The Satanic Art of Bodybuilding

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Draconis Blackthorne's Shadomantium

Biology / Physical Education

The Satanic Art of Bodybuilding by Draconis Blackthorne
By Draconis Blackthorne

For many boys, & even some girls, the idea of great physical strength & muscular shapliness has been a tremendous attraction & fascination. Posing in front of a mirror flexing the biceps is a behavior that spans the centuries. The redundant hope is, "one day I'm going to be big & strong, & be the best~looking boy {or girl} in my whole school!"

For some, it is an issue of pure vanity. For others, they have been motivated by vengeance. Whether they were picked on because of their nerdiness or corpulence, they are taking responsibility for themselves, & working hard to change the situation to their benefit. And thus, their transformation brings them pride, confidence, aesthetic impressiveness, physical power, & a higher degree of health.

Physical culture has long been admired throughout the ages. Most notably, the Greeks & Romans, who hold the hallmark of a streamlined, athletic build as the visual, artful reflection of the gods. Indeed, in most cases, the humanimal is a visually-oriented creature for the most part, & like it or not, "first impressions" are the longest-lasting ones.

While it is true that a superior mind is worth far more most times than a well-crafted body, how much MORE can one's totality be complimented WITH one!

As Satanists, we are always striving for perfection on every level, to demonstrate our superiority over the dullards & under-developed masses. It behooves us to pump some iron. You do not need necessarily to go to a gym, where it is almost always noisy & crowded, & even worse, olfactorily pervasive & sweat-drenched. Sometimes the gym is only open during certain designated hours, which may not accomidate our nocturnal schedules. In fact, all you really need is a barbell & a couple of dumb bells, & your own private gymnasium can be yours. Later in this article, I will offer a workout scenario that is simple & practical, & will not eat up all your time from other "pressing" endeavors.

As the mind must be exercised, so too should the body. To attain the graceful contours of the flesh, to improve stamina, so the carnal indulgences may be partaken from for much longer periods of time, to reach new levels of pleasure, via endorphin & adrenalyn ebbulations.

It is understandable that most females may harbor misgivings about weightlifting in general, fearing that they may appear manly. It is agreed that over-doing it may eventually develop a masculine-type of physique, But nobody said she had to lift heavy-duty amounts of weight. Bodybuilding holds great benefits for women as well. With lighter weights & increased repetitions, she will be able to create a toned, more sexy appearance without any bulky mass at all, or extreme anatomical definition. A woman will still retain her soft feminine appearance & feel, & her curves will be ACCENTUATED {not to mention improved muscle response & stronger bones}. She can even still project an image of frailty if she wishes it, but beneath the soft exterior, she will be more resiliant, & the magnified cleavage will make her even MORE feminine & beautiful.

On the other side, there is something very stimulating to women, knowing that the muscular man she is dating, can, if he wills, snap her in half. But he would not, as he is a gentleman, & would rather use his musculature to proctect & pleasure her instead.

For those who want to take Bodybuilding to extreme levels, the world of bodybuilding competition welcomes all who wish to receive acclaim for their weightlifting obsessions. Bodybuilding competition events are a manifestation of Lex Talionis, where in the case of weightlifting, the strongest truly DO prevail. Bodybuilding is much more complicated than that, however. In BB, one is judged according to the symmetry of the muscles, gracefulness of posings, & even the creativity of one's theatrical routines. Personality has a hell of a lot to do with it as well. Proffessional Bodybuilders travel all around the world gaining ego-gratification for their physiques, & winning exhorbitant amounts of money as well as titles such as "Mr. Universe", & "Mr. World". There on the stage, they truly do resemble classical depictions of gods ----- aesthetically, at least.

Many took up BB as a hobby initially, then made it a career as soon as they realized just how much fame & fortune could be attained. Some have even crossed over into motion pictures like Arnold Schwarzenegger, a natural 12 o'clock, who won Mr. Universe 9 times, & Mr. World 7 times, then went on to star in films repleat with Satanic aesthetics. His is an example of one who lived to his fullest potential. By virtual means of iconography, he has become a god. His first film, PUMPING IRON, is thee quintessential film on the subject of Bodybuilding, Now THERE'S a motivational film!

There are many different types of Power. There is Intellectual Power, exhibited by science, technology, literature, art, music, philosophy, mathematics, architectural design, et cetera. And for those of a more experimental nature, Psychic Power. There is Political Power. The ability, or in some cases, inability. to rule & govern nations. There is Monetary Power, as defined in the old addage, "money talks..." There is Aesthetic Power. Whether it be through experiencing Nature, a pianting, a sculpture, an edifice, or one's own, & another's body. Then there is raw Physical Power. To be a living, breathing, flesh & blood dominant mass. Ironically, a well-crafted muscular physique shows the upper body as resembling an inverted trapezoid.

Bodybuilding is a blatant display of Power. What you are as a person, as an Individual on the inside, will show magnificently on the outside ----- if, of course, that truly is the case. However, there will always be the brainless brute, the "muscle-head," as it were, as many who frequent the gym's are. The body CAN be gorgeous & powerful, but also graceful, demonstrating finesse. The dichotemy is very appealing. The visual duality of the bestial & the civil.

And if there be any obnoxious fools out there, you know most of the populace will be intimidated into silence, when they imagine that you could bend them into a pretzel. And if they are suicidal enough to try you, then you should do just that. Combine this with donning some black leather, & the effect is DEADLY.

It is for the Satanist to be strong, ruling over the weak. And for the clever to dominate the strong. Of course, the absolute best coalescence is to be clever AND strong, thereby, being the TOTAL god or goddess that you are.

And this is what Bodybuilding can offer the Satanist. That last perfecting ingredient that would make you complete. He who commands an awe-striking physical presence is ALWAYS heard. This is human nature, & it is up to us to manipulate it for our greater benefit. Therefore, make the most of your demon-spawned flesh, now that you wear it!

There is another phenominon that will be eventually discovered. The body will become more sensitive to tangible stimuli: fabrics will be softer or rougher {depending on the material --- their utmost feel will be maximized}, & sensual stimulus is multiplied. Even showers feel better!

The soreness you will inevitably feel the first few times after an exercise session, is the old, flimsy muscle that is gaining a comely appearance. You will even look better in your clothing.

I have formulated the following training schedule that will reap you quick results. Bodybuilding is beneficial to all body-types on the Synthesizer Clock. With BB you will be able to shape, like a sculptor, your body to accentuate or detract any muscle group you desire. But still ,whatever position you naturally fall in upon the clock, that is where you will stay, but you will develop to your highest potential.

Weight amount in the beginning will depend upon how much you can initially lift. Select a weight you are comfortable with. In your continuing development, add 2 1/2 ~ 5 lbs. at about every other week until you reach the size you desire.

If you do not wish to gain in muscle mass, but seek only to tone the muscle, attaining lean muscle mass, work with a lighter weight, which you need not increase, although more repetitions are required. Add 10 ~ 20 repetitions to the denominator of the equation.

After the first couple of beginning sessions, you will feel quite sore. Do not resume training that body part until you have recuperated. As to the following, you may train all body parts in one day, or spread the different body parts out over 2 ~ 3 days overall.

NOTE: The numerator represents the # of sets. The denominator represents the # of repetitions.

Feel the burn...

    12 O' Clock ARMS

  • Biceps: Curls 3/15.
    {Description: Keeping the back stright, with elbows parallel with the torso, lift weight upwards & downwards to chest in an even, smooth movement}

  • Triceps: Press 3/20.
    {Description: Grip weight over head, elbows pointed before you, & let arm bend back to the back of the neck, then "press" upwards}

  • Shoulders: Miltary Press 3/20.
    {Description: Standing straight upright, let weight rest evenly on shoulder, then press directly upwards, & retract slowly}

  • Fore-arms: Curls 3/30
    {Description: Grip weight behind your back, palms facing outwards. Let weight fall gently to fingers, then curl hand & wrist to flexing, then slowly release}

  • Reverse Curls: 2/15.
    {Description: Like bicep curls, with the hands turned downwards}


  • Squats: 2/10.
    {Description: Let weight rest evenly on shoulders. Bend knees to squat while keeping heel elevated. You may use an object to support the heel}
  • Lunges: 2/20.
    {Description: With weight resting on shoulders, lunge forward to half genuflection}
  • Calf Raises 2/20.
    {Description: With weight resting on shoulders, repeat "tip-toe" position upwards & downwards}


  • Pectorals: Bench Press 2/20.
    {Description: Laying on the back, lifting the weight straight upwards & forewards}

  • Pushups: 3/20.
    {Description: Regular push~ups}

  • Butterflies: 2/20.
    {Description: Laying on the back with arms extended outwards to the sides, pressing up & inwards towards the center of one's vision, touching the dumbells together}

  • Abdominals: Jack~Knife 2/20.
    {Description: Sit-ups with the legs lifted so that the elbows & the knees meet half~way}
    Optional: Crunch: bottom half of legs rest on a raised platform such as a bench or bed
    Optional: Regular Sit~ups


  • Trapezius: Rolls 2/20.
    {Description: Standing completely straight, keeping arm straight as well, rolling the shoulder both "doesel" & "widdershins"}

  • Latissimus Dorsi: Pull-ins 2/30.
    {Description: Upper torso bent over with leg lunged forward, pulling the weight from the floor until it touches the chest}


  • Step-ups 2/10.
    {Description: Grasping a weight in both hands, stepping up onto a platform & back down again. May also be done upon stairs}


Walking: Endeavor to take a Constitutional around the neighborhood and/or to a park, or another such natural environment. Hiking is recommended as well. Begin with flatter landscapes, escalating to more challenging and gratifying activity, such as climbing and longer jaunts, perhaps eventual spelunking or rock-climbing. An hour enjoying the scenery with possible company, if desired, for pleasant conversation. Would also be a wonderful time to listen to some favored music on a walkman. At least an hour of walking about is sufficient, or more if desired. A change of scenery from time to time should also preserve interest. Pick a safe route away from heavy traffic or locations known for criminal activity. Ideally, both would be eliminated completely.

Running/Jogging: Same principle as above A secondary recommendation would be to run in place if outdoor activity is not convenient for whatever reason. About 5-10 minutes for beginners, more as one progresses.

Sexercise: This gratifying activity provides both cardiovascular {repetetive movements inducing fresh sweat while increasing heart-beat}, and dynamic tension benefits {muscular contractions both sustained and repetetive}, and should be engaged in whenever opportunity arises. Try various positions regularly which will become easier to engage in for longer periods of time. "Take that which tempts whenever you can!" - The Satanic Bible.

Sub-note to Sexercise: The question has arisen about the nutritional value of ingesting semen. Each ejaculation emits from about a teaspoon to a tablespoon serving, sometimes more, commonly containing from 5-7 calories with a content of Fructose sugar, Water, Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), & proteins with a minute amount of diluted blood. For safety reasons, whatever your predisposition, be sure your partner is devoid of venereal diseases.

Think about this: Bodybuilding allows for indulgence in the Seven Deadly Sins:


  • In professional competition, one can win monetary prizes upwards of $5,000.


  • The Pride derived from winning the competition, or just in everyday life, as people marvel at the symmetry & so forth, if such attention is desired.


  • One may envy others' appearaance, & motivate you to attain a physique similar & better than theirs.

  • Others' envy of you, which in turn, will swell your Pride.


  • The scrawny fellow who's anger towards those that mocked him, will motivate him to become a strongman, & crush his former detractors. Often, a look of fear is all that is required. The formerly scrawny fellow may say, "Look at me now!" This was exemplified in the old Charles Atlas cartoon strip of the said skinny fellow who gets sand kicked in his face by a burly bully. His anger motivated him to train with the Charles Atlas system. After a few months, he went back to the beach with his new & improved physique, & knocked the bully's block off, & even took his girl.


  • Any particular "diet" is not strictly recommended. A healthy appetite & indulgence in whatever foods one wishes is. The body will distribute the needed nutrients unto itself. The major component in muscle growth & recuperation is the ingestion of protein. Some steak tar-tar & potatoes poured over with a plentiful serving of cheese & au-ju sauce should take care of this nicely. * It is also recommended you survey a menu of delicious dining suggestions at Hell's Bar & Grill.

    The Three S's.
    However, if you desire to gain more definition, lose body fat, I have configured a simple 'diet' plan which does work quite effectively: Eliminate the three 'S's from your culinary repretoire, which are Sugar, Starch, & Salt. That is to say, do not add extra amounts of these substances to your meal - foods already contain natural amounts of such, so it is largely unecessary to suppliment your repaste, for these are added for increased taste, not nutrition. * To maintain a healthy and wholesome degree of nutrition, ingest vitamins daily - "Centrum 1-a-day' is sufficient., providing vitamins from A-Z, inclusive of anti-oxidents, which maintain vigor and prevent deterioration.

    Over-eating is not too much of a problem, since the body's metabolism has been excellerated. All it would take would be a couple of good work-outs, & a shaplier figure would be restored. Muscles have memory cells, even if one partakes in the following sin.


  • ...if the muscles decrease or weaken, they will return to their former strength & shapliness, much sooner than with those who barely began. Plus, exercising inevitably makes Sloth a much more enjoyable & relishing non-activity.


  • It is obvious that the body will present a more alluring element. For mere hunting purposes, partners will be much easier to come by. Muscles which are stimulated by regular weight-training are more ensitive, & therefore, erotic stimulation is intensified.

  • G R I M O I R E S