Major Military Characters


A. Nicknames for Germans: Huns and Krauts
B. prima donna:
C. anachronism:
  1. Make a list of items from the movie that demonstrate Patton's philosophy about war as outined in the Patton handout:




    FIRST SETTING -- NORTH AFRICA as the Allies attempt to conquer territory from the Germans under Rommel.
  2. Name the first battle scene:
  3. Give examples of Patton's:
    A. knowledge of military history:
    B. education:
    C. sensitivity:
    D. harshness:
    E. being a "prima donna":
    F. religious beliefs:
  4. What causes conflicts between Patton and his superior officers?
  5. What do the Germans learn about Patton when they research him?
    SECOND SETTING: SICILY as the Allies start the southern invasion of Europe.
  6. Describe how Patton and Bradley are different:
  7. How is Patton different from Montgomery?
  8. One time Patton does not follow orders and ignores a telegraph message. Why does he do this?
  9. What is Patton's punishment for slapping the soldier?
    THIRD SETTING: FRANCE as the Allies plan the invasion of France at Normandy.
  10. What is Patton's role during the D-Day Invasion of Normandy?
  11. What did the German generals think of Hitler near the end of the war?
  12. Describe Patton's greatest triumph at the Battle of the Bulge:
  13. Explain the following quote: "The absence of war will kill him. He is the pure warrior...a magnificent anachronism."
  14. What did Patton think of:
    A. the Russians:
    B. politicians:
    C. the new wonder weapons:
  15. What differences did you notice between the documentary material (film and prose) and the "Hollywood" movie?
  16. If you had to be a soldierin a war, would you want to serve under Patton? Explain fully.
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