The Stone of Destiny

The true story of the Stone Of Destiny is shrouded in legend
almost as much as the forming of Scotland. One story suggests that
a King Milo of the Scots in Spain sent his son Simon Brecc to Ireland
to conquer the land. He took with him a marble throne which the
Scots kings in Spain sat upon. He placed the seat at a place called
Tara and his descendants used this seat for their throne.

Another story says that Simon Brecc set anchor near the Irish coast.
When forced by strong winds to raise anchor he lifted a giant
seat shaped stone from the sea. Accepting this as a gift from
the gods he used it as his throne.

Some accounts say it was taken from Egypt by Gaythelos
to Spain with his royal artifacts and possessions. Some believed that it
was infact Jacob's pillow and described the stone as being
rectangular in shape with carved handles and black in colour.

It has also been suggested that it was most likely to have
been the alter of a traveling priest in the early days of Christianity
and was carved from a lump of meteoric stone.

Whatever the origins of the stone it was of great cultural and religious
significance to the Scots. They believed that wherever the Stone
was taken they would rule and this belief was expressed in verse.

If destiny deceives not, the Scots will reign 'tis said
in that same place where the stone has been laid

After coming to Scotland the stone had many resting places before
being brought to Scone near Perth which was once the capital of Scotland.
There it was kept until 1296 when Edward I of England came to take
it to England. Edward took the Stone to England and declared
that there would be no more Kings of Scotland. But it is unlikely that
the Scots would have given up their relic so easily. Some accounts suggest
that they allowed him to take the cess pit cover or a newly cut lump
of sandstone from a local quarry.

Assuming that Edward took the real Stone of Destiny to England the
prophesy that the Scots would rule wherever it was laid has proved
correct as the current British monarchy are descended from the Scots
line. In the 1950's a group of Scottish students took the Stone from
Westminster Abbey and returned to Scotland where they hid it. It was
soon recovered and taken back to London. In 1996 the Stone was given
back to Scotland for display in Edinburgh Castle, where it will
stay until it is required for the coronation of the next king or queen.


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