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Witnessing to the Witnesses!

The Jehovah's Witnesses (referred to as Jw's from now on) are at your door, what are you going to do?

1. Slam the door in their face

2. Throw a bucket of water over them

3. Shout at them and then either of 1 or 2 above maybe both!

4. Tell them you're a Christian already, and are not interested in their lies

5. Listen to them, ask questions and show them Christian love

If your answer is one of the numbers from 1 to 4, then I'm afraid you're in the wrong page this page is about number 5, giving a real Christian witness to the Jw's.


8 Guidelines for witnessing to witnesses:

1. Listen patiently to what they say, ask questions relevant to the subject being discussed.

2. Ask them for printed proof regarding statements they make about Christianity being false, the Bible being corrupt, Scholarly evidence for Jesus not being God, the Trinity, the qualifications of their leaders to translate Greek & Hebrew etc. Basically anything they say which is hard to believe. *Specifically*, you want evidence that is not from their own writings, but from sources outside their organization.

3. Let the Jw speak, then take your turn to speak. If the Jw interrupts you while you speak, remind them you allowed them to have their say, and they will have plenty of opportunity to reply when you finish. Try not to get annoyed with them even though they will frustrate you and keep 'butting-in' when you talk. Some of the tactics they will use is they will not let you finish your point, or coming to a conclusion, misdirecting the conversation, saying things and then denying them 10 minutes later. These diversionary tactics only serve to frustrate you and get you angry. At this point they can accuse you of being unchristian in your manner. They will walk away having proven to themselves they are right.

4. Keep your discussion on one topic, do not let them 'Rabbit Hole' your discussion. This is a diversionary tactic to throw you off guard. If you unfortunately do get 'Rabbit Holed', then quickly bring the conversation back to the one topic.

5. When you point out a truth in the Scriptures, ask the Jw to read along with you, ask questions on what you have expounded on, don't ask what they believe, but what the text says.

6. Give your testimony of how you came to know the Lord as your Saviour, they cannot argue with your personal experience. They may try to pick holes in your testimony, accusing you of judging the truth by your experiences. You can at this point show them what the new birth really means and how it is for all, not just a meagre 144,000!.

7. Do not raise your voice or shout at them. Also don't make accusations without having adequate evidence to back up your statements. Try if at all possible to not make accusations but there will come a time in the conversation when they will try to confuse or distract you so as to 'throw you'. Especially if you are able to show up their faulty theology.

8. When you have opened their eyes to the truth, don't adopt an air of superiority or a 'see told you so' attitude. Identify with them, show them how "We are being led astray by the Watchtower", not "You are...". Use sentences like "Let us see what the Bible has to say", not "You look in your Bible".


*Interesting Fact 1* Believe it or not, Jehovah's Witnesses are actually trained to argue in their'Theocratic Ministry School' at the Kingdom Halls!.


Bible Study Suggestion:

Instead of going from Genesis to Revelation to the Early Church Fathers through the Dark Ages to the Reformation and onto the end times, (believe me, they will introduce all of these subjects into your conversation to throw you!) You should agree on a Bible study at an arranged time later in the week. You instigate the meeting, don't let them, and keep the upper hand if at all possible. Agree on a topic to discuss like the Deity of Christ (there will be a list of great verses from their own mis-translation to download and study in these pages very soon, I promise!).

If they start to take out their Watchtower books, remind them you are having a Bible study!.

If you are competent in Biblical Greek (koine), don't mention it at first, let them attempt to show you how scholarly they are, this will help when you can show them conclusively the twists and distortions in their translation of the Bible. If you show them early on that you understand Biblical Greek, they will avoid you and not return. I have had many Jw's promise me they would bring one of their Greek scholars to discuss with me, and every time they lied. The simple fact of the matter is, anyone with even a simple understanding of Biblical Greek wouldn't be a member of the Jw's, because of the way they distort the Bible.

Below is a small example of how you could have a study on Jesus' resurrection with the Jw's.

*Interesting Fact 2* The Jw's don't believe Jesus was resurrected. They believe He was raised a spirit creature who could manufacture bodies to convince the disciples He had resurrected. They believe His body dissolved into gasses, or was taken away by Jehovah who has it preserved as a monument to His love.


The BODILY Resurrection of Christ, a study

1. Say to the JW "I'm afraid that the Watchtower organization is making the same mistake about the bodily resurrection of Jesus as the Apostles did" (This will get their attention - then read Luke 24:37-39ff).

2. Say to the JW "Aside from the body of Christ, which we are discussing, could you show me any resurrection in the Bible which did not involve an actual body?" (or could you show me a spirit resurrection? )There are none -they wouldn't be able to do so!

3. Did His body remain in the tomb after the resurrection? (Luke 24:1-3)? Where was it?

4. Could His body be destroyed? (Acts 2:24-27).

5. Where is the body now? (Colossians 2:9; Philippians 3:21; 1 John 3:12; 1 Timothy 2:5).

6. What did Jesus say to Thomas? (John 20:24-28).

7. Who raised Christ from the dead? (Acts 3:26; 17:30-31).

8. What did Christ promise He would do? (John 2:19-21). Did Jesus lie?

Remember, at all times possible, pray for the Jw, offering up prayers for their deliverance from the darkness. Have friends interceding at the time you are meeting with the Jw. Bind the spirits of false prophecy, false teachings and spiritism.

A good website with articles and a book looking at the psychological damage suffered by a woman (Diane Wilson) who was in the Watchtower society for 25 years Awakening of a Jehovah's Witness: Escape from the Watchtower Society This site and book will be an invaluable resource to pastors and councellors dealing with ex-Jehovah's Witnesses as well as anyone who is being drawn into or leaving the Watchtower Society.

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An Excellent Book I reccomend highly Awakening of a Jehovah's Witness by Diane Wilson If you have family or friends who are becomming involved in the Jehovah's Witnesses, or are trying to help someone leave them this book is for you. Why not visit Her webpage and purchase a copy? Diane Wilson's Bookpage

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