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"When a man sacrifices himself to his religion, the first thing to go is his mind."

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Thorn's Atheological Credo: Why I Have No God-Belief

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America is at war with a cult.

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Why An Objectivist Atheology? Some reasons why this site exists.

Objectivism: The philosophy of Ayn Rand, a philosophy whose truths do not rest on threats, whose motivation is not one of unearned guilt, and whose incentives are not fear. Please click here for information on the Philosophy of Reason. Also see my Objectivist Links page for more sites of interest.

Primary Argument Against god-belief: The Argument from Existence.

In Defense of Objectivism: See how one Christian's attempt to 'critique' Objectivism falls flat on its face.

Common Fallacies: Fallacies one can expect to find when dealing with god-belief claims.

Related Interests

Thorn's Court: Read some of the letters I have volleyed off in my online exchanges with ardent Christian apologists. This is my version of a "Mt. Calvary," where the tyranny of Rational Justice is meted out on those who would prefer to pervert it.

Correspondence Series:

Letters to a Young Atheologist: These are letters of instruction to young Mr. Kappus, the victim of the attack of the mystic Mr. Dogmass. See how Mr. Dogmass attempts to subvert Mr. Kappus' mind against itself, and the proper responses Mr. Kappus is advised to offer in return.

Kicking Against the Pricks: Meet Mr. X, a Catholic who objected to my rejection of the supernatural claims of Christianity. Read our exchange as it took place.

The Dialogues: Click here to see what kind of dialogue you might have with someone defending his god-belief claims.

The Christian Questionnaires: If you're a Christian, these are some questions which you might find a bit difficult to answer, if not outright uncomfortable.

Some Internal Problems in Christianity: Biblical contradictions, scientific errors, and doctrinal issues that are often overlooked by more mainstream critiques of Christian philosophy.

Thorn's Morgue:   A new section devoted to a series of papers examining presuppositional and other apologetic arguments.

The Tindrbox Files: Read my 82 letters to the Religion? Forum e-mail discussion list from the first half of 1998. You may find some of these a bit interesting...


Who is Anton Thorn? Read my interview and learn more about who I am.

Thorny Humor Page
: Some inside humor that just might shake the talking snake in each of us!

Quotable Thorn: A few collections of quotes which may provoke a new thought or provide the come-back you were looking for all this time!


Recommended Readings: Some publications that I highly recommend for further research on your own.

Thorn's Bureau of Links: Click here to continue your online discovery experience.

Quote of the Month

May 2004:

"...when someone experiences a relationship with their particular version of Jesus they 'recognize him as their brother and regard all the rest as bastards', as Hippolytus puts it. Their Jesus is the real Jesus, everyone else's is an impostor. But once the idea of an historical man is abandoned, competing Jesuses are not a problem. Everyone can look down the well and come up convinced that Jesus looks just like them, and that doesn't conflict with everyone else doing the same. We can all have a different Jesus. The whole point of a mythological figure is that it can be adapted to suit different people and changing times... What unites Fundamentalists and Fantasists is their obsession with the idea of an historical Jesus. We are suggesting a radical alternative: freeing ourselves from the futile preoccupation with history and returning to the original Christians' understanding of Jesus as the hero of a powerfully transformative allegorical myth." - Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, Jesus and the Lost Goddess: The Secret Teachings of the Original Christians, (New York: Three Rivers Press, 2001), p. 56.

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