Table of Contents for Tyalie Tyelellieva

Table of Contents for Tyalie Tyelellieva

All issues are the same format, 8 and 1/2 by 11 inch paper folded once and stapled to make little booklets. The pages are numbered straight through, page 1 being the front cover. The first and last pages are taken up by the table of contents and sometimes the address page (later Important Boring Information) so they don't usually have much actual content. These booklets may be bound together as a book for permanent preservation.

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 1

(published July 29, 1994, 15 pages)
Editorial, Celestial Events, News and Notes, Poetry Competition Announcement
Have Some Madeira, My Dear by Rafael Gracioso (similarity of Adunaic to Portuguese words borrowed from Arabic)
Plural in Quenya by Lisa Star (phonological development of the plural)
Book Bell Inscription by Andy Mariani (text in Quenya unknown to Tolkien)
Danian Charm by Lisa Star (text in Danian unknown to Tolkien)
Linguistic Survey and an Archaeological Dig (discussion of planned projects)
Double-Line Tengwar Pen Initials by Lisa Star (calligraphy, paleography)
Important Boring Information (how to submit articles, how to subscribe, etc. appear in every issue and won't be listed after this.)

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 2

(published October 26, 1994, 20 pages)
Editorial, Celestial Events, News and Notes
Letters to the Editor from Brandon Neff and Leonid Korablev
Quenya Verb Suffixes: Transitive and Causative by Lisa Star, (a discussion of the simple, -ta and -ya forms of verbs and how to form the past and perfect tenses of them)
Ubi Quent? by Lisa Star (poem in English)
Danian Charm analysis by Lisa Star (with rune chart for Danian)
Poetry Competition Rules (everyone welcome to participate!)
Your Bas du Page Homework (form sentences with verb forms and a vocabulary sample)
List of Abbreviations Commonly Used (this is in most issues and won't be listed after this)
The Trolls at Large: Tierauta (a cartoon)
Dragon Mail Runes, artwork by Brent Warner

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 3

(published Dec. 29, 1994, 20 pages)
Editorial, Celestial Events, News and Notes (including a discussion of Persian as a source for Tolkien's Orkish language)
Atanatárion by Leonid Korablev (beautiful calligraphy of a text in Sindarin)
Bree Moot Report by Ron Hyde
Haplology by Rhona Beare (an explanation of what it is)
Quenya Verb Suffixes -ta and -ya by Ivan Derzhanski (response to article in previous issue)
Quenya Mass Nouns and the Partitive Genitive by Lisa Star (my theory on the -eva ending)
Gnomic Verse by Andy Mariani (poem in Quenya)
Gnomic Verses Project by Andy Mariani and Lisa Star (discussion of proposed project)
Survey of Analyses of the -eva ending (list of published articles that discuss it)
Moon Phases by Leonid Korablev (artwork with tengwar calligraphy giving the names of the phases of the moon in Quenya)
A Hill Full, a Hole Full (your Bas du Page homework, using the -eva ending with wordlist and pictures)
Trolls at the Check-out Counter (cartoon)

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 4

(published Feb. 16, 1995, 28 pages, issue devoted to the Dwarves)
Editorial, Celestial Events (Corona Borealis and Durin's Crown), News and Notes, Poetry Competition Announcement
Elvish Proverbs by Leonid Korablev (beautiful calligraphy for Quenya and Sindarin)
Upcoming Publications, report by Wayne Hammond
Quenya verbs with -ta and -ya, response by Helge Fauskanger
-eva as a partitive genitive, response by Ivan Derzhanski
Dain Ironfoot's Tale of the Ruin of Doriath by Alberto Monteiro (fiction)
Cup and Ring Map by Lisa Star (a dwarvish map which Tolkien apparently never saw)
The Bakken Fragment by Helge Fauskanger (a substantial text in Quenya which Tolkien apparently never saw)
War of the Jewels Report by Lisa Star (book review)
Dwarvish Wordlist by Lisa Star (updated June 2002 and put up on the web here).
Dwarvish Begats (your Bas du Page homework, including practice with writing Dwarvish runes)
Runes of Erebor, a chart by Lisa Star

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 5

(published Apr. 21, 1995, 28 pages)
Editorial, Celestial Events, News and Notes
Letters to the Editor from Ivan Derzhanski (in tengwar and Quenya, translated on the next page), Rhona Beare (about the Dwarvish wordlist) and Leonid Korablev
Comments from Ivan Derzhanski (on the Runes of Erebor, and -ta and -ya verbs), Helge Fauskanger (on the -eva ending), from Lisa Star (various subjects including the rune plural in Quenya, with quotations from WJ), and from Alberto Monteiro about the Portuguese connection to Adunaic
Painted Caves, by Rhona Beare (article on Tolkien's archaeological sources for some Father Christmas Letters illustrations)
Hot News from the Ice Age by Lisa Star
Poem to Irene by Vyacheslav Kozlov (poem in Quenya)
Under the Starlight by Ron Hyde (poem in Quenya and tengwar)
Sonnet by Donna Huber (poem in English)
Glammarye: A Key by Lisa Star (article on correspondences between Elvish and Indo-European Languages)
Eclipses and how to look at them without hurting your eyes
New Dragon Mail Runes by Brent Warner (in English language and Anglo-Saxon runes)
Armenian Bole Technique by Lisa Star (how to draw)
Counting Flowers (your Bas du Page homework with the numbers 1-12 in Quenya and Noldorin of Etymologies, and a wordlist of flowers, text by Lisa Star)

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 6

(published August 8, 1995, 32 pages, issue devoted to Ents)
Editorial, Celestial Events, News and Notes
Letters to the Editor from Arden Smith (on `twelve' in Noldorin), Rhona Beare (on Elvish/Indo-European cognates) and Jan Boom (one fine Ent)
Inscription in Cuneiform by Ivan Derzhanski (a poem in Old Babylonian which bears an amazing resemblance to the Ring Poem)
Elves in St. Petersburg translated by Sergey Bratus (report on a Tolkien Seminar with a variety of topics)
Now We Have All Got Elvish Names! by Helge Fauskanger (offering a Quenya form for various personal names that have appeared in Tyalie Tyelellieva. A version of this is also available on Helge's website)
Lament of the Oak by Donna Huber (poem in English)
Ent Language by Lisa Star (analysis of all forms of Entish)
Hither, Thither and Yon by Lisa Star (reconstructed paradigms for relative pronouns in Quenya)
Glammarye: Tolkien and the Tree-Kings by Lisa Star (correspondences between Elvish and Indo-European)
Lege Artis by Lisa Star (list of all known but unpublished material related to Tolkien's invented languages or alphabets; updated version on the Unpublished Manuscripts page)
Among the Trees by Lisa Star (Bas du Page homework in Quenya, practice with relative pronouns and tree names)

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 7

(published Nov. 22, 1995, 28 pages)
Editorial, Celestial Events, News and Notes
Journal Reviews
I-Lam na-Ngoldathon (or [complete] Gnomish Lexicon) review by Lisa Star
Letters to the Editor from Andreas Bigger (on Helge's Elvish names), David Doughan (on Russian controversies), Nancy Martsch (on the Plotz declension et alia) and Rhona Beare (on oaken doors)
Comments on relative pronouns (article in last issue), from Ivan Derzhanski, Lisa Star, and Maciej Garbowski
Scroll of the Kings of Numenor by Lisa Star (detail of a Quenya text in tengwar)
Commentary on Firiel's Song by David Salo (detailed analysis of Tolkien's Quenya text from the Lost Road)
Rules of the Game, translated by Sergey Bratus (excerpts from Rules of 'Hobbitish Games" played in Moscow)
The Ever-Horned One by Lisa Star (intensives and reduplication in Elvish and Indo-European languages)
Tengwar Inscriptions from D & D (unreadable)

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 8

(published March 22, 1996, 24 pages)
Editorial, Celestial Events
Bree Moot Report by Lisa Star (with pictures)
Elvish Language Poetry Prize, announcing the winners (see webpage)
Book Reviews (reviews by Lisa Star)
J.R.R.Tolkien: Artist & Illustrator, by Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull
The Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories, selected by Tom Shippey
The Road to Middle-earth (revised), by Tom Shippey
Les langues Elfiques, Vol. I (Quenya and Lindarin), by Edouard Kloczko
Leonid Korablev's AElfwine Note (review of artwork)
Comments from Leonid Korablev (on Salo's analysis of Firiel's Song), Rhona Beare (on intensives, including a list!), David Salo (on the correct form of `twelve' in Noldorin)
Ring Poem in Quenya, translation by Helge Fauskanger, with fabulous calligraphy by Leonid Korablev
Lussi Lomesse by Helge Fauskanger (a poem in Quenya)
Ring Poem in Egyptian by Ivan Derzhanski (in Egyptian hieroglyphs with analysis)

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 9

(published October 11, 1996, 28 pages)
Editorial, Celestial Events, News and Notes
Celeg Aithorn by Lisa Star (news from the Internet)
Letters to the Editor from Dr. Rhona Beare (on mythological geography), Edouard Kloczko (on review of his book), Nancy Martsch (on intensives)
Painted Caves and Yggdrasil, by Dr. Rhona Beare (article on sources for Tolkien's Father Christmas Letters art; enclosed with this issue--until I run out--is a postcard with Tolkien's cave painting on it)
Three Kinds of Elves by Leonid Korablev (article on the historical origins of elf folk lore with calligraphy)
Four Calligraphic Styles of Tengwar by Leonid Korablev (beautiful calligraphy)
Ilkorin and North Sindarin by Edouard Kloczko (article on phonological analysis of early dialects)
Inspired by Art: William Morris, by Lisa Star (article on Morris' influence on Tolkien)
Catamando Lire Mincarme by David Salo (translation of Caedmon's Hymn with calligraphy and explanation)
Reviews (reviews by Lisa Star)
The Quenya Dictionary by Harold Ensle
The Sindarin Dictionary by Harold Ensle
Tengwar Fonts designed by Dan Smith (software review)
Poetry Competition Rules.

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 10

(published April 25, 1997, 32 pages)
Editorial, Celestial Events, News and Notes
Peoples of Middle-earth, (Volume 12 in the HoMe series) reviewed by Edward Kloczko
Encyclopedie de la Terre du Milieu; Volume I: Quenya, book by Edward Kloczko, review by Gary Hunnewell
Letter to the Editor from Dr. Rhona Beare (about the Druid's cup)
Barahir's Ring, by Leonid Korablev (artwork)
The Book of Mazarbul as an example of book-making in Middle-earth, by David Salo
Dabbling in Cabalism by Didier Willis (an analysis of the inscription on Balin's Tomb)
Poem by Nancy Martsch (poem in Quenya)
Ai an Elured by Peter Nikolaj Edelberg (poem in Quenya)
Live Action Role-Playing Games, by Esteban Manchado (report)
Tolkienwinkel (description of a mail order bookshop)
Software Reviews:
Angerthas Font by an anonymous designer
Angerthas Moria designed by Morten Bek
Monster by Al McFarland (artwork)
Poetry Competition Rules for the Elvish Language Poetry Prize
Bas du Page Homework (Sindarin plurals of the type a...a)

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 11

(published July 23, 1997, 24 pages)
Editorial, Celestial Events, News
Bree Moot Report by Lisa Star (with pictures)
Elvish Language Poetry Prize Winners
Letter to the Editor from Dr. Rhona Beare (on the abduction of Guinevere)
Eorl the Young Tapestry by Richard Derdzinski (artwork with inscription)
Snowflake by Harold E. Ensle (poem in Sindarin)
Suremista by Basil E. Firsov (poem in Quenya)
Stone Inscription by Leonid Korablev (artwork)
Legolas' Song of Lebennin, translated (into Sindarin) by David Salo
Doors of Moria Verso Inscription
Fragment of an Old Manuscript (artwork by Lisa Star)
The Hand and the Spider, article by Dr. Rhona Beare
Book Reviews, Websites and the Waterstone's survey (reports)
Monster by Al McFarland (artwork)

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 12

(published April 4, 1998, 48 pages)
Editorial, Celestial Events, News and Notes
Elbereth and Taniquetil by Dr. Rhona Beare, (correction of Tolkien's published text and possible origin of the concept)
Queen Beruthiel's Jester, translated by Basil Firsov, (a Quenya poem)
Development of `Galadriel's Lament' by David Salo, (linguistic analysis)
List of Versions of Namaria survey by Lisa Star
The Second Prophecy of Mandos by Helge K. Fauskanger, (translation into Quenya with tengwar, and an analysis)
Wizard by Al McFarland, (artwork)
Report on MERP publication
Picture of Tolkien by an unknown artist
Bas de Page Homework, forming the plural in Sindarin
Poetry Competition Rules for the Elvish Language Poetry Prize
Tempest in a Thimble by Lisa Star, update on still unpublished manuscripts related to Tolkien's languages and alphabets; (updated version on the Unpublished Manuscripts page).

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 13

(published Dec. 3, 1998, 44 pages)
Editorial, Celestial Events
Letters to the Editor from Dr. Rhona Beare (on celestial myths) and from Ivan Derzhanski
Matters Arising (various corrections)
LotR Movie News, including storyboard pictures and an interview with Jedi
Elfling Conference and Poetry Prize Update
New Elvish Linguistic Email List (report)
Barnacle Goose by Dr. Rhona Beare (article on legends and heraldry)
Self-portrait of a Wizard by Rocky
Nalme i Hini Lomeo by Peter Edelberg, (a poem in Quenya)
I Anna by Basil Firsov, (a poem in Quenya)
Linde Hriven by Alessio, (a poem in Quenya)
Ohtallo Tiriossen by Michael Johansson, (a poem in Quenya)
Monster by Al McFarland, (artwork)
Inscription in Classical Hebrew by Helge K. Fauskanger, (a text oddly similar to the Ring Poem, in calligraphy with analysis)
Watcher in the Water by Christopher Larson, (artwork)
A New Reading of the Book of Mazarbul by Edward Kloczko
Analysis of Doors of Moria Tengwar by Lisa Star, (comparison of the various versions published in Tolkien: Artist & Illustrator, with tengwar charts)
Reviews of various Publications

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 14

(published March 29, 2000, 56 pages)
Editorial, Celestial Events
Shadow Falls on Munich by Helge Fauskanger, (report on a solar eclipse)
Poetry Prize Winners Announcement, Conference Reports, LotR Movie News
Goblin Graffiti by Dr. Rhona Beare, (report on the sources of Tolkien's goblin alphabet)
Aerlinn Tella nDagor by Alessio, (a Quenya poem)
Nuru Artafindo by Arandil Elenion, (a Quenya poem)
Cyerme Nienna Tarinna by Arandil Elenion, (a Quenya poem)
Rantar by Arandil Elenion, (a Quenya poem)
Oma Vaiyeva (Macalaure) by Arandil Elenion, (a Quenya poem)
Tennath i Dur-Gyrf by Galadorn Elvellon (aka Richard Derdzinski), (the Ring Poem in Sindarin in tengwar, with commentary)
A Adarem by Galadorn Elvellon (aka Ryszard Derdzinski), (the Lord's Prayer in Sindarin in tengwar, with commentary)
Adanion ah Elleth by Philip Jonsson, artwork
Merin Sentence provided by Michael Dawson, analysis by Lisa Star (this is also linked from the Unpublished manuscripts page
Agricultural Methods in Hobbiton by Lisa Star, (technical study)
Dan Smith's Cirth Fonts reviewed by Derek Ferguson
Qenya Lexicon review by Helge Fauskanger
"She" and the Ruins of Kor, by Lisa Star, (article about Haggard's influence on Tolkien)
Por Los Hispanohablantes por Josu Gomez, Spanish publications
Other Reviews and Reports (calligraphy, stamps and games)
Bas de l'Afrique Homework, practice with Quenya sentences and interrogatives (text by Lisa Star)
This issue was published with an insert sheet of color pictures.

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 15

(published September 5, 2000, 44 pages)
Editorial, Celestial Events
Legal Opinion by Robert Wade, Esq., on copyright issues, alphabets and languages, fair use, etc.
Letters to the Editor from Dr. Rhona Beare, (on athelas and hobbit agricultural techniques); from Nancy Martsch, (about Bree Moots); from Ryszard Derdzinski, (on agriculture and the Merin sentence)
New Books By Tom Shippey, report by Lisa Star
Movie News, weddings, conferences and Poetry Prize update
The Parentage of Gil-galad by Hithlin of Barad Eithel, (possible explanation for apparent inconsistencies)
Farmer Maggot by Ryszard Derdzinski, (artwork)
Arwen by Harold Ensle, (poem in Quenya with tengwar text)
Aman the Blessed by Olivier Alabeatrix, (poem in Quenya)
Etymology of Athelas, as posted on the Internet (this is also linked from Unpublished Manuscripts page
Elven-Skaldic Verse by Leonid Korablev, (poem in Quenya with tengwar calligraphy and linguistic analysis)
Tolkien Collection at Marquette (Part 1), report by Lisa Star on library holdings of special interest to linguists
Gnomish Names for Chestnut Trees, article by Dr. Rhona Beare
George Allen & Unwin: A Remembrancer, book by Rayner Unwin, review by Lisa Star
Land O'Hobbits Report, on a tourist "destination" in California (report)
Jan Boom's self-portrait as an Ent

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 16

(published March 1, 2001, 40 pages)
Editorial, Celestial Events
Letters to the Editor, from Ales Bican, Didier Willis and Ryszard Derdzinski
Conferences, Demise of ICE, ELPP Update, Movie Rumors
Review of a Sarati font with a small text about unicorns
Namarie-linde Luineloteva by Ales Bican with annotation by H.K. Fauskanger, (poem in Quenya)
Morn'ellui by Didier Willis, (poem in Sindarin)
Turbeth Lossfin (Snowmane's Epitaph) by Ryszard Derdzinski, (translation into Sindarin and Anglo-Saxon with tengwar and cirth)
Bilbo by Manuel Colunga-Hernandez, (artwork)
Comparison of Adjectives in Quenya, linguistic analysis by Lisa Star
Tolkien Collection at Marquette, Part 2, report by Lisa Star
New and Updated Websites, especially those good for linguistic information
Rootplay: AD-NO `door' (historical analysis of reflexes)
Bas du Page Homework on doors and farm animals
Obscure Publications, GC, KoDT, Hisweloke, OH, PE, and VT
(This issue comes with a scratch and sniff sticker until I run out).

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 17

(published October 31, 2001, 48 pages, Sóval Pháre issue)
Celestial Events, News
Letters to the Editor from Dr. Rhona Beare, Didier Willis, Ales Bican
Anduriel by Sergi Oliva Valls
Arien by Sergi Oliva Valls
Elenya Calima by Anna Jivilo
Altariello Nainie Mistalondesse (with calligraphy and explanation) by Ryszard Derdzinski
Tolkien's Swallows by Dr. Rhona Beare
Sóval Pháre Introduction, Grammar, and Tengwar by Lisa Star
Languages of Rohan and Dale by Lisa Star
The Tolkien Collection at Marquette, Part 4 (sic! Part 3 will be published in TT 19)
The Shire Post (Your Bas de Page Homework)
Sóval Pháre-English Wordlist
English-Sóval Pháre Wordlist
Lots of artwork mainly of rabbits and a few mysterious inscriptions which Tolkien never saw.

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 18

(published December 15, 2001, 72 pages)
This issue is taken up entirely with Helge Fauskanger's Syntactical and Etymological Analysis of J.R.R.Tolkien's Quenya translation of the Lord's Prayer and Hail Mary. This is different from our usual format and we will be returning to that in future issues, but for this one issue, we thought you wouldn't mind. This analysis can also be read on Helge Fauskanger's webpage and he is working on correcting the "Arabic" which appears on some versions of it.

Tyalie Tyelellieva No. 19

is being worked on.

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