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Draconis Blackthorne's Shadowmantium


Year XLIII Anno Satanas

INFERNAL EMPIRE NEWS: Inside The Church of Satan preview available... Emporium: Brimstone Pendant by Magister Robert Lang available for a limited time... The Anton LaVey Bust Splendid artistry from The House of Netherworld... Satanism: An interview with Church of Satan High Priest Peter Gilmore by David Shankbone... Available from major book sellers on October 13th XLII: The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Peter H. Gilmore [paperback; Scapegoat Publishing]... The Fire From Within Volume 1 by Magister Nemo... December 25th, XLII: Bearing The Devil's Mark by Magister Matt G. Paradise. Pre-Orders taken on November 23rd, Black Friday... Halloween XLII: Essays In Satanism by Magister James D. Sass... Satanism Today returns on APEC... September 1st XLII: Tribute to Anton Szandor LaVey CD... Now available for Year XLIII: The Satanic Calendar featuring Church of Satan Artists... Dark Somewhere II A Magazine of Dark Fiction... The Devil's Sketchbook by Storm of Art On You Studios... Available September 11th: The Addams Family series volume 3... Book: Lust Magazine The Archives 2003-2006... The Devil's Diary XI... Noctigram magazine Issue 1... Halloween XLII: The Ninth Gate magazine: Volume 3 features an article and film reviews by Draconis Blackthorne... The Ghost magazine Volume 6... The High Priest plaque by Jason Leach... August 21st: Nox Arcana: Shadow of The Raven A Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe... The Mephistophelian Midway featuring vintage articles on Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey... Not Like Most 16 Special 6/6/6 Satanic High Mass issue... Diabolic Publications: Diabolic Tales, The Satanic Life... plus much more at the Official Site! Regie Satanas!


  • Spechtreum: Sweeney Todd.
  • Malefick Musick: Blasphemic Cruelty: Devil's Mayhem.

    XII/XXI/XLIII: Winter Solstice
    Winter Solstice XLIII

    On this longest night of the year, as storms swirl and demon winds whirl, the Krampi have come forth from secret Abyssal caverns, flames in their eyes, roaming free across the frosted land, bestial harbingers of the Winter season, the warmth of their breath is as hell fire upon yuletide candles and fireplaces, igniting multi-sensory celebrations in the flickering darkness.

    The sublime scents of evocative confections linger sweetly in the air, indulging in rich nectars and carnal delights! As the invigorating chills course through valleys and plains, may the flames of Hades warm you and yours on this infernally-blessed Solstice!

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary
    Winter Solstice, XLIII Anno Satanas

  • The Haunted Noctuary: Winter Solstice XLIII Episode XI.
  • Mammon & Mistletoe / The Darkside of Xmas. Explores the etymology and historicity of the Yuletide tradition.
  • Satanic Serenades: Satan Claus.

  • Satanic Panic Archive: Satan In The Suburbs, MSNBC Report: Sean Sellers.
  • Spechtreum: 666, The Sign of Evil [offsite link].

    XII/XIII/XLIII: Full Moon
  • Lucifer's Labyrinth / Church of Satan Media: Secret Societies documentary Church of Satan segment added.
  • Malefick Musick: Added Manowar's Gods of War video.
  • Spechtreum: Saved!

  • Sinemaerotica: Sinthia, The Devil's Doll.

    Bordello Babylon XII/VI/XLIII: Krampusnacht
  • Bordello Babylon. A source for Satanic Libertines for salacious amusement.
  • Satanic Serenades: Krampusnacht.

    The Family that slays together, preys together! XI/XXVII/XLIII: FANGSGIVING
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Fangsgiving. Video playlist to accentuate The Haunted Noctuary podcast.
  • The Shadow Gallery: The Sabbatic Baphomet of Mendes Shadowmantium Entry image.

  • The Haunted Noctuary: Fangsgiving XLIII episode.
  • The Black Earth: Myrtle The Turtle.

    Cabazon Dinosaurs XI/XIII/XLIII: Full Moon
  • The Black Earth: Cabazonia, a prehistoric total environment.

    Pact With The Devil XI/IX/XLIII
  • Satanic Panic Archives: Pact With The Devil.

  • Grimoires: October 31st, Halloween's Birthday.

    Shadow Baphomet by Draconis Blackthorne X/XXXI/XLIII: HALLOWEEN
    Storms brew likened a Witch's cauldron, stirring the phantom-filled skies, invoking demons to arise from the shadows within.

    Shuffling zombies arise from static living death to grope for darkness once per etesian squall, savoring but a crumb of the feast we enjoy nightly in elegant splendor.

    But who dares tread unto that dread lair the year through?

    Despite reclining fantasies to nestle in deceptively safe harbors, we remain...

    Lurkers in the fathomless depths of the vast Abyss, on dreadful thrones in amused sardonic cachinnation.

    The glowing rictus of Jack O' Lantern's flame shall light the way to Hell...

    Come one, come all to feed the Dark Gods!

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Draconis Blackthorne
    Church of Satan Warlock
    The Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire
    Halloween XLIII Anno Satanas

  • The Devil's Diary: Halloween XLIII cover added.
  • Grimoires / Prolecaust: I. Halloween, The Herd, and The Satanist. Discusses Halloween from a sociological perspective. II. Halloween Compendium. Suggestions, projects, and evocative relations. III. All Hallow's Ev'n. A personal relation on a blindlight diversion. IV. The Four-Crown Princes of Helloween. Comparisons between The Four-Crown Princes of Hell and their Halloween counterparts. V. Blackthorne Chronicles: Halloween. Various entries from The Blackthorne Chronicles of previous Halloweens.
  • The Shadow Gallery: I. Shadow Baphomet. II. Halloween. 'Monsterpiece' depicting various archetypes with their symbolic and philosophical connotations. III. Halloween Baphomet. Baphomet is festive with this Halloween display, complete with ornamentation representing the archetypes of this splendid season. A collage of evocations conjured up from the dark subconcious, framed by the trapezohedron which here acts as a window to the said subconcious. The serpent above configures the dreaded Number of The Beast with his symmetry, as Thirteen crowns The Baphomet form, suggesting the exploitation of these fun-fears for diabolical amusement. IV. Samhain: The Spirit of Halloween. Samhain appears to conjure the Magic and Charm for this season, which remains a constant to the Satanist. Let the joyous celebrations begin! V. Halloween Unleashed. The myriad Halloween masks of Satan invoked from the Jack O' Lantern, as a veritable "Pandora's Box" of delightful horrors for fun, fear, and fascination. VI. The Legend of Cousin Shy. From Halloween With The Addams Family. VII. Drac O' Lantern. The photo of Dr. LaVey manipulated into a traditional Jack O' Lantern in memorial to The Black Pope's return to The Great Abyss. VIII. Ghoultime. Scary stories told to ghouls in the dead of the night.

  • The Haunted Noctuary: Halloween XLIII A.S. Part II.
  • Tales From The Shadowside: The Queen Mary.

    Fangoria Musick

  • The Black Earth: Church of Satan Emporium 1" Baphomet Medallion.
  • Fangoria Musick: My review of Nox Arcana's Phantoms of The High Seas has been included on Fangoria Musick.
  • Malefick Musick: Nox Arcana - Phantoms of The High Seas.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Pentabaphomet. An early manifestation of a customized, personalized Baphomet which occurred to Me once upon a time.
  • Devilutions I: Added "Valley Dudes" by The Straight A's to 'Hollyweird'.

    X/XIII/XLIII: Full Moon
  • The Black Earth / Hell's Kitchen: The Mad Greek.

  • The Black Earth: Coffin Rust Halloween print IV.
  • The Black Earth: Zzyzx.
  • Malefick Musick [compendium]: The Sounds of Demons & Dementia.

  • Dractionary: Psychophant.
  • The Black Earth: Hell Town, Tricks or Treats?

    MANOWAR: The Triumph of Steel X/I/XLIII
  • Malefick Musick: Manowar - The Triumph of Steel.

  • Malefick Musick: Le'Rue Delashay - The Cycle of Fifths.
  • Spechtreum: Encounter With The Unknown.
  • Malefick Musick: Halloween Hootenanny.

    IX/XXII/XLIII: Autumnal Equinox

    Autumnal Equinox XLIII A.S.

    Burning shades of yellow and brown surrounds The Black Earth as fog lingers, floating upon the cool breeze on this season's change.

    The darkening skies bring transmutations sublime, calling forth specters from the dark side of the mind.

    The Gates agape again, projecting wonders upon the world, welcoming the harvest moon upon the land, awakening sweet images of ghouls and goblins, witches and demons, ghosts and skeletons to arise, to haunt and dance from evocative fane.

    Swirling leaves cascade from skeletal trees, cast up in whirlwinds of incensed delights, amidst flickering candle's flame...

    We observe the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere, with spring in the south, to witness all the wonders of the seasons in flux.

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    Autumn Equinox, XLIII Anno Satanas
    The Haunted Noctuary

  • The Haunted Noctuary: Autumnal Equinox / Halloween episode [part I] now playing!

  • Shadow Gallery: Shadowmancer Warlock I & II. The manifestation of archetypal projection yields a visualization born from the shadows of the subconscious Abyss, passing through The Gateway of materialization.
  • Spechtreum: The Secret Lives of Women - The Occult.
  • Hell's Kitchen: Ray's Tepeyac.

  • Devilutions II: They Call Him Satan...

    Deathwish: Demon PreacherIX/IX/XLIII
  • Malefick Musick: Deathwish - Demon Preacher.

    Pact With The Devil

  • Pact with the Devil: Rebroadcast Sep 07, 7:00 am, on Investigation Discovery.
  • The Devil's Diary: A reminder that the deadline for this upcoming issue is October 13th. Currently accepting essays, social commentary, fiction, non-fiction, adventure relations, Poetry, Artistry {front / back cover art}, Greater and Lesser Magic applications, suggestions, experimentations, culinary submissions, and multimedia reviews. Contact The Editor for submittals, pre-orders, subscriptions, back issues {3-13}, and additional ordering information. The Devil's Diary is $9 USA / $13 International. Price includes shipping & handling.
  • Tales From The Shadowside: Judas Ghost!
  • The Black Earth: Gemmy Fog Machine.

    Deviled Egg IX/I/XLIII
  • The Black Earth: Tales From The Shadowside.
  • Hell's Kitchen: Drac Burger & Fries, Drac's Deviled Eggs, Devil's Brew, Graveyard Pie, Sabbath Cake.

  • The Black Earth: Pentagram Rug, Crystal Skull.

    Fangoria Musick

  • Fangoria Musick: Iced Earth - Horror Show.

    Iced Earth: Horror Show VIII/XIII/XLIII
  • Malefick Musick: Iced Earth - Horror Show.

    Venom: Welcome To Hell VIII/IX/XLIII
  • Malefick Musick Venom - Welcome To Hell & Seven Dates of Hell.

    Manowar: Kings of Metal VIII/VI/XLIII
  • Malefick Musick: MANOWAR.

    Black Sun by Draconis Blackthorne VIII/I/XLIII: Black Sun
  • Grimoires: Why 2k? II.

  • The Haunted Noctuary: Martial Arts Episode. In lieu of the release of The Dark Knight, and an Independence Day show, this evocative episode is also dedicated to My Senseis, and Our Soldiers of Satan here and abroad, while providing Satanic perspective.
  • Playlist: Video Playlist added for The Haunted Noctuary podcast, accentuating the playlist with available sources.
  • Spechtreum: The Werewolf Vs. Vampire Woman.

    VII/XVIII/XLIII: Full Moon
  • Grimoires: Satanism Through The Ages.

  • Devilutions: Drac Dark.

    Varapani / Dorje Shugden VII/IX/XLIII
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Vajrapani / Dorje Shugden: The Daemon of Balance.

  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: That's Entertainment! [Film Noir]

    United Satanic America VII/IV/XLIII: Lucifer Day
  • Lucifer Day. Hail Hellfire!
  • Satanic Serenades: Lucifer by Draconis Blackthorne image added.

  • The Haunted Noctuary: NOW PLAYING - The Misanthropy Episode!

    VI/XX/XLIII: remmus Solstice

    On this Solstice, we observe the welcomed lengthening of nights in the Northern Hemisphere of The Black Earth, as the darkness slowly creeps with Halloween just 'round the corner.

    As the herd cluster en-masse to fry their brains and bodies on beaches and grazing areas, emmanating the B.U.G.S. {Blare, Ugliness, Glare, Stare} of their lower natures, the elite seek the shadows to preserve and enhance one's being.

    So remain in Nocturnal bliss in dimly flickering Chambers, arising with the moon, indulging in decadent pleasures, as the cool gloom of one's chosen night world surely spreads forth across the land and skies, casting our increasing shadow upon every sunset in the West.

    Hail The Night! Hail Satan!


    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary
    21 June, XLIII Anno Satanas

  • The Haunted Noctuary: Remmus Solstice episode available.
  • Pact With The Devil: Rebroadcast SUNDAY & MONDAY on The Discovery channel!: 9:00 pm; Jun 22: 12:00 am; Jun 22: 12:00 pm.
  • Malefick Musick: In Through This Devour by Tier Instinct.

    VI/XVIII/XLIII: Full Moon
  • Pact With The Devil: Rebroadcast on The Discovery channel on The remmus Solstice weekend of Jun 21: 9:00 pm; Jun 22: 12:00 am; Jun 22: 12:00 pm.
  • Infernal Progeny Movies: Mad Monster Party.

    VI/XIII/XLIII: Friday the 13th
  • The Haunted Noctuary: Satirical "Evil Numbers" episode added for 6/6 and Friday the 13th.
  • Satanic Serenades: The Swing.
  • The Shadow Gallery: "The Drac Signal" added to Entrance and Banners page in honor of The Dark Knight, that de-facto Satanic character, Batman. A long appreciated icon.
  • Infernal Empire News: Friday the 13th Message from Magus Gilmore, FAQ added, Satanism Today, Schwarz & Magisch magazine, sculpture from Warlock Michel Teuber, Darkhaus music, and Germ Books + Gallery events! Hail The Church of Satan!

  • Spechtreum: Insert added to Inside The Church of Satan review. Note: The titles listed thereon are placed according to the release of the production, in relation to the presentation. Most of the participants have since been promoted. Congratulations!
  • Hell's Bar & Grill: Added title image. Bon Appetit!

    Inside The Church of Satan [custom cover by Storm]
    F A N G O R I A

  • Fangoria Musick: Nox Arcana's Grimm Tales review added.
  • Spechtreum: Inside The Church of Satan custom cover by Storm added to review.
  • The Haunted Noctuary III: Added Jan Not Jackson & The Invisible War to the All COS Member Episode.

    Inside The Church of Satan V/XXVII/XLIII
  • The Haunted Noctuary: Playlist slideshow added.
  • Spechtreum: Inside The Church of Satan [review].

    Magus Peter H. Gilmore V/XXIV/XLIII: Day of Observation: Nativity Anniversary of The High Priest; Magus Peter H. Gilmore
  • Infernal Empire News: "Esprit de Corps Infernal", Loyalty as an Organizational Principle by Magus Peter H. Gilmore.
    N O C T U A R Y

  • The Haunted Noctuary: To celebrate this occasion, I present Episode III: All COS Member episode. Track List: I. Le'Rue Delashay: Evocation Of Midnight Manifests. II. Spechtreum review: Inside The Church of Satan. III. All Hail by Hell of All Hells. IV. Satan's Scroll review: Motel Bizarre by Stephanie Crabe. V. The Bishop's Folly by The Electric Hellfire Club. VI. Malefick Musick review: Meat by Smokey Deville. VII. Smokey Deville: Delirium Tremens Mix. VIII. Malefick Musick review: Bred To Be Your Enemy by GrotesquEuphoria. IX. Bred To Be Your Enemy by GrotesquEuphoria. X. Malefick Musick review: Lucifer. XI. On Your Mark by Lucifer. XII. Ol Sonuf: Vaoresaji. XIII. Malefick Musick review: Legends From The Grave by The Quintessentials. XIV. Black Bramford by The Quintessentials. XV. Malefick Musick review: Timescape Zero. XVI. Hamurabi's Code by Timescape Zero. XVII. Malefick Musick review: Le'Rue Delashay. XVIII. Manifesting The Sorcerer's Lore by Le'Rue Delashay. XIX. Satanic Serenades: Red Storm by Draconis Blackthorne.

  • Spechtreum: Hell: The Devil's Domain documentary added.
  • Devilutions: "Satan Sleuth" video added.

  • Spechtreum: Added video clips for Pact With the Devil and 20/20: Hell - Our Fear & Fascination reviews.

    The Haunted Noctury

  • The Haunted Noctuary: With your host Warlock Draconis Blackthorne, features seasonal greetings, essays, and an eclectic variety of nefarious and diabolical music, multimedia reviews, and poetry. The Haunted Noctuary is a psychodramatic and theatrical experience into the dark side of the subconscious, at times utilizing metaphor and polemic to establish philosophical points of view in a horror-oriented style.

  • The Haunted Noctuary: Walpurgisnacht XLIII. With your host Warlock Draconis Blackthorne, features seasonal greetings, essays, and an eclectic variety of nefarious and diabolical music, multimedia reviews, and poetry.
  • Malefick Musick: Nox Arcana's Grimm Tales.

    IV/XXX/XLIII: Hexen Sabbat
    Walpurgisnacht XLIII

    On this traditional Witch’s Sabbath, do we recognize the foundation of The Church of Satan on that historic night within black candle-lit halls, reverberating darkened reflections from timeless celebrations afore, and from the Trapezohedron Gates of Hell were unleashed the Daemons of realization and creation.

    Since that inception has The Infernal Empire continually thrived and grown, igniting the black flame upon the crowns of carnal devils across The Earth, who in turn wield our passions, further strengthening this tenebrous Cabal. Indeed, from the darkness of The Abyss within do come many wondrous things… and so it shall ever be.

    Shemhamforash! Hail The Church of Satan!


    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    Walpurgisnacht, XLIII A.S.
    Noctuary, The Infernal Empire

  • Satanic Serenades: Walpurgisnacht.
  • Anton LaVey Archives. Bibliographic archeology chronologuing the emergence and development of The Church of Satan.
  • Satan's Scroll: The Ninth Gate 4.

  • The Devil's Diary: Issue 13 is now available! Contact The Editor for ordering information. The deadline has been met, thank you to all who participated in contributing to Issue 13! The Deadline for Issue XIV: Halloween XLIII is October 13th.
  • Infernal Empire News: Walpurgisnacht Message from The Magestry, and a plethora of multimedia gratification! Hail The Church of Satan!
  • Satan's Scroll: Not Like Most 17.
  • C2C: Thursday, May 1st - "Paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren will discuss his research on the Church of Satan including his filming of secret rituals. This, combined with two nights alone in America's most haunted bedroom has given him new insight on the afterlife."

    Lex Talionis! IV/XVIII/XLIII: Reposts of Misanthropy & Diabolic Justice!
  • Grimoires: Magical Media; Gangs & Graffiti: The Satanic Solution. Recommendations on dealing with these destructive organisms. The Curse of Incompetence; Royalty Vs. Peasantry.
  • Satan's Scroll: Addendum to The Most Dangerous Game.
  • Anti-xian Archives: Those god-damned annoying xians.
  • The Devil's Diary 13: For those who wish to submit material to The Devil's Diary 13, the deadline has been moved up a few days due to rescheduling issues, so there is still time to submit additional essays, fiction, adventures, and artistry in this last minute opportunity! The issue will be sent to the printers soon! This issue features essays on ritual experiences within and outside the Chamber, indulgent existence, omnivorous contemplations, a time travel ritual experience, poetry, and an observation on nordic traditions. Also included is the Noctuarium multi-media section analyzing presentation recommendations of an eccentric and darkened nature. If you would like to pre-order your copy now, contact The Editor for ordering information.

    Sophia Bestiae by Edward O'Toole IV/XIII/XLIII
  • Satan's Scroll: Sophia Bestiae.

    Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey Photo Gallery IV/XI/XLIII: Day of Remembrance - Magus LaVey's Birthday
    In honor of Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey's Birthday. Mentor, Iconoclast, and Founder of The Church of Satan, we acknowledge the Legacy of The Immortal Legend on this day of remembrance, resounding in the hearts and minds of The Mighty Elite!

    Hail Szandor! Hail Satan!
  • Infernal Empire News: Tribute statement from The Magestry, The Black Pope Tribute Gallery, The Book of Satanic Quotations by Magister Paradise, and the re-release announcement of Warlock Netherworld's splendid pendent designs!

    alt=Cafe Press: Blackthorne Productions

  • Blackthorne Productions: New Cafe Press store opening!
  • The Shadow Gallery: The King of Diamonds, $in City.
  • Grimoires Satanic Numerology. Contingent of 'The Table of Nine', added experiment idea about 'The Number of The Beast'.
  • Devilutions: Once Upon A Nocturnal Constitutional...

  • The Black Earth: Spadra Cemetery.
  • The Ninth Gate: L i l i t h - "...an article on Lilith, her history and mythology by Corvis Nocturnum, model Eden, an interview with Witch Scarlet (author from Diabolic Publications), An Ode to Lilith poem by Michelle Belanger, Music Reviews by Lynx, Movie Reviews by Warlock Draconis Blackthorne, the music of Priestess, delightfully devilish treats by FeMaladictions and Dark Candles by Helena, fashion designs by Dark Queen Apparel and more femme fatales to rock your world. Our issues are getting bigger and bigger so get a copy for your lair today!"

  • Devilutions: Damien Thorn Comparison.
  • Satanic Serenades: All Is Well In Hell.

    The Ninth Gate II III/XXVII/XLIII
  • Satan's Scroll: The Ninth Gate II.

    The Infernal Names

    III/XX/XLIII: Vernal Equinox

    The seasons are in flux as new life comes forth, to be devoured by snarling beasts or propagated in darkened lairs, as libertine satyrs, turgid incubi, and lush nymphs, voluptuous succubi, dance the dance of life in gardens of indulgence and opulent pantheons of fleshly delights!

    Intoxicating aromas pervade the senses, as storms whirl in transformation and rejuvenation, impregnating the black earth with streams of vital nectar, laden into caverns of blossoming effervescence. The bounty of the land overflows with succulent ambrosia, as carnal gods and goddesses partake in deepest epicurean pleasure.

    The Scarlet Woman rides the Beast, prepare the lascivious feast! Strength through Joy!

    Regie Satanas! Ave Satanas! Hail Lilith! Hail Satan!


    In Nomine Satanas,
    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Noctuary, Infernal Empire
    Vernal Equinox, XLIII Anno Satanas

  • The Shadow Gallery: The Infernal Names. A collection of occultural images in honor of this Daemonic list from The Satanic Bible.
  • Satan's Scroll: The Ninth Gate III, Infernus.

  • Satan's Scroll: Satan's Tarot slideshow added.
  • Satanic Panic Archive: Exposing The Satanic Web.

  • Satanic Serenades: Added graphics for poems Noctuary, Devil Father, Halloween, and Halloween XL.

    The Devil's Diary

  • Satanic Serenades: Black Heart Poetry Projection Room presentation.
  • The Devil's Diary: Deadline for submissions to The Devil's Diary XIII: Walpurgisnacht XLIII A.S. is April 11th. Accepting Art, poetry, essays, multimedia reviews, fiction, Greater & Lesser Magic, and travel adventures. Please send entries to The Editor. Thank you, and Hail Satan!

  • The Black Earth: Magus LaVey pendant.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Custom Ad for The Brimstone Pendent by Magister Lang.

    Lucifer's Labyrinth III/III/XLIII
  • Lucifer's Labyrinth: Updated.

    The Omni Board II/XXIX/XLIII: Bissextile Noctum
  • Blackthorne Productions: The Omni Board. Pendulum oracle now available.
  • Infernal Empire News: Brimstone Pendant availability announcement. Hail The Church of Satan!
  • Malefick Musick/King Diamond: Added Pictures In Red video from the Give Me Your Soul... Please album to review.

    Those Curious New Cults

  • Infernal Empire News!: Inside The Church of Satan preview available, Dark Somewhere magazine, The Quintessentials' performances, Nightmare Sinema, and Germ Books + Gallery Exhibitions! Hail The Church of Satan!
  • Satan's Scroll: Those Curious New Cults transcription.
  • The Black Earth: Belial's Gem: The Black Opal, The Jewel of Satan.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Jailhouse Mentality. [Misanthropology, Social Commentary].
  • Spechtreum: Knight Rider.

  • Satanic Serenades: Fete Diaboli.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Hell Serpent {Kundalingam}.

    II/XIV/XLIII: Debauchery Day
  • Sinemaerotica: Satanic Sickies.

  • Satan's Scroll: The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Stigmata.

    Baphomet's Throne by Draconis Blackthorne II/IX/XLIII
  • Grimoires: Who Is Satan? Added 'Some Satanic Manifestations in The Material World...'
  • The Shadow Gallery: Baphomet's Throne.
  • Satantra: The Satantric Predator.
  • Malefick Musick: Acherontas: Tat Tvam Asi {Universal Omniscience}.

  • Satantra: Added two essays: Circumcision & Satanism: An Oxymoron; Cigarettes, Orgasms, & Longevity. Health & Sexology Hypotheses. [X]
  • Satan's Scroll: Young Goodman Brown & The Rocking Horse Winner.

  • Interviews: Q & A: Psychology of Religion.
  • Satanic Serenades: Black Dragon Phoenix.
  • Sinemaerotica: The Maddams Family.
  • Infernal Empire News: Recommended musical, artistic, and literary events! Hail The Church of Satan!

  • Infernal Progeny Movies: When Good Ghouls Go Bad.

  • Satan's Scroll: Giger Calendar.
  • Spechtreum: The Manitou.

    Fangoria Musick

  • Malefick Musick: Le'Rue Delashay review of "The Revelations of Wave & Form" CD is featured on Fangoria Musick. Enjoy!
  • Infernal Empire News: Literature, Art, Musick, and a free DVD screening. Hail The Church of Satan!
  • Malefick Musick: Acheron: Rites of The Black Mass re-issue.
  • Satan's Scroll: Born of The Night Calendar.

  • Prolecaust: Some Observations. Resurrected this misanthropic essay.

    Dark Somewhere II I/VI/XLIII
  • Satan's Scroll: Dark Somewhere II.
  • Spechtreum: Dagon.

    New Year XLIII A.S.

    Greetings Satanists!

    A toast! I lift a glass of Leviathan's finest philtres to us all! To another indulgent year of Creativity and Strength!

    Sign the Pact for resolutions for the coming year to manifest The Will... all that has been proposed this past year has been fulfilled, as we move forward in continued success!

    The treasures of The Black Earth belong to us! Partake in the bounty of The Devil's Cornucopia, in all of their myriad carnal delights!

    Here's to Year XLIII!

    Shemhamforash! Hail SATAN!


    In Nomine Satanas,
    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    January 1, XLIII A.S.
    Noctuary, The Infernal Empire

  • Black Heart Poetry: The chains have been cast asunder on this Witching Hour, dare experience The Legend of Devil's Canyon. A poetic Horror Anthology adventure. See The Projection Room! Also available at Post Poems: Satanic Serenades & Deviant Art.
  • Infernal Empire News!: Starting the New Year with a Blast, beginning with New Year Greetings from The Magestri, the return of NCM, The Devil's Sketchbook, and the Portuguese translation of The Satanic Bible! Hail The Church of Satan!
  • Spechtreum: Troll.

  • The Black Earth: The Emerson NR303TT Heritage Series 4-in-1 Home Music System. Timeless Technology.
  • Spechtreum: Corpse Bride.

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