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Old Nick Magazine

Old Nick

CoopstuffI Am pleased to announce that I have received the premiere issue today and Am very delighted with it. Besides the gorgeous, curvy models and amusing story lines, there is a very intriguing article on The Hellfire Club, devilish lymricks, a tribute to 'Satan' magazine, salacious illustrations, the seven deadly sins, and a primer on indulging in fine tobacco and choice liquors.

Primarily geared towards the Satanist {considering the Baphomets, Sabbatic Goat of Mendes, and diabolical references}, 'Old Nick' is a splendid publication for the carnal conniseur.


The Trident 19
[The Magazine of Modern Satanism / Legion of Loki Grotto]
"Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those who walk on all-fours, who, because of his 'divine spiritual and intellectual development', has become the most vicious animal of all!" ~ 7th Satanic Statement.

The Trident 19The humanimal issue offers a variety of opinions about our place in the animal kingdom, as well as interaction with the other creatures therein.

The cover features "Honi Bunny", a zoomorphic changeling influencing society with her various charms, and the description reveals just how. One will notice the phi-ratio present in the daisies descending behind her. As a side note, I refer to trendoid airheads as "bunnies" and "foos", which may actually be giving them too much credit after all.

Paul Hill observes "Satan's Precious Creatures", lamenting most humanimals' apparent inability to flow with the course of nature, both inner and outer. "The Beauty of The Beast" by we know who, showcases marvelous photography of various furry four-legged and scaly friends in their purity of being; Markus Meyer offers some advice towards stratification and leadership, and reports on an amusing exhibit featuring human and simian cohabitation, as well as displaying forte' images from the jungle to the shore to the woods; Magister Paulis makes a staunch commentary on some deceptive influence of Disney upon the populace when considering multimedia representations of animals' true predispositions; John Brunac recollects parental cliche's about pets; J.M.K. describes some evolutionary developments in the humanimal in contrast with other animals, and relates a delightful little folktale about why clouds are so high in the sky; Justine posits a pro-vegan beef {contention}; and the Dear Abby column serves up a winsome evocation of Jiminy Cricket's undefiled sage wisdom, which sings true.

The voice of other species speak through this installment, and it is wise to listen. For Satanists, it is already the voice within.

"The highest plateau of human development is the awareness of the flesh!" ~ The Satanic Bible, P. 81.

Dark Somewhere
A Magazine of Dark Fiction

Dark Somewhere 1Issue #1 of Dark Somewhere arrived today, and I must comment on the quality of both the artistry and the literature, which are superb, rendered completely by Silva himself. Four dark tales of horror and erotica array this premiere presentation. My favorite thusfar is "The Little Outcast", about a little boy who seeks the aid of The Devil to gain revenge on some bullies. There is also "Astra" {dark erotica}, "Territory", and "The Scepter of The Serpent" - all remarkable works, made manifest by Mr. Silva himself.

The subsequent issue shall contain one of My stories entitled "Bestial Lust", about romance under the full moon gone horribly wrong. Among other infamous writers, Mr Silva credits H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Ray Bradbury, and of course, Anton Szandor LaVey as inspirations. Dark Somewhere seems an amalgam of Heavy Metal magazine and Weird Tales with a decidedly diabolical slant, just the way I like it.

I predict this publication shall achieve quick infamy within the literary underworld, and shall grace many a Satanist's coffee table and library.

Rating: 5/5.

{* Bolt of The Goat for more information.]

Dark Somewhere
A Magazine of Dark Fiction
XLIII A.S. Issue #2. $5 U.S. / $7 International. 44 pages.

Dark Somewhere IIDark Somewhere magazine presents five morbid tales of horror fantasy from various authors including Warlock Hernandez, Michael Silva himself, and this writer, plunging the depths of the carnal, erotic, the feral, the chthonic, and the mystical.

Each darkly well-descriptive story is accompanied by an impressive rendering of the tale told by the expert pen of Mr. Silva, creating a veritable "Lovecraftian Journal" of thrilling terrors perfect for a dark stormy night.

Art within features draconian forms in flight, a Sorcerer coalescing with an old one from the stygian leagues, a plethora of salacious demonic creatures, a humanimalistic warrior, and generously curvacious succubi throughout.

Filled with suspense, thrilling escapades, and concupiscent contemplation, Dark Somewhere magazine is aesthetically as well as literarily pleasing - a sheer pleasure to aphotically enjoy.


Order directly from: Bolt of The Goat

The Trident 18
Spring XL A.S.

Arriving via Pandemonium Airlines, is this latest installment of The Trident, with flaming tines thrust upwards into the starlit sky, serving as a beacon to the demon wings gloriously shadowing the night, resting gracefully upon terra firma. Our lovely stewardess from the cover motions us to the pleasures of our next destination, awaiting through the hellgates upon The Black Earth.

This is the "Worldwide Satanic Conspiracy" issue, with Satanists from around the world voicing opinions on various political, social, philosophical and economical environments in their countries of origin, and the relative states of The Infernal Empire therein.

I must say, I was taken aback by the account from Reverend Redstar in Frankfurt, and I Am sure true Diabolic Justice will follow - just goes to show that no matter what position the herd may hold, ignorance and fear are indelibly inherent within the despicable lot of them. Editor Primus shares some of his amusing formative experiences with the left and right portions of the political spectrum. Kris Hawkins relates the American media infiltration into Britain with sadly devolving effects upon the populace; Colonel Akula discusses comparative issues between Canada and the U.S., including the legalization of certain cultural taboos which are steadily gaining acceptance, all for the betterment of an advanced Satanic Society {what I call a "Daemonocracy" - DB}, as well as some of the lingering perfidiousness besetting these societies; Magister Nemo contributes a splendid piece on the 'shocking' truth of the "worldwide satanic conspiracy" - there really is one! But not in the form commonly expected...; Magister Paulis posits his concerns over dogmatism in The Infernal Empire, and some of the attitudes taken by some of those new to the organization, diabolical demeanor, as well as the preservation of individuality versus herd behavior; an urgent message from the Marquis DeSade's homeland expresses the need for increased french interaction which will secure their respective position within our sphere of influence; Rafocale Lucifuge notes our increasing global span into this Age of Fire; and Witch Abby Brimstone relates her well-traveled experiences and observations on the waning multi-cultural influence of the christian reich, and the true meaning of freedom of religion.

The Question of The Quarter this time around relates to what extent and capacity Satanists should become involved in partisan politics, or not at all. Also includes movie reviews and some really great merchandise referrals. The Trident remains a consistently top-quality publication.

The demon bell rings... time to board the plane again... and on to the next level of The Inferno. Thank you for flying Pandemonium Airlines...

The Black Flame
{No. 16, XL A.S. Hell's Kitchen Productions}

I was delighted to receive Issue No. 16 of The Black Flame recently, the premiere publication of The Church of Satan, and it is truly a pleasure to behold and possess. It is just aesthetically beautiful and filled with comparable literary content, the likes which stands out as a Luciferian beacon in the midst of so much occultnik obfuscation and pop-pablum of the sub-journalistic arena, which continually seems to be lowering its standards, whereas Satanism strives to heighten the evolution of thought and action.


To begin, from the "Neter-World" as it were, comes the remarkable artistry on the superbly glossy cover, entitled "Amon: The Kemetic Ram, or The Gate of Baphomet", expertly rendered by Magister Robert Lang, features so-named Amon, from whence The Baphomet sigil originates, seated majestically in Egyptian splendor upon His trapezoidal throne, a more ancient depiction of The Sabbatic Goat manifested in this infernal Neter. This splendid image is part of a forthcoming Tarot by Mgr. Lang, which will be an amazing acquisition in itself.


Finally in print, we read inspirational Communiques of The Church of Satan's evilutions throughout the last few years, entitled "Milestones" by Magus Gilmore and Magistra Blanche Barton. Having these already on file, it is wonderful to read these herein, and certainly places Our advancing progress in perspective. Does the black heart proud.


This issue is dedicated to The "Black" Fine Arts, the realm of Satan in the true expression of The Self, and features interviews with six artists and musicians of Satanic pertinence, including Jimmy Vargas {Time-traveler and Noir proponent}, David E. Williams {"unpop"-style singer/songwriter spinning tales of underground thought and darkside culture}, Peter Mlakar {Laibach nucleus of erotic and philosophical literature}, Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba {Native Apache ever on the multi-media warpath of extreme self-expression and [anti]-social commentary, shaking subjects up in order to reform a more highly-evolved culture}, Adam Parfrey {Elitist Feral House publisher and veritos information mogul}, and Trevor Brown {whose realistically blasphemous works have permeated Occulture forming recognizable archetypal iconography}.

De-Facto Satanists

Here we read of Aristotle, Giosue Carducci, and William Blake, old-world natural Satanists upholding The Devil's trident throughout history, through His many philosophical and poetic dimensions. Includes an enhanced explanation of The Hymn to Satan, which this Satanist has appreciated since finding it at The Library as part of a compendium, which I copied and even utilized during an improvised Sabbatic ceremony. I was actually taken aback by the many Satanic statements of Aristotle when I attended a class on Humanities at a local academic insititution, and knew I had to compile them into an essay for other Satanists to appreciate; and Blake has also been a favorite read from time to time, and Am pleased to see him receive infernal recognition herein.

Loki's Laughter

I must say, I really enjoyed the evocative article on Benny Hill by Colonel Akula, a long-time favorite comedian {probably the first I ever integrated into My comedic repertoire, along with The Three Stooges, Monty Python, and Rowan Atkinson, to name a few}, whose re-aired presentations I would watch late at night, and would even replicate some of the skits therein with dracling cohorts at school and camp. I catch this whenever I can, and have a steadily growing collection of recordings, to supplement original broadcasts from the 80's. His playfully salacious humor remains unmatched, and needs to be resurrected into the orthodoxy. Part of the lustful dance of life, and definitely inspires strength through joy.

"Kiss My Satanic Ass!" follows, a guide to the art of insulting, that's IF one feels like playing with the herd - although I feel the generally best course of action is to simply ignore them, for they are of no true consequence overall.

"After The Absurd" is a gem of the classic devilish prankery which deflates pretentiousness and misdirected masochism, much which was brought forth by the genius of Soren Sorenson Adams, practical jokester extraordinaire. Harking back to a time of those amusing devices from The Johnson-Smith Catalog such as the whoopie cushion, the joy-buzzer, sneezing powder, among many others, the author offers a unique perspective as the owner of a joke shop. The Art of Embarrassment to effectively slap someone back into place, which are quite timelessly employable and enjoyable.

The Internet

"Collecting Souls in a World of Cyberjunkies" by Mgr. Robert Lang contains undefiled wisdom which I agree with whole-heartedly, as I gaze at the books about Me, occupying the black shelves above The Infernal Machine. I Myself have often said that "The only thing better than the smell of a new book is the smell of an old one." Too true. The tactile sensation of curling up with sometimes a musty, dusty book on a rainy evening in The Study on one's favorite comfortable chair, in The Bedroom in the luxury of the wrought-iron canope bed, or outside at My own Satan's Hollow {which is the primarily method by which this magazine is being absorbed} amongst the gentle breeze and rustling of leaves, or even at a sparsely populated {above-ground, at least} cemetery, is incomparable to the sterility of a laptop at some internet cafe' - I do appreciate My sleek black laptop, but a text is best experienced with a physical book in a quiet, private place, thus creating a closer connection to Nature, in My opinion, and forming an actual meditation and pleasant memory.

"Lessons in Online Stupidity" by Agent Cyanide coincides with the previous, and offers some advice on internet etiquette, interaction, and the lack thereof. The Nine Satanic Sins are present on the web, and work just as well there as in the physical world. Although it has been My experience that the best thing to do when approached by some would-be antagonist and/or idiot is to simply ignore them, and they will eventually go away. The internet can be a wonderful source of information, shopping resources, conducting business, entertainment, and concentrated/controlled pseudo-social interaction, but it is ultimately a tool for the betterment of one's existence and should not be taken personally - as with most issues, moderation should be observed - after all, on the web, are you the spider or the fly?

"Dirty Books" by Warlock Kevin Slaughter discussing Bowdlerism was quite delightfully elucidating on the perfidious puritanical influences of past literary censors, and the exhileratingly tantalizing erotica surviving those sadly repressive times, now open for the libertine to re-discover and enjoy unto satisfaction, without the flesh-hating obstacles of yore. Authors discussed herein include Shakespeare, Mark Twain {see 'Letters From The Earth'}, Noah Webster {of Dictionary fame}, Solomon {read the biblical pornography in The Song of Solomon, which I once discovered with a beloved and laughed into the night}, Frank Harris, and Gabriele D'Annunzio! {whose antics and passions were a favorite of Dr. LaVey's}.

I also really enjoyed "The Art of Ritual" by Mgr. Lang - its basic principles I have already employed for My purposes and written of in Dracomeroth as one of the Spells therein, specifically "The Magic Pages Spell", which uses both written and visual imagery to manipulate one's quarry.

Another remarkable essay I can relate to is "Renfields" by Magister Rose, and I have known My share of these 'minions'. Some can be useful, but can only be tolerated in short instances at a time; while others, you just do not want anything to do with at all.

The rest of the content is just as compelling, incisive, and thorough in their analysis and commentary on various subject matter.

So what is in store for the next issue? As mentioned in the Welcoming Statement by Magus Gilmore, the next installment of The Black Flame shall be in book form, concentrating specifically on essay inclusions, whereas the Odditorium section will here-to-for move entirely online, which is already underway at The Sinister Screen.

The Trident
Issue No. 17 / The Magazine of Modern Satanism \ Winter XL A.S.

The star gate shifts... slowly turning in space, swirls of future visions transmutating in a portal of dark energy, and from nucleic minds does proceed manifestations of the imagination, casting patterns from the present, forming the future in kind...

Princess Satania emerges therefrom upon her metal chariot, an infernal machine charging through space and time, with joyous precognition, a star amongst the galaxies...

Herein this inter-dimensional journal of Modern Satanism, appears the inspirational and compelling piece by Magus Gilmore entitled "Wrestling The Future Into Manifestation", which kindles the black flame ever higher, as we look forward unto greater victories and accomplishments; Paul Hill shares his vision of The Future in the impending Satanic Society of Social Darwinism and meritocracy, based upon Dr. LaVey's Pentagonal Revisionism; Ali Martikainen offers a glimpse into his beautiful environment in Finland; Rev. Herbert Paulis gazes into the veritable crystal ball of the mind to decipher another plausible scenario of the exciting future, discussing some underground revolutionary inventions, and is a call to actualize the Will and realize the future as we see fit; Uncle Otto observes the principle of survival of the fittest and the acquisition of the planet by The Satanist; Warlock M. Ambrosius previews "Cthulhu One", a Lovecraftian convention soon to surface from the watery depths; Primus reviews Satanic Punk band The Quintessentials' "Pentagonal Revisionism' CD, crystallized by The Black Pope; another review by Greg Nasty on "The Book of Legion" by Artist & Writer Bryan Mojica, a compendium of infernal visualizations; a review of the "100 Artists See Satan" art project catalog with a clear and solid observation by Jana S. Jord; and Abby Brimstone gazes forward while retrospecting upon the past, relating her own evolution since stepping 'outside the box' of proventiality.

Enlightening and contemplative as ever, The Trident remains a stancheon of wisdom firmly rooted in terra firma.

3 Tine Productions, LLC
ATTN: The Trident
Post Office Box 140085
St. Louis, MO 63114

Not Like Most 15

Not Like Most #15Arriving in the Hell Post, this gem of literary and artistic indulgence, filled with thought-provoking essays and multimedia reviews on a variety of subject matter of Satanic pertinence. First of all, one is gratified by the striking cover featuring Our Founder, rendered expertly by Artist, Agent Jack Malebranche - actually hand-painted on canvas {a sadly forgotten art; thus, the resurrection of a past orthodoxy}, which would look quite handsome in one's Parlor or Ritual Chamber - a fitting tribute to the legendary figure.

Inside, a scathing essay by Magister Paradise entitled "Consumer Vs. Producer", which really nails the differences between the two, even within our ranks; a very pleasing introductory column "Aesthetic Terrorism Series" with the infamous Magister Diabolos Rex, who lends his archetypal knowledge to The Devil's Gallery as well as countering many ignorant claims made by the herd; interviews with Unpop Art's Minister of Unpropaganda Brian Clarke, who speaks on this revolutionary movement which utilizes various historical imagery to invoke the darker side of the psyche, and forces the viewer to realize their own prejudices, regardless of how egalitarian or misanthropic they may claim to be; an interview with Jack Malebranche who discusses his homosexuality and libidonous projects; Magister Paradise offers another intriguing essay on "conditional love" vs. unconditional; Adan Flores explains the Third-Side perspective regarding cinemagraphic evilution; Colonel Akula ponders two of Our Satanic forebears in Nietzshe and Heidegger; and Reverend Herbert Paulis offers an amusing and incisive essay entitled "How I Became An Asshole" about the dangers of extending kindness to those undeserving and ingracious; I really enjoyed the section "Satanic Reflections From Bill Cosby", which through his humorous wit, rings all too true; and LeRue Delashay, our resident Composeur par excellance, literates the advent of Beethoven's iconoclastic influence into the modern world, which remains eternal.

It is surely a pleasure to absorb this latest release, which remains a superior Satanic publication throughout.

The Trident No. 16
$5.00 USA / $6.00 foreign

Just in time for Halloween, this issue is appropriately themed around death, in all of its manifestations, including burial sites, pre-planning for excarnation, the positive aspects and results of catastophe, the Museum of Funeral Customs in Springfield. Illinois, review of a great book on Satanic Artist Markus Meyer, and film reviews of Ed Gein and The Village. Also included is the Dear Abbey Brimstone column asking the compelling question "How Do You Sign A Life Away?", and an intriguing interview with Necro-Sculptor Owen Leitch. And again, the cover features the splendid artistry of Selene, displaying Infernal Progeny enjoying the company of a new playmate. A great issue to curl up with in the gloom of one's study, complimenting the 'spirit' of the season.

Legion of Loki
Attn: The Trident
P.O. Box 140252
St. Louis, MO 63114, USA

The Trident 15
The Magazine of Modern Satanism
Summer XXXIX A.S./$4.00 U.S. / $5.00 Foreign

The Trident 15The comedy issue! And what a delight it is. First of all, the cover is graced by a splendid harlequin by the name of Eris, sexy AND funny! What a sinfully delicious combination! Herein we have contributions from Rev. Herbert Paulis with sarcastic wittiness encapsulated in a fictional tale about Ol' Noah, and humorous tips for pilots; our own nefarious Jester Bill M. offers "Comedy For The Masses" {great observations and suggestions on what the herd are programmed to respond to}, an interview {wherein he shares some of his passions, including Mathematics and Misanthropy}, and "The Satanic Comedy Commandments" {recommendations for various comedic sources including some of My favorites such as George Carlin, Woody Allen, David Cross, and Bullshit! - personally, I would have included Rowan Atkinson and Benny Hill - not to mention The Three Stooges, The Kids In The Hall, and Monty Python - yes, I appreciate British humor!}: the Bill M. Issue! Hail the Lord of Coke and Hot Dogs! A hilarious faux interview with White Metal cream puffs "Stryper" entitled "To Hell With The Devil"; "Satan Laughs" by Paul Hill {also a contributor to The Devil's Diary} about the importance of preserving a sinister sense of humor {agreed}; a splendid mythological piece called "Welcome To Hell", wherein an inspirational stay in the infernal regions is explored; the Dear Abby {Brimstone} column about locating her appropriate sense of humor; mathematical signs of The Beast, and The Question of The Quarter which in this issue, deals with same-sex marriage, and the interesting parallels in France. Yet another superb issue by the fiery folks at The Legion of Loki Grotto.

Not Like Most #14
A Publication of Satanism in Action
XXXIX Anno Satanas - $5 U.S./$7 World

NLM 14Received My copy of Not Like Most #14 yesterday, and needless to say, it is yet another superb release from Magister Paradise, done with class and style. Speaking of Classical, an essay herein entitled "Classical Music: The Devil's Playground" expounded by Le'Rue Delashay {Satanic Composer Diablere} heads off the issue, followed by "The Misanthrope's Survival Guide" {all of which is already personally and pleasantly implemented}; a thoroughly interesting interview with esteemed Magister Nemo, Founder of The Temple of The Vampire - members will not want to miss this one!; "The Golden Age" {'...of Horror!' - DB} follows, whose evocative timing is perfect, and speaks to the current dis-hibernation and awakening of the silver screen, which is a most pleasing development; a hilarious inclusion from the "bizarre world and strange weirdness" of Professor Sinister entitled "The Library of Secrets", which relates some of the more both far-fetched and plausible contraptions throughout sexual medical history {which seems to be rather large on anti-rape devices - which is understandable, considering the times, in which women were seen as property, and whose deflowerment by another man could mean humiliation and the damaged reputation of the man} including a "penis trap" and "female security device"; a piece on the shock value of Satanism by Shiva Rodriguez; "America, Where Are You?" by Rev. Herbert Paulis; "Hymn to Belphegor" by Adan Flores, which is an infernally-inspired relation; a fine and agreeable addition "Indulgence: Fine-tune it or Die" by David Allan White {where did he go?}; "Absolute Human Companion" by Mgr. Paradise - an elaboration on Artificial Human Companions by ASLV, their crystallization and ever-perfecting integration; and another classic piece on Paganini by Mr. Delashay named "The Devil's Hands" - these are great perspectives on these composers who were more often than not in league with Dark Forces themselves, thus inspired by The Daemon within.

"Mediabolica" comprises the multi-media review section, with reviews of The Devil's Diary V, and an inclusion of My review of Magus Gilmore's Threnody For Humanity. \,,/ Two Horns up to Magister Paradise!

The Trident No. 13
The Magazine of Modern Satanism
Winter XXXIX A.S./$4.00 U.S. / $5.00 Foreign
The Trident 13

Received My complimentary Issue 13 of The Trident in the Post yesterday, and the theme of this one is all about the military. The cover features a rendition of a lovely Valkrie on the warpath. There's a great article by Rev. Thomas Thorn addressing several points on partiotism to cliche's, a commentary on the military witch's wardrobe by Veronica Van Horne, a piece on Satanic / Military values by R. Merciless, some personal relations in the service by Iain Jaymes Pointe, some Lex Talionis by Primus, the Dear Abbey column featuring a short fiction piece, and a Luciferian animation by James Helkowski & Ryan Mojica; as well as a page on multimedia reviews by Honor Noble on the back.

This issue seeks more interaction with the readers this time around, introducing "Shout at The Devil" and "Question of The Quarter" which will be addressed in the next release. Always a pleasure, The Trident receives three prongs up!

The Cloven Hoof
#131, The Official Tribunal and Newsletter of The Church of Satan / $5.00

The Cloven Hoof 131 It has been five full years since the last Cloven Hoof has trodden across The Black Earth, that incredible Memorial Issue, and The Baphomet Goat has returned with blood-red glowing eyes, imparting undefiled wisdom from within its pages, which are as The Gates of Hell opening forth to enlighten and entertain. Magistra Barton speaks on the evilutions of The Infernal Empire in that time, and the further purpose of this grimoire-periodical, which continues to remain as a Cabalistic newsletter reserved for the outstanding few.

Herein, perfect for the time of year, we are 'treated' to such literary works such as a very worthy sestina to Dr. LaVey by David Stalder; a run-down on some basic Satanosophical points arranged quite thuroughly by Kevin Filan; a timely commentary on Christian Pedophiles by Rev. George Sprague entitled "Jesus Loves The Little Children" {and quite often at that- how sadly approprois}; a great piece on The Satanic Family by Mga. Barton detailing some of her own experiences and advice on the matter, considering the little Prince of Darkness she is raising; another poignant piece on German Nihilism by Adan Flores; a misanthropic inclusion on the solace of productive solitude by Zachary Simon; an opinion piece by Rev. Chris Trian about why United Satanic America truly is 'The Great Satan'; and lastly, but certainly not leastly, but more or less beastly, an elucidating epistemological work as a luciferian torch bearing the black flames casts a hellish infernal light on the origins of said Lughnasadh, or 'Lammas', which reveals, among other things, the truly dark origins thereof, despite what the weakans presume to present. This time, the Arsenal features multimedia reviews of Bloody Beautiful magazine, The Antichrist's Bible, The Devil's Reign magazine, Goth Chic book from Gavin Baddeley, The Trident magazine, a commentary on The Temple of The Vampire, among other sources of mental edification, inclusive of this very journal.

Always a pleasure to read, The Cloven Hoof is perfect to curl up with on a cool night, amidst the howls and autumnal winds. I do hope the next issue is not so far to come. Highly recommended.

The Trident #11
The Magazine of Modern Satanism
Summer XXXVIII A.S./$3.00

The Trident 11 This time around, the theme is all about our favorite Root of All Evil, MONEY, and the more the better. Contained herein this monetary menagerie, are essays by Publisher Ambrosius, G. Michael Enriquez {"In "God" We Trust", an ode to the Mighty Dollar and why money is indeed not only practical, but truly "of The Devil" �; the black diamond of the issue I feel is the interview compilation entitled "Being Your Own Master: Satanic Entrepreneurs", inclusive of the opinions and remarks about the devilish business of this writer, among other notables of the Infernal Trade; "Slave Bait" by Iain Jaymes Pointe; "A Special Kind of Society" by Rev. Herbert Paulis; a column by the voluptuous Abbey Brimstone named appropriately "Dear Abbey: The Dollar and The Satanist", which is a delightful little repartee' between she and a dollar bill ; followed by media reviews of Marilyn Manson�s "Golden Age of The Grotesque", and the film "The Matrix: Reloaded".

And as a gleaming capstone, a Satanic Media review by Greg Nasty about The Devil's Diary V, and it is mightily appreciated indeed. HAIL SATAN.

Also included, is an ad forJose Cuervo, featuring a handsome devil surrounded by a gaggle of tumescent angels giving in to the temptations of the flesh, and that is as it should be.

The cover features a Satanically evolved "Laksmi Satana" featuring the four-armed and upwardly-mobile Hindu Goddess with cell-phone in hand, with the others motioning The Cornu, another displaying a Pentagram on her palm, from which proceeds a wealth of coins with which she blesses her adherents with a bounty of riches; and the fourth grasping a lotus flower to signify beauty, lest perspective be convoluted - she is bedecked in a "power business suit", which accentuates her curvaceous repose. Behind her leap two goats in place of the usual packaderms which would only slow her progress. The typical forehead dot is here replaced by an inverted star, which further displays her empowered evilution. Another symbolically striking image conjured vibrantly by Selene.

Overall, another amusing and educational offering from The Legion of Loki Grotto. Excelsior!

Trident 10
The Magazine of Modern Satanism
Spring XXXVIII A.S./$3

The theme of this Spring issue is Satanic Sex, the undercurrent of life itself - a favorite subject of this author, assuredly, being a proponent of Satantra whenever possible. Paul Hill offers an essay entitled most appropriately, "Sweet Satanic Sex", and sweet it is, with his philosophical observation of the myriad of sexual expressions within The Infernal Empire. The delectable Abby Brimstone serves up some of her techniques and analyzes the manipulative possibilities, well applied by experience; "Eden Found" by Eric Zollman is a lusty, sultry, naturally-indulgent little tale about two Satanimals partaking in the Sacrament; Artist Joseph Seeman is profiled along with a reallt great piece entitled "'Ol Scratch", which would make for a nice Tarot card #15; A piece called "Tapping into Ilsa" by Khristina D. Astonishing is about the sexploits of Nazi Domanatrix Dyanne Thorne, whose lurid novels relate Sado-Masochistic scenarios not for the sexually timid - of note, a DVD is on its way!; Ian Jaymes Pointe relates his discovery of The Satanic Bible, and some misanthropic observations of the herd's cliche'd and PC-infested manufactured opinions in his inclusion entitled "The Great Indulgence"; and a couple of "quickies", commentaries on pornography and BDSM by Honor Noble immediately preceeds this author's Satantric, erotic short-story offering "A Date with The Devil" with a wonderfully perfect art piece conjured by Selene; And of Honorable Mention, Terry Horns' and Walt Hicks' text "Exit The Light", which is a series of stories from these Hell-born arising Satanic Authors.

Attn: The Trident
P.O. Box 140252
St. Louis, MO
The Trident #9
The Magazine of Modern Satanism
Winter XXXVIII A.S./$3

The Trident #9 An unfortunate wayfarer walks the night beneath the full moon's light, the echoing sounds of wolves' howls slowly nears - fear strikes his mind and his heart begins to beat faster, as his sweat bears cold against the evening chill. They will feed soon. Glowing dilated eyes dart from between the shaded darkness of the pine trees, whose perfume permeates the nocturne amidst the scent of fear which brings them nigh. Silent and swift demise at the hands of forest predators. Are you the hunter or the hunted?

It just keeps improving with every release. In this issue, the theme is dedicated to honoring the Satanimal Beast within man. An inclusion by this Satanic Werewolf features a rite to being forth the feral one {a-la "There is a beast in man that should be exercised, not exorcised" ~ LaVey}; "A Werewolf Tale' scratched up from the distant past by Lady Pagan; "Wolf.s Bane" by Vlad Dracula; "Naked Ape V 6.66" by Primus; film reviews pertinent to the genre, and a skimmy review by Honor Noble of Robert Eisler?s "Wolf Into Man" {with an introduction by Adam Parfry}.

On the cover by Sebine, another sublime monsterpiece featuring a were she-wolf on the prowl, hunting and haunting the night 'neath the full moon, luna splenderosa, approaching a cabin, stalking with a couple of her companions.

Attn: The Trident
P.O. Box 140252
St. Louis, MO

"I gaze at the moon with my stomach full, pick My teeth with the bones, Gaze at Luna?s fading light, intoxicating ecstasy takes My mind away ? her face grows pale as I sleep?" ? portion taken from "Bloodfeast" by D.B.

Not Like Most #13
A Publication of Satanism in Action
XXXVIII Anno Satanas - $5 U.S./$7 World

Not Like Most #13 This time around in this exceptional publication, we are treated to "Ego Transference and The Herd", a keen analysis on the motivations of the herd and the manipulative possibilities thereof, which should be instinctually well-known by the Satanist; an incisive and valuable piece on techniques of accumulating currency for The Satanist {Financial Affluence: the 6th completing level of The Infernal Alignment}; an essay on the unfortunate herd-trend of victim mentality; an insightful interview with {former} Grotto Master Andrew Watkins, detailing his various projects {Skratte Magazine, formerly The Black Star Chronicles - he has since initiated the afore mentioned described in the following review of said magazine, among others}; an article on the fine aspects of replications of paintings on canvas entitled "The Fine Art of Faux"; and in the vein of "Misanthropia", another great misanthropic occam's razor splitting cliche's asunder entitled "Absolutes Can Corrupt Absolutely" by Rev. Paradise; an amusingly incisive inclusion on the Satanic descriptions and history of facial hair, particularly the moustache and the various infamous figures sporting them {although the Addams character Gomez was not mentioned}; and several other misanthropic essays, the humanimal's Magical birthright, religion in the news, a pleasantly quirky piece on the foibles of telecommunications and its false securities described with Tolkien-lore, and a piece on unwilling and unable personalities even under the mantle of Satanism, which could very well serve as an extention and expounding of The Satanic Bunco Sheet. Included also are multimedia reviews in "Mediabolica", including The Trident and The Devil's Diary Volumes III & IV. The cover features a heptagonal and pentagonal rendering entitled "Apache Means Enemy" by by Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba. NLM come highly recommended and remains one of the finest Satanic Publications available.

Purging Talon Publishing
P.O. Box 8131
Burlington, Vermont, 05402

Skratte Magazine Volume One

SKRATTE Editor Drew Watkins, vocalist for The Revenants presents Skratte Magazine, an outgrowth of the currently disbanded Order of The Black Star, featuring interviews with the likes of Lord Ahriman of Black Metal group Dark Funeral {new album "Diabolis Interium"; also in Wolfen Society}, Editor of Not Like Most magazine Rev. Matt G. Paradise, Musician Rev. Thomas Thorn {Electric Hellfire Club / Wolfen Society}, & Proprietor Kevin Slaughter, grace this first full issue.

Included herein are essays on the manipulation of prayer "How To Prey on Prayer" by Donald Swain, which contains wonderful suggestions for redirecting and utilizing the submissive psychic energy thereof to one's Satanic benefit. Also included in this issue are three film reviews by this writer; "Satanism and Eugenics" by Eroxthis; "Memetic Warfare" by Editor Drew Watkins; a past orthodoxy with information on the historical Nineveh Grotto by Magister Jeff Nagy and Stan Moog; the vicious exploits of The Crusades, a nice bit of misanthropos veritos entitled "So Much Love To Give" by Joe Berlund; "Kill Them, Kill Them All" by Ambrosius of The Legion of Loki and Editor of The Trident magazine; and an all-too-true comic depiction of the slobberly populace personafied in the herd's perceived notion of the lord of the meek and the king of the weak entitled "A Moment In The Day of The Second Coming of Jesus..." - conceived by Joe Berlund. Actually, I thought it ironic that one herd icon was in the hypnotic spell of another "god", The Letharginator, and there are also ads for finely-hewn and desirable Satanic Merchandise.

The cover features a mannequin attired in clerical clothing, which makes an appropriate aesthetic introductory statement to a featured column herein entitled "Christian Crime" by Citizen Eric Zollman - a collection of blindlighter xian accounts of their various crimes, following their bloody history, with a typical mix of murder, extortion, child abuse, and rape.

Skratte is quite an enjoyable "Satanic Digest" artfully filled from front to back quite thuroughly. Do add this journal to your literary repetoire. Highly recommended.

The Trident No. 7

The Trident 7

For this issue we are greeted by an effervescent young lady {scratch nose} granting a salute while the sparks of the fireworks blaze on through the night behind her. She dons a hat and collar emblazoned with Pentagrams - a lovely image.

This is essentially the remmus Independence Day issue, a time when a self-preserving Vampire-Werewolf-Satanist hibernates during the repugnant lightmare. This quarterly slim publication contains essays on suggestive Satanic Aesthetics for the Warlock, Satanic Genetics, a report on the 2nd annual Radio Free Satan Bash, an interview with RFS creator & President of Mephisto Media Corporation, and the part 3 conclusion to the triune cliffhanger by Terry 'Horns' Erwin. Another superb unleashing.

Subscriptions / Submissions:

Legion of Loki
Attn: The Trident
P.O. Box 140252
St. Lois, MO 63114, USA

The Trident No. 6

The Trident 6

Another delighful aesthetic conjuration by Selene adorns the cover of this fine Satanic publication - a Gyspy fortune-teller peers into the crystal ball which reflects the Magic she invokes which is appropriate to adorn this issue, which deals with Sorcery and Vampirism.

The prolific Rev. Herbert Paulis contributes a thurough essay on latin etymology; a vampiric rite by this Vampiric Warlock; a humorous piece called "Fruit Mantra" by Primus; "All of Them Witches" about sinematick deviltry by the dalmationative Les Hernandez of The Quintessentials; a part two continuation of the epitomic "Revival" by Horns, and Justine's Movie Picks comprises this richly packed lokian issue of deviltry. "The Difference Between Dogs and Cats" is also included, which is absolutely right on the money, thus complimenting the definitions of Catism and Dogism - a must read.

It was also quite a nice touch to pepper the issue with accentuating quotes from Dr. LaVey and Shakespeare.

This Magical issue is a great addition to one's Luciferian Library. Recommended.

The Trident is unleashed quarterly, & remains a quality Satanic publication.

Subscriptions / Submissions:

Legion of Loki
Attn: The Trident
P.O. Box 140252
St. Lois, MO 63114, USA

The Trident No. 5

The Trident 5

In this Winter XXXVII issue of this outstanding publication, is included three essays, one by this Warlock {'The Dawning of Daemonocracy' - the impending and inevitable governmental system, inclusive of Lex Talionis/Satanicus}, one by Honor Noble {'Are you a Good Witch or A Bad Witch?' - about the basic differences between so-called Black and White Magic}, and another by Lady Pagan {'A Witch's Tale' - a delightful relation of feline persuation}; great fiction from Horns {'Revival'}, and some selacious poetry from Les Hernandez {'Mistress Damnation'}.

The cover features a piece entitled "Balance" conjured by Selene, which imaginatively depicts a lovely demonesses and a reven-haired angel comprising The Yin-Yang.

The Trident is unleashed quarterly, & remains a quality Satanic publication.


Legion of Loki
Attn: The Trident
P.O. Box 140252
St. Lois, MO 63114, USA

Not Like Most 12
Not Like Most #12
A Publication of Satanism In Action

Reverend Paradise's literary manifestation which has experienced quite a tenure of longevity, remains one of the top Satanic publications on the black market. I was pleased to have received My complimentary copy recently, & I Am delighted by what I have beheld & read.

Within this issue is an interview with Satanic Apache Priest Steven Johnson Leyba of The United Apache Front, aesthetic terrorist & Indian Chief; information on Evilutions within The Infernal Empire appropriately entitled "On The Infernal Front"; HP Gilmore's "State of the Church" Address; plus essays on joining The Church of Satan, total environments, Religion In The News {amusing & disturbing at the same time - brutally exposing the blindlighters in all their hypocritical & deceitful glory}, herd stupidity, some entertaining fiction, a nice piece on mythology by Rev. Herbert Paulis, an essay on "poop" culture by Rev. Paradise; as well as multi-media reviews & Satanic perspectives about 9/11 interdispersed throughut the issue. Also, NLM celebrates its 9th birthday this past Helloween of XXXVI Anno Satanas. A horned Salute!

The cover art features "Icarian Dreams" by Matt Bauer, a foggy dark angel materializing. This publication as a whole comes highly recommended. HAIL SATAN.

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