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The Newest Batgirl!

If you haven't visited the DC Comics universe lately, there have been a LOT of changes in the Bat-family. The fifth comic book Batgirl is Stephanie Brown, who used to be the Spoiler and, for a very brief time, the fourth Robin. She is the daughter of Arthur Brown, the Cluemaster.

As of this writing, here's a who's who in the current DC Comic Bat-continuity:

Dick Grayson = Batman
Damian Wayne = Robin
Stephanie Brown = Batgirl
Katherine "Kate" Kane = Batwoman
Tim Drake = Red Robin
Helena Bertinelli = Huntress
Nightwing & Flamebird are now Superman characters

SO, if in Season 15 on the Story section of this site, some changes are made, there certainly would be precedent!

Daniel Roberts' Second Book Now Available on Amazon!

Website artist's Daniel Roberts second Pep Squad Mystery, The Haunting of Townsand Hall, is now available through Amazon. (Click on the picture to be taken to the ordering page.) Although a family-oriented book aimed at readers of all ages, visitors to The Batgirl Bat-Trap Homepage! will find elements within they will almost certainly enjoy!

By the way, the first book in the series, Cavern in the Hills, is also still available.

Construction Update

Check for Sneak Peak News under Next Update

As the 11th "season" of The Batgirl Bat-Trap Homepage! concludes, I'm pleased to report construction continues on the revised site in preparation for the move from GeoCities to Yahoo! Also, it appears that if one tries to log on to the current internet address after the move on October 26, the visitor will automatically be forwarded to the new location.

I have no less than six (!) stories in hand from Mr. Deathtrap. A new writer has submitted a story with illustrations (!!) and another new author has a story in the works. After an absence of eight (!!!) years, a favorite contributor returns. High C reports the Siren and Sirena have plans, and epaddon may have one more story to share with this site.

I'm working on an Omake I'm sure you'll enjoy. Daniel Roberts has already submitted a work for next season. New vid files are forthcoming and I will strive to keep you updated on any Batgirl news. As always, not only do I depend on the site's great contributors for new, original, material, but I am always actively seeking new people - like you! - to send in something.

In the meantime, you can also help by (1) being patient; and (2) letting me know if you come across any broken links. Of course, during construction broken links will happen from time to time, but if a link remains broken over several days, an e-mail letting me know would be most appreciated.

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A special tribute goes to all the wonderful actors and actresses who played the heroes and villains in the television series (and to those we'd like to have seen or hope to someday see on a revival! ;>) but especially, of course, to Yvonne Craig. She has a wonderful attitude about her portrayal of Batgirl, as evidenced by the fact that she signed a picture I bought at her website (see our Links), to the Siamese Human Knot's #1 Fan!

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Brad is no longer actively involved in the site.
Out of respect for all his help in getting The Batgirl Bat-Trap Homepage!
started, though, here is his original message:


Holy Bondage, Batman!! What's happening?! Batgirl's been captured by yet another evil, but creative, villain? . . . YES!! :>)

Welcome to Brad and twof's Batgirl Bat-Trap Homepage! dedicated to our (and perhaps your!) favorite heroine, Batgirl - and her bound-ful adventures at the hands of Gotham City's various bad guys (and gals!).

If you're like us, watching the spunky Yvonne Craig play a crime fighter in a purple, skin-tight costume was a treat in itself. As we and our open-minded psyches grew up (?), however, a passion was born which could not be denied - watching this petite beauty get into lots of TROUBLE!!

Fortunately, out of the 26 episodes (that's all?!) that she made during the show, there were more than enough opportunities to see her in dire straits, e.g., tied into a knot, dunked in caviar, strapped to a huge rocket, zapped into two dimensions . . . just to name a few!

I want to especially thank the sprightly, gifted, beautiful, warm, charming, funny, leggy, confident, amazing, sexy, full-of-life, giving and awesome YVONNE CRAIG for her incredible portrayal of Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. If anyone of you has had the privilege of meeting this dynamic woman - you know these adjectives are more than deserved. Thank you again, Yvonne - YOU'RE WONDERFUL!!



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