Schedule updated for 2004

Braves Schedule Updates! Already set up is the 2004 schedule from April to June. Just finished July! (Now getting to work on August.)

I Met "The Man"!

And I have a message for "Stan The Man" Kastan:


Wow! Boy was I blown away! (I guess that was obvious.) I never thought I would meet the President of the Braves. I would have asked for an autograph but I hadn't had time to grab my pen and cookbook (braves wives) before I left the house. I'm fed up with the back pack rule, but I understand. Also, while you are pondering the Remlinger issue, I might as well say I'd sure like to see Hammond and Holmes in the pen! I think they did great this year! The photo didn't come out so great. You can see I'm with somebody but it's too dark to see who it is, so I'll try to catch you to get another photo. I was so jazzed to meet you! I still can't believe it! About the site: It's intended to be entirely complimetary. If you click on certain players, you'll see I met their wives as well. (Some really cool ladies!) A new braves marriage or a new braves baby is a good thing in my oppinion. the ony thing better than the braves is a happy couple and the only thing better than that is a happy couple who is expecting! Well, you're a very busy man, and you haven't got all day so I'll let you go. Oh! and I mentioned your page: You can get to it by clicking Meet the Brass and then your name. Also, the petition up top is looking a little lean right now, but please keep in mind that it is new. I got your page set up today, so I hope you like it and I hope that the info is all correct.

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(An olsen twin complains that she is not a good hitter and Carrie--wheeler--says anybody can hit and they prepare to walk out the door.)
"Where are we going?" Olsen twin
"The cubs game." Sally Wheeler
"What are going to learn from THEM???" Olsen twin
"Nothing. The Braves are in town!" Sally Wheeler

This table should give you an idea of how well they are doing. This will be updated at the end of each month. Keep checking back to see how the Braves do.
In Run Support Of The Braves
April May June July August September October
12-15 18-10 21-5 18-8 16-11 16-10 1-1
Total Runs Average Runs Per Month Playoffs
110-59 18.3-9.83 12-11

Time until Spring Training!

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