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Since I first put this site together while I was a Pastor in Belgium in 1997 to help people leave cults and find the Real Jesus and genuine Biblical Christianity. Since then I have been getting e-mails thanking me for my research, prayers and work setting captives free. The glory for this work I give entirely to The Lord who gave me the burden to reach out to the lost and love unconditionally everyone whom He died for (everyone that is). Jesus didn't die for the righteous and religious, He died for us sinners, He died for Scientologists, Hare Krishna's, Jehovah's Witnesses (and their various break off groups), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (and all 230 or more different denominations and break offs of Mormonism), 7th Day Adventists, Christian Science, Catholics (and their various groups e.g.: Dominicans, Legion of Mary, Opus Dei, Knights of Colombanus, Verbum Dei, etc etc..) Buddhists, Muslims, Atheists, New Agers,  The Churches of Christ (Boston & Crossroads movements), Spiritualists, Wiccans, Witches and satanists. He died so that we may be set free from sin and idolatry.

Below are some letters of thanks for the work. I have kept and treasured them but have always felt I should put them on the net so that Jesus may get the Glory. If this site has helped you come out of a cult and come to Christ, then please let us know that God may be given the Glory, Amen.

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Jehovah's Witnesses

Thank you Pastor Aisbitt for your site. I was being drawn into the Watchtower by "new friends" I met since I moved here to New Hampshire. I was doing the home studies and getting along ok but I had questions. When I asked questions that were not on the curriculum there was an air of uneasiness and generally I was told I would get the answer next time they came. They never did answer my questions, I was just encouraged to study, study and study. It was like my critical thinking facilities were being slowly being beaten out of me and discouraged. I found your website while searching for answers myself. You were very kind to press on in praying for me and answering my questions unconditionally, unquestionably and without judgement or cost. I'm glad you showed me it's not unchristian to question or think critically, and check out sources. I now know Jesus as my Lord and I am going to a good Christian Bible based church. Thank You (Ashley K.)


When i found your 'apostate' site i wanted get away from it but somethin made me read continue. Thank you for your help and e-mails because now i Christian and believe in Jesus saviour. (sidi109@bysan.org)


...I now know The Watchtower really is the antichrist and there are many false Christians and religions around. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience with me, for your hard work in writings and researching this cult I was part of for 10 years. My the Lord bless you and keep make your joy complete seeing many more freed from the darkness. (Name withheld by request, Portland, Oregon)


Thank you Shaun. I'm glad I decided I was 'going to put you straight!'. Seems you 'put me straight!' and pointed me to the Cross. Glad you knew your stuff. Now I know my Saviour lives and Loves me. God Bless both You and Jackie (Isobel Ranklin,)


When you showed me Jesus was and is GOD, and settled my mind on the Trinity issue, I knew I had been locked in error for years being raised as a JW. It's not been easy leaving home but I was thrown out when I became a Christian, started going to a Christian church and tried to show my family they were being lied to. They treat me like I don't exist and won't answer my phone calls or write except to say they don't want to have any dealings with me. Jesus said we must take up our cross daily and follow Him. Please pray for my family I Love Them and would hate to never talk to them again or see them going into a lost eternity. Thank you for all your help and kindness.(greggm203@rhype.org).

Boston / Crossroads / International Church of Christ

Thanks Shaun for the help in leaving a cult that is confusing because it's Christian in many ways but dangerous because it controls the lives of those involved. I'm glad you could clear up any doubts they put in my mind about other christian churches. Thank You for showing me my Salvation isn't dependent on the church I attend or the form of baptism I had but on my faith in Jesus' finished work on the cross for me. Glory Hallelujah praise Him!. (Lesley, London)


Great to be free at last!, thanks a zillion times over. 3 years wasted slaving away in a cult that makes our salvation dependent on works. I felt like I was in competition for showing zeal with my brothers and sisters in the church by gaining more converts, following up, putting down other churches and being able to tear strips off other christians who didn't know their Bible too well. But one thing I didn't have was peace. I struggled with the feeling that the church I was in just seemed to breed hatred instead of love, condemnation instead of forgiveness, guilt instead of blessedness. Your article on the church showed me their falseness and how they lied to me. I was told to stay away from such 'spiritual pornography' and apostates. I can see you are not an apostate and your article isn't 'spiritual pornography' just the facts (mam!). Thanks for answering my emails and helping me with the more difficult passages of scripture. Thanks for putting me in touch with other ex-Church of Christ members in London who could help me. I'm now going to a good Christian church, have a relationship with my Saviour and am more wary of false teaching when I see or hear it. God Be With You and Your Work. (Brian H., London)

New Acropolis

Thank You Shaun for helping me leave the New Acropolis. Doing a web search it seems there's very few people out there who know this is a cult, I didn't. I accidentally found your cult page through searching the net and was amazed at the the newspaper clipping you had on New Acropolis. I never knew their real motives and I was with them 2 years studying!. I'm glad I didn't end up a fanatic, a criminal or a Nazi. I'm glad you persisted in answering all my questions Thank you for answering my emails and sending me information to study. Thank you for putting me on the right path to truth, the path to the cross. Jesus truly is God and died for me. Thank you for the free Bible as well. (J. Horan)

School of Philosophy and Economic Science

I was surprised to find your cult page and find that I was in a cult. I had started an evening course in 'practical philosophy' and been convinced to follow on with more courses and classes at their headquarters here in London. Thank you for recommending the book "Secret Cult" which exposes their hidden agendas. It's incredible how easy intelligent people can be taken in. there were doctors, lawyers, mp's, airline pilots and all manner of professionals there I knew. Thank you for showing me where I can get the e-sword programme which helps me study the Bible and understand true salvation and know the truth would set me free. God Bless You (Name withheld by request, London)

Wicca / Witchcraft

I thought I could be a Christian and a white witch before I came across your site. I am glad I did. I was in the Catholic church and no one there ever told me witchcraft was wrong. I had read a book by a priest called Matthew Fox who said in so many words that worshipping creation was what true early Christianity was and needs to be revived. I took part in many druidic ceremonies and celebrated Wiccans Shabbats as well as going to mass every Sunday!. I honestly believed good spirits guided me and spell casting was doing good. Thank you for opening my eyes, though at first I was very offended at your pages. I know now what it was within me that didn't like the truth you were trying to show me. I thank God for your persistence, prayers and patience in corresponding with me and having the time to read all my 'flamers and rants' I sent you, and answer them as best you could. I now know Jesus is real and is God and died for me. I'm going to a more Christian church now that uses the Bible, and not philosophies of men and tradition. (June Caldwell, Melbourne, Australia)


Thank You Jesus for Shaun Aisbitt and his website exposing dark practices. You opened my eyes to the wickedness and twisted life I led practicing divination and spell casting. I never knew God doesn't differentiate between white and black witchcraft, but shows that all forms of witchcraft, divination or spell casting is evil and controlled by satan. Thankyou for helping me to see the light and leading me to Jesus' work for me on the cross. I renounce satan and all his works now and forevermore and will follow Jesus wherever He leads me because I know He will never let me down or lead me into darkness. Glory Be to God in the Highest, Amen. (Gary Harkins)

Mormonism / Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Thank you Pastor Shaun for helping me get out of a cult. I Thought I was sincerely following God by remaining true to and following the precepts of the LDS church. I had a testimony I thought, and would bear testimony like a parrot to people when talking about the church. I felt secure every time I bore testimony because it was personal and no one could prove my testimony false because I owned it and it felt it. When I was asked to have a look at your site by a friend I wanted to 'get you'. Every sinew in me was angry and I felt the veins in my temples throb when I read your papers on the "False Jesus of the Mormons". I know I wrote long and angry letters to you and demanding you remove them 'lies and filth' from the web. I tried praying for you to see the truth but found I could not. Every time I prayed my mind became confused and it was like a barrier of light was put up to stop prayer. In my head I kept hearing the words from Matthew 11:28-30: "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." I'm glad you didn't take offence with me, and prayed for me. Thank you for continuing to write for over 18 months answering my questions and breaking down the barriers to truth the LDS church had put in my head. I know now I was labouring under an impossible burden that false religion puts on men and women, a false hope and prayer to a man made deity. Thank you for bringing me to Jesus and helping me realise it not by works or righteousness that men are saved but by what Jesus has done for me. You have a special ministry, God bless you and your wife and please don't get discouraged ever. You should write a book about cults to help people because you really do know your stuff. (An EX LDS Elder, Name withheld by request)


 Thank you for all your help. May God continue to bless you as you reach out your hand to those going down the road of darkness into the pit of eternal damnation. You shocked me showing me what LDS prophets had said and what has been hidden from the public by the church. Keep up the good work and continue to point to the cross where I found salvation. (M.Wilson, Utah)


I wanted to kill you the first time I found your site. I thought it contained so many lies that you were the devil incarnate. I am soooo glad I wrote to you. Sorry the first bunch of letters were all accusing and cursing you. You opened my eyes to true Biblical Christianity and showed me I was lied to by the LDS. Help more people out please, do not stop. Thank You Again and Again. (Morgan Johnson)  


Your research information on Mormonism is impeccable. I checked the references and found them to be true. I'm glad I did, I was being drawn into the LDS church by my neighbours. When I showed them your pages they were shocked and suddenly I saw a different side to them, a wicked judgemental anti Christian side. They were tearing apart your writings without checking the sources, straining gnats and not reading the articles fully. They called the pages Anti-Mormon, of the devil and all lies. In conversations since then they refuse to let their faith be tested or questioned. Well I believe if their faith cannot stand up to simple examination then it is no faith at all but a deception holding them by fear. Thank You for your Stirling work in exposing cults and helping me see Jesus as Thomas the Apostle saw Him and said "My Lord and My God". (G.Harkin, Middlesex)


Just a quick note to thank you for your help. I now know my redeemer lives. He died for my sins and rose again. He is my saviour, not a system of religion or obedience to a man (who calls himself a prophet). You really did help me in our discussion on the street. Thank you for helping me think again and question without fear. (Name withheld by request, Dublin)


Please don't stop your research into and exposÚs of cults, sects and 'New Religious Movements' [the politically correct title nowdays!]. Your work on the Latter Day Saints helped me leave a man made system of female slavery. I was drawn in when my mother and father were being visited by missionaries. I now realise all they told us by way of introduction was a lie, and they used the 'bait and switch' method of promising one thing but when we 'bit' they switched the bait for a net!. The day we all got baptised together we thought it was the greatest day of our lives. After a short while (about 6-9 months) I felt pressure in our group to marry a Mormon male so I could fulfill my rolÚ as a Mormon woman. I noticed I was singled out from my parents for some extra instruction they were not getting. I asked about this but found questioning authority wasn't a good idea. I began to tell my parents some of the instructions I was getting about celestial marrige, exultation, planets and all that stuff they won't tell outsiders or folks they snared and think would leave if they heard it (so they don't tell them, just keep taking their tithes and keep them ignorant!) and they didn't believe me. They would say "That's not Christian" and dismiss it. When my father eventually got around to asking questions a few years later he was censured or told to 'shut up!'. He eventually left and is now an embittered man not willing to talk to anyone about God. My mum was councelled to divorce him shortly after he left!. I laugh (but in a sadly sarcastic way) at that now because the Latter Day Saints claim to be all about building families but they destroyed ours.

Anyway back to my life. I said the pressure was on to marry but I didn't want to marry any of the guys in the church we were in. The hints were being dropped like anvils from skyscrapers. I was labelled as rebellious when I said I wanted to remain single (I didn't want to insult the single guys in the church by saying none of them appealed to me). One lady in the church who had 7 children drew me aside and took me into her confidence. She said she wished she had my spirit because she caved in under the pressure to marry, and now lives with a 'dictator' who's every whim she must bow down to, to 'please him' as is befitting for mormon women. She described her life as being like a doormat, and she told me she wasn't the only one who had those feelings. Some wives she told me were regularly beaten, to take notice when they were missing "nursing a sick child" or "visiting relatives" but really hiding their black eyes and bruises at home. She eventually opened up even more and told me she didn't believe in anything and knew it was all 'baloney', a 'facade' but was too afraid to leave. Doing that would mean she would be shunned and never see her childen or family again, she was a 3rd generation Mormon. She would be forcibly divorced, dragged through the courts and falsely accused of having affairs, made to look like a floozy and end up having nothing. No skills, no money and destitute, fear kept a roof over her head and chains on her legs. I said I wanted out before I got trapped like her, but fear gripped me and kept me in for 2 more years. I believe that kind woman was warned to keep away from me. For some unknown reason she stopped talking to me but shot a few scared glances in my direction now and again in the meetings. I was posted a printout of your large research page on the false Jesus of Mormonism anonymously (I now am almost 99% sure she sent it). I went to your website and did more research at some other sites.

Thank you for answering my questions, and helping me to see the True Christ. I was born again following your help and Scriptural guidance and I'm in a realy good lively Christian church now. I was delivered of the Mormon demons that had oppressed me for months following my conversion. 3 Women from my church prayed with me and laid hands on me and started praying, then they started speaking and shouting in tongues. I started to manifest fear, uncontrolable screaming and cursing and spitting. It was scary it was like I was outside myself watching a film and couldn't control the jerking and spasams I went through. At one stage a raspy voice came up from my stomach saying evil things about Jesus, things I would never in my worst nightmare ever say, then a deep mans voice came up warning the women they would all die. The 3 women showed no fear at all and continued to pray with me in tongues and speak out Scripture as the Holy Spirit gave words. They did this for about 7-8 hours without stopping. It took 3 more sessions before the manifestations ceased. All kinds of crazy things were happening to me in my appartment when I was going through the deliverance. Things would just fly at me and smash off the walls, one night I woke up feeling like I was being strangled, then raped by some unseen stinking entity. I have since found out this isn't unusual for people who have had experience with the occult, and Mormonism is heavily occultic. There were times where we were instructed to 'curse' people, and I have seen the masonic and witchcraft symbolism in the temples and on the 'garments'.

If I could use your page to say something please let me say to those who are in Mormonism "Get out, it's a fear trap, a man exalting system of man made religion invented by a criminal and run by a hirearchy of blind leaders and deceivers leading you into the pits of hell. People like Shaun aren't anti-mormon, they love mormons and show their love by standing out and boldly proclaiming the truth in love. Telling the truth isn't persecuting the church, it's tearing down the walls of fear and lies, exposing the shameful history and practices of false religion. I pray your eyes will be opened before you go into a terrible eternety following a life of slavery".

'Gwen' (full name and e-mail witheld on request until further notice)


Thank you Shaun for your help in showing me the truth from God's Word. I still get flashes of the lies I was taught by the christadelphians when I read the Bible.  I'm glad you showed me the Holy Spirit will help me and guide me in reading Scripture. Thank you for showing me some good sites where I can have some reliable Bible studies and teachings. I will be starting to learn Biblical Greek soon and I know it will give me more confidence in dealing with false teachers. (Matthew Goulding)


Thanks for the info that helped me see the errors and lies of the Baha'i. I was shocked to see them listed in your cult encyclopaedia as I was researching a group my sister had got herself into that used the Book of Urantia like a Bible. I passed on the valuable info you have about the group she was in to, which she was very glad of and has since left. I wanted to deal with your 'error' calling the Baha'i a cult. Thank you for your e-mails showing the contradictions and deceptions of Baha'u'llah's teachings. I am glad I now have a personal relationship with Jesus and know He isn't just another messenger but God in the flesh who love for me was displayed in His death on the cross and deity justified in His resurrection. I'm glad I'm no longer confused and full of hate for Christians as the Baha'i seemed to promote anti-Christian feelings in me and others. I'm still ashamed at shouting down and cursing Christians in the street who were bringing the gospel to our town. Please if any of them read this forgive me. God Bless You Sean and Jackie (Bernie J.)


"Yoga is an exercise, a way of centering your life, resting and relaxation, meditation for the mind and stillness for the spirit". I was taken in by all the lies about Yoga and feel such a fool for ignoring my Christian friends warnings that is a Hinduistic religious practice worshipping pagan gods. I started practicing Yoga with a beginner's evening class in my daughter's polytec school. Soon my bedroom started resembling more a Buddhist or Hindu temple than somewhere to sleep!. I decked my house out in orange colours, my clothing and lifestyle changed. I got more and more involved. Bought all the tapes and books and had all the doo-dads (crystals, Native American dream catchers, little Jade Buddhas and so on) hanging out of everywhere in my house and car. I stopped going to the doctor and got more into 'natural health',' vibrations', 'balancing' and all that baloney. I came across your card trick page and enjoyed working out the trick. But when I read the concluding essay about deception that the card trick led to I was angry. I was seething because you had just pulled apart all my life had become and shown how easily I had fallen into a deception. It was like a blindfold had been pulled off my eyes. I went over to my Christian friend who helped me get my mind together and straighten out my life. She helped me give my life to God and I'm now Born Again. She suggested I write to you so here's my way of thanking you for pointing me to Christ and removing the blindfold. I have been successfully helping other women I know stop practicing Yoga. My friend and I are holding Christian Bible study meetings for the other girls who were in my yoga classes. Thank you for your help. Please get the message out there as loud as possible YOGA AND CHRISTIANITY ARE TOTALLY INCOMPATIBLE. God Bless You Shaun (Lydia Knowles, Birmingham)



Dear Sean and Jackie,  When I found your site while doing a search on christianity and yoga and read your information about yoga I was having mixed emotions. I was stunned yet delighted and relieved. Going back a couple of years many ladies in our Methodist church were taking classes in yoga and practicing it in the church hall every Tuesday night. I was reluctant at first to take it up but eventually felt a bit left out and soon joined in. I know this may sound strange but at first I felt like a naughty child who was told to keep her hand out of the biscuit barrel (cookie jar to our American friends reading this!) but was taking biscuits anyway. I felt deep inside me it was wrong. Soon I found my times of worship were all blocked up, confused and I felt like God was distant and angry at me. My prayer life was suffering too as every time I tried to read the Bible and pray I felt like my mind was invaded by an alien or demonic force that harassed, confused and bullied me until I thought I was going mad. I talked to the yoga instructor who advised me to focus on the positive energies and 'enlightenment' I got when my body was replenished by doing yoga and not focus on the negative. I continued with the classes and little by little I began to spend less time with God and attended church less, I was drawn into this 'peace' that yoga brought me. I put the word 'peace' in inverted commas because it wasn't peace at all but a blocking out of God, voluntary ignorance and thought stopping techniques that I was really using. My spirit was in turmoil, I was prescribed many kinds of medication from the doctor to help me stop going crazy with fear and anxieties. I took valium, sleeping pills, xanex and many herbal 'remedies' to relax me and my mind. Eventually my husband asked me to see a psychiatrist who recommended Transcendental Meditation. I was confused with the whole 'puja' ceremony and wondered if Transcendental Meditation was 'scientific' as I was told by the instructor (a lie I believed), why did I have to go through a religious ceremony making offerings and bowing to a picture of some yogi? why was it important I never revealed my mantra? and how come this mantra could only be given after the religious ceremony because the instructor needed to feel my 'vibrations'?. I shut out my 'critical thinking processes' and I tried TM for a year but felt even worse and became violent towards my family. I tried to commit suicide by jumping off a high building, but felt pushed back by some invisible hand, I walked into the sea and tried to keep walking and swimming out further and further but couldn't stay down underwater and just kept surfacing and being pushed back to the beach. I tried to cut my wrists but couldn't. Eventually I overdosed but I was found in time and had my stomach pumped. I was kept 'under close observation' at a psychiatric hospital with my families consent. There were classes in meditation and yoga there to 'help' the in-patients (God help them) as well and I joined in. After 3 weeks I was allowed to go home. I hadn't been to church in over 2 years at this stage and decided to visit my church along with my family one Sunday morning. My previous pastor had left, moved on to another place and there was a new pastor there who was very nice and greeted me. We got talking about the yoga classes and he said he'd like to meet with me about them as he had brought them to an abrupt end. He said the idea of a Christian practicing yoga would be as crazy as trying to keep foxes with chickens in the same cage, one would destroy the other, they are opposites. Now I was really confused. It was at this point I went on the internet and did a search for yoga and Christianity. There seemed to be many that said the two are compatible and just as many that say the exact opposite. I noticed the ones that said it was 'compatible' twisted the scriptures to try to make their point, had a hidden agenda to sell their books and their philosophy of Christianity was alien to me and the Bible. I'm glad when I wrote to you you were able to answer all my questions and quite quickly too. Thank you for liaising with my new pastor and allowing all our email discussions to be seen by him and respecting his comments and annotations. His and your prayers have helped my condition clear up and now I know Jesus my Lord in a new wonderful and exciting way. Maybe someday we will all meet (I know we will in heaven) and I look forward to that day. Please come and visit our church next time you come back to England. Your Sister in Christ (Name withheld by request

There are more e-mails and thanks I haven't included yet but will as soon as possible. Remember let the glory for these peoples salvation go to God and not to me.

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