Tallness in Ireland


Hi Everyone!, I decided to put this page here for those of you looking for Tall Stuff.

I am Shaun Aisbitt at 7'2" The Tallest Man in Ireland

                                                 .....and a danger to pedestrians in Dublin!

Currently news has been reaching me about someone claiming to be the tallest man in the world. He comes from the Zhytomyr region of the Ukeraine near the village of Podolyantsi. He is Leonid Stadnyk and he claims to be 8 foot 4 inches (2m 55cm). Leonid is a vet and a farmer but has trouble getting about due to leg problems (something many of us tall guys suffer from!). He takes a size 23 (European size 60) shoe which is just one size bigger than the size I take. His height hasn't been verified by the Guinness Book of Records folks yet or by any medical authorities which is the usual standard that is required for verification. Photographic evidence suggests he is definitely tall!, maybe bigger than the current official tallest person by my reckoning looking at the doorframes and ceiling. I would estimate his height to be about 8 foot though, so we'll have to wait till the Guinness book of Records makes his height official.





Huang Chang-Chiu claims to be 7' 9", equal with the official tallest man in the world. It is very hard to verify his height as he is living in china and it is pretty impossible to get any info on lots of stuff from in there!.

Huang Chang-Chiu 7' 9"

If he’s not the tallest man in the world, then the 7’8 ½” North Korean basketball player Ri Myong-hun is. He is moving over to the USA to play in professional NBA. (NOTE: he may look taller in this picture because he is surrounded by smaller Asians, have a look at my picture page the ones in Singapore and Malysia to see the same problem!)


Ri Myong-hun 7’8 ½”

Then there's Naseer Ahmaad Soomro 7' 8"

Possibly Igor Ladan Also 7' 8"

(But he has since claimed he's probably more like 7' 5")


And Basketball Player Yao Ming, 7' 6"

Some people have written to me asking if I know anything about Matthew McGrory who stared along with Ewan McGregor in the hit movie Big Fish (go and buy / rent it I give it 5 out of 5 stars!). Well Matthew McGrory was 7'6" not between 10 and 12 foot tall as made out in Big Fish! See this link about big fish (click back on your browser to return here afterwards!). Hollywood movie magic loves to exaggerate things!. He is in the Guinness book of Records though for having the biggest shoe size. He took a size (US)29 (UK)28 shoe six sizes bigger than my size 22's makes me feel like I'm in the minor league!. Unfortunately Matthew passed away peacefully in his sleep in August 2005. He knew he had a condition and that it could come at any time R.I.P. Matthew McGrory's website is reachable at this link don't forget to come back here afterwards!

I Shaun Aisbitt am probably still the tallest man in Ireland, at 7’2” there’s very few up here! I was 6'10" - 6’11” for many years, but strangely, at 39 I started growing again! I was just medically verified to be 7' 2" on the 17/10/02 when I went into hospital to see a doctor about my growing again!. Due to some as yet unknown syndrome (specialists in Dublin, Boston and Belgium are still working on it and draining me bloodless doing tests!) I am loosing feeling in my feet and legs, constant back pain as well as getting legs and knees getting weaker and have little or no balance sometimes. Therefore I'm pretty much confined to getting about in a specially built motorised wheelchair. Unfortunately the chair doesn't fit on Dublin's 'Wheelchair Friendly' Busses!. I can walk a little with crutches but it takes tremendous effort to get anywhere on crutches. So I'm praying Dublin's Luas will be better equipped for slightly larger wheelchairs as going to places not on the 'Dart line' is nearly impossible.

If you are taller (and live in Ireland) please contact me by e-mail, I would love to swap addresses and build a resource of places to get stuff and tips on surviving in a world built for the vertically challenged to share with the world.

If you would like to know a bit more about me, check the rumours, see if there's any truth in some of the wild stories circulating about me click this link Shaun's Life story so far! and you'll get it from the horses mouth so to speak!

If you would like to see me or get a picture of yourself standing beside me, there is a waxwork model of me in the National Wax Museum in Dublin. I'm told it's the most photographed waxwork there!. It is just inside the entrance doorway. I'm told by the good folks there that the statue will be updated soon (stretched a bit, aged a bit and a moustache stuck on it!)

My Vital Statistics!:

Height 7'2"

Weight 23st

Shoe size 21 (English) 22 American

Date of Birth 2nd August 1962

Place of Birth Aldershot, Hampshire

Countries I have visited, lived in or worked on missions in: Ireland, England, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Germany (and East Germany before the fall of the 'wall'), Russia, Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, America, Canada. Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Currently living in: Ireland

Religion: None!, I'm a non-denominational Born Again Spirit filled Jesus following Bible Believing Christian. We have a small church meeting in our rented flat on Sundays where we break bread, read the Bible, worship the Lord and chat.

Interests: Languages Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Ancient Assyrian, Flemish, Irish, Latin and a bit of everything!, Theology, Making and fixing Computers, Computer art especially 3d and Mandlebrot (art made with recursive mathematics), Formula 1 racing, Early electronic music and synthesizers, Old Biblical Books (lots of em!), Traveling (not so easy in an electric wheelchair though :-(

Favorite naughty snacks which sometimes annoy Jackie! Green Pringles (Triple Yummy), Soft Salty Dutch Liquorices (Begrip Jij dat Rob??!!Zacht Zout drop Snoopjes)(sorry excuse the Dutch, it's an 'in'joke with a good friend who lives there!), Liquorice Allsorts, Pink'n'Whites (marshmallow and wafer with sugar!), American Jelly Beans (except the cinamon), Sprite, Iron-Bru (Mmmm!), exotic smelly cheeses (the smellier the better!).


Me (7' 2") trying on Shoes in Holland when I could walk better!

Here are a couple of articles written about 10 years ago when I was a little smaller!, hope you enjoy them.

My "Publicity Agent's Agency" Article.

Starting the Irish Branch of the Tall Person's Club.

My old Olympia Theatre days (Yuk!)

Places to get clothes:

England and online: Big Man Stuff Big and tall men's clothing - Online UK retailer offering a wide range of fashionable clothes. Sizes include 2xl, 3xl, 4xl, 5xl, 6xl

High & Mighty in basement of Arnott's on Henry. It’s nearer the Upper Abbey st. entrance. The clothes there are mostly ‘classic’ styles, cater more for the ‘mighty’ than the high!. Quite pricey.

Shoes, Runners, Trainers:

David Heathers on the quays beside the River Liffey, just past the four courts. They sell trainers up to 18 (rarely!) and shoes up to 16 for men. They also sell ladies shoes up to size 12. I take a size 21 Shoe

So if you see me all dressed up in a suit & tie and wearing runners, it isn’t that I don’t have taste, it because sometimes there isn’t any shoes commercially made in my size!. To get them made costs a fortune, and I have to shop overseas mostly.

Overseas: Antwerp, Pyramid. Sint Jorispoort 27 - 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium (Ph:00-323-2342221)Great place, the owner is 6’8” and understands the problems we tallies have!. He imports from Germany and stuff isn’t too dear. Shop is closed Sundays and Mondays. Opens from 10am-6pm. Click Here to E-Mail for info from the Shop Owner Luc Van Der Straten

America: New York. 5th Ave. Planet Adidas. They do trainers up to 18 (American size,

Canada: Ontario, Chatham, Lionel's: Excellent service, really great prices, will alter clothing to fit. Also check out Windsor in Ontario, there’s 3 tall person shops there, got a great suit for $230 Canadian Dollars

If it's a tall enquiry, please put the words TALL in the subject line. Click Here to E-Mail Shaun or Jackie Aisbitt

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Here's the Tall Person's Club of Great Britain and Ireland Link

That Tall Guy An American site with a lot of info on tall problems and clothes shop links

Dahles Big and Tall Big and tall clothing sizes for men and women. Good Value, with the special offer of Free Domestic Shipping (UPS ground - lower 48 states) on all orders over $100. Dahles Big and Tall is an independently owned company and their site is quite good and easy to navigate. I look forward to ordering some clothes from there and reporting on how the long the process takes and what costs are incurred when ordering from Europe

Famous Heights Website with lots of tall links of info on famous tall people

Here are some places on the net to purchase tall guy stuff

King Sized Direct

Rochester Big & Tall

Epic Menswear

Big and Tall Direct Discount Tall stuff

Big and Tall Guys

Australia, Kingsize Shop Chain Sells Men's Shoes to size 19

Bigmen They sell men's shoes to size 20 (American 20 = UK 18/19)They look good, nice casuals, soft leather

Largefeet.com They sell size 22 mountain boots & desert boots for $75. I have some on order, will report what service is like etc. Good prices so far. 

****UPDATE**** Got my size 22 boots today, only 2½ weeks delivery from Atlanta Georgia to Ireland. Boots are a perfect fit and well made good and sturdy. Great value at $75 a pair when here in Ireland I was quoted £1000 to have shoes made (crazy!). Congratulations to Friedmans of Atlanta Georgia, you have the gratitude of tall guys with big feet everywhere. God Bless You. A note to other folks ordering from Ireland. I ordered a second 2 pairs in September 2004, they came in good time as well, but there's a private company now handling all post from America (not An Post) who charged me over 90 Euro more import duty and vat even though I paid the American sales taxes!. I'm told there's a possibility that I can claim this back on medical grounds as I cannot get the shoes made in Ireland, and they are special needs as well as I am on a medical card and disability pension. I am awaiting paperwork etc. still in December regarding this!. So let this be a warning to us guys with big needs who have to get clothes overseas, beware the import duty and vat, it can be very expensive.

My Beautiful wife Jackie holding my size 22 shoe from Largefeet.com


My Tribute to Robert Pershing Wadlow, the official tallest man who ever lived 8'11"

Why not look at a site dedicated to him Robert Wadlow Museum 

And please don't come to this site looking for xbox warez, Gamecube warez, Gameboy Advance warez, Gameboy Advance roms, GBA roms, GBC roms, hacks, gamez, illegal stuff, David Gray new day full album mp3 etc. There aren't any!. Some naughty person has put this address into some pirate site and I'm getting hits searching for all those things listed above, and nasty e-mails. This is a Christian site and we have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness ok?. Theft is a sin as it says in the Bible in the book of Exodus 20:15 "Thou shalt not steal". Repent before it's too late. Turn from your sin and trust is what Jesus has done for you, because He loves you enough to have died for you in the most cruel dehumanizing way possible for anyone. His blood paid the penalty for your sins so you may be washed free of them. Trust Him today, put your life in His hands, make Jesus Lord of your life, tomorrow may be too late. Click Here for further help