In this department feel free to look around, lean back, put your feet up, break out the spam baps and lucozade and stop being so serious!. We Christians have a sense of humour too!.

Ever realise it's illegal to smoke on Grafton street Dublin?, that you must wear a sword if you are a student in Trinity college Dublin?, that it is illegal to put pennies in your ear in Hawaii? or drive a speedboat down a public street in some states in America?!! truly a collection of the weirdest laws in the world collected here for your enjoyment! Shaun Aisbitt's weird laws page

How about a bit of CARD MAGIC! This trick has Astounded and Amazed many, See if YOU can work it out?!

You know you are in the WRONG Church when...

The Heretics Kit

A New Improved Heretical Thesis Writer

The Weird but Funny Latin Phrase Page!

The Antichrist, who is he, she or it?

Oh No, NOT!, Theological Light-Bulb Jokes!

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And please don't come to this site looking for xbox warez, Gamecube warez, Gameboy Advance warez, Gameboy Advance roms, GBA roms, GBC roms, hacks, gamez, illegal stuff, David Gray new day full album mp3 etc. There aren't any!. Some naughty person has put this address into some pirate site and I'm getting hits searching for all those things listed above, and nasty e-mails. This is a Christian site and we have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness ok?. Theft is a sin as it says in the Bible in the book of Exodus 20:15 "Thou shalt not steal". Repent before it's too late. Turn from your sin and trust is what Jesus has done for you, because He loves you enough to have died for you in the most cruel dehumanizing way possible for anyone. His blood paid the penalty for your sins so you may be washed free of them. Trust Him today, put your life in His hands, make Jesus Lord of your life, tomorrow may be too late. Click Here for further help