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Morgans Raid:
The Battles of Cynthiana


Last Updated: 30 May 2005

The History of the First & Second Battles of Cynthiana

 History of Events

  • July 4:

Col. Morgan leaves Knoxville for Kentucky raid (Morgan was a colonel in 1862).

  • July 15:

Morgan passes through Midway, sends false telegraph messages; arrives at Georgetown.

5 p.m.: CSA squads burn Stoner railroad bridge; Union Gen. Boyle assigns Col. Landram to guard Cynthiana.

  • July 16:

Morganís Raiders rest at Georgetown with 875 men.

  • July 17:

7 a.m.: Morgan leaves Georgetown.

Noon: Union commander at Paris warns Landram at Cynthiana of Morgan heading that way. Landram is supported at Cynthiana by 345 men consisting of a detachment of 18th Ky Volunteers; one 12-pounder of Capt. Glass of Cincinnati; detachment of 7th Ky Cavalary and several Home Guard units.

3 p.m.: Morgan arrives three miles south of Cynthiana on Leesburg Pike and divides his force into three sections: Gano from Lair Pike, Nix from Falmouth Pike and Morganís main force from the Leesburg Pike.

4 p.m.: Cannon fire from Morganís two howitzers signals his initial attack at the covered bridge. Nix and Gano attack from other roads and converge on Union troops at train depot. Landram and some of his men escape to Paris.

5 p.m.: The battle is over; Landramís captured men are guarded at the courthouse; other prisoners paroled that evening on Deshaís farm [behind present post office].

  • July 18:

Confederate guards march Union prisoners six miles north on Falmouth Pike and release them.

Battles of Cynthiana
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