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What We Do:

Atwell Fleming provides Business Management & Business Development Services to Family Businesses. We are focussed on the requirements for a successful transition in our clients operating businesses from one generation to the next.

How We Do It:

Methodologies of Assessment, Coaching, Mentoring, Advisory Services, Transition and Interim Management are offered as part of solutions that best suit our clients particular needs. We engage experienced professionals to address the specific requirements facing our clients to ensure a smooth transition in their businesses.

Why We Do It:

For four generations Atwell Fleming has been engaged in industry. This experience is now transformed into a superior consulting practice supporting family businesses. It is the heart of Atwell Fleming to assist families in their business endeavours. Family business is the best of business and a significant part of the Canadian business landscape.

What We Can Do For You:

We offer solutions to many of the questions business owners face with respect to the next generation of managers. How they can take over the business, whether they can take on the senior role today or later. We can provide interim and ongoing solutions such as ongoing training, mentoring and advisory board facilitation, should they be required.

Atwell Fleming also provides assistance in the decision of whether to pass on the business or sell, as well as assistance in locating buyers. In addition through our network of professionals we can offer assistance in zero tax wealth transfer, legal assistance in corporate structures and expertise in the tax issue. All of these services focus on the greater picture of the family and its future with respect to both the business and personal goals and ambitions.

Investment in family business relationships can and does create a  climate of success within a family firm for all to benefit from.

Contact Norman Torrie, MBA, President, for assistance in solution building!

Norman F. Torrie, MBA

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