Emissaries of Divine Light

A Vehicle of Transformation


The Emissaries' are a worldwide organism of awakening individuals who are transcending denominational beliefs, as well as intellectual and secular 'concepts about' all things, in exchange for the unvarnished experience of Life ItSelf. All who are yet alive may allow the truth of their own Being to bring to Remembrance whatever is necessary to their 'illumination'. As all struggle ceases, and we let go to 'That' which created us, we find that what we have sought so diligently is an already existing potential; and that it is only in the expression of that transcendent 'nobility of character' that our individual and collective Cosmic purpose can actually be known.

From our recent pamphlet of Introduction to all who have not yet heard of this Service, I  quote the following......

About The Emissaries


an international network of people whose primary purpose is to encourage the experience and expression of divine identity. We believe that the world is
transformed when people know and live in alignment with their innate divinity. As such individuals find each other, together they become the critical mass which empowers creative change on a wider scale. The Emissaries support - and are part of- the emerging global network of people whose passion is to express the spirit of God on Earth.

In the early 1930s Lloyd Arthur Meeker began to reconsider his meaning and
purpose on earth. He looked for understanding through literature, psychology, religion and other avenues. He then looked to himself, and came to the realization that he was responsible for the quality of his life experience. As he lived his vision, he wrote and spoke to many, using the pen name “Uranda.”

Others joined him in his emphasis on experiencing the truth of being in everyday living; with their support, the Emissary program was developed. In 1940, Lloyd Meeker and Martin Cecil met and began to work together. When Uranda died in 1954, Martin Cecil, later the seventh Marquis of Exeter, assumed the leadership of the Emissary program until his passing in 1988. Martin’s son, Michael Cecil, then served as spiritual leader and was instrumental in transitioning the leadership of the Emissary organization from 1988 to 1996 into a governing Board of Trustees and locally selected representatives.

In 1945 Lloyd Meeker established the Sunrise Ranch community near Loveland, Colorado, as a way of demonstrating practical spirituality, and as international headquarters for The Emissaries. A few years later, Martin Cecil and several friends initiated a Canadian headquarters and community at 100 Mile House, British Columbia, Canada. Over the years a number of such communities developed throughout the world, each unique and fluid in size and duration - growing, contracting and changing according to the needs of spirit. Each of these communities, whether their form is residential or virtual, share the commitment of those participating to live creatively and responsibly, guided by the wisdom of Source.

Attunement as practiced by The Emissaries is a form of vibrational alignment and healing which evolved out of work begun in 1929 by Lloyd Meeker. This approach acknowledges that each of us is a combination of 'human and physical' substance drawn from the earth- and being -that ubiquitous and invisible, animating life force. Inherent in Being is unlimited energy and purpose coming from Source. Attunement is a process of clarifying and deepening our connection with Being and Source, despite physical, mental or emotional impediments.
We see attunement as a vital component of the spiritual renaissance emerging in the world today.

For everyone there is a path of life. No one can walk another's path. But a person may find rich inspiration and encouragement in the observation of a life well lived, and in the hearing of words graciously offered by one who knows what it is to walk the path in joy.

For we are not alone. Our paths, though unique, are not separate, and the true purposes of our individual living are differentiations of the one purpose of life itself.


Worship of God, Source, or Being, is the natural expression of those who know that the Universal Spirit is the Essence of 'Who They Are'. Equally natural is the compulsion to join with others in worship, praise, prayer and thankfulness. Emissaries in many locations convene services that clothe this impulse using innovative forms of worship, and draw from a variety of inspirational sources.


Thus, Heaven and Earth may be known to be One in our own immediate experience, as the truth sets us free, and we Return to our True Position in Creation. Only then do we begin to perceive the bare outlines of who we are and why we are present on earth at this particular time and place. And Truth, is not an intellectual concept, though it does function according to precise laws and principles. It is rather, the very means by which all matter takes form in the phenomenal world. In other words, it is the invisible design and control pattern emerging from the pneumatomenal world which governs the manifestation of all things.
By coming into Attunement with It's living Reality, we may participate in the very processes of ongoing creation. Such is the awesome and delightful responsibility of 'Man Restored'.

..                         'Rise up my love my fair one and come away.' ~The Song of Solomon .


In expressing the qualities of our true being moment by moment, we give evidence of the presence of ''The One Who Dwells' . This 'One' gives you Life, and never violates your freedom to choose how it will be used. Here is the One whom the Master spoke of as His "Father Within", and is your god-being, angelic nature, or Master Self. He or she is an eternal aspect of the totality of Deity for this world. And it is in the expression of this 'One', rather than the limited human nature self we have thought ourselves to be, that the beauty and wonder of Heaven comes into the Earth. How many millions have mouthed the following words like automatons, saying, 'Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven', and had no understanding whatsoever of how this could actually be achieved?

All who live out of this already present reality are 'Emissaries of Divine Light'.

Emissaries are all those who have awakened to the fact that they have chosen to come into this world to bring the Light of the Truth of Love into every circumstance as it finds fitting application in the moment. Only one who have ceased all striving and seeking, and finally come to rest in the truth of themselves, can let this occur consistently, with inner assurance. Then it is, that 'Life begins to live us', and every moment becomes a glorious adventure in radiating Love. Here is effortlessness. All discord, dis-ease, and frustration come from fighting against the ever flowing Cosmic Force which creates and sustains, and moves all things. So let us 'assume the virtue', and learn to express right spirit in our momentary living. Here is 'vibrational responsibility'. And in this 'ability to respond' (or responsibility), we may creatively and uniquely prove the essential yet forgotten fact that heaven and earth are one. But only through the consciousness of 'Man' Restored.


All true knowing comes by reason of an individual's response to Reality. It springs forth into mind and heart from the very Reality of Life within.

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