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Children's Fiction:

Suraj and the Fever Fiend : a story for a 8-year-old, almost !

The Birthday Gift : a story for a 7-year-old, almost !

The little plane and MagicPop :a story for a 6-year-old, almost !

The little plane and Magic Pop: a special version for Avirat and his parents.


The big B: Kaun Banega Chorepati

In His own image : Dr. Kruel, and his new twin

Where the Streets have no name : Interim report on Internet Security

The Tale of Adamore : attempts at creation

A little piece of fiction : How real was the fiction ? Find out.

Flight : a take-off from the usual

The Party : for friends you have lost

Sonata by Unaccompanied Tortoise

The Silicapur Story : A tale in progress

Good God! Another dotcom? : Breaking news!

The Tale of Glabanore: a fable-case written for Iimbis. (No, I am not one!).


Classmate : how we all change through the years

The Amnesia of Bipin Chowdhury : Wouldn't you like to know ?


Rakhigarhi: In search of an unknown civilization

Gwalior: Journey to the centre of India

Kankwari: In search of an unknown fort

Delhi and Doon: Hot or cold

Beauties in Bangkok: Get bowled over by the beauties!

A ruined city : Rediscovered!: One of the greatest places in India

India's greatest university, ever: And it's not IIT-K !

A place of peace: Unusual university, with a universal message

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