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Possessions / Haunts


In the name of Satan, The Ruler of The Earth and The King of The World!

Misanthropology / History

Coffin Rust Halloween print #5
XLIV Coffin Rust Halloween Print

Delightful night chills caress the skin as an arm stretches forth to collect the Hell Post, and what does Sam Hain bring forth this evening? But Warlock Byrd's wonderfully evocative Halloween print! Surely a pleasing adjunct to the most Magical time of the year!

I really enjoyed #1 for the black cat which reminds Me of of My very own Nero; #2 for the imaginative value of the branches behind the werewolf spelling out the Halloween Greeting; #3 for the sheer intricacy of the piece, especially the jar occupied by "Byrd's Brain"; #4, for The Exorcist is always a favorite; and #5 for its charming and rather profound meaning regarding Infernal Progeny perspective.

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, a description, and the artist's personal nom-de-plume, the print is presented elegantly on photo glossy stock, with the vibrantly gloomy colors coming to life before one's contemplative eyes.

Anton LaVey Horned Cowl
{Akuma Productions. Received: 9/3/XLIV}

The Crown of Horns...

The Crown of HornsWhat is this upon the front doorsteps of Blackthorne Manor this Magical September afternoon, surrounded in flints of blowing leaves by wisps of a curling breeze; but a package from Akuma Productions containing no less than a perfect replica of Dr. LaVey's horned cowl!

Manufactured as a gesture of honor to Daemon Szandor on the day of observation, the High Holiday of his personal birthday {4/11}, the cowl served as a staple in early Church of Satan rites seen in various documentaries, and Satanis in particular. Unique and making a most striking statement as the veritable incarnate devil, sorcerers have been depicted throughout history bearing the skullcap of the trade, and with the addition of the cornus {the widow's peak, and/or if so inclined, the demonic bird of prey's beak; ergo, 'Lex Talionis'}, affirmed the Crown of Horns unto symbolic self-deification. Majestic horns of virility, strength, upthrust to affirm independence!

Highest quality, and adjustable to fit just about any head*, the neoprine resembles a light though sturdy rubber material, leather-like, smooth and shiny black on the outside, cool with an almost slightly adhesive texture within; the highly-detailed vertically striated horns are treated with a blood-wash rinse during molding, which adds to the bone effect even more so, and the black suede leather ties work perfectly to keep the cowl firmly on without manipulation.

When I first heard of this creation as part of 'The Lords of The Left-Hand Path' collection, I immediately knew it had to be a part of The Haunted Noctuary's possessions, now taking its honored place for The Rites of Darkness, which seemed such a natural devilution to integrate.

Aesthetics: 5/5. Quality: 5/5.

* Even though well-deserved, we know how huge Satanists' egos can sometimes be!

Dark Shadows Gargoyle Sculptural Lamp
{Design Toscano}

Arriving recently to The Noctuary is this splendid piece of artistry to provide appropriate lambent lighting for the absorption of choice reading material in the dark hours of the night. Both practical and an aesthetic compliment to any Satanic Lair, the Demon's shadow spreads forth upon the wall behind him, while one's literature is lit by infernal illumination.

Highly-detailed musculature and fearsome visage, he makes a worthy companion by the Sabbatic Baphomet-laden throne to enrich one's precious time.

* Switch-on cord. 15-watt bulb.
* 6"Wx5"Dx13"H. 5 lbs.

Bishamon/Oyama Oni Mask*

"Bishamon is the Japanese Kami (or God) of war and 'evil'. He is the patron of the warriors of Japan as well as the punisher of [the rotten]. He is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, according to Shinto belief. He is also one of the Four Guardian Gods protecting one of the Cardinal points, the North. According to legend he was called upon and came to the Prince Shotoku in 587 during the feudal clan battles of Japan."

I Am very pleased to welcome the Black Devil God {Kami} of War 'Bishamon', comparable to Oyama in My estimation for My purposes, and of course Ares and Abaddon, which now graces The Haunted Noctuary. Sais are inserted on top by the horns, exiting through the mouth as a veritable extra couple of fangs. Surely worth the possession for the decorative mask itself, now coupled with a holder for the pitchfork-like blade configuration, ideal for ritualization and any proposed combat.

Besides being swords in themselves, sais were used in combat to hook opponents' blades with a twisting movement, thus disarming them, usually accompanied by an additional sai lethally used to ensure victory, or perhaps even using the opponent's own sword itself against them.

Heavy stone-like black poly-resin.

* Length: 9.25", Depth: 4.25", Width: 6.25", Weight: 4 lbs.

* Note: An Oni mask is a type of mask - a devil mask to be more accurate. So a Bishamon mask would therefore qualify as an Oni mask. These are culturally recognized as representing the all-in-one potential of polarities. A Third-Side combination.

The Ondeko and Gojinjyotaiko oni masks are those commonly seen in the Noh, Kyogen, Kabuki, and Bunraku performance arts.

Coops Devil Head Ring

Coop Devil Head Ring

Coop Devil Head RingThis is an absolutely AMAZING ring - a truly magnificent piece of jewelry. Large, spanning an entire digit section, even with a movable earring. Grants the impression as if infused with a 'personality' of its own, and strongly three-dimensional, highly detailed at every angle, wonderfully substantial and heavy, making a Hell of a statement!

If you appreciate the diabolically carnal creations of this artist, you will be well pleased with this item exemplifying pride and indulgence, seemingly forged in the fires of Hades, and fit for a devil.


Received these two marvelous pendants recently, and Am quite pleased with them:

Pan Pentagram

Dionysis there dances the joyful dance of strong life amidst a faunic garden by a proper Satanic pentagram, representing the carnal. Since Baphomet is a derivation of Pan, I thought this a perfect pendent to represent the Vernal Equinox, desire, and Lust, poignantly expressed in the poem, The Garden of Dark Delights.

Dark Secrets Pentagram

A menacing vampiric skull peering from the Pentagram, drawing life force from the unsuspecting. The skull is the housing of the almighty mind, and this arcane creation is perfect for those who resonate with Vampire lore. The Vampire is indeed on top of the food chain, feeding upon the herd as Predator Elite.

Vlad Tepes Dracula plaque
{XLIV A.S. Buzz Works. 8.5 x10"}

Vlad Dracula plaqueEmbossed and stylized in dark aged bronze, this elegant plaque is certainly a wonderful compliment to any Lair, wherein the heroic exploits of Vlad The Just are appreciated.

An infamous historical figure upon which the Dracula {"Son of The Devil"} legend is partially based; asserting principles of Might Is Right, he was actually a mighty warrior who kept the Moslem Turks out of Romania by implementing mass impalements as a successful deterrent. Rightfully venerated as a national hero in his native Romania, much can be learned from his techniques and character.

So whether one appreciates Vampire lore and/or martial history, this plaque serves as a worthy tribute to his legacy and conquests.

Buzz Works

  • Vlad Tepes History.
  • Lucifer's Labyrinth: Honorarium.
  • Interview With The Impaler. Fictional interview conducted by Draconis Blackthorne.

    Satanic Style: Denim Express Leather Vest

    Arriving precisely on time, the Denim Express black leather vest is comprised of soft "patchwork" leather {think a more subtle 'Ed Gein suit', as it were}, granting it a favorable 'Hellraiser' and 'Edward Scissorhands' impression, while adding a sense of either elegance if worn with a suit and/or leather trench coat {for a Noir/Goth look}, or an otherwise suitable 'biker jacket' for a more "bad ass" look - or even just by itself to compliment one's accoutrement - either way, the rather darkly sensual material and overall look make for a very pleasing presentation. It is indeed a pleasure to add this to My other suit vests I also enjoy.

    Snap-closed, inner and outer pockets, with that unmistakable rich leather scent, this vest offers high quality sure to make a statement to either attract, or even intimidate, depending upon your purposes. As is typical with leather clothing, be sure to order one size larger to properly fit your frame.

    Church of Satan Emporium

    1'' Baphomet MedallionThis is an absolutely splendid medallion, either for exclusive ritual wear, and/or general accoutrement accentuation.

    A 1" version of the elegant large pendant {which I Am pleased to have been in possession of since Year XXX}, it offers a bit more of a subtle statement as to one's fine affiliation.

    High-quality Cloissonne', it certainly displays one's pride and elite sense of taste; The Emporium's products stand apart from all other Baphomet jewelry available. Wonderful for personal use and as a gift.

    Halloween Print 4: #8/31 Coffin Rust Halloween Print IV

    I had the pleasure of receiving the professionally-embossed Coffinrust Halloween print #4 this evening, and it is a most amusing addition to the collection, destined to be placed in The Halloween Room.

    Here we have a depiction of Regan from The Exorcist writhing in bestial convulsions as the priest lays by the bedside with a cross inserted into his mouth {inverted from this perspective}, while on the wall behind her, the first print, as well as a portrait of the Artist himself, while green regurgitation arrays the room throughout, including the teddy-bear on the table. On her stomach, the demonic stigmata stating the Halloween greeting "Happy Halloween from". The above-angle perspective is very nicely arranged as well.

    Highly imaginative, with an appreciation for the horror genre and a most entertaining film. Perfect for Helloween!

    Related: Exorcism & Possession.

    Table of Contents

    Tricks or Treats?

    A couple of interesting items acquired from a recent trip*:

    Hotlix Tequila flavored lollipop with worm

    Hotlix Tequila flavored lollipop with wormA candy "treat" with an actual worm inside. I suppose it is edible, but why would anyone actually eat this confection? Acquired as a novelty item. However, it would make for an interesting item to dispense at a Halloween party.

    This company also sells lollipops, as well as chocolate-covered candies with grasshoppers, scorpions, and ants. Also available are non-insect confections with alternative flavors such as habanero, horchata, margarita, pina colada, jalapeno, chili, and probably most disturbingly... cinnamon.

    There's also "Moondust", "Dinosaur DNA Dust". Which is essentially the same product with a different theme. Reminds Me of Raven's Revenge:

    ...Which came in the following assorted flavors: Baby Baby, Black & Blue, Black Widow, Blood Red, Blue Bomb, Blue Mystery, Cherry Bomb, Emerald Energy, Ghastly Green, Gold Dust, Mystic Pink, Patriotic Punch, Raven Black, Suicide Punch, Tiger, Velvet Light, White Lightning, White Thunder, White Tiger. 'Power Tabs' were also available}. Seems to to basically be the same ingredients, although without the variety. Personal favorites were Black Widow, and Raven Black. I still have a couple of vials.

    Lunar Lix, which is a lollipop in the form of the moon {in several shades}, with detailed craters. There are lollipop eyes, and probably most strangely, "Aquarium Candy", which is a ribbon of candy complete with a fish cracker, containing an embedded fern.

    Stallion Candy CigarettesStallion candy cigarettes

    I enjoyed these and others as a Dracling from the local liquor store. These are actually elongated candy sticks with the general appearance of cigarettes, containing a powder inside which one could blow through to the other end. Some would soften when chewed, eventually becoming bubble gum, while others were more or less like peanut brittle.

    Also an interesting choice to serve at a Halloween party, perhaps more for 'adults'.

    Here are a couple of additional sources for your candy needs:

  • Candy Warehouse.
  • Sugar Stand.
    Hell Town

    "Terrible's Town" {featuring a pistol-packing 'desperado' mascot in black hat} is a total environment on the California / Nevada border one encounters traveling east from Los Diablos before arriving in Sin City. With an Old West theme, it grants the impression of a virtual "mirage", being a rather unexpected manifestation appearing amongst the cavernous and hellish landscape, featuring hotels, casinos, restaurants, novelty shoppes, and a roller-coaster named "The Desperado", along with several amazing structures such as Whiskey Pete's, and Buffalo Bill's.

    The latter's on-site sign logo features the head of a buffalo within a circle arranged in a rather Baphomet manner, welcoming the "best sinner on the block" towards the carnal indulgence therein [see photo at left]. Not as crowded as Las Vegas, it has a pleasantly quaint sinsation which could very well be called "Hell Town" in My estimation.

    Gemmy Fog Machine

    Gemmy Fog MachineOne of the things I love about this time of year is the increased availability of all those little items we appreciate the year through, where the rest of the year they are put away, only to be acquired online or at specialty stores. I was delighted to pick up this item recently, and Am very pleased with it.

    Fog machines I have used before either utilized too much fog solution, evaporating after awhile, and/or the only way to turn them off was by unplugging the machine altogether, and sometimes they only last about two years of use.

    The Gemmy fog machine actually has a convenient on/off switch as well as a timer feature, should you wish to program it for those crucial moments which compliment your activities.

    Light weight and compact, it can be easily concealed wherever you wish, as it unleashes that mystical effect, enhancing the atmosphere of your haunted lair manifold. The handle option is great for hanging at whatever elevation to optimize whatever decoration you may be presenting, or just place it on the floor to grant that pleasingly eerie fog effect.

    Satan Approved!

    Pentagram Rug

    The pentagram rug arrived on this glorious day, which I had been coveting for quite some time. White on Black, high quality, 3' in diameter - just beautiful. There now residing upon the floor before The Altar, to Me representing Belial and the materialization of The Will - it radiates the impression that The Ritual Chamber, even more so, is indeed a stage for The-Is-To-Be. Reminds one of the Sowulo rune base on the LaVey statue. A further confirming element.

    Like the crystal skull, upon their arrival, it seemed as if they had found their appropriate place, as if they had always been here.

    Interestingly, while admiring its angles and texture, it was as if the pentagram suddenly assumed two to three shades lighter, granting the impression of a glowing countenance, at times some of the lines becoming more prominent, until adjoining into one whole.

    Crystal Skull

    Crystal SkullMy crystal skull arrived today, and I must say, I Am very pleased with it - it is actually better than I expected it to be, much better than other versions I have seen abouts - 4 lbs. with such wonderful detail, reflecting and enhancing the gloomy lumanescence herein, particularly the surrounding candle light and black/red light from above. It now properly, and elegantly decorates the Altar, empowering the atmosphere, enhancing the psychodrama, and subsequent rites of darkness, no doubt.

    I first read about crystal skull lore in occult books I was fascinated with as a Dracling, when it recently occurred to Me to acquire one for Myself. Stories went from wise talking skulls who were veritable "oracles", to apocalyptic objects of veneration that when a numerage were gathered in a certain configuration, they would release energy upon those employing them. It has been claimed by their owners that they eventually change in color according to the energy around, as if developing their own "auras", and it is even claimed that they assume their own personality!

    The Skull is both a memento-mori, as well as a reminder of the omnipotent powerhouse which is the fount of creation - the almighty mind and force of will.

    Hypothesis: Because of its clarity, Greater Magic & telepathic experiments can be performed with a target receptor, both consciously and subconsciously transmitted. From personal experience, this is not only possible, but practiced regularly, and I expect this object d'art will facilitate this connection. Additionally, as a Vampire, energy can forseeably be collected therein, contained for personal use, and/or even be employed as a "sponge"...



    Crystal Skull Anomalies

    Here will be listed some of the interesting anomalies which have been occurring since the crystal skull arrived:

    1. For a couple of days, the VCR was on the fritz, and a replacement was scheduled. It would not play appropriately, instead presenting the picture with static and skips with barely audible sound. When the crystal skull arrives, the VCR mysteriously turns itself on, fast forwards, stops, rewinds all the way to the beginning, and the picture is perfect again.

    2. When walking through the room, it was reported that the skull as if "jumped" from its place, landing safely on the floor without so much as a fissure.

    3. When taking a photo of The Draconian Altar of Satan upon the arrival of the pentagram rug, the photo displays an odd light proceeding from out of the top of the skull.

    LaVey pendant

    Arriving in the Hell Post this day, the Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey pentagram pendant is a pleasing tribute to the iconically-immortal founder of The Church of Satan. Thick and heavy silver finish measuring in at 1 1/4" in diameter, with wonderful detail is a great addition to the Satanist's collection.

    Belial's Gem: The Black Opal, The Jewel of Satan

    In the bowels of the earth, there transmogrifying by hellfire, amidst the bats and serpents of an abyssal lair, is forged a most magnificent gem... I contend that the black opal is Lucifer's fascination gem - for why? Consider its properties:

    A black as night foundation, and from its foundations, glitters myriad flakes of color all contained in the blackness, representing the many manifestation of Satan, and from The Dark Force in Nature which permeates all matter passing through us and around us, our very atoms and molecules with every breath we breathe, every drop of blood coursing through our bodies, every thought of lust and iconoclastic inspiration.

    The manifestation of Satan through The Arts in Musick, literature, invention, aesthetics, in objects and environments which are inherently visually Satanic, are mutually empowering to the possessor and observer.

    The archetypes created and enforced by the Almighty Imagination, cosmic entropic forces, even depictions created through history have bestowed a presence in the darkest psyche. The Third-Side perspective, and the subtlety of thought, in a multi-dimension of thought.

    Satan manifested Magically, emotionally {passionately}, mentally {undefiled wisdom}, physically {health, aesthetics} - all these can be represented in the multi-colors within the Black Opal. Satanic dimensions.

  • Black {foundation}: The Night sky and stars; gazing at the universe as it truly is; unobscured by the direct blinding light of the sun {and blue sky reflection}. The Womb of Nyx from whence all matter comes to be; Strength, Might, Power.

  • Dark Green: Nature in fullness. Wealth, Health.
  • Dark Red: Blood of life Lust, Passion, Rage, emotional intensity.
  • Dark Blue: Wisdom, Epistemology.
  • Yellow: Hatred.
  • Pink: Love. Compassion.
  • White: Death, 'heaven', nothingness, emptiness; which the black opal DOES NOT possess!
  • Dark Purple {Violet}: Control, Dominance, Authority.

    Combinations and mixtures of these colors worn about the body or displayed in the environment causes changes on behavior, pertinent to other properties {see Dracomeroth}, with black remaining the background / foundation.

    I was pleased to receive the "Emerson NR303TT Heritage Series 4-in-1 Home Music System" recently, which now compliments The Noctuary splendidly. The antique smooth wooden finish design with all the modern features as well, being both aesthetically and technologically pleasing is a wonderful combination. It almost seems like these retro-innovations were made with the discerning Satanist in mind. In today's disposable society, where in many cases the herd's "past" is our present, from rare collectibles, to scouring antique shops for rare treasures, furniture, and objects d'art, this combines the best of both worlds in one.

    Record turntable

    I do have a penchant to collect rare vinyl, for the artistic, evocative, and arcane sonic value. Considering I also have preserved much of My first purchases from Draclinghood, this will be quite interesting, much better than the rather bland current models. Plus, the liftable top also provides for a nice pedistal for a bust or statuette.

    Cassette Player

    Located on the side, with which to listen to My extensive collection of tapes, some of which have been incrementally collected on CD as well, but much of which are both irreplaceable and contain sentimental value as well.

    AM/FM features

    Tuning knobs with spindle pointing to station numbers, the yellowish light, provide for a particularly evocative experience, even with that certain whistling sound while changing between stations. At times, it almost seems as if one is receiving stations from the golden era of radio.

    CD player

    The black planchette is contained behind a decorative silver finish design and is completely unobtrusive for one's total environment theme.

    There is no denying the time travel dynamic which occurs when using this entertainment system, as well as others in the line, wherein one feels as if transported and preserved into the misty corridors of one's timeless preference. These types of 'retro-designs' have been available for a few years now, and in My opinion, it behooves the Satanist interested in cultural anthropology to take advantage of their recreation.

    The Mousetrap
    By Agatha Christie. Theatre / Play

    Mousetrap by Agatha ChristieOn this dark and stormy night, I had the pleasure of going to the theatre to see this wonderful classic drama-play. We were seated in a box seat by another cute couple, while I positioned My Diabolus cane and prepared for a most entertaining evening.

    As the lights dimmed into total darkness, a sinister voice inunciated the introduction, accompanied the strobing lightning effect sillhouetting the beautiful set of a mansion's room assured a most gratifying experience. The actors performed splendidly well, and for those who enjoy "who-done-it" detective/crime stories, this story contains a wonderful twist; we discussed who the culprit could be during the intermission, and were delightfully surprised by the revelation - truly, a character one would not expect.

    Rain cascaded along the window as we made our way back to The Noctuary, transforming into quite a torrent by the time we arrived, and indulged in a warm hearty meal to conclude a delightful evening out.

    Mgr. Mitchel figureA Marvel-ous Action Figure!
    [Click image for back of package detail]

    The figure arrived at The Noctuary today, which is actually quite impressive for an action figure. What is most notable is the photograph on the package itself, wherein the Baphomet lapel pin is plainly discernable, although the pin on the figure is a silver pentagram on black. Perhaps all the fine details on The Baphomet could not be suitably replicated - truthfully, it probably would have been much too small anyway.

    He grasps the classic Dark Shadows' Barnabas Collins wolf's head cane, with movable shoulders, bend of the arms, wrists, head, and singular legs at the hips. With detailed facial features, the soft rubbery hair and red blazer, the quality of this figure made by Marvel is remarkable, even comparable to some of the McFarlaine models.

    Even if one is not at all interested in wrestling entertainment, it is well worth the acquisition not only for the Baphomet displayed, but the fact that he is one of our very own Magisters makes for a remarkable collector's item.

    Arkham Studios

    Anton LaVey statue by Arkham Studios

    Anton LaVey statueI was recently pleased to receive this wonderful limited edition tribute to Our founder to grace The Noctuary, and Am very impressed with it. The detail is amazing, from the facial expression right down to the lapels and even the earring, granting it a certain presence; the statue now stands upon the Library mantle as he approvingly oversees the nefarious activities occurring in The Blackthorne Lair.

    Positioned in an elegant gesture of invocation, reminicient of The Ritual Chamber scene from Speak of The Devil, he pridefully calls upon the name of Satan with might and strength.

    The quality is exceptional, standing 13" tall upon a platform embossed with the lightning bolt sigil, grasping the Sword of Power. Interestingly, it seems like it has always been here, as he takes his place within this own 'Black House' environment.

    Rev. Moore is a true artisan, from the Munsters figures to this magnificent piece, and this veritable heirloom shall remain timelessly appreciated.

    Travels In Hell

    LaVey Day XLII A.S.

    11 April, XLII Anno Satanas

    Listening to Dr. LaVey's music and watching Satanis, The Devil's Rain, and Rosemary's Baby began this 'unholy-day' of observation as we prepared for a dinner engagement later that night. I decided to wear the lightning bolt sigil with pinstriped suit, red dress shirt with black tie, and My black fedora to aesthetically honor Our Founder, The Black Pope I of The Church of Satan.

    At their request, LB & I had the pleasure of spending a delightful dinner at The Olive Garden in the gracious company of Citizens Behemoth and Soraya, in honor of Dr. LaVey's Nativity. I inunciated a Tribute-Toast each with a glass of Pinot Grigio Cavit with a single ice cube therein, as was one of Dr. LaVey's amusingly peculiar preferences, followed by a "Shemhamforash! Hail Szandor! Hail Satan!". We have made this a personal annual tradition. The night followed with sumptuous feasting and great conversation, exchanging ideas, reminiscing on former meetings, as well as nefarious plans for subsequent activities.

    For those unaware, The Olive Garden is reminiscent of a Dionysian garden-like environment with vines and plaques adorning the walls, rich Italian cuisine, and attentive service once seated. We were pleasantly situated in a darkened corner, whose gloom enhanced the atmosphere that much more. A bottle of robust blood-red Chianti Straccali wine was ordered, and indulgence had by all. A great time was had.

    "Oh great brothers of the night, thou who maketh My place of comfort, who rideth out upon the (hot) winds of Hell, who dwelleth in the Devil's fane; Move and appear!" ~ The Satanic Bible.

    The return to The Noctuary yielded cool blustering winds which would howl unto the following day and night through, capping the celebration perfectly. A rite of appreciation was enacted, the reading of poem Devil-Father, Daemon-Brother, to an elixer of bourbon imbibed, until dawn crested upon the horizon.

    Hails to you, Anton Szandor LaVey, immortal legend and diabolical mentor, your words and deeds continue to reverberate unto timelessness!

    Haunt X

    Haunt X: Extreme Halloween Expo

    Beneath overcast skies, a most entertaining time was had here on the 18th, if just for the atmosphere, the costumes, the dark beauty as well as the gore, thus preserving and accentuating the Halloween 'spirit' - had a chance to chat with and meet several interesting people in the genre, which may prove valuable for certain project ventures, and saw some previews.

    Returning to The Lair was equally as dramatic, as we were greeted by a delightful lightning display flashing in the local mountains towards the North, which just capped off a truly mysterious and enchanting evening perfectly.

    9 AM -5 PM Seminars/Workshops all day, Upstairs La Jolla and Carmel Classrooms [X]
    10 AM - 5 PM Gothic Atrocity Museum of Horror and Sci-Fi Santa Monica B Ball Room [X]
    10 AM - 5 PM Registration International Ball Room
    10 AM - 11 PM VIP FREAK PREVIEW Celebrity Hour, Pacific Ballroom [X]
    10 AM - 5 PM Showfloor Open. International Room
    11 AM � 5 PM Celebrity Room Open, Pacific Ballroom [X]
    10 PM - 5 PM Horror Highlights Mini Cinema, Upstairs Marina Room [X]
    10 AM - 5 PM Showfloor / Celebrity Rooms Open. International and Pacific Rooms [X]
    6 PM - 8 PM Haunt X CHALLENGE, Upstairs La Jolla Ball Room [X]
    8 PM - 12 AM Haunt X Awards Pageant, Upstairs La Jolla Ball Room [X]

    Rubel 'Pharm', Rubel Castle, or "Rubelia"
    Glendora, California

    I had long-since heard rumors of a so-called "satanic church" somewhere up in the hills of Glendora, California. Rumors ran from 'it' being a former convent turned coven house, to a full-fledged temple. Descriptions of a large clock tower with 'satanic symbols' on it, people disappearing, etc. pervaided the urban legend.

    The sources were dubious as were the claims. Then one day, an acquaintance asked Me if I wanted to go see a 'castle' located somewhere in this suburban location, so what the Hell, I was game. Upon arriving curbside, seemingly overshadowed by thick foliage and draping trees, a 'tower' comprised completely of grey stones juts up beyond a very nice gate made of pointed barbs some way from the driveway. Climbing halfway up a tree reveals sharpened glass cemented into the wall, that anyone attempting to climb into this world would be rightfully skewered on its jagged points; also viewable from this vantage point were a couple of roofs therein, one with a stylized weathervane.

    Turns out the 'satanic symbols' on the clocktower were actually metal figures of a cow at 3 o' clock, a pig at 6 o' clock, a rooster at 9 o' clock, and a horse at 12 o' clock. There is also a bell tower with a clock on it, but no 'satanic' symbols to be found. Ironically, Rubelia is far more de-facto Satanic that ever suspected.

    So it actually did exist - a castle in the fetters of this unassuming city, so I was curious to learn more about its history and the owner.

    Rubel Castle

    Parents: Henry Scott Rubel and Dorothy Deuel Rubel

    Upon investigation, I found that this estate was the brainchild of one Micheal Clarke Rubel, an eccentric gentleman who began its construction in the Noir Era, son to equally eccentric Henry Scott Rubel and Deuel Rubel, as the photo will attest. Lacking the enormous funds required to erect a castle from scratch, Mr. Rubel began to amass materials from every conceivable source possible, from river rocks collected from local mountains, to steel girders and bridges linking the towers together into which one can pass through, to donated lumber and many useful knickacks. With the help of "pharm hands" [sic], his dream began to manifest until its final form was created in what stands to this day.

    Rubelia Nucleus, Mr. Michael Clarke Rubel.

    Just recently, Mr. Rubel donated the property to the city's historical society, that it may be appreciated by those interested in such intriguing arcana, and is currently hosting tours. A local school was admitted within on June 5th {6/6/6 Eve} of this year, and more recently on Halloween, the gates were opened for trick or treaters wherein apples were dispensed by a man in a turn-of-the-19th century train conductor's uniform. An outfit not surprising, considering there is an actual caboose on site through which one may pass, a trapezoidal water tower framing the inner entrance, brick staircases, as well as several etzels, a 'bottle house' {comprised of antique bottles cemented into the walls, upon whose surface sunlight creates an etherial glow inside the gloomy edifice}, and even a ramshackle 'knight'.

    Various wooden rooms display its timeless nature, from a grammophone, hand-cranked printing presses, sepia-stained photographs, paintings, bookshelves filled with dust-worn literature, delightful 'old-world' furnishings, vintage clothing, and a round table room whose seats are actually comprised of tree trunks fastened with padded leather seats.

    Rubelia even hosted its own international newsletter called "The Shriek", entirely handwritten by 'cleaning lady' Edith Friezner {said to be a witch}, which was then mailed off to someone on the list, who then remailed it to another recipient, until all 'subscribers' read it, until finally mailed back to Rubelia.

    Ingenuity brought this castle to be, and remains a hidden wonder as a tribute to one man's fanciful obsession.

    Return to The Fair

    The L.A. County Fair
    Pomona, Hell-A, CA

    My impressions of The Fair, Circa XLI

    We arrived in parking section 9 right around dusk, as we made our way to the carnival fairgrounds which promised indulgence, confectionary delights, and many sensical arousals.

    Being wise to the expansive fairground therein, we decided to take advantage of the tram, and boarded in order to observe the entirety of the fair, getting off whenever something piqued our interest.

    Scare At The Fair

    Whenever I partake of this event, I particularly enjoy The Scare At The Fair attraction, which I must say, has really gotten most impressive - they claim to have removed all the stops and refuse to make the experience watered-down whatsoever to make it "family friendly" - all of the fearsome effects utilized at The Queen Mary haunted attraction, are in full use here as well, and it is very much appreciated.

    A view of some of the artistry
    The buxom nubile beauty of 13th street Atop the phantom-laden dungeon structure one is greeted by a large Grim Reaper, bending down and extending his arms to welcome the passer-by into the terrors which lay within, complete with echoing haunted voice and fog effects. Just a wonderful spectacle worth the pithy fee for the fun-fear within. One can readily perceive that even the resident monsters employted are professionals, engagng in various stunts to shock and frighten, from quite literally "hanging around" inside, to the hidden ghouls lurching forth with a slide and various dexterous poses.

    It is also quite amusing to watch the reactions of the various 'normals' walking by, from screams to scared laughter to even running away, which I feel is the greatest compliment of all. Highly recommended and a must if you decide to visit The Fair.

    The Haunted Mansion

    The other recommendation is "The Haunted Mansion" ride, set on the opposite side of the carnival grounds to Scare At The Fair, which would be another spookhouse in a more traditional form, where you actually board a roller-coaster, taking one into many different chambers filled with Halloween environments populated with goblins, beasties, and ghosties suddenly shooting forth and lurking about. I did appreciate the hellmouth scenery where riders are gobbled up and greeted by the subsequent residents of the next Hell.

    Fairview Farms

    The animals are always a pleasure to visit - all mammalian in this case, from goats to horses, ponies, cows, rabbits, sheep, roosters, chickens, and massive pigs. Most remarkable to Me was the amibex goat, displaying all four horns resembling the Heptagram of Satanas I created, with the other three points comprised of the ears and snout. It is My suggestion that they expand their animal display, to also include reptilian and more exotic predatorial beasts such as wildcats, and animal oddities.

    Home & Gardens

    Highly recommended is the "Home & Gardens" section, featuring the "Enchanted Gardens" {tonight, with various lumanescent lights resembling fireflies strung into the willows}, the marvellous Atrium displaying so many exotic plant-life artfully arranged {really like taking a stroll through a haunted greenhouse where one is unaware of what the next species is capable of, besides its strange alluring beauty}; not to mention "Hidden Meadows", a series of veritable mazes and nooks, tunnels and archways, many darkened corners and al-fresco picnic areas - great overall to take a break from the herd.

    The Fun House

    As a side note, I tried the fried avocado dish at "Chicken Charlie's", and it was absolutely delicious. We later partook of the frozen cheesecake on a stick treat, and a humongous cotton candy bag.

    6/6/6 Church of Satan High Mass

    Church of Satan 6/6/6 High Mass

    "In 1966, San Francisco sorcerer Anton LaVey exploded into international prominence as he formed the notorious Church of Satan. Contrary to religious preachings, Satanism was not about the sacrifice of babies and cats, but about responsible self-indulgence, accountability for one's actions and holding life in the highest regard. On June 6th, 2006, Satanists from around the globe will converge for a heavily guarded Satanic high mass, as the Church of Satan celebrates its forty year anniversary."
  • This was a most empowering experience. This was an event like no other in history, whose influence shall be felt both overtly and covertly unto timelessness. Even though Satanists tend not to be a social lot, the essence of The Cabal known as The Church of Satan was displayed this night by the alien elite in attendence - exemplary and regal creatures all, the black flame alighting a Luciferian torch of reason by theory and practice, psychodrama and action. The creativity and imagination, the intelligence, talents, and skill of these exceptional individuals concentrated at this infernal convergence was a true Sintennial, and a testament to superior human potential in the evolution of The Self.

    While the stuporstitious herd prattle about with their trivial and mediocre concerns, programmed sub-existences, insecurities masked as righteousness and evident in hypocrisy, here there was a true gathering of outstanding individuals, the earth�s foremost iconoclasts moving the world according to the will.

    I Am pleased that I took part in this veritable "Sabbath", and mutually honored to make your acquaintances. I feel that Dr. LaVey would have been proud.

    This past "666 Hell-A week" wrought one infernal synchronicity after another, celebrating the essence of the carnal beast, and Magic was thick in the air {seemingly more than usual, that is} - I made several notable acquaintances, and it was an overall diabolically pleasing convergence. It was a great success, and I extend My deepest regards to Reverend Bryan Moore & Priestess Sinnz for its materialization, the participants, and to Magus Gilmore and Magistra Nadramia for lending their presence.

    Hail The Beast! Hail Satan!

    In Nomine Satanas,
    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    Noctuary, The Infernal Empire
    9th June, XLI Anno Satanas

    Zen Sushi, 6/5/06, Hell-A

    I arrived at approximately 7pm and we took our seats at a pleasantly darkened corner of the establishment ordering the best on the menu {the salad was so fresh one could actually taste the chlorophil and sap in the stems! - delicious! It seemed that for some reason, there was only one waiter in attendence, so the poor fellow was zipping back and forth at a frantic pace handling multiple orders, yet still managed to remain polite and attentive nonetheless. The woodfire beef was scrumptuous, and the eggrolls, absolutely delectible}, and we conversed on the events of the night.

    Greeting guests at the door was the lovely Amy Bugbee - I received a complimentary "gift bag" upon entering, containing among other goodies, the "666 RFS Birthday spectacular" CD, featuring several bands from various genres who have been present on the RFS broadcast, as well as a DVD entitled "Cannibalism: The Last Supper" by Extreme Associates - a compendium of bloody erotica catering to certain violent fetishes; "Might Is Right" by Ragnar Redbeard with a forward by Dr. LaVey and an afterword by Magus Gilmore {a treasure}; Baphomet shot glasses, The Omen poster, and an RFS poster; and in attractive spiderweb wrapping, a Femaledictions sample pack containing their wonderful incense, "The Cricket Snapper" DVD, and referrals to Coffin Rust, Satanimals, and Thee Basket Boutique, among others, all of which will compliment The Noctuary quite nicely. My thanks to Scara for these olfactory treats!

    I had primarily been interested in Reverend Leyba's performance and Warlock Jack Malebranche's serial killer art arraying the walls of the place - impressively rendered black velvet paintings of some of the most notorious multiple murderers in history including 'The Night Stalker' Richard Ramirez, Ed Gein {whom the film "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" was based}, Otis Toole, and John Wayne "The Killer Clown" Gacy. They really helped set up the mood for this nefarious celebration. I briefly conversed with Mr. Malebranche in the patio area about his various projects as well as his collaboration with former Marilyn Manson member Gidget Gein, who recognized Jack's talent and placed his full support behind him. I second the motion.

    Upstairs, Leyba appeared on stage a bit after midnight, with a scathing misanthropic diatribe accompanied by sonic reverberations enhancing the intensity from his veritable 'hell-mouth". With his trademark cutting and blood-letting, he vented on follower mentality, hypocrisy, consumer society, and cultist attitudes. On a side note, the floor was a bit slick from remnants of the RFS birthday cake, and the scent of rubbing alcohol wafted through the sultry air, creating a surreal atmosphere akin to sin, debauchery, and vice, considering the earlier suspension acts, piercing spectacles, a bondage and whipping act, and undulating "zombie girls" covered in gore - sex and Satan made for an evening of beastly delights.

    Draconis Blackthorne {r} & Shane Bugbee {l} at Zen Sushi in Hell-A, 6/5/0666

    My special thanks also to Mr. Shane Bugbee for putting this event together - an all-around fun guy and proprietor of the bizarre.

    Los Angeles County Arboretum

    A Draconian Haunt: Where Melek Taus roams free.

    Besides being at one with one's inner nature, the Satanist also apreciates the macrocosmic wonder that is life, in all of its fantastic manifestations. Along with some select cemetaries, this garden sanctuary propagates the essence of Aristotle's Lyceum - the study of epistemology amongst wildlife. and the great lush outdoors, unbeknownst to the majority of the herd. Veritable foliage-laden mazes, columns, magnificent fountains, ornamented benches, tunnels and bridges, waterfalls, and glorious archways are among the beauty preserved and created here. For solitude, or enjoyment with a significant other. A frequent pleasure.

    It is recommended for the Satanist to find such an enchanted garden environment by one's abode, for contemplation, creation, meditation, harborage, and replicate such elements for one's own cherished Lair.

    S C A R E P L E X
    {October 21st, XL. Pomona, CA}

    On this wonderfully chilly night, the cool mist thickens as the darkness deepens into the night; following dinner at Spadra Ristorante {formerly "Il Ghioto" - "The Grotto", Italian; a delightful, and now a favorite restaurant reminding Me of the restaurant where Gomez, Morticia, Fester and Debbie went to in Addams Family Values}. I was delighted to learn that the same proprietors who run the Queen Mary attraction {which is impressive, although I imagine a bit disturbing to the resident ghosts residing there, considering the blasting music and light show}, and hoped that it would live up to the advertisemetns I came across, and it certainly did. Scareplex takes place at the Fairgrounds, an expansive location in Pomona, CA, which also hosts the L.A. County Fair {an Autumn Equinox celebration} earlier in the year {particularly the "Scare At The Fair" spookhouse, which was quite pleasing}, so I was curious to see what they had done with it, and it was a lot.

    Utilizing the various plateus in the area, it became a veritable "Draconia" {I wrote an essay about this total environment for Not Like Most #12}, with four primary elaborate 'mazes' to discover, which are:

    "Reaper's Revenge" {where one dons '3D glasses' for a really enjoyable 'in your face' experience; i.e., various phantoms lurking about, specialized environmental paintings which really do 'standout', inclusive of an animated Grim Reaper character swinging his scythe, treated with said special effects mastery, bestowing it a most convincing sentience}.

    Up a hill is "Mayhem Manor", a beautiful haunted mansion decorated to classic horror-movie aesthetics, with several delighfully gloomy rooms therein, each displaying a different terror-inducing scene, including a torture chamber, in which unfortunate victims are stretched on the rack, encased in the iron maiden, electrocuted, and spun on a wheel of pain, a seemingly "possessed" witch with an inverted cross on her forehead wields {gasp!} tarot cards {the Rider-Waite deck, incidently} in a room reminiscent of the cover of Ozzy Osbourne's "Diary of A Madman" album.

    In 'Voodoo Village', ghosts and blood-soaked zombies arise from the nearby foggy graveyard with animatronic hands and zombie skulls thrusting up through the earth with tipping gravestones; a ghoulish host greets one at the door; lightning flashes at the windows and various Victorian portraits gaze with bulging eyes.

    Up another hill at "Massacre Mountain" {the sign displays a volcano, but is that blood seeping from the mouth?}, a cannibalistic madman flails his chainsaw seeking fresh victims for his vicious appetites - mutilated bodies array the area in various positions, hanging from trees, protruding from cannisters, suddenly jutting to life with apparent death-throws as one passes by - an obvious take on "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" with "House of 1,000 Corpses" influence.

    Towards the far end of the park, there was the option to go and "dance" at a club on the premesis, but considering the rather plebeian quality of it, I opted to return to The Noctuary.

    What I did appreciate about this attraction is the fact that there is a sincere attempt to frighten the populace, thus preserving the true essence of Halloween alive, instead of all the goofball cartoonish fluff perpetuated in current society, which is incrementally changing for the better. The musick permeating the the environment was most pleasant and made Me feel quite at home - I immediately recognized the strains of Midnight Syndicate and now, Nox Arcana echoing forth from the various horror dimensions.

    The overall creation of the total environments are even better than the previous year, and the costumes and FX makeup have improved as well. Highly recommended entertainment fare.

    {Ist October, XL; Northridge, CA}

    Had a Hell of a time at Necrocomicon this evening. Necrocomicon is a horror convention showcasing the genre's latest releases, some timeless favorites, and all manner of merchandise connected with them, inclusive of cast and crew presence. I accompanied some acquaintances who happen to be die-hard horror fantoms:

    Of particular interest, I met with Lisa Loring, the adorable little Wednesday Addams from the original Addams Family series, and she was quite amicable, despite My Baphomet and leather trench - she signed My newly acquired DVD set. I would have liked to have told her that it was a pleasure to meet the actress which portrayed infernal progeny so wonderfully, but so as to not put her off, I shook her hand and told her it was a pleasure to meet her in person, and that I have had quite a collection of the original series on tape, and what a relief it finally is that the series is now on DVD. A priceless treasure forever cherished.

    Other recognizable "celebrities" included the underrated Eileen Dietz of Exorcist fame, who played many of the more memorable demonic faces therein - she was also promoting her appearence at a local spookhouse in Woodland Hills; Priscilla Barnes - yes, THAT Priscilla Barnes from Three's Company, who now has been included in The Devil's Rejects; Courtney Gaines from Children of The Corn {who was also pushing his CD, playing from out of a couple of small speakers, which was quite a fright - acoustic renditions / "The Wave" type of music}; among several others who were vaguely familiar. I saw the "mystery guest" O.J. Simpson signing autographs and figurines of himself, and was not about to purchase one of those. There were actually 'protestors' outside with some signs, some of which read "Never forgive, never forget", and the simple "murderer" held forth.

    There were actually a few people at Necrocomicon with pentagrams, either printed on shirts or dangling from necklaces, who looked over at Me curiously. Many others were dressed as their favorite characters, from the ubiquitous Jason Voorhees, Michael Meyers, Freddy Krueger, to more elaborate getups like various Vampire renditions, ghouls, zombies, a couple of devils, a headless guy, and My favorite... voluptuous vixens in scantily-clad attire here and there - "Vampirella" was quite remarkable. I was surprised Elvira was not present, but a Morticia look-a-like was definitely there.

    In the main showroom, vendors lined the walls with so many intriguing items from Horror cinema, from dolls to costumes, masks, books, films, jewelry. The booth that particularly caught My eye was the Dark Delicacies display, whose shoppe I have frequented on a couple of occasions, offering up mostly horror fiction and true-crime books. If you are not familiar with this establishment, and are in the LA area, do visit this artfully-embalmed total environment. Friendly and informative.

    Next on the roster was a screening of "Death By Engagement", an amateurish film about a seemingly cursed wedding ring saught after by a charming groom, whose wearer perishes one after the other, as it eludes him at every turn through a series of unfortunate synchronicities. His obsession to possess the heirloom leads to murder and deception. A "B-Movie" presentation, but somewhat amusing nonetheless. Afterwards, the actors were available for questions, although truthfully, I was not too interested.

    In an auditorium-like room, I had the pleasure of seeing The Order of The Fly perform, who are like The Misfits' demonic musical child, and a lot of fun to watch, clad in Halloweenish attire, they played amidst swirling fog and undulating lights, with high energy in graveyard stomping frenzy. The Lovely "Abby Normal" resembles a Gothic Sally with stitch scars about her flesh, and Ralphie Repulsive really does an exceptional job with his ghoulish skull makeup {not to mention he blows fire!}, "J-Synthetic" resembles a cybernetic goth doll, and "Alfonzo DeLos Muertos" performs as a monsterous skull creature, reminiscent of Gwar, and the drummer donned "Corpse paint" similar to Death Metal musicians.

    The Kissfits were certainly an evocation, bringing to mind images of these legendary rock figures, which were actually My first introduction to the world of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal, and I do appreciate a good show - The Kissfits are, as the name suggests, a cross between The Misfits and KISS, playing some familiar KISS and Misfits tunes, as well as a couple of originals in the same vain. I especially enjoyed their rendition of "Halloween". There was another fire-breathing spectacle, as well as plenty of blood-dripping gore by "Gene Manashevitz".

    The best in this musical repertoire was unfortunately not saved for last, as "Sloppy Seconds" came on, whose shtick I suppose are as drunken slobs somewhat reminding Me of The Mentors, though nowhere near as amusing or imaginative, so I opted to take My leave.

    Overall, saw a film, bought a DVD set with autograph, and enjoyed watching two entertaining bands perform - a fun night out.

    King Tutankhamun Exhibit, LACMA
    19 September, XL

    Having been intrigued by the Egyptian culture since a Dracling {I actually attended the last LA exhibit with My parents}, we planned to attend this event as both an evocation for Me, as well as an anthropological excursion. I remember mother going through an obsessive phase, buying up calendars, figurines, and books on the subject.

    We arrived at about 3pm, I was fortunate {again} for the overcast weather, as well as a smaller population of sightseers, considering that one enters a waiting area tent for a few minutes before being allowed inside this cozy place, a group at a time, which seems veritably transformed into a temporary temple of antiquities - I could sense an arcane presence therein as one peruses each piece, which includes but is not limited to, many traditional zoomorphic reliefs, several busts {including one named "Tuyu", which appeared very much to be the love goddess Hathor, the cultural archetype of beauty}, Amenhotep III and II {one ivory which looked curiously like, of all people, Michael Jackson!}, stone carvings, a staff displaying a slave, a "lotus cup" {which may have represented regeneration / reincarnation}, a golden ankh mirror case, a vase, a shield, an impressive falcon collar, and the expected cobra-decorated crown {which would be very useful for rites with an Egyptian theme}.

    Interestingly, there was only one small sarcophagus in the form of Tut, which would actually make for a nice keepsafe. As a Satanist, I did not spot any Set representations, which is not all too surprising, as they are relatively rare, and this was after all, not a mythological display, but more a biographical display about the boy king himself. Although I did think it rather ironic that a magnificent storm was beginning to brew outside... These were treasures found within his tomb, whose excavation bore that infamous warning: "Death shall come on swift wings to those who disturb the tomb of The Pharaoh", which ran its course.

    Around the bend, there was even a childrens' gallery called "The Pharaoh's World", and a gift shop just inside the entrance selling such bric-a-brac like mugs, candy, CD's, shirts, and even a shot-glass! There were also vendors selling their trinkets and wares outside near the entrance and in the grassy area around the waiting tent.

    Another evocation came to mind while travelling down Wilshire Blvd. there - the LaBrea Tar Pits - yes, the familiar sight of a behemoth mastodon struggling in the thick tar before inevitable oblivion. I also actually spent some time here as well in Draclinghood, both in personal trips and with camp - I recall rolling down the hills with playmates, running about the expansive area, and perusing the museum, surveying fossils and artifacts.

    Overall, an enjoyable and intriguing perusal.

    For information on Egyptian mythology: World Mythology

    Hollywood Hellhouse
    4773 Hollywood Boulevard
    Hollywood Hellhouse

    Even before "Hellhouse of Hollywood", which was run by "un-daughter" Zeena Schrek, there was "Hellhouse", founded by Jerry Falwell, a christian minister to depict "real-life" situatons to horrify sheeple into the blindlight fane - it is basically a conversion device which rears its head every Halloween as an "alternative" to the harmless fun of Trick or Treating. Other churches copied the idea with variations including "Halleluia Night", and whatnot. Where instead of participating in the sublime charm of Halloween, children are instead kept sequestered with common games enacted like the rest of the year. If you ask children, they would much rather be frolicking in this night of revery and candy-acquisition, unless hopelessly brainwashed by their paranoid parents - so it really is a parental-problem issue overall. Personally, I would not recommend these Hellhouses for children, as some of them tend to be far too graphic, even if many of them tend to be a bit chintzy.

    This past Halloween, Hollywood initiated its own hellhouse, taking directions from an actual booklet written by christian propagandists which reads rather like a Chick tract; but instead of serious attempts at conversion, this production was basically a mockery of the fundies and their stuporstition-mongering. Taking the urban legends of SRA, and alarmist tactics and inaccurate and exaggerrated situations such as a man dying of AIDS, a school shooting, a girl getting raped at a "rave" resulting in her suicide, a gorey abortion spectacle, Andy Richter {former Conan O' Brian co-host} as Jesus, etc., these actual actors {who sometimes had a hard time containing themselves} brought this to the fore with comedic fluorish, inclusive of Bill Maher playing The Devil, and demons accompanying the "sinners", egging them on towards erstwhile "damnation". One is lead through eight rooms, each depicting a scene mentioned, including a mock "sacrifice scene" committed by an erzatz "satanic cult" of devil-worshippers {of note, I did notice a Baphomet banner being used herein, but surprisingly, it was used with permission, as divulged from correspondence with HP Gilmore - why? For stratification. If this absurdity corrals the herd into the arms of the nazarene cult, then so much the better, for water will seek its own level}; On one wall near the end of the tour, is a painting of Jesus upon which one can tack 'confessions', finally concluding in a delightdully gruesome set of Hell, including the damned reaching out from within boiling cauldrons, and various tortures for help. The FX were better than usual, which was pleasing to the shadow side of the mind. The ultimate 'spirit' of this attraction was basically to poke three-pronged fun at evangelists, and it was quite amusing overall.

    B O D Y W O R L D S
    The Science Center, Downtown L.A.

    Mummy's The Word...

    Enter at your own risk! Run by Proprietor G�nter Von Hegel, this attraction features real corpses who have undergone a process called "plastination" which involves saturating the tissues with plastic and various epoxies, said to preserve a body for a hundred years. The corpses are positioned in various poses from varied professions, including a chess player with brain exposed, a pregnant woman, and two writers atop a horse. Additionally, various medical conditions are featured smoker's lungs, cancers, and tumors. Von Hegel, A.K.A. "Dr. Death" and "Frankenstein", asserts that these are for educational purposes, and is incidentally, quite the showman himself, sporting a fedora and cheek scar {sound familiar?}

    So where in the world did he acquire the bodies? Not from midnight excursions at the local graveyard, but from both donations from aficionados {you can sign up at the event} and in the beginning, from unclaimed rejects who were originally scheduled for incineration. Being a Doctor, he decided they could be placed to better use, and debut the necro-art in Japan. Since then, so far, there have been mixed reactions. On a couple of occasions, some patrons have even fainted at the sight of these incredibly preserved and detailed pieces. At one point, one man sought to poke at one subject, and another covered the pregnant woman {"mummy dearest"} with his coat. But overall, the reactions have been primarily that of dark interest that would be attractive to Satanists, considering Rex Diabolos Church's works {particularly "The Abomination of Desolation" series}, and Owen Lietch's Necro-Sculptures. I Am also reminded of Leilah Wendell's Museum of Death, and a tribute to Azrael, The Angel of Death. So when this attraction necromances in your area, do take a perusal.

    Rating: 5/5.

    Official Site: Bodyworlds

    L.A County Fair XXXVIII Anno Satanas, Autumnal Equinox Celebration.

    Upon this foray into the mortal world, I Am drawn into the carnival atmosphere of the Midway haunted by Dr. LaVey many a time. Herein, many attractions await the wayfarer; the scent of cotton candy, hot dogs, jacaranda, and many fanciful confections available only at The Fair. The towering ferris wheel overshadows the park, displaying the Lighthouse Effect by its frame. Night falls, and the Midway opens up like a scene from a movie as the herd jaunts by, the sound of children squealing with delight, running to and fro, playfighting, and the screams of eustress permeates the air from above, deriving from from rickety rollercoasters throughout the fairgrounds.

    As one is to enter the grounds, they are initially conducting "pat-downs" - yet they took one look at Me and a black fellow mentioned something to the effect of " be too crazy..." and allowed Me and My cohorts inside straight-away.

    Of remarkable note, I ventured to the Uncle Fester shock machine, in which one places one's grasp upon two seeming electrodes, as one is given three choices of intensity - "Low, Medium, or High Voltage", with a Crowlean Uncle Fester leering down with that hallmark lightbulb protruding from his mouth. Needess to say, I chose "High Voltage" and "maxed it out", as it were, as the intense vibration veritably borders on pain, and does quite convincingly simulates electrocution, but there is no green smoke here. A couple of machines over is a fortune-teller in a box, and further along, another electrocution simulator, this one resembling an electric chair.

    Animal Exhibit

    Passing this section, one arrives at the far end of the park, to the animal exhibit. Herein are the typical farm animals with the exception of a grand llama, posing majestically, seemingly for the cameras with head raised high, but became a bit awnry when a fat little goat threatened to steal the show. Also thereabouts, The Rabbit Hutch filled with deceptively 'cute' foos each contained within its own cage, that they may not devour eachother for dominance. They gaze upwards with a sideways glance with that unmistakable gleam of mischief in their beady little eyes.

    Nearby, a quick pose for what I call "Satanic American Gothic" , and back up the fairway where we encounter "The Lion's Den", which advertises the reading of bible verses for free, particularly marketed towards children. and more than one was sucked into its lightened fetters. So one would naturally ask oneself, "Where is the Satanic attraction?"

    Scare At The Fair

    Well, besides the entire park and tradition being inherantly 'Satanic', the more blatant location would be The Scare At The Fair, the resident spookhouse, which, as one approaches, one can hear the strains of Midnight Syndicate, choice ritual musick, haunting the sonic tides, with dry ice and fog floating out from a hooded and red-eyed phantom exuding from the dungeonesque and cryptine edifice to the roof, beckoning the daring inside. An impressive spectacle that allows one to feel right at home in one's Lair, And for the nominally inexpensive fee of a mere $5.00, one can enter this domain with its unique paint and artwork rendered to project a three-dimensional effect, accompanied with the aid of specialized spectacles which brings the phantasmagoric images more dynamically to the fore. Robed and masked ghouls lurk therein, 'round many darkened corners, and even lunge forth from many hidden panels in the walls. In some sections, the effects are arranged in such a way so as to grant the impression of floating. A giant spider crawling on a web is quite a remarkable illusion, and most remarkably, towards the end, a spinning tunnel reminiscient of the Universal Studios version, yet is more effectual in bestowing the vertigo effect with the combination of the lighting - red and black striations bestow the sensations of walking into a hellish portal. A most enjoyable perusal indeed.

    On a side note, during one remarkable instance, as Myself and a companion were discussing the possibilities of replicating these blacklight and fluorescent paint effects for our own homes, one of the resident ghouls lurched forwards from a hidden doorway with the intent to frighten. When asked if he knew the artists, he stepped backwards, saying "...No..." in a low growl; and as we made our way to the next chamber, I heard him utter "freaks..." behind the mask, which I received as an ironic compliment. Which also went to show the revelation that even those behind the masks are themselves herd members, lest one lose perspective and bestow Solipsism. This is by far one of the best attractions in the park for My money. A grande finale as a capstone to seal an enjoyable and pleasant evening out.

    Ghost Pirates

    A small rollercoaster ride filled with skeletal denizens similar to a smaller version of Disneyland's "Pirates of The Carribean". - skelatons impaled, hanged, sharpening their axes and swords. and of course, partaking in the ubiquitous rum and ale. Appropriately rickety, the chambers are separated by black leather and velvet and flannel strips draping upon the riders in the darkness.

    Mardis Gras

    Decorated with a depiction of The Devil as celebratory Lord of The Flesh on the outside of the edifice, this rollercoaster promises more of an adventure in eustress bordering on distress with every turn of the shaky carts upon the metal rails. One derives the impression of nearly tipping over to the Midway grounds below from a height of two stories, and the typical suspension if gravity on the three major drops will set to cry out in an excited fall.

    The Cuckoo House

    Filled with the infamous "Hall of Mirrors" at the entrance, the first thought I considered was the infamous scene in Bruce Lee's "Enter The Dragon" scene - the building goes on to contain spinning floors, a conveyor belt, which could forseeably be mode of pedestrian travel for certain businesses and shopping locations, a-la 'The Jetsons. Further along the second floor, resides one of the assured staples of carnival fair - the trick mirrors of the funhouse complete with giggles emminating from the looking glasses themselves. One elongates your reflection, another shortens your stature to that of a midget {the effect is as if one is actually 'looking up' at yourself}; another expands the girth, while yet another diminishes it considerably. Once completed, the only exit is a spiral slide down to the first floor. Great fun for the agile.

    Contingent on these rides, like the Carousel, the Ferris Wheel, and also including a free-fall, and a bungee cord tower for masochists, there are the confections indigenous to the Carnival Fair, including "cheesecake on a stick", fried cheese on a stick, corndogs, fried candybars, jacaranda, cotton candy, - all prepared "on a stick" for mobile entertainment.

    As far as the carnival fair's etymological nomenclature, it actually does fulfill its terminology to an extent after all, in that most of the female pulchritude does indeed become part of the entertainment, in the balmy weather, upon the death of remmus, clothing is scarce and the curves are plentiful.

    The best time to venture forth is after dark of course, when the multi-colored lights are aglow, castng a certain phosphorescence into the atmosphere. And upon closing time near midnight, the sky became ablaze with the punches of explosions and dazzling foreworks; the subtle scent of sulphur permeating, blending in with the sweet and pungent scents of the fair. A perfect conclusion to a memorable and evocative experience. Walking those shiny black pathways, I was reminded of Doctor LaVey , whose memory certainly overshadows the wonderment therein; and here, with the impending anniversary of His return to The Great Darkness, it seemed even more appropriate.

    Hail Szandor! HAIL SATAN.

    London After Midnight
    July 25th, XXXVIII Anno Satanas, The Roxy, 8pm.

    The sun goes down on this balmy night, revealing fetishistically elegant phantoms gathering this evening at an icon of haunted Hollywood decadence, one of many in this "Sin City". A shadowy vampiric cave known as "The Roxy", which in its history has hosted the faintly echoing strains of many a devilsih minstrel. Yet this Nocturne is graced by the malefik musick of etherial creatures "London After Midnight" - veritably, four "Dark Angels" of The Apocalypse to sound the trumpets of ghostly wails and tales of darkened erotica calling forth the spechtres which reside in the deep abysses of the mind.

    I found My way to the seated section where I ordered provisions for Me and My Lady with a wonderful view of the stage proper. The opening band remionded Me of an amalgam of AC/DC, Quiet Riot, and The Misfits - indeed, they even performed a cover of "Static Age", and the crowd reacted lukewarmly.

    At about 10:30, the lights dimmed, and the multi-colored lights shown in the darkness as the dissertation began with a Soviet-style Propaganda film projected upon two screens located as a backdrop on the stage, which reminded this reviewer of the presentations of what gore group "My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult" would present in their hey-day. Images of Victory, slavery, and death arrayed the screens with various images of Nazi footage included now and then. The introductory message went as follows:

    LAM Tour 2003

    {Written by Sean Brennan}

    Greetings Comrades. We are living in a time of great despair. Where our government is run by the corrupt and by corporations whose goal is to keep you ignorant and apathetic. Our media is controlled by these entities with profit driven agendas. These agendas run contrary to our healthy development as a country, and as a species.

    Vast numbers of people live in great poverty while the privileged few manipulate world events for their own gain. Media sells you what they want you to buy and oppresses any opposition- and oppresses the truth. A handful of large mega corporations own most news and media outlets, limiting our choices and suffocating free speech. We are being manipulated and lied to.

    We are sold images of life that prop up old, dead and dysfunctional societal concepts and only feed the wallets of the power hungry elite. Our elected officials are ineffective, and many of us do not even care. Most of the people eligible to vote do not vote. Many choose to remain ignorant rather than discover the truth about the world they inhabit, which prevents them from effecting change.

    We are living in a pre-Fascist state, comrades, just steps away from becoming another Nazi Germany, and many people welcome this New World Order, having been brainwashed to worship self and vanity above the pursuit of truth and evolution. We are sheep being led to the slaughter.

    Do you want to be told who to hate, who to love, what is true, what is false, how to feel, what is art, what music to listen to, what to wear and what to think? Do you want others to make your decisions? Or would you like to help shape the world you live in and help build the future? We have power.

    We are headed down a dark path and salvation seems hopeless. Unless we the people join together and take control, beat down our oppressors, make our voices heard, and base our existence on the concepts of freedom, intellectual enlightenment and evolution, we will be doomed.

    So comrades, the time is now to overcome our Fascist leaders. This is our last opportunity to change the world for the better. You can make a difference if you try. If the people unite, the Fascist Power Elite will be faced with overwhelming opposition and will be forced from their self appointed thrones.

    The time has come for the R/EVOLUTION!"

    However, the band themselves are neither Neo-Nazis nor Communists, but are presenting this production in order to send a deeper message via shock tactics, to revolt in your own mind and life against the big-wig corporations propagating a virtual soma through the Media, which fosters mediocrity and complaciency . In short, to remove oneself from this cultural zombification, thus stimulating evolution; thus, the combined words "R/Evolution", or Revolution are meant to initiate personal Evolution. LAM performed a wide variety of their gracefully haunting musick that would cause The Devil Himself to dance.

    Needless to say, LAM contains all three elements of The Infernal Trinity of Malefik Musickal conjuration. It is a pleasure to behold and hear.

    Malefik Musick: London After Midnight

    King Kukulele at The Hub Cafe, Fullerton, CA

    King KukuleleWhen one thinks of Hawaii, one thinks of ukeleles, swaying palmtrees, pretty girls in grass skirts, tribal tiki masks and fire dances come to mind - overall, a very graceful reparte'. But would one expect to see the likes of King Kukulele, a jester par-excellance, tourist gone insane, Sultan of Silliness, using the Hawiian theme to underscore his act, clad in shorts and a silly crown reminiscent of Jughead from The Archie's, he takes to the stage in a cavalcade of ridiculous improvised rants mostly at the expense of audience members, and in a Weird-Al-esque manner, sarcastically ventures from song to song with his trademark ukelele style. Memorable numbers include "Rabbi Ninja" {with poison-tipped stars of david}, a cover of "I'm My Own Grandpa", "You're my B.I.T.C.H." {B=Beautiful, I=Incredible, T=Terrific, C=Caring, H=Heavenly...You're my Bitch!"...}, "Moustache Rides, 25 cents", among many others. During one memorable cantible, a hula girl actually accompanied him, which in this reviewer's opinion, is a marvellous addition. Members of the audience familiar with the act kept admonishing him to "punch your butt!", which at this performance he did little of, but it is quite a humorous 'stunt' after all, as is his patented "most dangerous trick in the world", which involves screaming with hands raised in a "karate chop" manner, then bringing them down "dangerously" close to his crotch area with another scream. Another amusing stunt deals with the ukelele itself - beware, lest it fly through the air at some poor unsuspecting boob, but take heart, for it is attached to an elastic which brings it right back into his arms. He departs as suddently as he embarks, this time, with an odor comparable to stale limburger acquired as if from the Johnson Smith catalogue {"Poo-Poo Spray"}. This way out the street for mine!

    He is actually also endeavoring to create his own total environment he calls LeMoyne Lanai, a Tropical paradise slowly evolving into his specification - and that is quite Satanic, as we know.

    This performance occurs at The Hub Cafe' in Fullerton, CA, where he can be seen every other Wednesday. So pull up a chair, sip your coffee {for he is on sometimes for 2 hours}, partake of your choice pastry, and be prepared for this veritable "hulacaust"...

    Black Earth II

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