Dear Bospiro:

The followings are 3 Files for your attention:

The first file is a JPG for your bank with resolution of 1000 X 256 pixels.

Secondly, there is a link to download a compressed ZIP File (it can be decompressed by WinZIP) in which contains a TIF File, a CPT File and PSD File. TIF File is a uncompressed bitmap File. The CPT File is a Corel Photo Paint File. The PSD File is a Photoshop File which is converted by Corel Photo Paint.

The final one is a JPG File of the overall advertisement showing the advertisement position of your bank.

Please contact Aidan on 9553 4971 or for about whether you want to keep your advertisement or get rid of it from the Kogarah Town Square Advertisement.

Thanks for your instructions.


1. This is the JPG File to show your bank.

2. This is the link to Download

3. This is the JPG File to show the overall advertisement and show the position of your bank