Greenwood Cemetery
Pioneer's Cemetery
Cañon City, Colorado

This beautiful little cemetery is located a little south-west of Cañon City out First Street. Yes, it has two names, and it is located 20 feet across the street from the IOOF Cemetery. It includes burials from the prisons in the surrounding areas, and the newest grave I recall seeing is from 1974. It is a beautiful place, but is slowly falling to pieces.

A sad, little grave located on the north end of the cemetery. I like visiting cemeteries in the snow, because that is when they receive the fewest visitors, and that is when I can have the most time to myself... and they are so lonely and forgotten in the wintertime.

This is a most powerful stone. The first time I went to this cemetery at night, a friend was with me. She said that I stood at this stone for over twenty minutes with my hand on it... and all I recall is standing there for maybe one minute thinking about the stars above and the power within... I don't know.

This cemetery has some very nice monoliths and pillars. Perhaps it is entirely due to the size of these, but I find them the most attractive and most hypnotizing amongst the other grave markers.

By all means, visit this cemetery if you have the chance. I would say that this particular one is most visited by my friends and I at night than any other cemetery that we go to. It feels so... good. I do not know how else to put it. There are some very strong spirits that live here.

All photos are © 1999 by Lord Dellamorté.