAMOND: "The Puppet Master" unleashed in stores October 21st.
    • ACHERON: "REBIRTH: Metamorphosing into Godhood" to be released on Halloween XXXVIII Anno Satanas.
    • MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE: "Dungeons & Dragons" now available for Halloween, and to accompany role-playing amusements, and all year around Ritual Musick.

      The Devil's Web / Satanimation: Jeffrey Avila's Artwork From Hell.

      IX/XXIII\XXXVIII: Autumnal Equinox.
    • The Black Earth.

    • Pelican Place Art Gallery: Necrotic Art connisseurs of Artist Von Tipton in the Tallahassee area would do well to view these remarkable prints in person for the Halloween Season, and take one back to The Lair with you for all year 'round. You may view some of his remarkable works at The West Gate Necromantic Azrael Project Online.

      The Satanic Runes IX/XVI\XXXVIII
    • Now accepting submissions for The Devil's Diary VI: Halloween XXXVIII Anno Satanas Edition! Satanosophical essays, photography, artwork, multimedia reviews, interviews, and ritual/ceremonial suggestions welcome. Contact The Editor Draconis Blackthorne to contribute or subscribe. HAIL SATAN.
    • Blackthorne Productions: The Satanic Runes image added.

    • The Shadow Gallery: "The Predator Amongst the Prey": The Wolf amidst the herds and flocks. Inspired by involuntary {sub} human interaction, and the experience of the B.U.G.S. of the lightmare {Blare, Ugliness, Glare, Stare}; The Predator Elite strides pridefully and hunts the populace for pleasure and profit. And now with many Satanists returning to the halls of their chosen Lyceums, the image is even more appropriate.
    • Black Heart Poetry: Goat of Mendes addition.

    • Listen to Magistra Blanche Barton in the first segment on To The Best of Our Knowledge. Scroll down to subject "The Devil", 7/20\2003.

    • The Infernal Empire: Updates on The Great Dark by HP Gilmore, and some exceptional Satanic publications. HAIL SATAN.

    • Alternate Entry Pageadded, which can also be accessed by clicking on the Baphomet on the First Entry Page. Bookmark if you wish. "Blackthorne Manor" Desktop image also added to The Shadow Gallery. Infernal Regards to Citizen Cole for the suggestion.
    • Malefik Musick: London After Midnight Concert Review. Also added to The Black Earth

    • The Shadow Gallery: The Green Demoness. A Tribute to The Elixer of Ecstasy.
    • Blackthorne Productions: 'The Shadow Gallery Art Book' Volume I Now available! 50 Photo-Glossy Prints Circa XXX - XXXVII Anno Satanas. Single prints also available for purchase.

    • Corbis: Type in "Anton Szandor LaVey" in the search box. Five new images added for purchase for decoration of your Lair.
    • The Devil's Web / Satanic Supplies: Added The Last Chance Saloon. "Attire for dark, twisted deviants".

    • Blackthorne Productions: Samples from "Narrations To The Abyss: Satanic Sermons" Volumes I & II added.
    • The Shadow Gallery: "Weakan Denial" and "Einztegoaten".

      VII/IV\XXXVIII: The Great Satan
    • The Infernal Empire: LaVeyan excerpts from books "Occult America" by John Godwin and "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sorcery But Were Afraid To Ask" by Arlene J. Fitzgerald added to Church of Satan site's Interviews Section. My Infernal Thanks to Magus Gilmore. HAIL SATAN.
    • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Independance Day, In Celebration of the Luciferian Liberation of United Satanic America.

      King Diamond Sigil VII/II\XXXVIII
    • The Shadow Gallery: King Diamond Sigil by Draconis Blackthorne. This image has been haunting around in My brain as of late, so I decided to bring it into the 2nd Dimension, by this 3rd, from the 4th. Upon examination, you will notice the top three peaks resemble a King's Crown {which could also forseeably represent the Devil's Pitchfork}, which is most appropriate, and the Brimstone symbol typical of the King Diamond logo is included in its center, extending forth into the outer perimeters of The Pentagram, which itself is contained within A Black Diamond. Following are two Photoshop renditions - one colorized, the other, grayscale. Enjoy. Hail King! HAIL SATAN. King Diamond Sigil I {Color} | King Diamond Sigil II {Greyscale}.

    • Blackthorne Productions: 'Narrations From The Abyss Volume One' now available on CD! Nearly 80 minutes of dark music and Daemonic Narrations. $13.00. Contact Blackthorne Productions for Ordering Information.

    • Scroll V: The Trident X review.

    • The Devil's Web / Satanimation: Official Site of Jason R. Roberts.
    • Warlocks: OBD Member John Padilla.

      Satan Wants YouTemple of The Vampire
    • The Shadow Gallery: Modifications of the classic Satan Wants You! poster and the remodified Winged Skull of Ur emblem, in honor of The Hekal Tiamat, and as suggested by Rev. Ventrue {sans horns} & Magister Nemo {for a much closer depiction to the original}. Hail The Church of Satan! And The Temple of The Vampire!
    • Find A Grave.
    • The Black Earth: Hellhouse of Hollywood for sale. It would be an excellent opportunity for a Church of Satan member to purchase this attraction, and add Dr. LaVey therein, with indications from "Draconia: A Total Environment Themepark" {see Not Like Most magazine #12}; inclusive of the selling of Satanic merchandise.

      Satanis: The Devil's Mass V/XXIV\XXXVIII
    • Spechtreum News: 'SATANIS: The Devil's Mass' on DVD will be available through, Release Date: June 17th. Satanis is also currently available on VHS from Something Weird Video.

    • Black Heart Poetry: OBD Member Rex Hickok, Minister of Sinemaerotica contributes. Warning: Contains content of a mature/immature manner.

      Blackthorne Productions V/XV\XXXVIII
    • The Infernal Empire: Satanism Today CD sets now available!
    • Blackthorne Productions: Logo created by Talmage Kyle Whittaker. Infernal Thanks & Regards. HAIL SATAN.
    • The Devil's Web: Updated The Devil's Allies page.
    • Infernal Progeny = Crystal / Indigo Children? * Books: Indigo Children | The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children | The Crystal Children: A Guide to The New Generation of Psychic and Sensitive Children.

    • Dractionary: SINEMÆROTICA.

      The Devil's Diary: Walpurgisnacht XXXVIII Anno SatanasThe Devil's Diary V: Walpurgisnacht XXXVIII Anno Satanas
    • The Devil's Diary V: This issue contains 63 pages of essays by various authors on Satanosophical commentary, Radionics/Psionics Technomancy, the Iraq conflict, a total dining experience, a misanthropic analysis on linguistics, and more; 2 rituals, remarkable artistry on front {"Into The Infernal Regions" by Tim Bishop} and back {"Satantra" by DB} covers, interviews with Draconis Blackthorne and Vincent Crowley of Acheron, where he discusses the band, philosophy, and The Church of Satan; poetry, and many multimedia reviews and recommendations. Ordering Information: Contact Blackthorne Productions.
    • Infernal Progeny: My Pet Monster.

    • Dractionary: "Sinposium".
    • Birthday: Gaston Leroux, Author of The Phantom of The Opera, 1927.

      IV/XXX\XXXVIII: Walpurgisnacht.
    • Black candles burn in our Ritual Chambres as reflective of the bonfires which raged underneath the glowing Moon by our ancestors, partaking in all manner of mutually-pleasurable indulgence. And so we bring forth the nymphs and fauns to partake of the Cup of Earthly Delights wherever they may be found, according to Our desires. Enemies are crushed beneath the fierce poundings of Our Strength, by Satan's Might, any who would dare stand against Us in their misdirected masochism.- We take great delight in their destruction. May Our Magic bear great fruition, as we honor the foundation of The Church of Satan and Black Pope Anton Szandor LaVey - the immortal legend and this invincible Cabal. Hail The Church of Satan! HAIL SATAN.

    • Spechtreum: House of 1,000 Corpses.
    • Malefik Musick: Type O Negative: October Rust.


      Damnation and A Day IV/XIX\XXXVIII
    • Malefik Musick: Cradle of Filth: Damnation and A Day.

      King Diamond IV/XV\XXXVIII
    • Malefik Musick News: King Diamond will release the subsequent "Puppet Master" in October of this year XXXVIII A.S.
      Danzig scheduled to play two dates for "Blackest of The Black" Tour.
      * Friday, May 2nd, Phoenix Arizona, Mesa Ampitheatre.
      * Saturday, May 3rd, L.A., CA, Universal Ampitheatre.
    • Added "Oracles" to Divination Page. Free Electronic readings. Includes Tarot, I-Ching, Runes, Bio-Rhythm, Bibliomancy, and more. For Satanic Oracles, click H E R E.
    • The Devil's Web II / Satantra : Sin Set Books Wonderful resource for underworld erotic tomes necromanced from the past. Kiss the skull...

      IV/XI\XXXVIII: Anniversary of The Nativity of The Black Pope
    • We at the Lair of The Black Dragon take this opportunity to remember the man who wrote one of the most important books in history, The Satanic Bible, with all of the undefiled wisdom and Power it contains, with each successive truth unfirling day by day in this Satanic Age. Hail The Nativity of Devil-Father and Mentor unto timelessness. His diabolical manifestations continue to pervade the Black Earth and Ethers, and insprire My own devilish muses. It is well advised for Satanists to take this day & night to view Satanis: The Devil's Mass and Speak of The Devil: The Canon of Anton LaVey, listen to The Satanic Mass and Satan Takes A Holiday, in honor The Black Pope, High Priest I and founder of The Church of Satan, who remains a role-model as the incarnation of Satan, which is The Satanist.
      As the rain falls and thunder rolls, candles burn and bells toll, as the cold gusts of Hellish winds cascade along mountain and tree, so Devil-Father, we raise our cups to thee, in honor of your Mighty words and deeds! To Life! Lust! Power! and Indulgence! Hail Szandor! HAIL SATAN.

    • The Black Pope: Download 20/20: The Devil Worshippers; Year XX Anno Satanas, 1985 c.e. / Includes Dr. LaVey speaking from Satanis, 24:26.

    • 1459: Vlad Tepes feasts among the impaled corpses of his enemies.
    • The Devil's Web I / Personal Sites: The Lair of The Dark Mistress.

    • Spechtreum: The Gate; Ghoulies.

      The Trident #9 III/XXVIII\XXXVIII
    • Satan's Scroll: The Trident Magazine #9. A howling good read.

    • The Black Earth: Oakdale Cemetary.
    • Malefik Musick: Venom & Celtic Frost pages added. Sonic Necromancy timelessly conjured forth by the Warrior Spirit.

    • Satan's Scroll: Not Like Most #13.

      The Devil's Diary V III/XXI\XXXVIII: Spring Equinox
    • The Black Earth has drunk in the Waters of Leviathan, bringing forth life renewed from moist pits. Skies rumble resounding, Satan looms as a gothic tapestry, the scent of jasmine permeates the air, Lucifer's presence, enchanted gardens aflame with lustre as the fog creeps slowly there through, the spider webs awash with dew as so many ornaments heralding The Equinox resplendant. Come forth, winds, rain, hail, thunder, lightning! Shemhamforash! HAIL SATAN.
    • The Devil's Diary is set to be unleashed between this day and Walpurgisnacht, so if you have essays, multimedia reviews, art, poetry, Magical rites, photos of Satanic Environments &/or individuals, submissions, please send them in to Ever evolving, crystallizing, unto reaching the quintessance of The Satanic with every issue. So far this volume by various authors, we have Interviews with Vincent Crowley of Acheron, Draconis Blackthorne; a Satantric rite entitled "Ceremony of The Seven Deadly Sins", essays on Technomantic Radionics, extensive Satanosophical Commentary, hunting the herd, and more; plus multimedia reviews, poetry, and cover art by exceptional Satanic Artist Tim Bishop entitled "Into The Infernal Regions". You can also place your order today, and have it shipped to you immediately upon its printing.

    • Warlocks: Luciferos.

      III/XVII\XXXVIII: United Satanic America Update.
    • Nefarious News: Extra! David 'Nightmare' Powers of LUCIFER Raises Hell on Battleship!

      Under The Sign of The Black Mark III/XVI\XXXVIII
    • Malefik Musick: Bathory: Under The Sign of The Black Mark.

      H.P. Lovecraft III/XV\XXXVIII
    • R . I . P . : H.P. Lovecraft, 1937. Cthulhu awaits.
    • The Black Earth: Clearman's Northwoods Inn.
    • The Devil's Web I / The Devil's Musick, Radio, Loki's Laughter: Heavy Metal Memories Sonic Time-Travel to evocative Musickal Necromancies resurrected from their respective graves and re-introduced into one's frame of existence, possessed once more to live in one's timeless inertia; Corpses For Sale! Necrophagic A.H.C.'s for decor and special occasions...

    • The Black Earth: Our Lady of The Angels Cathedral.
    • Infernal Day of Observation: Babylonian Feast of Marduk.

    • R.I.P.: Horace Walpole, Author of The Castle of Otranto, 1797.

    • The Black Book of Shadows: "Summoning The Storm". An Ecomantic account.
    • Satan's Scroll V: Skratte.

    • The Black Earth: St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral.
    • The Devil's Web I / Personal Sites, Radio, Supplies, The Black Earth: Marc's Personal Hell Satanic Page; 13th Track Halloween Instrumentals, Party Tunes, Sound Effects, Ghost Stories, Classics; Alarming Products An all year 'round Halloween Supply Shoppe; Lost Destinations Abandoned, ghostly, unusual, and wild locations hidden from eyes of the common man.

    • Birthdays:Wilhelm Grimm, 1786; Horror Writer August Derleth, 1909.

    • Neighborly Psychological Warfare, or How To Use Your Neighbors as Guina Pigs: Added "Car Wars" & "Noise Wars".
    • The Black Book of Shadows: "The Pillars of Faith Have Fallen!"

      The Satanic Witch II/XXI\XXXVIII: The Satanic Witch
    • The Infernal Empire: The Satanic Witch by The Black Pope, Anton Szandor LaVey re-released with a forward by High Priestess Peggy Nadramia and an afterword by Magistra Blanche Barton. A guidebook for the seductress, transforming a woman into a veritable succubus. True Feminism, bringing the female Satanist to her highest potential. Also useful for Warlocks. Published by Feral House.
    • Hell's Bar & Grill: "Themed Dining: The Total Dining Environment". Suggestion for augmenting the dining experience in The Lair.
    • The Devil's Web II / Anti-xian: Why weakans Suck. A critical analysis on the newage xianity.

    • The Infernal Empire: Church of Satan Evilution, with an impressive LaVeyan aesthetic manifestation and an interview with High Priest Peter H. Gilmore.
    • Warlocks: Dionysian Satanist Rex "Set" Hickok.

    • The Devil's Web I / Satanism: | Historical information on part of our Satanic roots. * Recommended reading: The Statement of Shaitan - 'The Black Book: Al-Jilwah'; The Satanic Rituals, Anton Szandor LaVey.

    • Letters to The Abyss: Complimentary words of support.
    • The Devil's Web I / Weird Science: Alien Resistence. Interesting psychological source of comparison between erstwhile "satanic survivors" and "U.F.O. Abductees"; Demonstrates the need of the herd to experience some degree of eustress. Submitted by Blackheart Rex.

      II/XVI\XXXVIII: Full Moon
    • Satanic Serenades: Poem "2.16.03" by Anthony "Satanic One of Black" Shillingburg. In honor of ridding the world of a truly deserving rotten lowlife. Hail Victory! HAIL SATAN.
    • Bitches of Christ: Amusing repartee' with a masochistic antagonist.

    • Nefarious News: Film Dracula premiered in 1931.

    • The Black Earth: Museum of Tolerance, Hsi Lai Temple.
    • The Infernal Empire: Church of Satan Evilution.

    • Draconis Blackthorne Interview: Feast of Hate and Fear. Infernal Thank You to Adel of iconoclastic bands Timescape Zero & None Dare Call It Treason. HAIL SATAN.

    • Birthday: Classic Horrorwood Man of Mystery Lon Chaney, Jr., 1905.

    • The Devil's Web / Personal Sites: Child of Sin Little Witch's Realm. An improved version of the former, with more of a personal touch.
    • Birthday: Fantasy Artist Frank Frazetta. Aesthetic Sorcerer who brings the worlds conjured from within his mind to spark the flame of Magic in the conciousness of the imaginative.

    • Loki's Laughter: "More (albiet lesser-known) secrets of the Catholic Church" by "The Pickle Bandit".
    • Nefarious News: Sekhmet's Day ~ Egyptian Goddess of Vengeance.
    • R.I.P.: Joseph Sheridan LeFanu, Author of "Carmilla", 1873; Anne Radcliff, 1823.

      Goth: The Game of Horror Trivia
    • Infernal Progeny review: "Goth: The Game of Horror Trivia" in Videogames.
    • The Black Book of Shadows: "Compassion Ritual Cures Cancer!", "Suicidal Death-Curse".
    • The Devil's Web / The Devil's Musick: Mortiis. Daemonically-inspiring and innovative Malefik Musician and showman.
    • Nefarious News: Greek Festival of Aphrodite.

    • Birthday: Satanic Artist Extraordinnaire H.R. Giger.

    • Words of support added to Letters to The Abyss.
    • Chinese New Year of The Goat. For Chinese Satanists, it may be The Year of The Baphomet.

      Lord Darkness with Baphomet I/XXIX\XXXVIII
    • The Shadow Gallery: "Lord Darkness with Baphomet".One of the most exceptional aesthetic manifestations of Satan from the film 'Legend' in sinematic history, depicted here with The Baphomet, sigil of The Church of Satan.

      Ceremony I/XXVIII\XXXVIII
    • Spechtreum: Ceremony.
    • Added descriptions to LaVey Bibliography.
    • Notable A & E Presentations for the month of February XXXVIII A.S.
      02/07/2003: 8:00 Expedition Egypt. Life Beyond the Pyramids. At the ancient port city Mendes, we speak with archaeologist Donald Redford, who has been uncovering the lives of farmers, priests, and merchants. We also visit the ancient craftsman's village Deir el Medina to learn more about the lives of workers who toiled in the Valley of the Kings.
      9:00 Hauntings. New Orleans. During Mardi Gras, New Orleans sets records for alcohol consumption; but there's another form of "spirit" for which the "Big Easy" is also famous. Meet a Voodoo Queen said to lurk the grounds of a gothic graveyard; the ghosts of two poisoned children who play in Myrtles Plantation; and a family of phantoms backstage at Le Petit Theatre.
      10:00 Other World. UFOs: The First Encounters. A fascinating examination of ancient evidence of UFO visits to Earth. Includes a look at monuments of antiquity that point toward stars in the sky, and ancient texts that contain references to flying objects.
      02/12/2003: 9:00 American Justice. John Wayne Gacy: Buried Secrets. The bizarre case of the successful businessman and volunteer parade clown who murdered 33 men after luring them to his home in suburban Chicago. Tried in March 1980, he was finally executed in 1994.
      02/13/2003: 8:00 Biography. Clara Bow: Hollywood's Silent Sexpot. Profile of the legendary silent film star whose on-screen sexuality was shocking for its day. Bow enjoyed unparalleled fame and popularity, but her career was over by the time she was 30. The former "It" girl spent the next 30 years of her life struggling with mental illness and living as a recluse.
      02/14/2003: 8:00 Expedition Egypt. The Journey to Immortality. Egyptian civilization was based on the hope of eternal life after death. We explore some of the ancient places that reveal the secrets of the religion and study the sacred tomb hieroglyphs in the Valley of the Kings. At the cemetery of the pyramid builders in Giza and the Valley of the Golden Mummies in the Bahariyya Oasis, we learn more about Egyptian burial practices and methods. And we speak with Drs. Zahi Hawass and Salima Ikram to unravel the secrets of mummification.
      9:00 Hauntings. Charleston. Visit the "Grand Dame" of the Old South, Charleston, where folks have reported mysterious apparitions for 300 years. Meet a lovelorn poet who wanders the Thomas Rose House, where he died in a duel; a beautiful murderess said to be still imprisoned in an abandoned jail; and a headless torso that appears at the Battery Carriage House.
      10:00 Other World. Secret UFO Files. For more than a half-century, America's Central Intelligence Agency has systematically suppressed, distorted, and even fabricated reports of UFO sightings. With the assistance of the CIA's official historian and newly declassified documents, we provide an objective, balanced, and at times, highly controversial examination of the secret role the CIA has played over the years in concealing and controlling the official records of reported UFO sightings throughout the country.
      02/21/2003: 8:00 Expedition Egypt. Ramses the Great. Renowned as one of Egypt's greatest rulers, his 67-year reign gave rise to the Ramses myth. Yet, his legend includes responsibility for the Exodus. Benevolent or brutal? We'll examine his possible political motives.
      9:00 Hauntings. Gettysburg. In July of 1863, the Union and the Confederacy clashed in a bloody conflict at the sleepy Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg. The resulting battle left 50,000 killed and wounded in its wake! We explore some of the tales of the dead from this hallowed ground that some claim is the most haunted battlefield in America.
      10:00 Other World. The Mysteries of Devil's Triangles. Join us as we explore and explain some of the most mysterious spots on earth-- Devil's Triangles--where an unusual number of unexplainable tragedies occur time and again. We'll visit the Bermuda Triangle, which has swallowed up ships, planes, and people, and the more deadly Great Lakes Triangle, where ghost ships are said to routinely sail.
      02/25/2003: 8:00 Biography. Tammy Faye: Faith and Flamboyance. Story of the controversial TV evangelist who, along with former husband Jim Bakker, hosted the "The PTL Club", the most watched Christian broadcast in America. Follows Tammy Faye's life from age 10, when she began "speaking in tongues", to the meeting with Pat Robertson that launched her TV career and the sex scandal that destroyed the Bakkers' TV empire and sent Jim to jail.
      02/28/2003: 8:00 Expedition Egypt. Cradle of Religion. In the past 5,000 years, Egypt has been home to many gods. Pharaohs, Jews, Christians, and Muslims have all lived and worshipped there, leaving monuments and symbols of their faith across the landscape. We learn how the ancient gods and rituals impacted on modern religions to create a spiritually unique country. We examine the progression of religions--from ancient Pharaonic Polytheism to Judaism and Coptic Christianity and the modern Islamic state.
      9:00 Hauntings. New York. In New York--a state full of folklore, legends, and perhaps ghosts--we visit Manhattan's Merchant House Museum, where Gertrude Treadwell was born, died...and may still reside. At the Buffalo Naval Park, we search for George Sullivan's ghost aboard the USS Sullivans--the ship dedicated to the five Sullivan brothers who died together in WWII. In the Mohawk Valley, we stop off at the haunted Beardslee Castle, and on Staten Island, we tour Conference House, home to Revolutionary War spirits.
      10:00 Other World. Roswell: Final Declassification. In 1947, a strange object fell from the sky near Roswell, New Mexico, and controversy brewed over what it really was. In November 2001, we convened a team of experts at the National Archives for an exclusive first look at the top-secret government files of the UFO incident. We unveil the remaining classified files--11 boxes with 17 notebooks of declassified files, photos, transcripts and audiotapes of dozens of witnesses, and 22 films and videos--in a definitive statement on the 50-year-old mystery.

      E P I N O X

    • Introduction added to Epinox.

      Ernest Borgnine in The Devil's Rain I/XXVI\XXXVIII
    • Nefarious News IX: "Satanism on the rise in Russia!". Satanophobia and devil-worship is alive and well.
    • Birthdays: Actress Linda Blair: 1/22; Artist Gustave Dore: 1/24/1883; Actor Ernest Borgnine: 1/24.

      Thou Art Lord
      Thou Art Lord: DV8
    • Nefarious News IX: "Police launch Satanist probe".
    • Birthday: Edgar Allan Poe, 1809.
    • The Devil's Web / The Devil's Musick: Thou Art Lord.


    • The Shadow Gallery: Elemental Pentagrams of The Four-Crown Princes of Hell.

    • New term added to Dractionary: "The-Rapists".

      Macabre Theatre I/V\XXXVIII
    • The Devil's Web / And Satan Smiled: Macabre Theatre. In the tradition of 'Movie Macabre', tantalizing Hostess Ivonna Cadaver & Butch 'Eddie Munster' Patrick host an amusing necromantic spechtrum of classic Horror. It is high-time a program of this nature returns to the air. Saturday Nights 10pm - 12am / KDOC 56 Los Angeles. Support & suggest syndication at the station link and show homepage for national broadcast to bring it into your area.

    • Added Archive Circa XXXVII Anno Satanas to the bottom of this page.
    • Malefik Musick: Lucifer: Listen to downloads and streaming Lucifer Musick here!
    • Birthday: Jacob Grimm 1785 Perihelion


    • Birthday: J.R.R. Tolkien

      Pact with Satan I/I\XXXVIII: Satanic New Year XXXVIII Anno Satanas.
    • Infernal Salutations, I wish you a demonically indulgent Satanic New Year XXXVIII, that it may be dedicated to pleasure, victory, & prosperity for you. This is an excellent time to ponder one's goals, to look in retrospect and further perfect one's methods of evilution, and look ahead towards the many wonderful blessings of Lucifer yet to come. To focus on one's aspirations, and renew those infernal resolutions, those Pacts with Satan. The New Year is spawned from the darkness of the Nocturne, and is baptized in blood and fire. May this daemonic childe of the imagination grow wise and Strong in your mind, bringing forth many Magical enchantments that enrapture and provide Power. HAIL SATAN.
    • 1610: Trial of Elizabeth Bathory begins.

    • Malefik Musick addition: Aleister Crowley's Satanic Verses.
      Aleister Crowley: Satanic Verses
    • Notable A & E Listings for the month of January XXXVIII Anno Satanas
      01/16/2003: 8:00 Biography. Chuck Barris: Dangerous Imagination. Profile of TV's "King of Shlock" who produced some of the most successful--and bizarre--programs ever, including "The Dating Game" and "The Gong Show". Barris was zany on camera, but behind the scenes was a soft- spoken, melancholy entrepreneur who claimed that he had been a CIA assassin.
      01/22/2003: 8:00 Biography. Peter Boyle. Portrait of the monk turned actor who's played the lovable monster in "Young Frankenstein", the grumpy dad on TV's "Everybody Loves Raymond", and the executioner in "Monster's Ball". Features interviews with "Monster's" co-star Halle Berry and "Raymond" co-stars Ray Romano, Doris Roberts, and Brad Garrett.
      01/24/2003: 8:00 Expedition Egypt. Egypt beyond the Pyramids: Mansions of the Spirits. First we watch restoration on one of the greatest monuments to the dead ever created, Queen Hatshepsut's exquisite Deir el Bahari, and her Red Chapel, a smaller temple near Karnak. Then, our host Peter Woodward leads us into the inner sanctuaries of the Great Temple of Karnak to explain the sacred duties of the temple priests, and epigrapher William Murnane shows how the art and decoration contributed to the temple's holy power and political prestige.
      9:00 Hauntings. New England. Historically rich New England witnessed many events that shaped young America--perhaps setting the stage for future hauntings! Meet a lonely lass who wanders a Connecticut homestead; a murderer's ghost that roams a bar he once owned; a witch that haunts the site of her torture; and the House of the Seven Gables' family of specters.
      01/28/2003: 8:00 Biography. Lizzie Borden: A Woman Accused. Did Lizzie Borden really take an axe and give her mother 40 whacks and her father 41? She was acquitted, but controversy still rages over the century-old double murder case. This documentary digs for the facts. Interviews with case historians.
      01/31/2003: 8:00 Expedition Egypt. Egypt beyond the Pyramids: The Great Pharaoh and His Lost Children. Join us on an historical mystery tour back to Egypt's New Kingdom and the era of Ramesses the Great to solve the puzzle of his missing children. We learn of his dedication to his family at his funerary temple, the magnificent Ramesseum, where we see how he depicted his children on various temple walls and reliefs. Then, Dr. Kent Weeks takes us through the mysterious and long-forgotten KV5, the tomb of several of Ramesses' sons, which proves to be ancient Egypt's greatest family mausoleum.
      9:00 Hauntings. London. On a foggy night in old London town, you might wail more than the blues if you encounter one of the many ghosts said to roam the streets. From Roman occupation to the Dark Ages to the Industrial Age of Charles Dickens comes many reports of unexplained spectral visits. We'll tour through this ancient city steeped in violent history--a place where the living are forced to consort with the spirits of the dead.
      10:00 Other World. Area 51: Beyond Top Secret. Born during the Cold War, Area 51 in Nevada, also known as Groom Lake or Dreamland, became not only the Air Force's most strategic test site, but also a symbol of everything that was sneaky about the U.S. military-industrial-intelligence complex. In recent years, UFO investigators claimed that the top-secret planes tested there were built with technology gleaned from captured alien aircraft. We uncover the secrets of the cryptic desert facility and look into mysterious deaths of base workers.

    Archive Circa XXXVII Anno Satanas

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