Panel Discussion/ Talk Show
1. Divide students into groups of three or four.  You may wish to assign the groups yourself, or allow students to choose their own.

2. In each group, there should be a moderator/host, and at least two guests who can relate to the same topic.  You may choose to do this with Biblical figures (guests might include Moses, Aaron, and the goldsmith who made the golden calf), rabbis from different branches of Judaism (reform, conservative, orthodox and reconstructionist-- this would require a great deal of research on the part of you and your students), or figures who lived during the holocaust (Janusz Korczak, Hannah Senesch, Anne Frank, Pope Pius XII).

3. Have the students develop a debate or talk show on a particular theme in which guests relate their expreiences and opinions as they argue with/debate/encourage/try to understand each other.

4. Students should submit a rough draft of their project to you to be checked for accuracy, appropriateness and length.

5. Have students enact their debate/talk show in class.  They should involve the "audience" by soliciting their comments and questions.