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Current WDW News - 11/2002 - Could Cinderella Castle be getting a makeover?

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Walt Disney World News11/15/2002 - - PAST NEWS

Poor Cinderella Castle.

As the oldest park symbol at Walt Disney World, it's also the only one that hasn't been built (Animal Kingdom's Tree of Life), refurbished (Epcot's Spaceship Earth), or replaced (Disney Studios' Chinese Theatre) in the last 6 years. Compared to the sparkling of the Epcot logo above Spaceship Earth and the dazzling light patterns of Disney Studios' new Sorceror Mickey Hat (Animal Kingdom closes at dark), the royal symbol of Magic Kingdom looks pretty dull after the sun sets. Right now, the only special lighting used for Cindy's house is a set of colored floodlights. ("Hey look, kids, LOOK!! The castle's turning green... Oh, will you look at THAT! Now it's hot pink! Now it' again...)

But it seems the folks at Imagineering won't keep it that way for long. Seen in the background of some recent Travel Channel Disney theme park specials was a model of the castle, covered with thousands of fiber-optic lights. The result? During the day, the castle would appear no different, but at night, any number of enchanting tricks could be performed. One effect had ribbons of light periodically sweeping across, making the castle appear to shimmer. As amazing as it was in miniature proportion, I can only imagine how incredible it would appear in full size. Hopefully, this project will get the greenlight, and Cinderella Castle will return to it's status as Walt Disney World's most astonishing symbol.

On a more personal note, I have just accepted an internship at Walt Disney World! I will be there from January through August of next year. I will be working as a Job Hopper, which means I will be switching between two or more jobs while I'm there. I will let you all know where I will be working as soon as I know! If any of you are planning a trip to WDW next year and have found this site useful, I would love to hear from you in person! Until then, you can always e-mail me at See you soon!
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