The Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico Temple

of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

With the dedication of the Tuxtla Temple, Mexico now has six temples, more than any other country outside the United States. It is also the 75th temple of the Church. Tuxtla is an excellent example of an isolated region of the Church. Travel into and out of this region is very difficult and very few members are able to make the journey to what was the closest temple in Mexico City, 20 hours away by bus. Several of those attending the dedication had never seen, much less been inside a temple before, and though un-endowed had been worthy recomend holders.

The temple was announced on 25 February 1999.
Ground was broken and construction begun on 20 March 1999.
The cornerstone was laid and the temple dedicated on 12 March 2000.
There are 2 Sealing rooms and 2 Ordinance rooms in the 10,700 square foot temple.
The spire is about 78 feet tall.
The Tuxtla Temple serves stakes in Gutierrez Mexico.

Representative Pictures of the Interior:

The Waiting Area.
Source: Media Kit.

The Baptistry.
Source: Media Kit.

One of the two Sealing Rooms.
Source: Media Kit.

One of the two Endowment Rooms.
Source: Media Kit.

The Celestial Room.
Source: Media Kit.

Rooms not Pictured:

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