Problems with Christianity

"Religion wears a bloody glove!" - Anton Thorn


A Perfect Being? This essay explores the problem of asserting the notion of a 'god' which is said to be perfect yet assigns itself a moral purpose.

God and Omniscience: Why would the ancient priests who authored the books of the Bible claim that their god is all-knowing? Click here to find out!

An Unchanging God? This short anecdote shows how the Christian's claim of an unchanging God, given its other characteristics as claimed by Christians, paints a grisly picture of the Christian God.

God and Value? Why an immortal God could not value anything, even Himself.

Do You Love Jesus? Here are some reasons why I hold the statement "I love Jesus" to be self-contradictory.

Do I Think I'm God? Many believers have accused non-believers of presuming themselves to be God, since they reject the notion of their God. This article examines this accusation and offers 15 reasons why such accusations are unwarranted and disingenuous.

Spittle and Sand: How Jesus' 'miracle cures' for blindness vary amongst themselves and show the predilection of gospel writers toward natural cause and effect, rather than divine word-command, explanations.

A Query on the Resurrection: Read my response to a young believer who challenged me to "disprove" the New Testament's resurrection story. Judge for yourself after reading this and the sources I cite whether or not you think this story should be accepted as truth. 

More on the Resurrection Tale: This is a follow-up to A Query on the Resurrection above.

The Resurrection Story Revisited: A second follow-up to A Query on the Resurrection.

By Means of Threat: Mysticism and the Transmission of Ideas: How the use of force finds its roots in religious philosophy.

Is Christian Morality Objective? In this section, I discuss why I believe Christian morality is wholly unfit for man.

Part 1: Introductory Treatise on Morality: What is morality? What are the three general theories of of the good? What are the core principles of objective morality? And what are the general reasons why Christian morality is not objective? Each of these questions is examined and answered.

Part 2: The Lessons of Jesus: Imperatives without Reason: Were Jesus' moral teachings objective in nature? Are Jesus' moral teachings truly fit for man's life? These questions and more are discussed.


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