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New Age or Old Age.

What happens when man refuses to recognise the God of the Bible?.

Basically he is eternally lost isn't he?.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 informs us that God has set eternity on the hearts of all men. Now we know that eternal void can only be filled by something eternal, when Christ comes into our lives by His Spirit that void is filled. There is unfortunately many who have not heard the Gospel, or refuse to recognise the truth of God's Word. They have this eternal void unfulfilled in their lives. They sometimes strive to live a fulfilled life with material things (Cd players, computers, fast cars, gambling drink, hard work etc). But soon they recognise materialism is cold and hard and empty. So they turn to spiritual things. Unfortunately, the person is not willing to recognise a righteous and just God, because His righteousness exposes their sinfulness. Therefore they decide to make a god in their own image, one that they can control and decide the ‘rules’ for! (spiritually it would be better if they went out and bought a toy robot!). This is what the New Age is in essence, deifying the person and creating an impersonal force to ‘babysit’ or ‘monitor’ personal progress.

Defining the New Age

The best way to describe the New Age is "Hinduism with a briefcase and business suit!" It is a confusing mixture of the occult, pantheism, Taoism, Monism, Buddhism, and whatever else turns you on!.

It's Tentacles

The New Age isn’t just a lot of religious mumbo-jumbo, it is a philosophy that permeates many areas of life. This is just a general list of areas where New Age thinking has influences:

The educational system (School of Philosophy & Economic Science/ Montessori / Waldorf Steiner Schools / Camphill Community Schools)

Children’s cartoons (Captain planet / White Fang / Gargoyles / Pochahontis and many others too numerous to mention)

Television programmes

The United Nations

Health (Medicines, Therapies, Books & Shops)

Pseudo Christian books (A Course in Miracles / the Road Less Travelled / Chicken Soup for the Soul / The Five Gospels / The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus / Embraced by the Light/ God Calling/ The Real Jesus)

Evening courses for adults are usually a doorway into another new age style cult(Yoga, Reiki, Practical Philosophy, Tarot, some art & craft classes)

Therapy groups (Lifespring, EST, The Forum, Life Therapy, MISA)

Liberal theology (Jesus Seminar, Gay Churches {Metropolitan Churches}, Interfaith Movement, Q Gospel, 'Gospel of Thomas')

Music (Atmospheric music, Enigma, Riverdance, Enya, Kitaro, World Music etc. Though in and of itself, the music isn't evil, some music has subliminal 'empowering' messages, others like Riverdance and Enigma have invocations to pagan gods cleverly disguised)

Below is a quote that helps us to understand the confusion of New Age thinking. It was made by a New Age Guru or spokesman for the New Age!. Basicially it says all is one in a complecated way that twists the mind!.

"There cannot be two realities or beings, for if this were so, one would have to differ from the other. If there were no difference then they would be one identical reality and not two. In order for there to be really different things, there must be some real difference. Everything that differs must differ either by being or by non-being, since there are no other ways to differ. However, two beings cannot differ by nothing or non-being, for to differ by nothing is not to differ at all. And if they do not differ at all then they are identical and one. On the other hand two things cannot differ by being for being is the very feature they have in common, and things cannot differ by what they have in common, that is the point of identity cannot be the point of diversity. It follows then that there cannot be two beings in the universe. All things are ultimately and absolutely one, any seeming multiplicity is but an illusion!." (Wow!)

Talking with New Agers

1. Sowing seeds of doubt: Since New Agers hate being ‘preached at’ by Christians, maybe asking questions that make the New Ager rethink their own made up philosophies. Below are a few examples

Reincarnation: Ask "What happens to those who through successive incarnations become a carnivore (meat eater)?. They will generate bad karma all their lives and not be aware of it, so they will go back a few steps, progress a few steps and become a carnivore again!. They will never progress will they?". Also ask what they did bad in their previous life so they can avoid the same mistakes. If they don't know, then tell them they are cursed to keep returning in ignorance aren't they?

Secondly, Reincarnation in reality is a hinduistic belief and a curse to them, not some romantic 'transmigration of the soul' from one person to another. It was sanitised by theosophists recieving 'spirit messages' (another occult practice). Again if the 'spirit' goes from one body to the next, what were those spirits that were talking to the theosophists?, why didn't they have bodies?.

Another nail in the Reincarnation coffin is the fact that in Hinduism where reincarnation comes from, women are considered lower than the maggots, and for a woman to believe in reincarnation, her only hope is to become a worm in the next life, and that's progress!?

Cosmic consciousness: Ask "If all the people in the world believe the earth is flat, is it true?. They believed the earth was flat until 14-15th Century, later they were proven wrong. So if everybody believes the same thing, does it necessarily make it true?."

Truth: Truth is a fact, not a relative belief, but reality. Ask them to, in their world view (of belief), to ignore the heavy road traffic, and believe it's not there, to lie down in the middle of the road!. Reality hurts!.

Below is a small chart defining the diffrences between the New Age thinking and Christian Truth. Study it well as it will be a help in talking to and understanding New Agers. Possibly even a tool to refute certain claims of the New Age regarding Christianity.

The New Age Teaches: Christianity Teaches


The universe is one essential, undifferentiated whole (Monism). For some, unlike Hinduism the material world does exist, and for others it doesn't. However, it is a transmaterial universe.


God created the universe and all things within it (including man) from nothing:(Gen 1 & Isaiah 45: 18-19).

All things were created through the Word:(John 1:1-3).

An intelligent creation gives meaning and purpose to the universe.


God is impersonal and is contained within all of existence (Pantheism). Material reality is imbued with consciousness. God is all that really exists

God of the Bible

God is personal. He is both transcendent over His creation: (Psalms 103:19) and immanent in relationship to creation: (Psalms 72:19).

The glory of God is revealed through His creation: (Romans 1:19-20), and yet to confuse God with His creation is scripturally condemned: (Romans 1:25).

New Age Man

Man as a part of the one reality, is inherently divine. God is individualized and realised in man. Man has evolved to a position of supremacy over the rest of existence.

Biblical Man

The God of the Bible is the only true God: (Isaiah 43:10 / Jeremiah 10:10-11).

Man is highly exalted because of special creation in God's image: (Genesis 1:26).

The New Age looks within and worships the image, which is idolatry: (Exodus 20:5 / Romans 1:23).


Man is good by nature. Though cosmic consciousness, categories of moral good and evil are transcended.

Biblical Ethics

Morality is centred in man. The Bible views good and evil as opposites. Revelation condemns the synthesizing of good and evil: (Isaiah 5:20-21).

God is the absolute, transcendent moral standard as revealed in His Word. Man is in a condition of sin: (Romans 3:23) and in need of a Saviour: (John 3:16 / Hebrews 7:25)

New Age Revelation

Propositional revelation is a barrier to spiritual enlightenment. Direct mystical states are normal in the New Age through Spirit guides, Drugs, guided imagery.

Biblical Revelation

Propositional revelation (Bible) is verbally inspired: (2Timothy 3:16).

Biblical revelation is historical. Therefore, Christianity can be tested relative to truth claims. Christianity is a rational faith which is intellectually defensible. Revelation leads to true spiritually.

New Age View of History

History is cyclical. Man creates and directs the course of history independent, of any transcendent reality.


The infinite God intercedes in space, time and history. God orders history in fulfilment of His purposes. Man is significant in history and a part of God's destined plan. History is meaningful.

New Age Salvation

Man needs a transformation of consciousness (cosmic consciousness). Apart from cosmic consciousness, reincarnation is necessary. Man must save himself. Death is an illusion.

Biblical Salvation

The heart of man is desperately wicked through sin: (Jeremiah 17:9).

Jesus Christ is God incarnate: (John 1:1-4).

Man must be transformed (Born Again) through Jesus Christ: (John 3:3).

Man is saved by grace: (Ephesians 2:8).

Death followed by judgement is a reality: (Hebrews 9:27)


All roads lead to God. There is no basis for comparative religions. All religions emanate from the same source


Religious syncretism is irrational, for all religions do not teach the same things. This denies a common source for the world's religions.

End Times

Man will give birth to the New Age through his own consciousness. Man is aided by spirit guides in his quest to consciously create a new heaven and a new earth.


The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ will result in a new heaven and a new earth under His righteous reign: (Revelation 21:1-8).

{Spirit guides are malignant spiritual entities (demons) that deliver spiritual delusion and a rejection of the one true God: (1Thessalonians 2:8-12)}

New Age Healing

If you have a health problem nowadays you can go to either a normal medical doctor, a holistic practitioner, (in Chinese countries, traditional Chinese medicine), a Witch (or Warlock), a Shaman, a Guru, a Psychic healer, the list goes on!. But which one is right?. Without even going into the Bible, reasoning tells us what are labelled as "Natural Health" remedies, are mostly from supernatural sources!. Even a cursory glance at the list below should confirm this.

The list below is just a short list of thousands of "Natural Health" remedies or cures available in many Western cities, and some Eastern ones too!. Some could fall into the category of "Therapy" like Tai Chi or Yoga, some into the category of "Preventive Medicine" like Neuro Linguistic Programming or Dianetics (Scientology).

What is common in all cases listed below, is the necessity of a belief system, that is, the client must be convinced of what is supposed to be happening to them. Clients in many cases are ‘indoctrinated’ into the processes through pseudo-scientific leaflets, articles lectures and terminology. Many scientific terms are redefined like disease is dis-ease (not being at ease physically!). Sickness is seen as a spiritual problem, that the body is a vehicle of meat, controlled by the spirit, who is the ‘person’. The analogy is given of a man driving a car, the car is not the driver, but the person inside, he controls all. If the driver is tired or blind, then the car will meet with a bad accident.

An interesting report on many of the supposed cures of the New Age was written by students in a medical college in England. It divided a group of people who were suffering from the same ailment into two. Half were sent to New Age therapists, the other half were given conventional medicine. The second party who were given conventional medicine recovered more quickly, and didn’t relapse. The first party took longer to recover, and those ‘treating’ them, kept finding more ‘problems’ to deal with in their clients. The report was just a students Doctrinal Thesis, but came to the attention of a Christian who passed it onto an organization called ‘Reachout Trust’. They have now published it, and it is available through some Christian book shops. It is an excellent report, and it does not mention Christianity in any way. This is good because one of the biggest critics of New Age is the Christian church, and many New Agers won’t look at anything that is put out by ‘Religious Fundamentalists’ and ‘Bible Thumpers’.


All definitions listed here are not my own but are from primary sources, books which teach New Age therapies. I in no way agree with any of the remedies listed below, I had just collected these definitions among my research notes.


The Encyclopaedia of Alternative Medicine =EAM The Illustrated Dictionary of Natural Health = IDM



An ancient system of Chinese medicine based on the principle that health is achieved by balancing yin and yang energies in the body. Yin and Yang are opposite polarities, yin being regarded traditionally as passive, negative and feminine, and yang as active, positive and masculine. The body is enlivened by the flow of chi (life-force) through energy conduits or meridians in the body, and the techniques of acupuncture are intended to ensure that any imbalances in the flow of chi are rectified. When imbalances are removed, dis-ease (by definition) is eliminated. (EAM, p. 35)


Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology uses the application of muscle testing to diagnose physiological conditions, and anatomical problems of the human body. (This is accomplished by) identifying the links between the energy pathways known to the Chinese as meridians and specific sets of muscles.

Applied kinesiology provides a means whereby these energy imbalances may be detected long before many other tests, whether by observation, biochemical analysis, or even X-ray, would reveal the impending problem. Once the problem is pinpointed by muscle testing, energy-rebalancing therapies can be given which will begin to reverse the process, and allow vital body energies to flow normally again within the distressed system. This brings energy to the organ, strength to the related muscles, and relief from symptoms" (EAM pp. 29-30).



Bioenergy is life-energy of cosmic origin in man. This energy is known in eastern philosophy as `prana' in yoga, and chi in acupuncture. The flow of Bioenergy in the organism promotes well-being and good health, while its blockage causes nervous tension and muscular pain (EAM p. 45).



A term used in kundalini yoga to denote the spiritual nerve-centre that aligns with the central nervous column, sushumna. The yogi learns to arouse kundalini energy, or snake, through the chakras from the base of the spine to the crown of the forehead" (IDN, p. 118)


Gem Therapy

The use of gems for a healing purpose. Gems are often used by spiritual healers to focus energies in their patients, and can also be worn touching the skin, to allow their subtle vibrations to penetrate the body. Gems also equate with the signs of the zodiac and in this capacity are referred to as `birthstones.'" (IDN, p. 128).


Guided Imagery

A visualisation method in which the therapist guides the patient into an altered state of consciousness through progressive relaxation, and then through sequences of healing imagery. It is commonly used in clinical hypnosis" (IDN, p. 130).


Healing Channel

A term used in spiritual healing to describe a person who has become a channel for healing energies which can then be transmitted to another person. Sometimes this is done mentally. Practiconers of psychometry and some forms of massage also refer to themselves as `intuitive channels' and feel guided by a higher, divine source in their work" (IDN, p130-131)


Holistic Health

From the Greek holos, meaning `whole,' a branch of medicine which holds that true health stems from the balance of body, mind and spirit, and that emotional and stress-related factors account for a large proportion of disease. A holistic doctor therefore evaluates the whole person, not merely the physical symptoms of disease, in guiding that patient back to health. Holistic health care encompasses a wide variety of modalities which attend the different aspects of the human condition. These include dietary therapy, exercise regimes, oriental medicine, hypnotherapy, spiritual counselling and meditation, as appropriate. (IDM, p. 131).



Also known as iris diagnosis or iridiagnosis, iridology is an alternative health therapy based on the idea that the eyes provide a map of personal health. According to the principle of iridology, it is possible to distinguish textures in the iris fibres, for the iris density reflect organic changes in the body. Iridologist also believe that pigment hues change to indicate the presence of toxins in the body. The iris zone where these pigment changes occur provides the key to the affected body organ. Iridology remains unproven scientifically, but theories have been advanced to explain how it might work. According to the precepts of iridology, the eye reflects different stages of disease acute, chronic and destructive . (IDM pp. 135-136)



From a Sanskrit term meaning `coil' or `spiral,' the spiritual and psychic energy, or snake, which lives at the base of the spine, may be aroused systematically by techniques of yoga, and which can be channelled through the chakras from the base of the spine to the crown of the forehead. (IDM, p. 137).



A sacred utterance or sound, often intoned silently as part of one's meditation. Some mantras are given privately by a guru to a disciple, but other mantras have a more general application. The mantra "Om Namah Shivaya", which forms part of the Siddha Meditation practice developed by the late Swami Muktananda, means simply: `I honour the inner self.'. (IDM, p. 139)


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The term derives from the Greek word neuron, `nerve,' and the Latin "lingua", `language,' and indicated that there is a sensory factor in all forms of behaviour which in turn affects the structure and sequence of different forms of communication. The programming factor relates to habitual thought and behaviour patterns which affect certain outcomes. Many forms of behaviour do not produce satisfactory outcomes and may lead to psychosomatic disease, aberrant perceptions of life, or states of being well below optimal levels of functioning. The NLP therapist observes the client's behavioural and linguistic patterns, and seeks to guide him beyond personal limitations to new levels of awareness and personal effectiveness. (EAM, p. 145)


Past-Lives Therapy

A technique of hypnotic regression in which a subject is led back to the experience of `previous lifetimes' in which major traumas apparently occurred. The traumas are believed to have a continuing effect in the present lifetime, manifesting as disease or mental imbalance.

The direct hypnotic encounter with past-life events provides an emotional release from their impact at a subconscious level, and helps free the subject, in this lifetime, from the psychosomatic stress factors impinging on daily life. Many past-lives therapists accept reincarnation as a fact, but others maintain that it is not necessary for them to actually believe in the concept for the therapy to be effective. The subject may be simply imagining the past-life persona in response to wish-fulfilment, fantasy, etc., but this image still provides a context for therapeutic treatment, enabling the therapist to help the subject overcome various fears, anxieties and traumas. The fact that a second `personality' is involved helps in fact to make the treatment more palatable, since there is a sense of distance between the trauma and its effect, even thought the 2 figures are seen as being linked in destiny. (EAP, p. 148).


Polarity Balancing

A technique developed by Randolph Stone. Stone integrated Occult theories, acupuncture, shiatsu, ayurvedic medicine and herbalism to produce a conceptual framework which emphasises `energy flow' in the body, and resembles both Wilhelm Reich's notion of orgone and the Chinese idea of chi. Polarity therapies endeavour to locate areas in the body where the flow of energy has become blocked or impeded, causing emotional tension and pain. As the therapist stimulates energy-flow in the body, through pressure or touch, the blockages break down and the toxins are eventually eliminated - through the breath, sweat, faeces, urine or emotions. (IDP p. 150).


Psychic Massage

A massage in which the practitioner responds to healing energies and magnetic currents perceived around the patient's body (that is, the `psychic energy field'), rather than utilising techniques of direct physical contact. They masseur or masseuse believes that the patient's etheric, or spiritual body is being massaged, rather than the physical organism. (IDN, p. 153)



Neurotic troubles are primal, that is, they begin in childhood when a baby senses that its basic needs are not being met. The aim of primal therapy is to help the client replay painful scenes from childhood, get at the root of the problem, and so find relief. The client's outstretched arms are considered to be a sign that she is struggling with the rebirthing process, just as a baby struggles through delivery. During long baths, (Leonard) Orr began experimenting with prolonged relaxation and various breathing rhythms, and ultimately found that he could enter into an altered state of consciousness. According to Orr, these experiments led him to relive his birth trauma and to focus on the very first breath he took outside the womb, an effect he found liberating and therapeutic. (Family Guide to Natural Medicine, Alma Guinness, editor, pp. 150-151).



Reflexology is a technique of applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands or ears. The method is most commonly used on the feet, largely because they have so many nerve endings and so are quite sensitive. Reflexologists believe that the foot functions as a microcosm of the entire body, and that reference points or reflex areas in the foot correspond to all the major organs, glands and parts of the body. Proponents believe that applying pressure to a specific area of the foot spurs the movement of energy along channels in the body to the corresponding area - a process which promotes better health by reducing stress, improving circulation, eliminating toxins, speeding healing, and generally balancing and energizing the body" (Family Guide to Natural Medicine, pp. 168-169).


Scientology (Dianetics)

Scientology or Dianetics is portrayed as a psychiatric therapy which helps clear all bad thinking & bad habits. As a bonus side effect it will improve and advance the mind. There are many levels of advancement through which the person goes. From pre-clear (level -1), to clear (levels 1-4) to pre-thetan (level 5) to operating-thetan (levels 6-12) and beyond. The body is a prison or vehicle for a an unrealised super-being (or non material electrical personality) called a thetan. The thetan’s influence or power is blocked by engrams, which are negative images built up from wrong living or bad reaction. An ‘auditor’ helps draw out these engrams through an E-Meter, and counceling. When the person has done enough therapy and realised their thetan, they have mastery over m.e.s.t. (Matter, energy, space and time) and have become more than gods. In some countries Scientology is a religion and has that tax-free status, while in other countries it is a therapy!.



In primitive societies, a medicine man, priest or sorcerer who is able to enter a trance state at will and who serves as an intermediary between the people and the realm of gods and spirits. Shamans may be required to banish the spirits of disease or recover the lost soul of a sick or dispirited person. (IDM p. 160).



A Japanese bodywork technique utilising traditional acupuncture points, but employing manipulation and pressure from the thumbs, fingers and palms rather than needles or mechanical instruments. Shiatsu reinforces joints and muscles, and focuses on the efficient flow of energy throughout the meridians and autonomic nervous system. (IDM, p. 160)


Tai Chi

A Chinese form of self-expression resembling slow, graceful dance but intended primarily as a means of surrendering to the natural flow of energy in the universe. The words "tai chi" translate as `supreme ultimate' and reflect the idea of a universal life-force which sustains each individual and unites him with all other forms of manifestation. (IDM p. 163).


Touch For Health

Essentially, Touch for Health shows how to release energies in the body and enable it to regain health and balance. Touch for Health emphasises that changes in body posture and the tone of certain muscles affect the position and function of the internal organs and the energy available to them. The Touch for Health practitioner utilises acupuncture meridians and `channels of energy' and relates each meridian to an `indicator muscle' - usually in the arm or leg. The practitioner then tests for muscle weakness - not in a specific, localised sense, occurring within the body as a whole. All aspects of mind and body are inter-related, so anxieties, stresses and even nutritional factors reveal themselves in posture and muscle patterns. The Touch for Health approach is both diagnostic and preventive in its emphasis, showing the subject in each case how to identify energy imbalances and prevent their recurrence in the future. (EAM, p. 164).

I have in no way added to these quotations. As a Christian you can see the questionable practices and religious symbolism as well as the thought reform processes one has to undergo in order to make these questionable practices work.

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