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Together 2.4 Million acres
     Only 1000 canoeists in Woodland Caribou in all of 2001
          Never logged, not even fully explored
               Lake country in Ontario, whitewater in Manitoba
                    Headwaters west of Red Lake
                         Where the pavement ends, and the wilderness begins
Thru April:                     After May 15
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The Atikaki Wilderness
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How to get to Atikaki
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The Atikaki Wilderness--A New Canoe Country - an article by Marc Wermager


Imagine - paddling unnamed lakes, shooting unmapped whitewater, portaging faint trails, accustomed only to moccasin, hoof or paw.
Imagine - camping on a site without sign of modern man, where firewood abounds, and your tent rests on foot-thick moss.
Imagine - glimpsing the elusive woodland caribou, casting after never fished for pike, or discovering an unrecorded pictograph site.
An impossible dream today, you say? Excerpts from an early voyager's log, or recollections of a Quetico-Boundary Waters experience fifty or more years ago? No, actually, it is the Atikaki Wilderness, recently protected in Atikaki and Woodland Caribou Provincial Parks. A present day reality of over two million acres of uncrowded, not even fully explored, wilderness awaits you this summer.

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Marc Wermager has devoted his life to fight and win protection for the Atikaki Wilderness. Atikaki is Saulteaux-Ojibwa for "Country of the Caribou". Marc researched and wrote the original Atikaki Proposal, served as Executive Director of the Atikaki Councils and led the successful lobbying effort. He is called the father of Atikaki Wilderness Park in Manitoba and Woodland Caribou Wilderness Park in Ontario. Not all of the caribou habitat or access systems are presently included or complete. Having Marc an outfitter in Red Lake, is the best way to ensure that the parks progress positively and that the Red Lake economy benefits. No one knows canoeing or the Atikaki Wilderness better. Marc guided four seasons in the Quetico and one in northern Quebec. He traversed the Ross, S. Nahanni, Stewart and Arctic Red Rivers on two summer-long expeditions in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. He logged over two hundred days and nights exploring Atikaki. Now Marc would like to show you the Atikaki Wilderness.

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Route Consultation -- Expert, up-to-date information on route conditions and highlights.
Complete and Partial Outfitting -- Ultra-light canoes & gear from Old Town, Eureka & Peak.
Individually Packaged Food -- Catered to special tastes, diet requirements, group size and length of trip. No longer is the choice heavy store bought or tasteless freeze-dried. A new generation of dried vegetables, fruits, meats and flavors are brought from around the globe and combined in Marc's memorable trail recipes.
Transportation To and From Access Points -- Four wheel drive service that enables you to enter and exit from different routes, while your car is safely stored in town.
Coordination of Plane Access -- Matching, where you fly in and others fly out on the same plane, can cut costs nearly in half, more if the canoe stays in and passes to the next group.
Reserved Lodging -- Clean sheets, showers and reduced rates assured before you arrive.
Guided Group or Theme Trips -- Check the schedule or arrange your own personalized adventure. Why not a First Nation Culture Immersion Trip, or an Old Timer's Trip?

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Our outfitted food is ideal for trail use. Simple to prepare, it saves you camp time. Dehydrated and carefully packaged, it is unaffected by weather or water. Light weight, it amounts to roughly 1.8 lbs. per person per day. Nutritious and flavorful, it will take you through the roughest day. Portions are generous enough even for the hardiest appetite. Most important, buying food in Red Lake wins friends for the park locally. This is the least canoeists can do to guarantee the wilderness's future.

Our selection brings together the latest food innovations with time honored favorites. Dehydrated meats, vegetables, exotic fruits and flavorings mean no cans, better balanced meals, and more flavor. For convenience and simplicity each meal is individually packaged for your group size. Generally, ingredients are selected and mixed to cook evenly while saving pots and time. However they can be kept separate upon request. Except for the fresh pork products, ingredients are kosher. Meats can be left out for vegetarians. Your special favorite can be made to order.

Click here to view and print our great menu.

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Local support for preserving the Atikaki Wilderness depends on a fair economic return. Atikaki Canoe Outfitters was established to make this happen and can help you find what you need locally. Remember, Canadians pay the taxes that make these parks possible and have chosen wilderness over other economic alternatives. You can show gratitude for your wilderness adventure best by using area outfitters, stores, motels, gas stations and services. Patronage will ensure that you will be able to find what you need next time and that the Atikaki Wilderness will endure and be enhanced!
Red Lake, Ontario, Canada Where the highway ends & wilderness begins.

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The Atikaki wilderness is primarily one watershed with the gateway Red Lake, Ontario. The system headwaters nearby and flows serenely northwest through the spectacular lake country of Woodland Caribou Park. Downstream in Manitoba's Atikaki Park, it becomes great whitewater country, as the rivers pick up speed and cascade toward Lake Winnipeg. Partially maintained logging roads connect the primitive access points to Red Lake 25-50 miles to the east. Red Lake is 110 paved miles north of the Trans-Canada Highway or 540 paved miles-from Minneapolis via International Falls and Dryden. It is five hours of driving from Winnipeg and ten hours from Minneapolis. Staying in town before and after a trip is best.
Air connections to Red Lake are excellent. For the very best rates and on the scene up to the minute connections, book early thru:

Red Lake Travel
147 Howey Street
Red Lake, Ont.
Fax: (807) 727-3305
Canada POV2MO

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Ontario Park Camping Permits cost $12.00 Cdn per person per night, $5.00 Cdn for ages 12-17 and seniors, but $8.00 Cdn and $3.25 Cdn if outfitted locally. There are no required advance permits, designated campsites, or quotas. Atikaki Canoe Outfitters will issue your permit when you outfit.

Open Fires
Ontario permits them but not Manitoba. Be aware of forest fire conditions, and be sure unattended fires are out and cold.

Fishing Licenses
Non-resident Conservation Licenses cost $21.50 Cdn for 7 days or $34 Cdn for the season in Ontario and $23 Cdn for the season in Manitoba. Licenses can be purchased early and late in Red Lake.

Approved Life Preservers Only
They must be sanctioned by the Canadian Ministry of Transport and kept with you while canoeing.

Crown Land Camping
Outside parks Ontario non-resident fees are $10 Cdn per person per night, or free if outfitted locally.

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You supply the following personal gear:
___Long-sleeved cotton work shirt
___Toilet articles and toothbrush
___Cotton or wool work pants
___Nylon raincoat or poncho
___Flannel / wool jacket
___Boots (covering ankle bone)
___Soft-brimmed hat
___Wool socks - 2 pair
___Pocket knife
___Change of clothing
___Maps and case
___Camera and film
___Sunblock & sunglasses
___Fishing rod & gear
___Fishing license
___Insect repellent
___Water bottle
___First Aid Kit
Remember who carries everything you bring. All are available in Red Lake.

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Registration and Reservation
$100 per adult deposit registers your party. It shows you are serious, can be used for planning or outfitting costs any time this season or next and is transferable but not refundable. Then at least a month before your trip, set dates, menu choices and half the outfitting costs are due for firm reservations. Booking early will give you the best chance for the dates, equipment and services you want. The full cost will be due at outfitting. Checks are preferred.

The Map Package
Registered clients may purchase two colored 1:100,000 maps covering all Woodland Caribou Park and route suggestions which match your trip goals for $25. List experience, trip priorities, paddling hours and travel days. Then specific 1:50,000 topographical maps are $9.

Planning Services & Minimum Outfitting
Information, route planning, flight and shuttle matching, lodging and other reservations are generally free without cost markup. In order to keep us in business, you are asked to choose at least minimum outfitting with our great food or a $15 US per person per day overhead fee.

Money Saving Hints
The leader of a party of ten is outfitted free or %10 deducted. Traveling three to a canoe helps with portaging and cost.

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Add 8% Prov. Sales Tax and 6% GST on canoes and gear, but only 6% GST on transportation costs. Lodging and flights are subject to exchange rates and thus may change.
Rates - per person per night
                                                             $ US
Complete Outfitting (except sleeping bag):
   includes Souris River Duralite or Penobscot canoe,
   free route consultation and skill instruction $ 45

Full Gear (sleeping bag $4 extra) $ 14

Food - ask for our great menu                                $ 20    When food added to canoe rental                           $ 16 Canoes: paddles, life preservers and yoke    Per Alumacraft lightweight                                $ 20
   Per Penobscot or Duralite 17' $ 30    Per Souris River Kevlar 16' or 17' $ 39 Route Consultation                       $ 100 FREE with food or canoe rental! Rooms - double occupancy per person                    $ 25-30

Ground Access Shuttle

Matching with another may reduce rates 40%. If you bring your own canoe, add $10. There is no charge for secure parking in Red Lake.
One Way for 2 people                                        US    (+ additional)
Douglas Lake Access                                        $60         $13 each
Serpent River Access                                       $90         $19 each
Leano Lake Access                                         $120         $25 each
Sydney Lake Access                                        $135         $30 each
Bloodvein River Mouth                                     $500

Air Access Flight

You pay only the best rates without cost markup. Matching may reduce the cost 40%. Exchanging a canoe, rather than flying it out, often pays for canoe rental. The following estimates include taxes and external load charges for canoes. Rates are approximate and will change with current conditions.
One Way with canoe(s) for                           Two              Four
Hansen Lake - 45 miles or less $399 $485 - 799
Carroll or Eagle Lakes - 52 miles                   455    546 - 910
Artery Lake - 62 miles 533 634 - 1066
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You can, of course, design your own trip, but here are two popular examples:

10 Days On The Water -- party of two

Lodging-2 nights before and after                     US $  57
Complete Outfitting for nine days                        $ 445
Shuttle to Douglas Lake Access                           $  50
Matched canoe, minimum flight                            $ 100
Total per person $ 652
7 Days On The Water -- party of nine
Lodging-2 nights before and after                     US $  57
Complete outfitting for six days with 10% group discount $ 269
Shuttle to Leano Lake access                             $  20
Shuttle from Douglas Lake access                         $  11
Total per person                                         $ 357
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Fishing Canoe Trip: June 23 - July 1, 2007
Mixed Group Trip: August 18 - 26, 2007
Venture into Woodland Caribou Park of the Atikaki Wilderness west of Red Lake, Ontario. Never logged, this vast natural area receives 1000 canoeists a year. Though the scenery, pictographs, wildlife and fishing are great - it's the unspoiled mood that's unforgettable.
Join with women and men of similar interests and unique abilities, who may become lifelong friends. Group interaction and cooperation will be an integral part of the trip.
Experience Level: No canoeing experience is required. Group members will range from novices to experienced, with training provided. The group will select a route, often a median trip with opportunities for side trips.
Physical Challenge: The pace will be vigorous early in the day, with time to rest and renew in the afternoons. Participants should be in good physical condition and willing to share in all camp chores, paddling and portaging.
An experienced guide and conservationist, Marc Wermager will show you Atikaki's intriguing secrets.
Complete outfitting for seven days: includes quality equipment, canoes, and favorite trail recipes. All you need to bring is your sleeping bag, clothes, and personal gear, as listed.
Two nights lodging: sheets and showers at a Bed & Breakfast Saturdat nights before and after.
Shuttle to and from the park will be provided.
Park Fees are included. A conservation fishing license for seven days is extra, roughly $16 U.S.
All this for just $500!
Send your reservation to Marc right away!

Thru April:                     After May 15
                                Box 855
P.O. Box 855                    Red Lake, Ontario
Roseville, MN 55113             Canada POV2MO
1 (320) 444-3737                1 (807) 727-2797
Best before 2 pm or weekends    Open evenings