Our Logo

    The MDA logo was created to express the basic principals of MDA. The top circle is yellow, to signify spirituality, the first basic principal of MDA. It is yellow to symbolize the sunshine of the soul. The left bottom circle signifies integrity, the second principal of MDA. It is blue to symbolize conscious thought, for only through conscious thought can one achieve integrity; which means honesty, wholeness and soundness. The right bottom circle signifies healing. It is green to symbolize growth, vitality and life.
    In the center of the logo is a three petaled flower which symbolizes the flower of life within the individual. When the steps have been completed and the individual has committed themselves to practicing these principals in all their affairs, the flower within them blooms for the whole world to see.
    The logo itself is set upon a black background for we, as abuse survivors, have a past filled with darkness and despair. Nevertheless, once we have chosen to commit ourselves to this simple program, the truth we find therein shines forth within the three colorful circles and the flower within our soul blossoms.
    Finally, The M stands for MPD, the D stands for DID and the A stands for Anonymous.

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