The Vibrational Ark is the wholly 'non-local' synchronous and holistic moment by moment emergence of an unprecedented Body of Consciousness that is attuned to Life's Design and Purposes. Everyone of integrity who finds themselves awakening to the truth of their Being is a part of the 'quantum holographic' fabric of The Vibrational Ark, whether consciously or unconsciously. Further, each one is thus harmonizing with the Source of The All That Is and is beginning to play their part in fulfilling their inimitable purpose on earth. This awesome adventure begins with coming to know the Truth of our Being as it flows once more into our individual and ultimately, our collective Consciousness. In this organic manner is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, revealed on earth, as it is already 'in heaven' (-heaven being simply the more rarefied planes of Being. For in-deed, there IS a Purpose. And it is literally, 'beyond belief', one "which eye hath not seen, nor ear heard...." but the very thing for which we have searched our entire lives. And yes, with understanding comes responsibility...the creative responsibility to be the best that we can be, here and now!

Now, is 'the time of crossing'... 'the time of transformation'...for Mankind's 'mind-made world' is clearly sressing, buckling, and crumbling beneath the weight of it's irrational, unsound, and wholly false conceptual foundations. The intensity of the pace of its self destruction is quickening, and the 'old world' is rapidly passing away. But please, don't get me wrong, I am no doomsayer. To the contrary, I carry a message of hope - nay, of certainty! All is Well, insofar as the larger Cosmic picture is concerned as it relates to this jewel of a planet. For while there is undeniably a Descending Cycle, that allows for all that is non-responsive to Life's Purposes to be 'ground fine' that it's vibrational substance might be released: There is also an Ascending Cycle wherein All that is in sync with Reality is lifted up into ever more creative levels and purposes within the Whole. Yes, for no matter what the 'temporarily ugly facts' may appear to be, I trust implicitly in the essentially Creative and Re-creative nature of the ultimate Purposes of Being. And this 'blue jewel' in the ocean of space which we call 'our planet', shall remain in it's cosmically ordained place for eons in one form or other.

However, this is not to say that the actions of men and women the world round shall not determine or at least cushion or mitigate how our future shall manifest. Right action, for right action's sake, certainly shall! After all, one of the Big Lies and variations of them are these..." It's all pre-ordained. God will save us, He or She will do it. We have no responsibility for anything, for there is nothing that just 'you' can do about it. It's in the stars. Etc, etc." Wrong, wrong, defeatist, and pathetic!!! In fact, Life in this very Moment of Eternity IS ASKING each one of us blessed created god-beings to 'step up to the plate' (so to speak), now and throughout this Life Cycle and simply BE TRUE to the truth we know. To be true to the highest and best qualities of character and understanding that Life has revealed too us through our own unique experience. In-deed- let us continue to be willing to let go of all that we know to be false or questionable, and dare to 'come home' to the fact that we are Co-Creators in this wondrous Cosmic Drama we find ourSelves participating in. Yes...let us return to our intimate relationship with 'That Sacred Something' by which we live and breathe and enjoy our Being. May our awakening to our true nature be swift and sure, illumined and guided by that 'Remnant' of those undeniably 'Precious Few' of our brethern who have become One with 'It' - both Now, and through the Ages - that by the attuned Unified Radiation with 'That Universal Creative and Re-Creative Tone', All things of beauty and 'good report' might be brought into manifestation on this earth. For in this way, our hearts and minds remain ever open and responsive too the fact and Reality of Life's awesomely intelligent and ascendant Design and Purpose. To eternally, "Let all things be made New (and true)."

Then "shall the earth be full of the Knowledge of BEING, even as the waters cover the sea."

One of those awakened ones who Knew the One in whom he was ultimately focused , left these 'vibrationally responsible' Spirit- filled words for all who had hearts too understand to live by.


Whatever arises, let me dwell in the secret place of the
Most High.

Let there be a place of stillness in the midst of turmoil.

Let there be a place of light amidst the darkness.

Let there be a place of ease amidst dis-ease.

Let there be a place of order in the chaos.

Let there be a place of love and beauty in the midst of
fear and ugliness.

Let my presence be

a beacon of enfolding radiance




in every circumstance.

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Barred Spiral Milky Way: - Credit: R. Hurt (SSC), JPL-Caltech, NASA Survey Credit: GLIMPSE Team

Long ago, as today, it was written that " the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually." Surely now is the time to rediscover why we are here and to begin to participate in the greatest adventure this side of Arcturus ! Ha, and such is not an onerous path, for the divine formula is true, "the way (indeed) is easy, and the burden, (literally and figuratively - is) Light! I trust we won't make the same mistake as the Atlanteans did, and be swallowed up by our stubborn resistance to the Easy Way of the ONE LAW. For apparently, even their supposedly technologically advanced institutions and vaunted esoteric knowledge did not save either 99% of them, or their civilization from vanishing into the depths, or being overun with lava-flows and other catastrophic occurances. Many civilations have come and gone before, and only one thing remains: LIFE and it's ever creative Design!

Those apparently 'wise' folks who lived before what has become known as 'the great flood' (circa 15,000 B.C.) thought that the one we know of as (the Atlantean) Noah was crazy, to put it mildly, I suppose. Yet, like only four others in 'the Book', he was described as being "a just man, and Perfect in his generations." In other words, 'perfect' in his momentary living, in the generation of 'the substance of love, and the wisdom born of it'. Letting Life live through such a living lens allows seemingly miraculous things to be accomplished. Apparently, he let The Four Forces of the Most High be expressed through his capacities of body, mind, heart, and spiritual expression into the world he centered.

This was what was referred too in the story as 'the pitch' used "within and without, to seal the Ark". In other words, the 'fine living substance' of spiritual expression - called 'Pneumaplasm'...the undifferentiated substance through which Spirit acts. Ah... 'Tis quite the story, but most apt for our day, which again was prophesied by those close to the Heart of Creation. As I remember it, was it not said that we should "heed the signs of the times", for there would come "a time when mens hearts would fail them for fear", amongst other things which hadn't been experienced "since the world began?"

It may well be wise for us to take note of old Noah's willingness to follow his 'inner urge' as portrayed through the deeper layers of meaning within this so-called myth. After all, it is said , "he walked with God."

In any case, today's Ark is being builded 'without hands', of 'vibrational substance'...or vibrationally. For no longer can 'it' be made of wood, or even high-tech materials. Now, all else having failed, it must be created in 'Consciousness...created with that especial Light generated in and through 'living flesh' that is 'in Attunement with it's Creator. In-deed, 'The Vibrational Ark' that is being 'lifted up' now, is made of the most precious substance each human being is capable of generating, sharing, and giving of their own free will. And that of course, is LOVE, the vibrational substance of that undeniable experience and expression which everyone purports to want, and that so precious few know anything much at all about. But Rejoice, for it is a'building, even Now...made of That wondrous substance of enlightened human Consciousness being drawn together by the irresistable cords of the Truth of Love! Life is doing this, and thank God, for it isn't something that anyone has to (or even could) organize, or make be according to the concepts of the human mind. In-deed, we all need to learn a wee bit more about 'pro-active spiritual letting'!:-)In other words, 'trusting in LIFE and It's Creative Agenda.' Now isn't that 'a load off'!;-)Jah!

The radiant outpouring of the Life giving Love of 'The Father of Lights', (as represented in 'the outer world' by our Sun), embraces each one who 'looks up' as they walk in humility, thankfulness, and appreciation, on Mother Earth. And in the dawning experience of that Oneness, each one begins to understand a little more of what the Truth of Love really is and how it may "...create (through the living and divine mechanism of the consciousness of awakened Man), ALL things new".

The Seven Steps To The Temple of Light...

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be called again to our




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The Third Sacred School

In the perennially true words of the Master - "Knock, and the door shall be opened unto you. Ask and you shall receive." And in the words of another, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." This is the day that Life has made, rejoice and be glad in it. For today, you are ready to WITNESS


There´s an abundance of modern day ´manna´ freely available to all who Ask.

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This Universe, the Milky Way, the Sun and its family of planets, moons, objects and everything within this Continuum is a part of the ONE WHOLE.

Other than Mankind, everything is already vibrating in harmony with The One True Tone, or as it has been called in the past, The Song Celestial. 'Some who know, and know not that they know', are awakening to this Eternal Reality and conceive of it as THE   CONTINUUM, A Beautiful Quantum Hologram - or even that Intelligent ever manifesting Design which the mystics down through the ages have called GOD. However, the KEY thing to understand is that All of this vibrational activity- on every level imaginable and unimaginable - is contained within the Infinity of ´this Present Moment´, in which EVERYTHING is transpiring synchronously and simultaneously! Wow! If this doesn't give one pause, then perhaps nothing will. There is a Purpose to Life, and each one of us is destined to discover exactly what that might be for us! In any case, this awe-inspiring multi-dimensional emerging Paradigm of New Understanding and all of its permutations, including of course our individual beginning understanding and intuitive awareness of being a functional and meaningful part of this Happening, is being coherently reflected upon within a living, dawning human Consciousness by millions. Such gnosis is being revealed and shared in increasingly exiting ways through a growing number of us 'peculiar people' worldwide who are finally beginning to function on The Spiritual Expression Plane of Being! And what a wonder-filled, unprecedented and sacred thing this is! Finally, thanks to the inherent linkage within the holism of Consciousness ItSelf - and it's earthly mirror in the World Wide Web - everyone, everywhere, is able and welcome to actually EXPERIENCE and SHARE this Cosmic Awareness. Finally Mankind is connecting up as One Body of many members according to LIFE'S DESIGN - with each one contributing their inimitable talents in the Living, Giving and Expression of their part in the Grand Scheme of BEING. And perhaps what is wholly New, is the absolute simplicity with which this ever expanding 'Standing Wave' of this specific Dawning Cosmic Awareness can be experienced. No more trying, no more 'sweat of the brow'. It's been discovered that it is actually a matter of 'Letting Go'. In other words, all that is required to find oneSelf aboard the rising Vibrational Ark which heals the earth through it's radiance upon the waters of truth is Being Now!

"Come and see!"


As we 'Let Life live us'.

. All IS Well.

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