The Balamand Declaration

The kiss of Judas

This declaration is nothing but the sure death-sentence for the true "Sister-Churches" of the Latin Catholic Church, the Catholics of the Oriental rites. In June 1993 a "Joint International Commission" of high ranking Latin's and Schismatics met in Balamand, Lebanon, and declared that the Catholic and the Orthodox Churches are now considered as 'Sister-Churches' "the Form of 'missionary apostolate' which has been called 'uniatism' can no longer be apostolate' whih has been called 'uniatism' can no longer be accepted." They are responsible together for maintaining the Church of God . . . There is no question of conversion of people from one Church to the other in order to ensure their salvation" Catholics may no longer work in areas of Orthodox Jurisdiction, and Catholic Charity organizations are to fund Orthodox projects. This is ecumenism's response to Moscow's demands that Uniatism and the Uniates be finally crushed, especially in Western Ukraine, Romania and Armenia.

The Transapline Redemptorists - The Faithful Catholic Response

The Transapline Redemptorists are a bi-ritual Catholic Community of Priests and Monks founded in 1988 with the blessing of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, courageous Defender of the Latin Rite. Their vocation is to live the traditional monastic rule and vocation of the Redemptorists which were tragically abandoned in 1969 and replaced by modernist rules. This new rule unleashed serious Changes in Thinking. A new modernist mentality spread through the monasteries and weakened the faith; this brought with it the enthusiastic acceptance of the Vatican Ostpolitik, the Vatican-Moscow agreement (24 June 1993) by which Church politicians have recognized the schismatic Orthodox Churches as equal "Sister Churches".

The Transapline Redemptorist monasteries maintain the Catholic Faith with a humble, Firm refusal of the modernist mentality, while also holding to the ancient Eastern Liturgies . Our Fathers Lament the Fact that no Catholic Byzantine rite bishop has been appionted for any part of Central or Eastern Ukraine, for Belarus', or for Russia. Through fear and human respect, not even one preist has been publicly appointed for all these millions and millions of souls. These souls are abandoned for the sake of church politics. A crisis of courage! Courageous Patriach Josyf would weep tears of Blood! The missionary monks and nuns of this order humbly refuse this cowardly spirit. They pray earnestly for the weak Hierarchs. And they propose to themselves another spirit.

The Convictions of the Transapline Redemptorists

The Transapline Redemptorists are convinced that the implementation of the Balamand Agreement is an act comparable to the great man-made famine enforced on Ukraine in 1932 -33 because today souls are perishing from want of spiritual food through enforced spiritual starvation. The bread of life is refused them not by communist authorities but by Church politicians. These politicians are Catholic Bishops charged by God to feed Christ's flock even at the price of their won lives. The Transapline Redemptorists hold to the convictions of Bishop Vasyl' Velychkovsky, and Bishops Lyatyshevsky, Lakota, Goydych, Hopko, Romzha, Kotsylovsky, Khomyshyn, Verhun and Budka and all the New Martyres and Confessors who chose persecution and even death rather than apostasy to the Orthodox religion. Vichnaya Pamyat! May their memory live forever! - and not be forgotten in these days of false ecumenism. A man can have no greater love that lay down his life for his friends. The Balamand Agreement which recognises the Orthodox churches as "Sister Church" is a denial of reality. And worse, it is a culpable betrayal of the blood of the Catholic martyrs and the sufferings of our confessors; it is an agreement to close the Ark of Salvation, the Greek Catholic Church, to millions of souls in Ukraine, Belarus' and Russia. The salvation of souls is the supreme law of the Church; no human law or ecumenical agreement can be permitted to restrict missionaries and separate souls from the Catholic Church.

The Object of the Redemptorists is thus to come to the aid of the souls which are spiritually most abandoned . There are none more abandoned than those whom church politicians forcibly deprive of biships, priests and grace through the Holy Mysteries. Therefore, where there are no other Catholic sheperds, the Transalpine Redemptorists wish to come to the aid of Christ's avandoned flock in Ukraine, Belarus' and Russia as did Kyr Nicholas Charnetsky.

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