Some Missionary pictures we would like to share with you from our missionary travels around the world.

More to come. Sorry if it takes so long to download, but we hope it's worth the wait.


Antwerp: My First Pastorship!


Pastoring a church in Cardiff: No I'm not in the mafia!


New York: Feeling small in a big city! My favorite building the Flatiron building


June 2001 World Trade Center Twin Towers, lest we forget


Budapest: It's minus 12 degrees Celsius, it's 10pm in an underground station, And They're Still listening to the preaching of the Gospel! Street work does work. There's spiritual hunger in Hungary, get in there fast Christian missionaries before it's too late.


Singapore: ooh!, look at those sexy knees!

Malaysia: My African Missionary friend is about 6'1", we both look like giants here!


Singapore: Most of the folks beside me are missionaries from around the world, those behind are Asians, so you be warned, if you are over 6 foot, then you will have problems in Asia, but we are praising God anyway


This Italy is a dangerous place, look at that meteorite just about to hit me!

Italy, Doggie Diaper dispensing machine on the seafront. We could do with these in Bray! Heeeerrreee Rodney!!!!!


Ireland: It's Super Bible Thumpin' Preacherman!, Driving out darkness, demons and deception. He preaches louder than a 70's shirt and tie, and faster than it takes for McDonnald's fries to go cold (that's fast!).


Taking a break from missionary work in Turkey and shopping, (yummy Turkish delight!)


Hungary: And This Winters Fashion In Torokbalint is....


England: When we really want to get away from it all and let our hair down we go to really exotic sounding hotspots like Brighton, Skegness, Frinton, Newport Pagnell and Morcombe!


Singapore Jungle: What are we doing here, if I can't see one person to convert I'll work on the snakes and spiders!


Delft, Holland (Nederland) Shopping for clothes, looks like I have found a shoe that fits! {I wear an English size 21 (US 22, Eur 58)} We like the city of Delft, have spent some good times there and hope to spend some time working with a church there in the future, Lord willing.


Belgium: Another sermon so long and boring that the audience pretended to be dead or jumped out of the 7th floor window because nothing could stop me after 4 hours of solid preaching, I was only on my second point and there were another 53 points to go...


Niagra Falls, all that water......water...water....aggh! help! where's the toilets??!!!!


Romania, Sighishoara: Got very hungry here, disappointed I couldn't eat this pork though, it was a little tough!


Romania, Timushoura: Getting ready to scare the locals at the home of the Dracula legends!


Monte Carlo (or Bust!)


Monaco, trying to get this thing working!

Togetherness, Rodney Brown Hound and Shaun across the road from our house in Bray

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