Meeting Schedule

At this time no meetings are scheduled.

The rules for this meeting are as follows:

1. Try to be on time for the meeting.
2. Untill further notice, all meetings will be Topic Meetings.
3. The topic will be decided upon by a group vote at the begining of each meeting.
4. To share at the meeting type "!"
5. While you are sharing, type "........" before you hit the return key to let everyone know that you have more to share.
6. When you are finished sharing Type "*" to let everyone know that you are finished.
7. Please, no cross talk when someone is sharing.

We hope that you enjoy our meetings and will return often!

How to get to Our Chat
Downloading mIRC
Getting To #MPD/DID_Anonymous from the Internet, Using Your Browswer

mIRC is a IRC client software program that you can download which will allow you access to #MPD/DID_Anonymous and offers more features (such as the ability to be in more than one channel at a time, send and recieve files, hear sounds and view popup graphics, etc.) We encourage you to download mIRC by visiting the mIRC download page. DAlnet's java site, which will allow you entry into the #MPD/DID_Anonymous channel, is useful to those that do not have enough space on their hard drive to download a small program such as mIRC or have an internet connection such as webtv. However, it is very limited in the extra features department, where mIRC offers all the goodies.

Download Instructions

1. Click here mIRC Download Siteand download the mIRC program.

2. Save it to a temporary directory, be sure to remember where you save it to.

3. Install it by clicking on the file you just saved and following the directions.

4. A box will appear that has the licensing information and ask you to register; just close it.

5. The next box will ask for your name, email address, and desired nickname. We advise that you do not put your real name or email address in these boxes. Many people just put a :) or the word ask in the name box, and a fake email addy, such as This is for your safety.

6. When choosing a nick, be creative. Many times the nick you choose will already be taken, in this case, you can often add ^^^^, ___, ````, or ---- to your nick so that it is original. The box also has a place for an alternate nick, should you be pinged out and your nick has not dropped off yet.

7. Now click the small box at the bottom that says invisible mode. This ensures that you will not receive messages from people who do not already know your nick or in the channel with you.

8. Back towards the top, there is scroll box. Scroll down to Dalnet servers, and choose one from the list. Hebron, St. Louis, and Liberty seem to be the best servers for Dalnet.

9. Now click connect!!! A great deal of information will quickly scroll by, do not worry about this. When it is done, the channel folder box will appear. At the top, type in #MPD/DID_Anonymous, then click add.

10. Now click join, and there you are!!! Once you have joined us, we can show you many other features of mirc and help you learn the ropes. See ya soon!

Instructions for Getting to #MPD/DID_Anonymous Using Your Browser

1. Click on the link below titled "DALnet Homepage".

2. Once at DALnet's homepage, scroll down and click on the link titled "Chat".

3. Giving the java script time to load, you will then type in your nickname, email address, and #MPD/DID_Anonymous in the appropriate spaces.

4> Click on "Connect".

Depending on how busy the servers are you may have to "Connect" more than one time before you get a open server that will connect and bring you into #MPD/DID_Anonymous.

Features Provided By
DALnet's Java Connection

1. After having connected to #MPD/DID_Anonymous, if you will look at the top of the Java window you will see a button titled "FLOAT". Clicking on this button will detach the Java window from your browser so that you can still use your browser as you normally would and take #MPD/DID_Anonymous with you as you browse other sites on the internet but you also stay connected to the #MPD/DID_Anonymous channel and are able to chat at the same time.

2. By click on the square window maximizing button in the top right hand corner of the Java window, you can enlarge the size of the chatroom (channel) for easier viewing.

3. By clicking on a channel members name, so that it has a red outline you can send that member a message into the channel that no one else will be able to read. Just click their name again to take off the private message feature and resume chatting with the whole group.

Click below to go directly to the DALnet chat page and connect to #MPD/DID_Anonymous using your browser as described above.

DALnet's Chat Page

We hope to see you at the meetings!

If you would like to become a member/suporter of MDA
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