Jim 'Dandy' Mangrum


This is a picture of Jim Dandy from the the 1964 Buffalo Trail. This is was the name of the Monette High School annual that year. Monette is about 5 miles north of Black Oak, Arkansas. All children who live in Black Oak went to school at Monette before the school consolidated with Leachville, which is about 10 miles north-east of Monette. After the consolidation the school became known as Buffalo Island Central. In this photograph Jim was a sophmore.


Here Jim is on the cover of the September 1974 issue of Circus.



Here is a promotional picture of Jim.

Here is another promotional picture.

Here is Jim on the cover of After Dark magazine in September of 1975.


Here is an older promo photo of BOA.

This is a promo for the High on the Hog album.

This is a backstage pass where Lynyrd Skynyrd opened up for BOA. Pretty amazing, Don't you think?

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